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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall talks to a picture of Zach when Spike comes in asking for ice cream. At Krystal’s, Amanda asks Tad to find out why Cara is in town. Griffin meets with Angie who asks him to join the hospital on a permanent basis, but he's worried about Jake's reaction. Griffin insists that once his work at the Miranda Center is completed, he will leave but offers to perform surgeries in the meantime, and Angie accepts. At the nurses’ station, Cara sees a card with a picture of Jake, Amanda, and Trevor. When Jake drops a card, she picks it up for him, then asks him again to rejoin Doctors Without Borders. Seeing how angry he is, Cara apologizes for hurting him. Frankie and Randi ask Madison how Ryan took the pregnancy news. Madison insists it's none of Ryan's business, and she needs to decide what to do on her own. Ryan and Greenlee have breakfast at Krystal’s. Ryan tries to assure her that Kendall will soon realize she needs her best friend, but when Kendall arrives with the boys, things are awkward between them. Kendall encourages Greenlee to go to the hospital when she gets a call about David. At the hospital, Frankie and Greenlee discuss David’s monitor and how his heartbeat rises when she enters his room. While talking to David about him not ever letting her go, Greenlee sees David’s fingers move and calls for Frankie who assures her that medically there's been no change. Greenlee beseeches David to be a better man if he wakes up. Once she leaves, he lifts his finger again.

Ryan offers to help Kendall with Christmas preparations but she says she can do it. Kendall invites Ryan to Christmas dinner as long as he doesn't bring Greenlee. When Ryan tries to talk Kendall into giving Greenlee a chance, Kendall lets Ryan know that every time she sees Greenlee with him, she thinks of how she will never see her husband again. Kendall informs Ryan that if he weren't Spike's father, she wouldn't be able to be with him either. Kendall gets upset when Ryan suggests that Zach would want him and Greenlee to be a part of her life, since she doesn't want any more reminders of what Zach would like. Ryan refuses to go to Kendall’s without Greenlee. Kendall doesn't want to talk about the holiday anymore and Ryan leaves. When Spike spills a glass of water, he asks if his mommy will go away, too, like Daddy Zach did. Kendall assures her little boy that Zach would be there if he could. Madison walks in while Kendall screams at an employee on the phone. Ryan tells Greenlee about Kendall's wishes for Christmas.

Tad asks Griffin about his family and where he came from. Griffin says he's from Juarez, Mexico originally. Tad wonders if he will take Cara with him when he leaves town and wants to know why they came together. Griffin assures him they'll be gone soon enough.  On the computer, Tad researches Griffin and finds out some interesting info. Jake demands answers from Cara about why she left him. Cara breaks down and tells Jake that she wanted out of the marriage. Jake wonders how long she's known Griffin. Tad interrupts them and lets Jake know that Griffin is Cara’s brother, and she changed her name to Finn from Castillo. Jake is very angry about all of Cara's lies. At ConFusion, Cara tells Griffin that Jake knows that he is her brother thanks to Tad’s meddling. Cara finds out that she cannot leave Pine Valley due to a problem with her immigration status. Jake thanks Tad for watching his back. Amanda visits Jake at the hospital. Jake kisses Amanda and thanks God for her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor rants to Thomas that she is not over-reacting. She sees the pictures floating all over the internet and yet they are saying it is not what it looks like. Ridge chimes in and says they should not have been changing clothes in the same room. That was inappropriate. He asks Brooke to give him a moment with Taylor. Taylor tells Ridge that she can not accept this any longer. It doesn’t matter how famous her son gets or how much money Forrester makes. Ridge answers that Brooke had nothing to do with the photo and he’s going to have to give her a pass on this. He assures her that nothing is going to happen between his son and his wife. Bill tells Liam that he is throwing a huge extravaganza to introduce his son to the world. Liam is appreciative, but doesn’t think it is necessary. Bill tells him this is not the high school prom. Liam will be pulled in many different directions. He discourages Hope being Liam’s date, but if that is the way it has to be, okay. Amber looks Liam up on the internet and tells Oliver that he is loaded and already irresistible. Oliver reminds her that money doesn’t make people happy. She appreciates his help, but that is not the way she wants to live. He retorts that being a power freak like Bill Spencer is not the way to live either. Right now life is good and Hope is the only thing missing from his life. Aggie warns Whip that his little plan might backfire. Taylor could blame him if she finds out where the photo originated.

Thomas begs his dad not to pull the Taboo line. It just got started. Nothing like this will happen again. Ridge explains to Thomas that he won’t pull the plug, but this is his last chance. Taylor tells Ridge that she is so disappointed in him, but it doesn’t surprise her since he always overlooks everything Brooke does. She storms out while shouting at Brooke to keep her clothes on around her son. Brooke tells Ridge that he has been put in a terrible position, but Thomas appreciates what he did. She offers again that she needs him to forgive her one more time. Taylor tells Whip that the day did not go well and she doesn’t even know where to begin. Whip wants to know how Ridge reacted. She says just as he always does – he looks the other way when it concerns Brooke. Whip says he feels it – if Brooke and Thomas continue to work together, something more will happen. Thomas tries to convince his mother that nothing will happen between him and Brooke. Amber tells Oliver that she has had a taste of the good life and she wants that again. She was married to Rick and it opened a lot of doors. It can be the same with Liam. Hope tells Liam that she will be honored to be his date. He claims it will be a really big night for him and he wants to share it with her. Brooke suggests to Ridge that if this is a problem she will quit the Taboo campaign. Her marriage to him means more to her than that. He assures her that he loves her and her quitting won’t be necessary. She has the worst luck of anyone he knows, but nothing inappropriate must ever happen again. She cries when he hugs her and says nothing is every going to come between them again. Whip continues to remember Taylor calling out Ridge’s name. He vows that Ridge messed with his marriage, he will mess with his. He is not through with Ridge yet, not by a long shot.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ wanted Lexie to tell him that everything was fine with Johnny.  She couldn't do it.  Sami called Rafe while he was outside of the DiMera mansion.  She wanted to know what was wrong.  Daniel showed up at Maggie's place to have it out with Philip, but he ran into Melanie.  Melanie wanted to know what happened between him and Philip.  Hope wanted to know what Jane was going to do to her.  Hope let her know that she is not alone outside of the prison and people will question what happened to her.  Rafe brushed Sami off so he didn't have to tell her what happened.  Bo showed Jennifer the letter from Hope.  He let her see how Hope misspelled Ciara's name.  Jennifer thought that Hope could be going crazy.  Allie told Sami that Johnny didn't go to school.  Lexie was able to get an appointment for Johnny so he could get examined.  EJ reassured Johnny that he was going to fix his problem.  Chloe told Philip that Stephanie knows that they cheated.  She thought Stephanie would put two and two together and figure out that they were together.  Chloe thought they should come clean.  Sami walked in on Will and Gabi talking about keeping the truth from her.  Sami wanted to know what they were keeping from her.  Hope told Jane that Bo wouldn't forget about her if something happened to her.  Hope also told her that nothing else better happen to the prisoners.  Jane wanted Hope to eat something to keep up her strength.  Hope thought that the warden was poisoning her.  Bo realized that Hope was trying to tip him off by spelling Ciara's name wrong.  Jennifer was impressed by that and wanted to know what the plan was going to be to get Hope out of jail.

Rafe was waiting outside of the DiMera mansion and wanted to know what was going on with Johnny.  Johnny wanted his mother and Rafe told him that he would bring Sami to the hospital.  EJ was grateful to Rafe for telling him about Johnny's eye, but he didn't want Sami to be at the hospital.  He didn't want her to get any information.  Will and Gabi told Sami about Johnny's eye.  Will made the mistake and told Sami that Rafe told them not to tell Sami about it yet.  Sami wanted to know if Johnny is sick.  Philip wanted to talk to Daniel before he talks to Melanie.  Chloe still wanted to tell the truth.  Jennifer was determined to help Hope.  Sami asked Rafe how he could keep the truth about Johnny's eye from her.  He assured her that he was going to tell her.  She wanted to go to the hospital, but she thought EJ wouldn't let her be there.  Rafe wanted to take her to the hospital anyway.  Sami showed up at the hospital and demanded to see Johnny.  Hope prayed that Bo would help her.  Jennifer is not going to wait for Bo.  She wanted to do something now.  Bo was determined to help Hope.  Chloe showed up at Maggie's house to see Daniel.  She ended up missing him.  Philip met Daniel at the pier.  Daniel wanted to know if Philip was going to admit what he did.  Philip admitted that he cheated on Melanie.  EJ wouldn't tell Sami what the doctor told him about Johnny.  EJ figured out that Sami has been trying to get back in Johnny's life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason tells Dante that Jerry staged the crash to buy time. .A process server named Jeffrey Sims goes to Jason's penthouse to serve Brenda, but she isn't there. Since Dante is there, he serves Dante. Diane comes over and looks at the summons. She tells Jason that the family of Anton Banovic is suing Dante and Brenda for wrongful death. Dante tells Diane about Brenda shooting the Balkan's son Aleksander Yanovic to save Dante. Jason tells Diane that Brenda is too fragile to be deposed. Sonny surprises Brenda with a Christmas tree in their new house. Someone watches them from outside while they decorate. Jason goes to Sonny & Brenda's house and announces that he is taking Brenda back to the Penthouse because Jerry Jacks is still alive. Jason tells Brenda about the lawsuit wrongful death lawsuit.

Jerry visits Jax and Carly. Jax asks him why he is after Brenda, and he says Brenda got involved with the wrong man. Jerry threatens to shoot Carly when Jax tries to prevent him from leaving so Jax tells him to get out and not to come to him for help when it all catches up with him. Jax tells Carly that he should have stopped Jerry years ago, before he had the chance to try to hurt the people that Jax loves. Carly goes to the penthouse and tells Jason that Jerry made it clear that she and Brenda are fair game. Sonny goes to Jax's house and asks Jax to tell him where Jerry is.

Siobhan receives a text message to meet the Balkan on the pier. She tries to divert Lucky's attention by asking him to take her around Port Charles, but he tells her he has to work on the case. She reminds him that his cover has been blown and the Balkan has to know by now that he is a cop, so he should leave the investigation to Dante and Jason. He tells her he can't turn his back on Brenda while she is in danger. He reminds her that if it weren't the Balkan, he would be investigating another criminal because it is what he does for a living and it is who he is. She tells him she just finished grieving and doesn’t want to do it again. She listens intently when Dante comes over and tells Lucky that Brenda is going back to the penthouse because Jason wants Jerry to come to him. When Dante suggests that he and Lucky go over the files again, Lucky says he and Siobhan have been over them 100 times. Dante asks Lucky if he thinks it is a good idea to involve Siobhan and put her in danger. Siobhan meets Jerry on the docks and he tells her that Lucky has to go.

Abby apologizes for giving Michael mixed signals. He concludes that she is afraid that he will hurt her. She says she is afraid she will hurt him because she is so much older than he is. He tells her he stopped being a kid the day he went to prison. Abby reluctantly agrees to go out with him. Theo Hoffman is suing General Hospital and Drs. Drake, Niles, and Webber and for Medical Malpractice because they all neglected to refer him to a Psychiatrist in spite of seeing that he was suffering from emotional distress resulting from his fear of illness. He informs them that he was a trial lawyer for 40 years. He then tells him that his next call will be to the health department about the unsanitary conditions at the hospital. Nikolas goes to see Alexis at her office and asks her to draw up an employment contract and open an account for Brook Lynn. Alexis asks him if he means he wants her to make Brook his legal mistress, but draws up the papers nonetheless. Alexis and Diane review each other's cases. Theo goes to the law office of Alexis and Diane.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Eddie has been shot dead and nobody knows who did it, there's a lot of things going on. James sounds very evasive to Starr and all but admits that he may very well have done it. Nate sounds similarly evasive when Dani asks him. Matthew goes to basketball practice and informs Nate, Dani, Destiny and Daren that he saw his dad and Inez with his own two eyes and knows they are sleeping together. Clint informs Inez that Eddie has been killed and is out of her life. She asks if he killed Eddie. He tells her no. Somebody else apparently beat him to it. Hearing that, she concludes that since she no longer "depends" upon Clint to get rid of Eddie and he failed to come through on his end of the bargain, she does not have to do what he expects of her. And she admits to Clint that she did not sleep with Bo and lied to him that it happened after she drugged him. Now that Eddie is no longer an issue, she is not going to have Bo believing he cheated on Nora when he did not. But Clint tells her if she does not find a way to sleep with Bo and break up his marriage with Nora, Clint will tell the cops that her son was at the crime scene after his father got killed. Bo finally finds Nora. But we don't find out what happened and where she went after the crash in Rex's car. The cops suspect Todd of killing Eddie when they find his cuff link in the motel room. At first, Tea and Blair both defend Todd to John. But Blair admits that she is suspicious when she knows about Todd's cuff link and finds out that Todd did not tell anybody that he hired Rex to investigate Eddie. Charlie and Echo are both at the hospital after Rex has been admitted after the accident and he admits his concern for her drinking as does Rex. And they both promise to be there to help Echo with her sobriety. Meanwhile, Dorian warns Viki that she cannot trust Echo not to try to break up her marriage with Charlie. And she offers to "Help" Viki run Echo out of town before she gets her claws into Charlie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Adam and Sharon discuss Phyllis and the new evidence they have for her. Jack cautions Phyllis to be careful where Adam is concerned. Adam calls Phyllis to meet him at Gloworm. As Adam and Sharon are leaving, they pass Tucker, Ashley, and Abby, who are just coming in. Billy and Victoria arrive for dinner with Tucker and Ashley. Billy asks Victoria what she is up to. Billy and Victoria discuss the possible outcome of the lab tests. Billy and Victoria join Tucker, Ashley and Abby. Abby lets Tucker know that she saw the look on his face when he saw Sharon with Adam. At the Athletic Club, Diane is on the phone insisting that she will pay her bill when Nick calls to ask her to join him. Adam shows Phyllis a pic of two people, who appear to be Victor and Skye. Phyllis refuses to buy his story and refuses to print any of it in her story. Tucker talks to Victoria about what will happen when she gets her hands on “Beauty of Nature.” Abby watches them. Ashley finds out from Billy about the tests that Victoria is undergoing to try to get pregnant. Abby asks Victoria if he was hitting on her. Victoria denies the accusation. Abby tells Victoria that Tucker hit on Diane. Abby visits Tucker with a bottle of champagne. When she opens the bottle, it bubbles out all over her dress. Tucker gets her a towel to dry her dress off. Nick and Diane make love. Sharon tells Adam that she loves him. Jack and Phyllis find incriminating evidence against Adam. Victor is on his way home.

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