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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan gets aggravated at Greenlee for all the boxes of shoes that she brought to his condo. At ConFusion, Frankie sits with Madison and wonders why she hasn't told Ryan about the baby. Madison tells Frankie that she doesn’t really know herself what to do about the baby yet. Frankie promises to help Madison no matter what she decides to do. Amanda and Jake prepare to help Greenlee move in with Ryan. Kendall spends time with her boys when Griffin comes to visit her to check on how she is doing. Griffin tells Kendall about Zach’s plans for the Miranda Center and assures her that the money he's holding is in a trust fund. Kendall assures him that she and Bianca will let him continue doing as Zach wanted. Jake arrives at Ryan’s with a load of Greenlee's things. While unpacking, Greenlee finds a picture of herself and Kendall. Jake encourages her to go to see her friend, but Kendall is less than thrilled to see her. When Greenlee invites her and the boys to Ryan's condo, Kendall makes it clear that she doesn’t want to see her again or attend her wedding to Ryan. Greenlee is upset by Kendall’s feelings toward her.

Cara arrives at Krystal’s restaurant. Krystal offers her a cup of coffee and asks if she new in town. Cara claims she is only passing through. Cara is taken aback when Amanda comes in and Krystal mentions that she is Jake’s wife. Cara sees a Christmas card with a picture of Amanda, Jake and Trevor. Cara and Amanda exchange pleasantries and Amanda tells Cara that there is nothing like being married and having a family. Madison runs into Ryan at ConFusion. They exchange small talk about how Madison is doing. Madison finds out that Greenlee is moving in with Ryan. Ryan offers Madison his help, but she refuses, because she doesn't just want to be friends. Cara calls Griffin to meet her at Krystal’s and tells him about seeing Amanda, but assures him she was careful not to let her know who she was. Griffin agrees to see her later as Cara returns to her hotel. While talking with Griffin, Amanda sees a picture of Cara in his papers and recognizes her. She angrily asks Griffin why Jake's ex-wife is in Pine Valley.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip sees Ridge hug Taylor and Ridge tells her not to worry. He gives her his word that nothing will happen between Brooke and Thomas. The fashion show is tonight and he can’t cancel it now. He’s worried but thinks all is under control. When Ridge leaves Whip walks in and accuses Taylor of still being in love with Ridge. She re-avows again that the other night was meaningless. She loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He replies that what happened in the bedroom then seeing Ridge laughing at him when talking about their sex life, he feels like he is losing her. Aggie is nervous and excited, but hopes everything will go perfect tonight with her dinner for Jackie and Owen. She tells Jackie she did some research and has all her favorite dishes. Jackie gets serious and wants to talk business. Nick brings up the Forrester fashion show tonight and comments they are trying to be more twisted than their family. Madison comes on to Thomas but he needs to be all business now. Thomas tells Ridge to lighten up. The Taboo line is a big hit and nothing is going to go wrong. Ridge says it better not; there is a line that most definitely can’t be crossed.

Taylor apologizes and says she can not imagine her life without Whip. She made a mistake and betrayed his trust, but she needs him to forgive her. He can’t give up on her; they need to put this behind them. With some hesitation, he says he does believe in them; he does want to trust her again so he will forgive her. They kiss and make up. He stays behind and later tells Ridge that he is a family with Taylor and Ridge is invading that. He’s not going to put up with it anymore; it has to stop. Ridge responds that he sees Whip is upset and he apologizes. He’s not encouraging this, but he’s not going to push her away either. Whip says he is leading her on. Ridge has this proprietary feeling about her. He accuses him of wanting both a blonde and a brunette. He’s using his children to keep her tied to him. Ridge tells Whip that he is over-reacting. He dismisses him and tells him to stay out of his life. There is really nothing he can do to him. Whip wanders around backstage and has an idea – just wait, Ridge, to see if there is anything he can do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Jane wanted Hope to write a letter to Bo to keep him from visiting her.  Rafe ended up being the one who grabbed Sami.  EJ was also outside talking to someone off screen.  It ended up being Kate.  She was at the mansion to pick up papers.  Jane continued to convince Hope to write the letter or she will disappear.  Hope called her bluff and let her know that Bo will never stop investigating what happened to her.  Caroline went to confession to confess what she did to Philip.  She intends to take the secret to her grave.  EJ walked towards the bushes but only saw a toy snake on the ground.  He never saw Rafe and Sami.  Rafe questioned Sami about why she snuck to the mansion.  He was extremely upset with her for going to the DiMera mansion.  He didn't see the point of helping Sami if she wasn't going to listen to him.  Sami was speechless.  Brian (waiter at the pub) told Philip that his co-worker wanted to give him a drink.  She went to Philip and she seemed to be flirting with him.  Hope decided to write the letter after all.  Jane recited what she wanted Hope to write.  Kate told EJ how wrong he was for the things he did to Sami.  She let him know what Curtis did to her with her children.  EJ didn't care plus he felt that Kate didn't deserve to be a mother.  

Sami convinced that she did the right thing and let Rafe know that she had to see Johnny.  Johnny sat up in his bed and called for his mother. Caroline prayed that no one would find out the truth.  Harold told EJ that Johnny was calling out for his mother.  Johnny told EJ that he didn't want him and that he wanted his mother back in his room.  Jane looked over Hope's letter and liked what she saw.  Jane is going to have the letter sent to Bo. Bo got a phone call from the police station.  He had a letter from Hope.  Will and Gabi were kissing when Sami and Rafe showed up at the apartment.  Rafe and Sami continued to talk about what she did.  Johnny continued tot ell EJ that he wanted his mother.  EJ refused to give Johnny what he wants.  EJ said he loved Johnny enough for two parents.  Philip told Sabrina that he's married.  She kissed him just as Daniel walked in the pub.  He thought something was going on with Philip and Sabrina.  His suspicions were confirmed when Victor told him how flirty Sabrina is and how she and Philip work together.  Johnny shocked EJ when he told him that he hated him for keeping him from his mother.  Bo read Hope's letter and he saw something in the letter that caught his attention.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky tells Siobhan that the man in the picture with Brenda is definitely the Balkan's son. He speculates that the Balkan must have known that his son followed Brenda to New York and must suspect that Brenda was involved in his disappearance - or at least that she knows something. Siobhan asks Lucky if he thinks Brenda was involved with Aleksander's death. Siobhan is disappointed when Lucky leaves with the photographs that she is supposed to deliver to the Balkan. She calls the Balkan's henchman and tells him that the police plan to use Aleksander's remains to draw out the Balkan.

Lulu runs into Michael on the docks. Michael introduces her to Abby. After Lulu leaves, Abby puts together the pieces that Lulu is the girlfriend of Michael's brother who was once in love with the woman that his father is in love with. Michael says he knows what secrets can do so he is going to reveal the truth before someone gets hurt. When he goes to see Sonny, he doesnít manage to tell him about Dante and Brenda. Michael asks Abby out on a date. Dante tells sonny that he isnít interested in hearing about his personal life, especially not Brenda. Sonny says he didnít mean to push Dante into a relationship that they don't yet have. He just wanted to share with someone the news that he has found happiness with Brenda. Sonny asks Jason his opinion about Sonny getting back together with Brenda. Jason tells him that it worked out with him and Sam, so he can't speculate about what might happen with Sonny and Brenda. Dante is distracted with thoughts of Brenda when Jason tells him that O'Reilley must have suspected that Dante was involved in Aleksander's death. Dante asks him if he has ever had something on his mind that prevented him from thinking about anything else. Sonny takes Brenda to a house that he has leased and decorated the way she had described her dream house.

Robin is appalled that no one believes that Lisa stole a bottle of medicine from the med cart and put it in her pocket. Steve tells her that accusing a doctor of stealing has serious repercussions. A patient sitting nearby says he also saw Lisa take the medication from the cart. Lisa admits that she took antibiotics as a favor for her housekeeper whose cousin has an infection, but is an undocumented alien with no insurance and is afraid she will be deported if she seeks treatment. Steve lets her take the antibiotics and tells her to bring her housekeeper's cousin to the hospital for treatment. Patrick asks Steve how long he is going to let Lisa get away with everything, but Steve tells him to take it up with the board's chief of trustees. The Patient says that Patrick should have noticed it because surgeons are supposed to be observant. He says Patrickís tendency to see what he wants to see and disregard the rest is bad for patients and for partners. The patient wonders why Robin hasnít divorced her philandering husband yet. Elizabeth advises Robin to be sure it is what she wants before she pushes Patrick out of her life. Sam asks Patrick if he can contribute any insight into a case she is working about a cheating husband that works in the hospital. He tells her that he is not the person to ask for a moral judgment. San advises him to let go of what happened with Lisa and concentrate on moving forward. Dante finds Olivia crying on the docks while she is thinking about finding Lisa on her knees in front of Johnny at his penthouse and Johnny breaking up with her. She tells him that she and Johnny broke up and that sometimes things donít work out no matter how much you want them to. Dante goes to see Johnny, who tries to get rid of him because he is in pain from his gunshot wound. He shuts the door in Dante's face when Lisa arrives. Lisa tells Johnny that he needs to find her a Hispanic woman in need of antibiotics. Steve vents to Olivia when he runs into her on the docks.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint tells Matthew that his parents are cheating on each other. Matthew does not want to believe that. But Clint encourages him to call his mom and find out. Matthew calls Nora's phone when she is bound and gagged in the motel room and Eddie answers. He tells Matthew his mom cannot come to the phone and Matthew has nothing to believe except that his mom is with a strange man and too busy to take his call. Clint calls Inez and tells her she'd better put her plan into motion with Bo or Eddie will be a permanent resident of Llanview. She then invites Bo into her apartment to have some beers. She remembers that the medication Marty prescribed for her cannot be mixed with alcohol. So she drugs Bo and he passes out. She then asks Bo to make love to her. Bo is drowsy and disoriented and believes she is Nora so he kisses her. Matthew then walks in and sees them together. Natalie goes to confront Marty telling her she can have her fired from her medical practice and sent to prison. But Marty tells Natalie she has nothing to lose now that she's lost her son, yet Natalie does and will never know when Marty will drop the bombshell upon John that Natalie is pregnant by Brody and lying to John. Natalie then decides that she will tell John the truth. But he proposes to her and she does not know what to say or do. Eddie is ready to box his sons who are worried that he will win. But Clint calls him and tells him he must get Nora to Inez's home to see Bo with Inez or else Clint won't pay him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Victoria discuss the article that Billy published about Sharon and Adam. Nick asks Victoria why she married Billy, who was obviously so obsessed with embarrassing his family. Phyllis visits Billy and notices that he is smiling. Phyllis knows what the smile is about. Billy shows her the sales report on the latest issue of “Restless Style.” Billy questions Phyllis about Daisy. Phyllis lets him know that Daisy is with Daniel. Sharon comes out of the shower after getting the chocolate out of her hair from her fight with Phyllis. Sharon asks about Adam’s face where Jack hit him. Adam suggests to Sharon that because of all the trouble that he caused her, they should just walk away from each other. Sharon refuses to do so and insists that she will see this through to the end. Colin thanks Jill for the dinner that he had with her, Lily, and Sofia. Colin is upset because Cane bowed out of the dinner with them. Jill suggests that they have dinner with Cane that night. Colin is happy, but he cautions Jill not to tell Cane about the dinner since he has a surprise for him. Jill agrees. Cane asks Blake why Colin is in town. Blake claims that he doesn’t know. Cane doesn’t believe Blake and insists on knowing why Colin is here. Jill calls Cane to have dinner with her, but he tries to put her off by insisting that he is busy. Jill persists until she wears Cane down and he agrees. Nick blasts Victoria for what Billy published in “Restless Style.” Nick insists that Billy will write a story about Victoria. Victoria is sure that Billy wouldn’t do that to her.

Billy orders Phyllis to do a follow-up story on Adam and his trial. Phyllis is thrilled. Hearing Nick’s remarks toward her, Victoria accuses him of becoming like Victor. Cane arrives for his dinner with Jill and is surprised when he sees Colin there as well. Cane tries to leave, but Jill insists he stay. Colin surprises Cane with a picture of his sister. Sharon and Adam feel that Skye had help from Victor. Adam steals the key from the maid’s cart to get into Skye’s old room. Phyllis arrives and catches them. Cane confronts Colin about the pic of his sister. Victoria lashes out at Billy for the article about Sharon. Billy offers to sell the magazine to make Victoria happy. Nick meets with Mitch, who doesn’t want to talk Newman business, but instead wants to talk about Sharon. Nick demands that they discuss Newman business or the meeting is over. Sharon asks Phyllis to do the story on Adam objectively. After some persuasion, Phyllis agrees to do as Sharon asks. Colin reminds Cane that he was groomed to be king of Queensland. Cane refuses to go back to Australia. Jill interrupts with dessert. Cane advises Jill not to see Colin. Colin invites Jill out to dinner.

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