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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Kendall’s, Kendall and Bianca discuss the work that is being done at the Miranda Center. Kendall wants to keep Zach’s dream alive, but Bianca is worried about Kendall getting back into the swing so fast after Zach’s death. Kendall tells Bianca that she owes it to Zach. At Krystal’s, Jake stands at the bar and remembers his time with Cara when they worked together with Doctors Without Borders. At home, Cara remembers her time with Jake and how much she had loved him. Cara starts to leave her hotel room when she bumps into Tad. Tad starts to reprimand her for her treatment of Jake until she notices that his hand is hurt. Cara questions Tad if he is a Sushi chef in his spare time. Cara demands that he get inside for her to bandage his hand. Amanda and Trevor join Jake at Krystal’s. Amanda notices that Jake is down and out about Cara being in town. Rev. Torres visits Kendall and Bianca. Rev. Torres encourages Kendall to let out her anger by throwing something or punching something. Bianca gives Kendall a bowl that Greenlee and David had left at the house. Kendall throws it into the floor and smashes it. Kendall feels better by letting out some anger. Erica thanks Caleb for helping Kendall when she tried to kill David and Griffin caught her. Erica is relieved that Caleb had been the one, who Kendall had confided in.

Erica visits Kendall at home. Erica offers Kendall her help, but Kendall refuses. Erica encourages Kendall to focus her energy on her boys. Asher works on Caleb’s computer when Bianca gives him his Christmas present. The present is a new coat which will keep Asher warm. Caleb comes downstairs and notices Asher’s new coat. Asher lets him know that it had came from Bianca. Amanda visits Annie and lets her know that Cara, Jake’s ex-wife is in town. Jake tells Tad that he had refused Cara’s offer to re-join Doctors Without Borders. Jake and Tad see Cara and Griffin being intimate. Tad finds some interesting info when he searches Cara’s medical bag.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Thomas exchange guilty glances when Ridge brings up that backstage was a little more chaotic than usual. He noticed it took longer for them to get to the runway. Thomas covers by saying there were a lot of almost undressed models backstage. Taylor tells him that she is so proud of him. Alone, Thomas comments to Brooke what are they going to do about what happened in the dressing room tonight. Whip looks at his iPhone photo of a scantily clad Thomas and Brooke. He confides in Aggie about Taylor’s blunder in calling out Ridge’s name during their lovemaking. Ridge is messing with his marriage and didn’t take his threat seriously, but after tonight……Liam gives Hope a little lesson online about Spencer Publications. She points out to him that the articles are saying that he is now Mr. William Spencer III and is a titan now and the most eligible bachelor on the planet. She hopes they get the memo that he has a girlfriend.

Liam tells Hope that he doesn’t feel tied down. He’s with her because he wants only her. Amber comes on to Oliver who tells him they don’t have that kind of arrangement. He wants her to stop it and not hit on Liam either. She gloats that he’s very eligible and she likes the sound of Amber Moore Spencer. Brooke tells Thomas that they are not going to over-react…they are both innocent. They just hope Jarrett will keep his mouth shut about seeing them in their undies. By time Brooke checks, she sees the photo is already on the internet. Hope is frantic when she happens to see it in Liam’s presence. He tries to explain that it probably was Photoshopped and not what it seems. She would not cross that line again. Whip grins at the photo and says, “who has the last laugh now, Ridge?” Ridge walks in and catches Brooke and Thomas looking at the internet and demands to see what holds their attention.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Melanie asked Nathan if he is marrying Stephanie because she's pregnant.  He was appalled by that.  He told her that he wasn't lying when he told her that he loved her.  Caroline and Stephanie's conversation picked up from Monday.  Daniel overheard Stephanie say that Philip cheated on Melanie.  Brady visited Chloe and told her that he broke up with Nicole.  Nicole showed up at the DiMera mansion and slapped EJ.  Melanie questioned why Nathan is marrying Stephanie when he loves her.  He let her know that he loves Stephanie and he thinks they can be happy with her.  Abe saw Ben and Lexie hugging.  He didn't like it.  Rafe, Will, and Gabi were concerned about the pictures they saw.  EJ wanted the details of what happened between Nicole and Brady.  Rafe checked other photos to make sure that nothing was wrong.  Stephanie and Caroline saw Daniel, but they mentioned Stephanie's wedding instead of what they were really talking about.  EJ told Nicole that he wanted her to move into the DiMera mansion.  Rafe, Gabi, and Will noticed that Johnny's left pupil still looked white in the picture.  Abe questioned Lexie about why she was hugging Ben.  

Melanie told Nathan that she and Philip were trying to have a baby.  EJ wants Nicole to stay in the cottage rent free.  He told her to move in today. Abe and Lexie argued about her hugging Ben.  Nathan and Melanie showed up at the hospital while Caroline and Stephanie were hugging. Philip showed up at the pier while Daniel was there.  Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  Abe let Lexie know that he saw Sami and that's why he overreacted to her holding Ben.  He apologized to her.  Daniel confronted Philip about cheating on Melanie.  Brady and Nicole pretended to fight in front of Henderson.  They were making out after Henderson left the room.  EJ told Rafe that Sami spoke to Johnny the way he demanded.  Rafe showed EJ the pics of Johnny.  Melanie flashed back to when Nathan said he loved her.  Melanie overheard Nathan tell Bent hat Stephanie is the love of his life.  EJ didn't want to look at the pictures of Johnny, but Rafe demanded that he look at them.  Brady and Nicole made love and talked about their relationship as well as Sydney.  EJ was suspicious of Rafe's motives for showing him the picture.  He didn't believe that there was anything wrong with Johnny.  Philip tried to convince Daniel that he didn't hurt Melanie.  Daniel didn't believe him.  Lexie showed up at Rafe and Sami's place looking for Sami.  Rafe asked Lexie for her help.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Ethan wonders why Johnny is protecting Lisa. Johnny comes clean about why Lisa is helping him. Ethan knows that Lisa is crazy. A woman named Inez shows up at the hospital, claiming to be the cousin of Lisa’s housekeeper. Lisa is irritated when Robin starts interrogating Inez. Patrick defends Robin but Steven takes Lisa’s side. Lisa’s story checks out but Steven says that she’s still on probation. Robin wants to question Inez but Patrick hates the idea. Lisa shows up at Johnny’s apartment; she is surprised to learn that Ethan knows everything. Ethan threatens Lisa in front of Johnny. Alone, Johnny asks Lisa to spend the night. Lisa wonders how she will get the syringe back. Patrick apologizes to Robin. Robin and Patrick have a heartfelt talk.

Carly warns Abby to stay away from Michael. Jason comes face to face with Jerry. Jerry and Jason speak briefly. Jason asks Jerry why he is after Brenda but he ignores him. Jerry shoots the morgue attendant before fleeing. Dante shoots at Jerry. Siobhan asks Nik’s help in getting Lucky to step down from the Balkan case. Tracy tells Brook that she might cancel the wedding. Nikolas agrees to be Brook’s date for the wedding. Brook admits she is worried about her grandmother. Lucky and Luke have a chat. Tracy overhears Luke tell Ethan that he can’t live without her. Sam and Michael talk about his upcoming date with Abby. Sam has concerns regarding Abby and Michael’s friendship. Jerry is on the move, with Dante and Jason following behind. Jerry crashes the van carrying Aleksander’s body. Dante, Lucky and Jason wonder if Jerry survived the accident. Sam and Carly meet to talk about Michael. Sam refuses to get in the way of Michael and Abby’s friendship. Michael is excited about his date with Abby, but she tells him that they can’t see each other anymore.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo awakens in Inez's bedroom unaware of what happened the night before. He asks her if they had sex the previous night. She replies yes. He is not angry with her, not blaming her for anything and only blames himself for cheating on Nora. He tells her that he loves Nora and she encourages him to get back with her. She is not comfortable with what she just did. Nate returns to his and his mom's home after being away overnight. Inez knows that her son has a deep dark secret about something. Eddie has been shot dead in his motel room and nobody knows who did it. James has also been out all night and similarly evades the questions that Starr, Robert, and Langston ask him. James expresses to them however, that he has some sort of "assurance" that Eddie will never bother anybody ever again. Rex has been in an accident after his car crashed when he picked up Nora after finding her tied to a chair in Eddie's motel room. Yet Nora is not accounted for. It appears that Rex collided with Matthew who was also driving and nobody knows about that. Kelly reveals to both Dorian and to Blair that she thought that she was going to have a future with Joey but he told her he is marrying somebody else. Dorian encourages her niece to go after Joey. But Blair tells her that Kelly will only get her heart stomped on yet again. Jessica similarly tells Joey that he is rushing into marrying Aubrey too fast when he barely knows her and she believes that maybe he should get back with Kelly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

In his apartment, Kevin and Jana kiss and cannot get enough of each other. Outside of Jimmy’s bar, Chloe catches Ronan and Heather kissing and hurls insults at them. Heather apologizes to Ronan for kissing him, but he tells her not to do that. Lauren and Michael walk in and catch Jill being more than a little bit intimate with Colin. Jill and Lauren insult each other before Lauren and Michael begin to laugh at Jill’s hair. Jill also laughs at how her hair looks. At home, Victoria sings, “Down through the chimney with old St. Nick" to Delia. Billy comes home and joins in the fun. Billy mentions to Victoria that they may have a house full of children, but she has her doubts. Victoria tells Billy about her doctor’s appointment and how he ran some tests on her. At Gloworm, Katherine and Nikki enjoy some time together when she notices that Deacon walked in. Nikki cannot keep her eyes off him. Katherine turns her head slightly to see that Nikki is looking at Deacon. Katherine begins to ask Nikki if she came to Gloworm just to see him. Nikki tells Katherine that she wasn’t sorry that she saw him. Lauren asks Jill who the man is. Jill finally opens up and tells Lauren that he is from Australia. Chloe comes home to the apartment to find Kevin and Jana on the floor and is quite embarrassed. Heather visits Ronan and brings him a small Christmas tree.

Jana quickly goes to the bedroom while Kevin and Chloe talk. Chloe tells Kevin that she is moving out. Billy and Victoria come to the conclusion that the lab tests may be good news instead of bad news. Ronan and Heather make love. In Katherine’s dining room, Chloe drowns her sorrow in a container of Rocky Road ice cream. Katherine joins her. Chloe pours her heart out to Katherine about Kevin and Jana. Ronan finds out that the lab tests are positive. The doctor wants him to come to Boston, so they can figure out a solution.

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