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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s, Madison watches Kendall with Spike. Griffin asks Cara to stay in town for Christmas. At Wildwind, Ryan visits Bianca to ask for her help with Kendall and Greenlee. Kendall comes home to find Madison with the children. Madison asks how the meeting went. Randi calls Madison to ask her where she is since they are having a meeting at Fusion. Kendall becomes angry when she finds out she was excluded from the meeting. Kendall grabs her things and leaves. Greenlee tells Randi that she will take care of things from now on. Amanda tells Jake that she is glad that Cara is leaving town. Opal and Tad arrive at the hospital for her follow up appointment and bumps into Angie. Griffin walks up and hugs Opal. Cara joins them. Griffin introduces Cara to everyone. Tad lets them know that Cara is Griffin’s sister. Cara begins to question Opal about her medication, but Opal pulls away from letting Cara get too close. Cara gives Opal another prescription which will help her better than what Griffin had prescribed. Cara asks Angie for a job away from the hospital. At Fusion, Greenlee and Kendall argue over Kendall being there for the meeting. Madison defends Kendall which makes Greenlee angry. Randi referees an argument between Greenlee and Madison which Ryan interrupts.

Amanda and Jake find out that Cara is staying in town and asked for a job at the hospital. A woman at Fusion tells Greenlee that Madison is in the bathroom vomiting. Greenlee tells Ryan about her argument with Kendall. Greenlee gets a notice from Social Services that they found an advocate for David. Greenlee goes to see David and finds out that Liza is his new advocate. Cara accepts the job at the hospital.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope has to be persuaded again by Liam to be at his party. Bill wishes he had not done that. Brooke points out to Hope again that the photo was a mistake. She and Thomas were simply changing clothes and ended up in the same cubicle. Hope confides in her mother that Bill does not want her at the party to spoil Liam’s image. Bill tells Liam that tonight he is going to be introduced into society and that should be their focus without Hope. He will have a new persona. Amber tells Oliver that she needs to get to Liam before he becomes William Spencer III. Marcus is surprised when he finds Amber living with Oliver. Oliver swears him to secrecy about the arrangement.

Brooke tells Hope that nothing nor any one is going to ruin this party for her. Amber sweet talks Marcus into getting her an invite to this party. There will be a lot of movers and shakers there, and she figures the sooner she can hook up with one, the sooner she can get out of Oliver’s hair. He says he will check with his dad, Justin. Justin invites Donna so his entire family will be there. Amber makes her way in and surveys the place. She spots the crown prince and vows to herself that she will treat him like royalty. Liam knows his entire life is about to change. Say goodbye to Liam Cooper and hello to William Spencer III. Bill makes the announcement. It’s a blending of the past and present and a journey that brings them to this moment. He’s extremely proud of this young man who will be the new face of Spencer Publications. He will prove that this company is young, hot and sexy – in the future, not at all like the past. He hopes he will enrich his life and make him a better man as that is what he has done for him….the greatest gift a father can receive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Julie overheard Bo telling an officer that he was leaving.  EJ accused Sami of hurting Johnny.  He thought she created a health scare so she could see Johnny.  Philip lied to Daniel and told him that he had an affair with Sabrina (employee at Titan).  Sami slapped EJ when he thought she had something to do with what happened to Johnny.  Carly showed up at Chloe and Daniel's place to see Parker.  Chloe had to go on an "errand".  Daniel continued to judge Philip for cheating on Melanie.  Philip had to keep defending himself.  Philip asked Daniel not to tell Melanie the truth.  Bo wanted Ciara to stay with Doug and Julie.  He was vague about what he was doing.  Rafe broke up Sami and EJ's fight.  Nathan told Stephanie that the hospital wants him to reconsider the fellowship.  Stephanie loved the idea and wanted to relocate to Baltimore.  Caroline encouraged Stephanie to do what she can to keep Nathan away from Melanie.  Julie noticed the way Bo was talking to her and thought he was going to leave for a long time.  Dr. Kim showed up while EJ and Sami were in the middle of arguing.  They stopped arguing and asked him what was wrong with Johnny.  Bo wanted Ciara to open her gift, but she wanted to wait for Hope.  Melanie asked Carly if she and Bo were breaking up.  Carly reassured her that she and Bo were fine, but they are dealing with Hope being in prison.  Stephanie and Caroline continued to talk about Parker's paternity.  

Dr. Kim told Sami, EJ, and Rafe that he had no definite answer for them about Johnny.  Sami, Rafe, and EJ went to Johnny's room to check on him. Philip kept telling Daniel how he was insecure and that he made a mistake.  He also told Daniel that Melanie loves him.  Johnny told Sami that he wanted to go home with her.  Daniel finally agreed not to tell Melanie the truth about Philip cheating.  EJ felt guilty for fighting with Sami while Johnny was suffering.  EJ and Sami wanted to do what was right for Johnny.  Chloe saw Philip on the pier and wanted to know how it went with Daniel.  Philip said it was a long conversation.  Daniel saw Stephanie at the pub.  He confronted her about talking about Philip's affair.  He said Philip told him everything.  Bo told Ciara that he has to leave for a few days.  Ciara didn't like that, but she understood.  Sami was talking too much and told Johnny about the signal they had at EJ's house.  EJ was at the door and heard what she said.  Bo said he would bring Hope home soon.  Carly arrived at the police station because Bo wanted to talk to her.  Philip let Chloe know that Daniel is going to keep quiet.  Daniel told Stephanie that he doesn't want her or Caroline to talk about what Philip did.  EJ told Sami that she will never see Johnny again.  Dr. Kim told EJ and Sami to stop fighting because he had bad news about Johnny's condition.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas and Brook Lynn discuss their contract over dinner at the Metro Court. Elizabeth and Steve are also dining at Metro Court. Nikolas steps away to make a phone call and Elizabeth goes over to Brook Lynn and suggests that she get out of Nik's life while she still has her self respect. Brook says she doesn’t need advice about self respect from a woman who has three children with different fathers. Theo Hoffman arrives at Alexis and Diane's office and announces that he is there from the New York office to help with their caseload. Alexis insists on handling Brenda and Dante's case herself. Diane tells says that after Alexis defended Brenda in the murder of Luis Alcazar when Alexis actually killed him will make any judge object to Alexis handling any case involving Brenda. Carly demands that Brenda reveal why Jerry is after her. Brenda reluctantly tells her that she killed the Balkan's son and Dante knew about it. Jason tells Carly not to tell anyone, but Carly says she never promised to protect Brenda. Sonny asks Jax where Jerry is, but Jax says he will handle it. Carly goes home and sees Jax with a gun. Jax goes to the penthouse and tells Brenda that he is going to stop Jerry. Jason meets Carly at Sonny's office. She tells him that Jax has a gun and thinks he can shoot Jerry. He tells Carly that he understands her need for revenge but she needs to keep quiet about this. Sonny wonders why Jason left Brenda with Jax.

Lucky wants to question Brenda because he doesn’t think Dante can be objective. Lulu tells Dante that Kate is out of town for two days and suggests that they make the most of it, but he tells her that Jerry is still alive so he has to guard Brenda. Lucky tells Lulu that he hopes she and Dante have a long term relationship. Lulu asks Maxie if she thins Dante is interested in Brenda. Dante overhears Lulu telling Maxie that she wonders what other secrets Dante is keeping. Jerry tells Siobhan to kill Lucky. Siobhan's sister Fiona calls Lucky's home phone number looking for Siobhan. Lucky is surprised to learn that Fiona doesn’t have Siobhan's cell number and hasn’t spoken to her in over a month since Siobhan always says it is Fiona when she is on the phone. Theo calls Jerry and tells him to stop disrespecting Siobhan because that was not what he hired her for. Siobhan realizes that Jerry is not the Balkan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Bo is trying and failing to find Nora, she appears out of nowhere. She seems to be ok. but Bo urges her to go to the E.R. She reveals that Eddie "violated" her although he did not rape her. She urges Bo to put Eddie away. He tells her that it's no longer an issue because Eddie is dead. John tells James he needs to come down to the station to answer some qu3estions. James does not seem to be afraid of his questions and admits that he took the gun, went to Eddie's motel room, pulled the gun on him and pulled the trigger. Starr comes with him and calls Tea to represent him and they are both really worried about James incriminating himself. But he tells John that although he wanted to shoot Eddie dead, he realized he could not go through with it, ruin his life because of trash like Eddie, nor put Starr through what she's already had to go through with Cole going to prison for pulling the trigger on an evil person. John then concludes that he doubts that James did it. But he suspects Todd, Robert Ford, Inez and Nate. Tea also informs Todd she believes that James is innocent but is not so certain that Todd is innocent. Clint tells Inez that she needs to make Bo and Nora believe that he cheated on Nora with her or else both of her son's will be implicated for murder. After Matthew informs both Nate and Dani that he saw Inez with his dad, Nate asks his mom if it's true. Nora tells Bo that she knows that somebody was pulling Eddie's strings to send him the emails that she (Nora) wanted Bo to sleep with Inez. She knows of nobody besides of Inez who would put Eddie up to it. And she knows that Bo would never cheat on her. But, he realizes that he has to confess to her that that is not true.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Nikki and Deacon have a cup of coffee together. Deacon lets Nikki know how good she is looking. Nikki sets limitations on her relationship with Deacon. Nick and Diane sit in front of the fireplace after making love. They kiss. Nick and Diane hear a noise and realize that Victor is home. Victor meets with someone outside. Leslie visits Sharon and Adam and tells them that the police already know about the photos. Leslie asks Adam for more photos to help clear his name. Victor comes in and wonders what Nick is doing here. Victor senses that a woman was there. In the alley, Jack and Phyllis search for more evidence to implicate Adam in Skye’s murder. Deacon kisses Nikki good-night as Diane watches. Diane confronts Nikki about Deacon. Jack and Phyllis take the things they found to Ronan. Nick tells Victor about Sharon and how he restricted her to supervised visits with Faith. Sharon and Adam vow that they are not giving up in clearing his name. Jack and Phyllis return home and discuss how Ronan did not jump on the information that they gave him. Phyllis receives a phone call from Adam about the photos that he gave her. Phyllis lets Adam know that they found Skye’s clothing with blood on them and took them to the police. Ronan appears at Adam’s door and wants to take him back downtown.

Diane and Nikki continue to hurl slurs at each other when the bartender comes up and tells Diane that her credit card is denied. Nikki gloats that Diane must not have a “Sugar Daddy.” Jack wonders how Adam lured Skye out of the apartment in order to kill her. Sharon visits Jack and Phyllis to ask for help. Phyllis tells Sharon to warn Adam that things have changed for him. Sharon calls Adam and finds out that they found Skye’s clothing with blood on them and he is at the police station. Sharon accuses Phyllis of double crossing her and Adam by going to the police. Jack tells Sharon the name of the fragrance. Nikki visits Victor with a Christmas tree, but he is less than cordial with her. Nick and Diane meet at the coffeehouse where he asks her about her shoes. Nick buys Diane another pair of shoes. Victor calls Diane to come to the ranch. Ronan questions Adam about the pics of him and Skye. Sharon appears at the police station. Sharon tells Adam that someone is setting him up. Victor offers Diane a job which she doesn’t quickly accept.

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