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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At her home, Kendall is surprised to learn from Madison that she is leaving town. In David’s hospital room, Greenlee looks through his chart to see who his advocate is when Liza walks in and informs her that she is David’s new advocate. Greenlee asks for a few moments alone with David. Annie and Amanda are having lunch at Krystal’s when J.R. comes in with Marissa. J.R. comes over to speak a few words with Annie and Amanda. Annie resents J.R. having lunch with Marissa. Liza spends some quiet time with David. Kendall and Rev. Torres work to put together a train set for Spike. Madison is at the hospital when Frankie catches up to her. Frankie pulls her to the side to have a chat with her about what she was going to do about the baby. Madison lets him know that she is leaving town. Frankie is upset by her decision. Frankie gets a call and leaves. Madison gets up and in turning around sees Greenlee watching her and Frankie. Madison, hurriedly, picks up her things and leaves. At the Confusion bar, Erica and Jack are having a quiet lunch together when Caleb joins them. Jack kisses Erica and makes his departure so that Caleb can talk to Erica about the trial. Erica gets a call from the S.E.C. informing her that Caleb was once again owner of Cortlandt Electronics. They are both overwhelmed. Caleb hugs Erica. Marissa gets a call and leaves the table. J.R. notices how happy Marissa is with the person, whom she is talking to. J.R. questions Marissa about the phone call, but Marissa refuses to tell him anything. Marissa picks up her things and leaves. Ryan visits Kendall and helps her to finish putting the train set together.

Kendall reveals her feelings to Ryan as to how she feels when she sees Ryan and Greenlee together. Kendall lets Ryan know that Madison is leaving town. Kendall gives in and invites Ryan to Christmas dinner. At the hospital, Greenlee steals a card from David’s wallet. Greenlee goes to nurses’ station and gets on computer. A nurse walks up and questions Greenlee as to what she is doing. When Greenlee explains as to what she is doing, the nurse walks away. Erica visits Kendall to see how she is doing. They discuss the trial, but Erica doesn’t seem to be worried about it. Jack catches up with Liza at the hospital, who informs him that Erica being taken to trial for shooting David. Jack visits Erica and tells her the bad news. Ryan sees Greenlee at the nurse’s station and invites her to dinner, but she declines  Greenlee finds out that Madison is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill introduces his son to the party guests. Hope tells Liam that it made her pretty emotional and he admits that he was too. The announcer, Michael Buffer, complete with boxing ring and the Laker Girls, brings on William Spencer III. He publicly thanks his father for this whole new life and vows to live up to that honor. Amber watches as Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t belong here. It’s not part of his new image. He’s pulled off to make a photo shoot. Ambers finds it amusing that Hope walks off while Liam has to pretend to enjoy himself. She calls Oliver and tells him that she is looking out for the “hope of the future” – her future. Bill tells Liam that he rose to the occasion tonight and he does not need to throw all of that way by looking for Hope. He is offering him the keys to the kingdom and all he has to do is grab them.

Oliver drops some proofs off for Brooke. She is not there, only Hope. She warns him that she does not want to talk about the party and the eligible bachelor. All the attention was on Liam and he was all caught up in it. Oliver advises her that she and Liam are strong; they can work this out if they want to. She thanks him for listening; he’s a good friend. Amber watches as Liam leaves the party and she follows. Hope tells Oliver that she walked out on Liam and she has to go find him and apologize. Liam stumbles back to his apartment, falls and passes out on the bed. Amber enters and lays down beside him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo told Carly that he's leaving town.  Jane told Hope that she has been a problem since she's been at the prison.  Nicole was having second thoughts about her and Brady's plan to fool EJ.  Mary told Nicole that Johnny had to go to the hospital.  Dr. Kim told Sami, Rafe, and EJ that Johnny has retinoblastoma.  Sami refused to believe that he has cancer.  EJ and Sami wanted a second opinion.  Dr. Kim and Lexie reassured them that the diagnosis was right.  Dr. Kim informed EJ and Sami that Johnny's eye has to be removed.  Sami refused to accept that Bo let Carly know that he's working on a case and he will be gone for a few days.  Carly figured out that he was leaving because of Hope.  Hope wanted to know what Jane was going to do to her.  Lee showed up in Hope's cell with a big mysterious box.  Dr. Kim tried to explain how important it is to take care of this right away.  Nicole called EJ and wanted to know how Johnny was doing.  She also told him how she brought Sydney back to the mansion.  Nicole called Brady to arrange some time alone with him.  She wanted him to meet her at the DiMera mansion.  Ben reassured Sami that the surgery would be the best thing for Johnny to make sure that he is cancer free.  Sami let Rafe know that she blamed herself for what happened to Johnny.  Rafe tried to let her know that she had nothing to do with what happened to Johnny.  She still believed it was her fault because she was too focused on what EJ was doing to her.

Lee gave Hope a box of fruit.  Carly wanted to know if Ciara knew he was leaving.  He informed her that Ciara knew about it and that she will be with Doug and Julie.  Brady met Nicole at the DiMera mansion and they started to make love.  Dr. Kim told EJ and Sami that Dr. Mills confirmed that Johnny has to have the surgery.  Dr. Mills also wanted to talk to EJ and Sami about it.  Sami wanted Rafe to bring Will to the hospital to see Johnny.  EJ apologized to Sami for blaming her for deliberately hurting Johnny.  Sami got smart with EJ.  Sami wanted to work things out for Johnny's sake.  Rafe called Will and told him about Johnny.  Will told Gabi about what happened to Johnny.  EJ insisted that he and Sami have to tolerate each other for Johnny.  Lee threatened Hope and let her know that she was going to hit her with oranges and nothing would show up in her X-Rays.  EJ and Sami asked Ben questions about Johnny's surgery.  EJ wanted to know what would happen if Johnny's cancer spreads.  Hope was stuffing oranges in a stocking and then threw the box at Lee.  Lee called the guard and had Hope restrained.  Lee hit Hope with the stocking.  Carly said her goodbyes to Bo.  She let him off the hook in case he didn't make it back to her.  Someone was watching Brady and Nicole while they were making love.  Johnny wanted Sami and EJ to tell him what was wrong with him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Siobhan learns that Jerry isn’t the Balkan; it is really Theo Hoffman. Theo isn’t happy with Jerry. Jerry wants $10,000,000 from Theo. Theo has a sniper shoot Jerry. Jerry falls into the river. Theo speaks to Siobhan and tells her to call Lucky. Lucky wonders why Siobhan lied about talking to her sister Fiona. Luke asks Lucky to give Siobhan a second chance. Sonny and Jason beg Carly to keep quiet about Brenda killing Aleksander. Carly agrees but maintains that Sonny owes her. Jax wants to protect Brenda at all costs. Dante overhears Maxie and Lulu talking about him. Maxie gets Lulu out of the way so she can talk to Dante alone. Maya and Ethan tell Luke that Tracy is in a bad mood. Luke promises to marry Tracy tomorrow. Alexis and Sonny talk about the civil lawsuit. Alexis wants Sonny to stay away from Brenda. Dante visits Brenda; she refuses to talk about the baby. Jason returns home and talks to Brenda about the lawsuit. Brenda won’t testify in court. Dante and Lulu spend a romantic evening together at the loft. Lucky finds Siobhan at Pier 52. Siobhan says she saw a man being shot. Lucky is surprised when Siobhan identifies the man as Jerry Jacks. Harbor Patrol has yet to find Jerry’s body. Brenda and Jason run into Theo outside their apartment building. Spinelli tells Carly that Dante contacted a family law firm in 2007.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There's a police investigation underway for the murder of Eddie Ford. John doubts it could be James since his story checked out and he wasn't afraid to talk about what happened. But he does suspect Robert. Robert casts suspicion upon himself by admitting to James that he "knows" that James could not have done it. And he lies to James that he (himself) was in the hospital all night. Langston confirms that she knows that he snuck out and came back and did not tell anybody where he went.. But she lies for Robert when John questions him and asks if there are any witnesses who can confirm that he could not have been at the scene of the crime. Clint goes to see Nora and Bo when she's in the hospital and convinces Nora that he bets that Inez put Eddie up to kidnapping her and attempt to break up her marriage with Bo. Nobody suspects Clint when he tells them he knows that nobody could ever break up Bo and Nora's marriage and that he would never sleep with Inez. Privately, Bo confesses to Nora that he did sleep with Inez although he did not remember it. But Clint convinces his brother not to tell her, sounding like he want to help them both and keep them together. But he still has a vindictive trick up his sleeve. There is suspicion that Inez, Nate or Robert could have killed Eddie. Echo is "working" on Charlie when he convinces her that she has a drinking problem, needs to get sober and needs him to take her to AA meetings. Viki is furious and afraid that she will lose her husband.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jana visits Daisy at Daniel’s loaded with presents and fixings for a Christmas dinner. Chloe visits the coffeehouse and sees Kevin which unnerves her. Katherine walks in to referee the two. Heather is in the foyer of the coffeehouse when Ronan walks in. They discuss his illness and the possible test that he has to undergo. Ronan gets a call from his doctor in Boston. Sofia and Neil go over the deal that they are working on for Tucker. Sofia feels that Tucker will be pleased. Sofia presents Neil with a present. Jill comes into the living room and asks when they are ever going to decorate the Christmas tree. Nina stands at the bar. Lily and Cane take the twins to the park when they run into Daniel. Cane leaves Lily alone with Daniel. Lily gives Daniel one of the twins to hold while she gets the other one. Kevin comes to visit Daisy and finds Jana there. Daisy lets Kevin know that Jana is bribing her with food so that Daisy will give her baby to Jana. Kevin thanks Jana for her help. Neil opens his present and finds it to be a “Gravy Haven” cookbook. Colin visits Jill with present in hand and asks her if she had been a good girl. Jill smiles. Colin gives Jill a date book to pencil his name on every page. Katherine and Chloe arrive home just as Colin is leaving. Chloe wants to know all about Colin. Heather arrives at Ronan’s with takeout in hand. Abby runs into Daniel and he invites her out for a drink. Everyone begins to arrive at Malcolm’s and Sofia’s with presents in hand. Sofia questions Cane as to what is going on with him since he doesn’t have that much work to do for Tucker. Cane opens up to Sofia, but urges her not to say anything. Malcolm walks out and wants to know what is going on. Heather encourages Ronan to let Nina in his life.

Kevin arrives at the Chancellors' and asks to see Katherine. Katherine comes out to join them. Kevin and Chloe begin to decorate the tree. Katherine takes a pic of them. Ronan and Heather visit the park and have a snowball fight. Heather pulls off down to her bar and lies down in snow and makes an angel. Ronan follows suit and lies down beside Heather and kisses her. Daniel and Abby have a drink together and he vows to get her back. Jana arrives at the Chancellors' with a present for Delia. Jana starts to leave, but Kevin invites her to stay. Sofia and Malcolm set a wedding date for Valentine’s Day. Colin sends the twins a Christmas present. Cane calls Colin and tells him that they need to talk. Heather and Ronan arrive at the Chancellors' for dinner. Nina is thrilled.

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