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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s diner, Krystal finds out that Tad is investigating Cara and wants to know how Jake feels about it. Marissa and A.J. arrive at Krystal’s to go get a Christmas tree. Annie wakes up to find J.R. looking at her. J.R. surprises her with a package. J.R. urges her to open it, but Annie is surprised to find out that if is only a pair of earrings. Krystal warns Marissa about getting too close to J.R. Marissa confesses that she doesn’t trust J.R. Tad watches as J.R. leaves the hotel room and then wonders who J.R. is seeing. Greenlee and Ryan decorate their Christmas tree. At the hospital, Angie questions Madison about her gunshot wound and how she is doing. Tad cautions J.R. about getting involved with Annie. In her hotel room, Annie daydreams about J.R. asking her to marry him. At the hospital, Greenlee asks Angie about David’s condition. Annie sneaks into the Chandler mansion via the terrace doors. Annie notices the Christmas decorations on the table. Tad comes in and tells Annie didn’t she know that she wasn’t suppose to touch other people’s things. Madison visits Ryan to talk to him about the baby. Madison and Ryan are interrupted by Greenlee.

Angie talks to a doctor at the hospital about her fears of not  being able to care for her baby. J.R., Marissa, Krystal and Tad arrive home to the mansion to find the ornament broken. Tad lets J.R. know that Annie had been there. J.R. makes excuses for Annie being there. J.R. visits Annie and questions her about her being at the mansion. J.R. urges Annie to be patient.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge doesn’t want Brooke and Thomas to treat him like a simpleton, but he does want to know why they are in a dressing room together almost undressed. Whip suggests to Taylor that she call Ridge and invite him and Brooke over to celebrate the men’s line. He knows words have been said in the past, but he hopes that is all water under the bridge. Ridge answers the phone, but says he is dealing with something now and he will get back with her….do not answer the phone or turn on her computer in the meantime. Liam says the longer he works at Spencer’s he realizes you can not believe everything you hear or read. He really hates that he came to know Hope just because her own mother was getting bad press. She agrees she doesn’t like being in the game and trying to rise above her goody two-shoes image.

Aggie drops in on Whip and accuses him of being involved with the photo. He pretends outrage that she would think it was him. But he states that he has a right to a happy marriage too so maybe it’s time Taylor sees the truth. Taylor is livid when she sees the internet. She charges over to Ridge’s office and wants to hold someone responsible. She doesn’t understand why Brooke didn’t just walk out when she realized Thomas was in the dressing room. She wants Ridge to do something about this. Surely he doesn’t have to see them in bed together to know what is going on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ looked at the pictures that Rafe gave him and then Nicole showed up at the mansion with her luggage.  Nicole wanted to know why he was less than thrilled to see her.  He said he was worried about Johnny.  Lexie showed up at Rafe and Sami's place because she wanted to see Sami.  Rafe wanted her help with something.  Adrienne showed up at the hospital and saw Nathan.  He wondered if she got Stephanie's message.  Adrienne assumed that Nathan knew about Stephanie's secret (that Philip is Parker's father).  Chloe saw Daniel punching Philip.  She tried to stop Daniel from hitting Philip, but he refused.  Rafe told Lexie that something was wrong with Johnny.  Philip and Daniel were still fighting and two guys pulled them apart.  Daniel announced that Philip cheated on Melanie.  EJ knew Nicole was hiding something from her.  She told him that she hasn't completely cut ties with Brady.  She used Vivian as an excuse to see Brady.  EJ said she would have not ties to Brady or else.  Adrienne was relieved when she found out that Nathan was only talking about the wedding being pushed up. Melanie was about to tell Stephanie who Nathan said he really loved while they were quarantined.  Philip tried to deny that he had an affair, but Daniel didn't believe him.  He intended to beat the truth out of Philip.  Melanie ended up telling Stephanie that Nathan really loved her (Stephanie).  Nathan and Adrienne walked in the room after Melanie lied to Stephanie.  Victor showed up at Daniel and Chloe's place while Maggie was babysitting.  He was going to leave, but Maggie wanted him to stay.  Lexie noticed the white spot on Johnny's eye too and wanted to go to EJ.  She wanted to see Johnny in person.  Rafe wanted to go with Lexie because he wanted to see EJ.  

Stephanie told Adrienne that Caroline switched the paternity results.  Philip ran into Nathan at the hospital.  Nathan wanted to check Philip out, but he refused the help.  Chloe tried to convince Daniel that he overheard a nasty rumor.  Lexie and Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk about Johnny.  EJ didn't want to hear it and threatened Lexie.  He told her that if she sides with Rafe and Sami, she won't see the kids either. Victor reminded Maggie that he kept Vivian locked up in the coffin to protect her.  He told Maggie that Kate is moving back in to his mansion.  Maggie was less than thrilled about it.  Chloe didn't want Daniel to tell Melanie the truth.  Daniel wanted to tell Melanie the truth anyway.  Stephanie told Adrienne that Caroline will go to jail if the truth came out.  Adrienne wanted to tell the truth.  Stephanie told her that she would never forgive her if she betrayed her trust again.  Maggie wanted Victor to leave because he is okay with Kate living with him.  EJ refused to believe that there's anything wrong with Johnny.  Lexie wanted to examine Johnny.  Adrienne agreed to keep quiet about Parker's paternity for now.  Daniel told Chloe that he wants to get the whole story from Philip.  Chloe was scared that the truth would come out.  Lexie looked into Johnny's eyes to see what was wrong with him.  Philip showed up at Daniel and Chloe's apartment to talk to him, but he wasn't there.  Chloe showed up and told him Daniel was looking for him.  Daniel was at Maggie's place looking for Philip.  Melanie noticed that he had blood on his face.  Lexie finished examining Johnny and sent him to get some juice.  EJ asked her if Johnny is okay.  She said that he's not okay.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Theo accuses Patrick of falsifying his medical records. Steven tells Robin that Inez was discharged already. Lisa and Robin argue in front of the hospital staff. Theo announces he is suing the hospital for malpractice. Robin, Patrick, Steven and Lisa are shocked by the news. Luke tells Sonny about his upcoming wedding to Tracy. Luke invites Sonny to the ceremony. Sonny runs into Claire. Claire announces that she’s been offered a job transfer in Alaska. Jason informs Carly that Jerry might be dead. Dante shows up at Sonny and Brenda’s house in the woods. Dante tells Brenda that Jerry was in a car accident. Brenda isn’t sure she wants to go back to Rome. Dante wonders if Jerry is the Balkan. Michael and Kristina argue over Abby. Michael confides in Jason about his argument with Abby. Michael figures that Abby is physically scared of him. Brenda rushes to the Metro Court to speak to Jax about Jerry. Carly returns home to find Jerry and Josslyn in her living room. Jerry warns that Brenda will be dead soon. Dante tells Jason that he’s concerned about Brenda. Michael steps in when Bryce starts hassling Kristina. Abby shows up and kisses Michael. Sonny and Brenda admire their Christmas tree. Jax is surprised to see Jerry in his home.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Echo is drinking a tequila Sunrise for breakfast at Llanfair. Viki confronts her about kissing Charlie. She gives Echo one more chance, but only because Charlie thinks he needs Echo to help him get closer to Rex. Gigi calls Charlie to tell him that Rex is in the hospital after being hurt in an accident. Charlie calls Echo and tells her to come to the hospital and to tell Viki, but as she rushes out of Llanfair, Echo only says Charlie needs her. Echo goes to the hospital and clings to Charlie. Charlie tells Echo that he never had the chance to tell Jared that he loved him before he died and that he can't let that happen with Rex. Charlie wonders where Viki is, but Echo avoids the question. Charlie goes to check on Rex's progress and when he comes back into the room, he finds Echo drinking tequila from a flask she had in her purse.

Bo receives a text message from Nora's phone asking if he has slept with Inez yet and answers to himself that he did. He calls Nora and leaves a message on her voicemail that he wants to talk in person. Natalie asks John to keep their elopement a secret until she tells her parents. Brody calls John and tells him that Eddie has been killed. John tells Bo about Eddie's murder. Bo calls Inez and tells her that he needs to talk to her about police business. John finds a cuff link at the murder scene and gives it to Natalie for forensic testing. Natalie finds a long red hair on Eddie's body. Tea hears Todd leaving a message for Rex saying that they need to talk about Eddie Ford. Blair's housekeeper finds a box that belonged to Eli. Blair takes it to Tea. John goes to Todd's house and asks Todd what he knows about Eddie Ford's murder, revealing that he found Todd's cuff link at the murder scene.

Starr tells James that she knows something happened last night. He admits that he went to see his father. James protests when Starr suggests that they tell the police that Eddie is still bothering James. James asks her to stay out of it. Bo tells James and Starr that Eddie is dead when he runs into them at the hospital. Starr wonders if James killed his father. Gigi gives Bo a progress report on Rex's condition and tells him that the only thing Rex has said is, "Nora." Rex reveals to Bo that Nora was in the car with him when he crashed.

Kelly goes to visit Joey at Llanfair with the intention of telling him how she feels about him, but she gets lemon juice in her eye. Joey gets the lemon pulp out of Kelly's eye. Aubrey goes to see Viki at Llanfair and when they go into the parlor, they see Kelly and Joey in what appears to be a compromising position. Kelly leaves abruptly and Viki goes after her to make sure she gets home ok with her injured eye. When Viki takes Kelly home, she tells her that she knows Kelly has feelings for Joey and that she will keep her confidence if she wants to talk about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

At Fenmore’s, Michael tells Lauren how good it is to see her back in the swing of things. Michael suggests that they go away for Christmas. Gloria and Fen arrive at church for the pageant and bump into Jana. Chloe visits Kevin to get some things. Jack arrives at the Athletic Club to pick up Diane and Kyle for the Christmas pageant. Kevin and Chloe argue when Kevin mentions that he wanted more from their living together. At the church, Nick tells Phyllis that he is glad that she got rid of Daisy. Noah joins Nick and Phyllis. Sharon lets Adam know that she wants to be with him, but she also wants to be with Faith at the pageant today. Adam encourages her to go to the pageant. Michael and Lauren arrive at the pageant. Phyllis sees Jack with Diane which unnerves her. Phyllis confronts him about being with Diane. The pageant begins with Sharon watching from the back of the church.

After the pageant, Gloria confronts Jana about Kevin. Jana lets Gloria know that Kevin made love to her. Sharon looks around in the church and asks God for help in knowing what to do. The preacher comes up behind her. Sharon pours out her heart to him about Faith and Nick. At home, Kevin plays a game with Fen as Michael and Lauren watch. Michael questions Kevin about Chloe. Kevin lets Michael know that Chloe moved out. At Gloworm. Gloria asks Chloe why she moved out of Kevin’s so that Jana could get a foothold in Kevin’s life again. Jana orders a champagne cocktail to celebrate the New Year early. Nick and Faith spend time with Diane and Kyle. Phyllis tells Jack about the deal that she made with Adam regarding the story in “Restless Style” about the murder investigation into Skye’s death. Adam promises that Sharon will have Faith back with her soon.

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