Tuesday 12/21/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In her hotel room, Annie blurts out that she loves J.R., but he doesn’t return the sentiment. There is a knock on the door and J.R. quickly hides Annie. J.R. finds that Caleb is at the door. At Kendall’s home, Jack lets Erica know that Liza had brought charges against her for shooting David. Kendall becomes upset when she sees that Erica isn’t taking this serious. At the hospital, Greenlee finds out that Madison is pregnant. Randi joins her and wonders what she is up to. At the Confusion bar, Ryan tries to talk Madison out of leaving, but with no luck. Madison gets a call and Ryan hands her the phone. Annie listens to Caleb telling J.R. that he regained control of Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb gives J.R. 24 hours to return all the files and paperwork to him. Randi and Greenlee are at odds over Madison and Ryan. Randi tells Greenlee that Madison only had eyes for Ryan. Annie lets Amanda know that she had told J.R. that she loved him, but he hadn’t returned the sentiment. Erica visits Wildwind to see Caleb. Caleb surprises Erica by bringing in a bottle of bubbly in order to celebrate his victory over J.R. Erica asks how it had gone with J.R. Greenlee catches up to Kendall at Krystal’s to discuss Madison. Kendall is sarcastic as ever toward Greenlee, and doesn’t seem to want to hear anything that Greenlee has to say. Madison becomes angry with Ryan when she finds out that he had set her up an appointment with a doctor for a thorough examination. Madison orders Ryan to leave her alone. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. tells Marissa what had been going on at Chandler Enterprises. Marissa tries to comfort him by telling him what a good father that he is. Marissa also encourages J.R. to call Adam. J.R. is reluctant to call Adam.

Madison orders Ryan to stay away from her. Kendall lets Greenlee know that Erica was indicted for shooting David. Caleb asks Erica when was she going to tell him that she had been indicted. Erica still seems not to be worried. Caleb asks Erica does jack know what Kendall had done in almost smothering David. Caleb asks Erica does she trust him. Erica confesses that she does. Kendall comes home to find Spike in the living room. Kendall offers to get them a pizza, but Spike insists that he wants “Daddy Zach.” Kendall tries to explain that Zach cannot be here, but then Spike insists on seeing Ryan. Kendall calls Ryan to stop by. Ryan spends time with Spike while Kendall deals with her own problems with Erica and her impending trial. Greenlee tells Madison that she knows that she is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam wakes up with his head throbbing and doesn’t remember last night, but sees Amber lying in his bed. Amber taunts Liam that it’s too bad that he doesn’t remember as they had lots of fun. She was at the party and followed him home to make sure he was all right. He groans that he loves Hope. He could not have done this what Amber is implying. He feels like he has a concussion from the fall. Brooke calls Stephanie and states that she is thinking of Anthony on Skid Row and doesn’t want him to spend the holidays alone. She asks if Stephanie will ask Dayzee about him. Hope tells Brooke that she knows it was Liam’s big night, but it was all about the new William Spencer III and not Liam and she couldn’t stand it so she left. She knows she should not have done that. Dayzee meets Stephanie at Insomnia and they are met by C.J. who tells them the place is closing down. Sally is doing well on a cruise and he has his life in San Francisco. He thinks it is time for a complete change.

Hope felt like she did not even exist as Bill was treating Liam like the King of Bachelorhood. She realizes now she should have been a supportive girlfriend. She’s tried to call him, but he’s not answering his phone. She even started over to his apartment last night, but changed her mind. Liam tells Amber that she must do him a favor and not breathe a word of this to Hope. He screwed up and he will have to tell her in his own words. Hope calls and apologizes and he does the same. He says last night was a disaster and he needs to talk to her about it. Stephanie thinks it over and tells Dayzee that she would like to buy Insomnia, but she would need someone to run it day to day if she is interested. It would feel good to give Anthony and others jobs to keep them off the streets. Dayzee is shocked, but says count her in. She already knows who she wants to hire. It will change all their lives forever. She thanks Stephanie and they hug. The new name for Insomnia will be Dayzee’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo showed up at the prison dressed as a guard to get Hope.  Maggie showed up at the Kiriakis mansion allegedly to bring Philip and Melanie's things.  She still hasn't forgiven Victor for what he did to Vivian.  Vivian saw Brady and Nicole making love at the DiMera mansion.  EJ and Sami were having a hard time telling Johnny about what happened to him.  They told Johnny what's going to happen to him.  Bo wanted Hope to tell him what happened to her.  She told him that Lee beat her up.  Bo wanted to get Hope out of the cell.  Vivian took pictures of Brady and Nicole together.  Mary almost saw Brady and Nicole together, but he got out just in time.  Lexie told Daniel about Johnny's condition.  She wanted Daniel to help with the surgery.  Johnny didn't want to go through with the surgery.  EJ and Sami tried to reassure him that it won't hurt him.  Johnny still didn't want the surgery.  EJ and Sami started fighting and Johnny told them to stop.  Kate overheard Maggie yelling at Victor about what he did to Vivian.  Kate tried to make Maggie jealous and it seemed to work.  Vivian texted Philip, Kate, and the others who knew about what happened to her.  Hope tried to tell Bo about what Jane and Lee were doing in the prison, but it was hard because she was in so much pain.  Bo wanted her to calm down so he could get her out of the prison.  Kate figured out that Vivian was the one who sent the text to everyone.  

EJ and Sami continued to let Johnny know that his life won't have to change even though he has to have the surgery. Johnny was getting prepared for his surgery.  Maggie surprised Chloe by showing up at Chloe's place.  Maggie wanted details about Philip and Daniel's fight.  Vivian surprised her victims at the Kiriakis mansion.  Bo kept trying to get Hope to leave the prison, but she didn't want to at first.  Bo convinced her to leave for Ciara.  Lee ended up being outside of Hope's cell so Bo had to act as if he were there to force her to eat.  Rafe was there for Sami and let her know that everything would be okay.  She hoped that Johnny didn't end up like Grace.  EJ didn't want Sami to talk like that.  Lee wanted to know why Hope had dinner when it was too early.  Bo said he was a new guard.  Vivian warned Victor and company that they were all hers and they are going to get theirs.  Chloe told Maggie about what happened to Johnny.  EJ was sick of Sami and Rafe giving him a hard time so he decided to go back to their arrangement.  Lexie heard the fight and warned them that she would have them thrown out if they continued to fight.  Vivian told Victor that she owns Titan.  Hope managed to gain enough strength to hit Lee when she was about to talk to Jane about Bo.  Bo put Lee in Hope's bed and they snuck out of the cell.  Vivian let Victor and company know how she became a major stockholder in Titan.  Daniel wanted to know if Johnny's cancer spread.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Tracy and Lulu argue before the wedding ceremony. Tracy agrees to get fitted into her wedding dress. Luke is having second thoughts about marrying Tracy. Ethan and Lucky convince Luke to go through with it. Jax finds out about Jerry’s shooting at Pier 52. Carly catches Spinelli in an embarrassing moment. Carly wants Spinelli to go to the law firm that Dante contacted in 2007. Michael, Dante and Sonny discuss plans for a Christmas brunch. Dante informs the two that he will be spending Christmas in Bensonhurst. Alone, Sonny says to Michael that he might bring Brenda as his date. Jason tells Brenda that he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Robin asks Lisa about Inez. Lisa and Robin argue in front of Patrick. Robin and Patrick talks about spending Christmas together. Robin makes it clear that she and Patrick aren’t reconciling. Robin agrees to help Patrick wrap gifts whereas he’ll assist her in decorating the Christmas tree. Lisa and Patrick butt heads over a patient. Lisa makes a mysterious phone call. Edward shows up at Lucky’s place just as he, Luke and Ethan are trying on their tuxedos. Jason is happy to spend some alone time with Sam; they agree to go pick out a Christmas tree. Carly and Jax show up for the wedding. Jax and Lucky talk about Siobhan’s eyewitness account of Jerry’s shooting. Carly informs Jax that she’s working on an important project. Brook Lynn and Nikolas arrive for the ceremony. Maya and Ethan flirt with each other. Edward tries to get Luke to have a drink in the den but he refuses. Alexis demands that Luke sign the pre-nup before the wedding. Luke reluctantly agrees after some nagging from Lulu, Lucky and Ethan. Sonny and Brenda show up for the wedding; she catches up with Brook Lynn, her goddaughter. Sonny reminds Carly to back off Brenda. Dante and Lucky talk briefly before Siobhan arrives for the festivities. After Tracy knows that Luke signed the pre-nup, she walks down the aisle toward him. In front of all the guests, Luke and Tracy declare their love for one another.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Joey brings Aubrey home to meet his mom and sisters. They like her but it appears she has some secret and is making a mysterious phone call. They all still indicate that Joey should consider getting back with Kelly. Dorian and Blair indicate the same thing to Kelly although she tells them that Joey has made his decision to marry someone else. Dani asks Todd if he shot and killed Eddie. He tells her he did not and manages to convince both Dani and Tea. Blair also wants to believe him. But the cops come by Nate's home. John and Brody are ready to nail him and he does not have a good alibi. They find a gun that appears to be hidden and they take him down to the station. Viki goes to see Dorian admitting she is furious and powerless over how Echo is manipulating Charlie and finding every way she can to get close to him. Dorian seems to want to help Viki although Viki is concerned that Dorian might be taking drastic an illegal action in order to do so. Natalie goes to plead with Marty not to tell John that she has lied to him about Brody being the father of her baby. She manages to convince Marty not to tell John. But Marty still has a plan to tell someone else. Probably Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Michael, Lauren and Fen enjoy a cup of Michael’s special eggnog when Jill comes to visit with Christmas packages. Jill starts to leave when Lauren invites her to stay. Tucker and Ashley spend time together before going to Jack’s for Christmas. Abby joins them. Abby goes Christmas shopping for Tucker while Ashley and Tucker go to Jack’s. Victoria tells Billy that she doesn’t know which is the bigger baby, him or Delia. Billy gets a call from J.T. that Reed’s flight has been grounded. Traci arrives at Jack’s for Christmas. Kyle and Diane also arrive for Christmas. Nick spends time with Phyllis and Summer when Victor arrives. Victor wants to talk business, but Nick refuses. Nikki calls Katherine to let her know that she is leaving the ranch. Katherine invites Nikki to stay at the Chancellor mansion. Nikki is hesitant, but finally agrees. Nikki looks around the room one last time before leaving. Victor comes in from the back. Victor pours himself a drink. Sharon visits Adam in jail and promises him that she will not give up. Nick invites Nikki to stay with him at the ranch, but she refuses. Nikki asks Nick to bring the girls by Victoria’s for Christmas morning, but Nick is hesitant. Phyllis and Summer arrive at Jack’s. Victor runs into Victoria at the coffeehouse. Victoria reminds him that he always read her a story about Scrooge, but she never dreamed that he would turn into one. Fen lets Jill know his Christmas wish list for Christmas. Tucker and Ashley arrive at Jack’s. Diane tells Tucker that she hasn’t seen much of him since he didn’t give her the job. Victoria arrives home with packages and finds out that Reed’s flight was grounded. Victor visits Adam in jail and finds Sharon with him. Sharon tells Victor that Adam didn’t kill Skye, but Victor insists that Adam is exactly where he should be.

Everyone is gathered at Jack’s for Christmas. Phyllis tells Jack that Daniel isn’t coming. Jack promises to stand behind Phyllis. Billy tries to comfort Victoria about Reed. Nikki thanks Katherine for letting her stay at the mansion. Abby visits Victor, but he orders her out of his home. Sharon visits Nick and Faith and promises him that this is not over. Jill reads Fen a Christmas story before Michael tucks him into bed. Abby gives Tucker a present of a kit that he can use during a tornado. Billy watches Victoria sleep. Diane accepts Victor’s job offer, but doesn’t like it too much when he wants her to work tonight. Reed surprises Victoria. Ashley accepts Tucker's proposal of marriage. Nikki invites Victor to Victoria’s, but he declines.

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