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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica sits at a table in ConFusion when Jack comes in to join her and suggests that they get married before Christmas. Erica has her doubts about such a happy occasion with Kendall going through such a rough time. Greenlee walks up and listens to their conversation. Madison visits Kendall with some papers from Fusion. At first, Kendall is reluctant to take them, but then changes her mind. Kendall invites Madison, but notices that she is looking pale. When Kendall suggests that she see a doctor, Madison claims she has an appointment for later that day. Kendall offers to drive her to her appointment. At the hospital, Jake runs into Cara who tells him that she needs him. Jake is puzzled. Jack visits Caleb to discuss Erica’s case. Greenlee joins Erica and thanks her for her help in protecting Ryan. Greenlee asks for Erica’s help in getting through to Kendall, but Erica refuses to help Greenlee by ordering Greenlee to stay away from Kendall. Jake demands answers from Cara. Randi sees Madison at the hospital and finds out that Madison is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Randi offers to stay with Madison until she sees the doctor. Erica tells Greenlee that she wished that she had never came back to Pine Valley. Jack overhears Erica’s remark. Cara and Jake have a chat at Krystal’s when Amanda comes in and gives Jake a kiss. Griffin finds Kendall in David’s room. Griffin demands to know what Kendall is doing here again. Caleb interrupts Kendall and Griffin.

Kendall explains everything to Caleb as to how she had tried to kill David. Erica and jack argue over his always helping Greenlee and never reaching out to Kendall. A nurse tells Madison about her doctors appointment when Greenlee walks up. Randi pretends that she is the one, who is seeing the doctor. Erica watches as Caleb hugs Kendall. Greenlee visits David and lets him know that she is getting blamed for what he had done. Amanda questions Jake as to how he had felt when he had seen Cara. Griffin finds out from Cara that she had tried to recruit Jake for Doctors Without Borders.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone is working feverishly behind the scenes for the Forrester fashion showing. Ridge tells Thomas there is a very fine line and they just need to keep it simple and know how to promote Taboo and how not to. Thorne and Rick are worried that the changes will throw a kink in things. He calls Brooke and Thomas aside and tells them that they are to remember to do everything just like they rehearsed it. And they need to check the list each time they come off stage to make sure their clothes are ready for the next run, no surprises. Whip is walking backstage and oversees this, despite the fact that Taylor tells them her husband will behave himself. Donna gushes that she is so proud of Marcus’s accomplishments and Justin spies them and is pleased too. Aggie wraps some gifts at Nick’s as he brings Jack in. Nick is amazed at the gifts that she has and thinks she can just leave laying around under the tree and not expect them to get opened before Christmas. He invites Aggie over for Christmas Eve, even to spend the night if she’d like. She says there is no place she had rather be. She’s really excited about Christmas this year because of him.

The Taboo showing begins and Whip slips away to take a phone call. He tells Aggie that everything is under control and he’s not going to put up with anyone messing with his marriage anymore. He wants them to get that message. He glances at the assignment sheet for the models. Then he takes a garment from the racks and substitutes it for another in Thomas’s dressing room (yes all the while with no one seeing him despite everyone milling around). Both Brooke and Thomas can not find their final garments and are standing together in their underwear when Jarrett drops in to ask Thomas a question. He snaps a pix although Thomas tells him not to and Whip ends up with it – payback time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Philip invited Chloe over to the house to give her something for the baby.  He didn't want Daniel to know about it.  Melanie told Daniel that she and Philip want to try for a baby.  Daniel wasn't too thrilled about it.  Stephanie told Caroline that she wasn't telling Nathan the truth.  EJ tried to reach out to Johnny, but Johnny wasn't having it.  Johnny thinks EJ hates him because he won't let him see his mommy.  Theo had a surprise for Abe.  Theo read from his book.  EJ showed Johnny his drawing of Sami, Rafe, and his siblings.  EJ told him that he wished he were in the picture too.  Johnny was upset and ripped the picture.  EJ called Sami and told her that he needed to see her.  Daniel tried to convince Melanie that they should wait to have a baby.  Abe was thrilled that Theo read the book, but Theo didn't comprehend what he read.  Abe and Lexie were disappointed.  EJ told Sami how Johnny was reacting.  Sami wanted to see Johnny, but EJ had ground rules for her.  Philip gave Chloe the song that she wrote to Joy (her sister).  Philip thought she would want to sing it to Parker.  They reminisced about their time together.  Sami started pushing her luck with EJ and he wanted to take her to the police.  EJ dropped a bomb on her.  He wanted Sami to tell Johnny that she doesn't love him anymore.  Lexie told Abe that Sami gave EJ full custody of Johnny and Sydney.  Stephanie told Nathan that her parents are being transferred and can't contact her for a while.  Nathan wanted to put off the wedding.  Stephanie didn't want to wait.  Nathan wanted to know why she wanted to rush the wedding.  Abe ripped into Bo for not telling him about Sami shooting EJ.  Abe wanted to know if Bo wanted to keep his job.  Rafe went to Victor for help against the DiMeras.  

He wanted EJ out of Sami's life permanently.  EJ wanted Sami to make the transition smoother for Johnny by telling her that she hates him.  Sami refused to do it and stormed out of the mansion.  Bo ended up calling her and told her to go to the police station. Melanie was not convinced that she should wait to have a baby.  Daniel reminded her that she said she loved Nathan while she was sick.  Melanie said that she loves Philip and that she was sick.  Abe threatened to fire Bo and Roman if he didn't do something about Sami.  Sami walked in and heard Abe's threat.  EJ lied to Johnny and told him that Sami didn't want to see him right now.  Johnny refused to look at him while he was talking to him.  Sami reminded Abe how he didn't do anything when Lexie stole Bo's son or how she cheated on him.  Abe warned her not to start this.  Sami told Abe to get his own family in order and stay out of the Bradys' business. Daniel noticed that Parker has dimples (like Philip's).  Gabi gave Will a picture of the kids and he noticed something weird about it.  Bo defended Abe when Sami went off on him.  Sami finally agreed to what EJ wanted, but he had to do something for her.  Will wanted to take the pics to Rafe and not Sami.  Sami told EJ that he can't keep Rafe from getting his job at the police station.  Sami told Johnny that she didn't love him.  She and Johnny did their secret code.  EJ almost caught Sami doing the code.  Abe saw Ben and Lexie hugging at the hospital.  He was suspicious.  Daniel overheard Stephanie tell Caroline that Philip cheated on Melanie.  Will and Gabi showed Rafe the wedding pictures and became concerned. EJ tried to blame Sami for what she said to Johnny, but Johnny was okay.  EJ didn't know what to think about that.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lisa asks Johnny to find her an illegal immigrant to back up her story. Michael introduces Carly to Abby. Carly doesn’t trust Abby. Sonny and Brenda make love. Dante and Jason are talking about Jerry when Steven shows up at the penthouse. Steven says that Aleksander’s body will be released tonight. Jason tells Dante that he regrets sleeping with Elizabeth while she was still married to Lucky. Luke wonders how he is going to pay for his wedding to Tracy. Siobhan and Lucky run into Nikolas and Brook Lynn. Sam and Patrick talk about one of her PI cases. Robin and Patrick decline Maxie’s offer to join her and Matt on a dinner date. Johnny asks for a favor from Ethan. Sam and Abby talk about Michael. Dante fears that Jason will shoot Jerry Jacks. Sonny and Brenda talk about their relationship. Tracy invites Brook Lynn to her wedding. Lisa returns to work. Patrick, Robin and Steven believe Lisa made up the story about helping her housekeeper’s cousin. A woman comes to the hospital and thanks Lisa for providing her with antibiotics. Johnny thanks Ethan for dropping off the woman at GH. Siobhan wants Lucky off the Balkan case. Tracy thinks that Luke will leave her at the altar. Jason and Dante hide out at the hospital’s loading dock. A van pulls up; Jason and Dante see Jerry step out of it. Michael tells Sam that he likes Abby. Carly warns Abby to stay away from her son.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie has still not revealed her secret to John after he's proposed to her. She is very uneasy and asks Rex what she should do. Rex tries to encourage his sister, but she is clearly not sure, since John is still unaware that Brody could be the father of her baby. Rex is on this mission investigating Eddie for Todd Manning. He enters the motel room and is surprised to see Nora tied to a chair and she's equally surprised to see him. He unties her and drives her home. She informs him that Eddie attempted to break up her and Bo and she knows that Bo might be through with her and that Eddie almost raped her. Meanwhile, Inez has drugged Bo. He keeps seeing her as Nora and she knows she cannot go through with trying to get him into bed when he's clearly in love with his wife and drugged. Eddie assaults Robert at the gym and everybody wants him gone. Yet Brody tells everybody that the cops cannot do anything since Eddie's lawyer has filed charges. All they can do is leave Eddie alone and hope he leaves town on his own. James finds a gun and goes to find Eddie. Eddie returns to the motel room to find that Nora is not there and James finds him. Matthew is distraught after seeing his father in Inez's apartment kissing her. He drives in the storm believing that both of his parents are hypocrites and have betrayed him. He calls Nate and tells him his mother is a whore, a bitch and a home wrecker. It appears that he collides with Rex and Nora and there may be an accident. Eddie is on the floor after being shot.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor residence, Jill spends time with both Colin and Cane which doesn’t sit too well with Cane. Blake surprises Lily with a visit. Michael and Lauren enjoy dinner and drinks at Gloworm. Daniel joins them. Chloe sits on the sofa when Kevin comes home. Kevin wants them to be more than just friends. Chloe is surprised. Ronan sits at the bar at Jimmy’s and reads a Christmas card from Nina then calls her. Heather comes in to join Ronan. Lauren talks to Daniel about his letting Daisy live with him. Jana visits Daisy to see how she and the baby are doing. Chloe points out her bad qualities to Kevin and says she is terrible at relationships. Kevin tries to explain to her that she doesn’t know whether or not they will work unless she gives it a try. Chloe still refuses to give in. Colin asks Jill about the living arrangement at the Chancellors'. Jill tells him about Katherine. Blake helps Lily wrap Christmas gifts until he picks up one that is his. Lily grabs it away from him. Cane comes home and upon seeing Blake with Lily orders him out. Lily is puzzled by Cane’s actions.

Colin and Jill kiss. Michael and Lauren enjoy a drink together and some quiet time. Daniel comes home and finds Jana with Daisy. Jana makes up the excuse that she is just trying to get over the hostility that she feels for Daisy. Heather encourages Ronan to tell Nina about her illness and that he could possibly die. Ronan refuses to tell Nina anything. Kevin and Jana kiss. Ronan and Heather kiss.

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