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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad checks Jake for any more bruises on his hands from hitting Griffin. Jake lets Tad know that he was cool with Griffin and that he told Amanda everything about Cara. Tad cannot believe his ears. At the station, Brot complains about the smell in his apartment from the place being painted. Natalia offers to let Brot stay with her for a few days. Jesse yells for Brot and reprimands him for letting Ryan leave the crime scene when Erica shot David. Annie surprises J.R. with an early Christmas present, herself gift-wrapped, but is taken aback when Marissa arrives, because J.R. didn’t tell her about his meeting. J.R. reminds Annie that he is just trying to get Marissa to drop the custody suit against him by sweet-talking her. Amanda interrupts Griffin's workout at the hospital and admires his fit body. Tad and Jake see Amanda ogling Griffin. Amanda asks Jake if he is all right with her volunteering at the Miranda Center. Jake assures her that they will be lucky to have her. Jake checks on a club membership for Griffin. A nurse gives Griffin some forms to fill out for his position at Pine Valley Hospital. Annie and Amanda meet at Krystal's. Opening her trench coat, Annie shows her her Christmas present for J.R., which he couldnítí open because Marissa interrupted. J.R. and Marissa discuss how they will split up Christmas Day, so that A.J. can spend it with both his parents. J.R. suggests that they spend part of Christmas together as a family. Marissa is surprised. Jake remembers when he met Cara. Amanda tells Annie about Griffin. While looking at his paperwork, Amanda is surprised to see that Griffin has listed Cara as his emergency contact. He assures her that Cara is an ocean away. Instead of waiting for J.R.'s all-clear call, Annie interrupts him and Marissa. Marissa receives a call and leaves. J.R. becomes upset with Annie for interrupting his time with Marissa. Jake welcomes Griffin to Pine Valley Hospital. Marissa assures Scott that she will help him and see him very soon. Cara arrives in Pine Valley.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip is livid that Taylor is sharing the details of their sex life with her ex-husband. He feels Ridge is more than a minor preoccupation with her. She says she is sorry and was just not thinking. He realizes that she probably thinks she can share almost anything with Ridge, but he thinks the private intimate details of their sex life should be off limits. He points out that Ridge even laughed at him. Bill calls Oliver and tells him to hang in there about Hope. He is not finished with Liam yet. Oliver shoots hot, sexy photos of Brooke and Thomas. Thorne says Ridge ordered them, yet Ridge is aghast when he walks up and discovers them. He thinks it is too blatant and provocative. They are walking on the edge already and this is going too far. Thorne reminds him that he okayed this. Ridge says the concept but not this……one wrong move and they could end up in some very dicey territory.

Brooke tells Ridge that she loves him. This campaign is bringing attention which is what she thought he wanted, but she will do whatever he wishes now. Taylor pleads with Whip for them not to argue about this here. He is trying to understand, but she cried out Ridge’s name during lovemaking and now even worse he catches them discussing it. He accuses her of wanting Ridge to know that she was thinking of him. He does not feel that she is putting their marriage first. Liam listens to Bill who tells him that he can be anything he wants to be and he will help him. He wants his readers to think Liam is single and available; the hottest thing out there and he can’t do that with Hope. Liam is the key to all of this and he needs him. Liam is not in this alone. They will do this together. He points out that Liam is the new face of Spencer Publications. Ridge feels badly that Whip walked out on Taylor. He tells her not to overreact; just give Whip a chance to cool down. The photo shots come in and Taylor flips her wig when she sees Brooke’s hands all over Thomas. She says they have to protect their son. Ridge says that Thomas is clever and smart and yes this is risqué but it’s now under control. He called it off; Thomas will be fine. He won’t let anything happen. Again Whip overhears what they are sharing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo told Carly that he wants to get Hope out of prison.  He called Governor Ford to talk to him about Hope.  Jane told Hope that it's time for her to leave the prison.  Jane also told Hope that Charlene was going with her.  Hope couldn't believe it.  Brady couldn't understand how Nicole could let EJ control her.  EJ surprised Johnny with a toy hog, but he didn't care.  Johnny ran out of the room.  Sami wanted Will to give her his key to the mansion.  He didn't want to do it.  Rafe overheard part of the conversation and wanted to know what was happening with them.  Hope tried to get the guard to understand that she is being set up.  Hope wanted her to help her.  Jane called Bo and told him to go to the prison.  Jane told Lee that she changed her mind about transferring Hope to Northern.  The governor warned Jane that Hope better not get hurt again in prison.  Rafe got a call from someone tailing EJ and Stefano.  Rafe went to check up on the lead.  Sami still wanted to go to the mansion.  Brady had a plan to fool EJ.  He wanted to stage a fight with Nicole and he's going to throw her out.  he wants EJ to think that he and Nicole are over.  Sami wanted to go to Johnny and tell him that she loves him and Sydney.  Will decided to give Sami his key after all.  Jennifer to Carly that Jack doesn't keep in touch with her or the kids.  Jennifer wants to do more to help Hope.  Carly wanted Jennifer not to do anything dangerous.  Ben showed up at the pub (while Jennifer and Carly were there) and Jane called him.  They talked about the heart that is being donated.  

Bo showed up at the prison to talk to Jane.  Lee told Hope that Hope is not being transferred.  Rafe spied on EJ and Stefano at the pier.  Sami snuck over to the mansion. Jane told Bo that Hope attacked an inmate.  Brady continued to explain his plan to Nicole.  Nicole said that it sounds good, but she can't do it.  Gabi showed up at Rafe and Sami's place.  She and Will talked about Arianna.  Sami went to see Johnny.  He was so excited to see her.  Mary showed up in his room and Sami had to hide.  Bo didn't believe Jane when she said Hope attacked inmates.  Jane continued to stick to her story.  Bo demanded that Jane let him see Hope unless she wanted to speak to the governor again.  Stefano let EJ know that Kate moved out of the mansion.  Stefano's phone rang when he was about to tell EJ about Chad.  Johnny asked Sami why she hates him.  Will and Gabi were talking and ended up kissing.  Sami continued to convince Johnny that she loves him.  He wanted to know if EJ is the boss of her.  Sami had a plan.  She had a sign for Johnny to know that she loves him.  Lee showed up in Hope's cell and told her she had a job and she better do it.  Nicole didn't want to do Brady's plan because there was too much to lose.  He reluctantly agreed, but they had breakup sex.  Sami reminded Johnny about their secret signal.  She had to hurry up and get out of the mansion because she heard EJ coming.  Sami ran to the backyard and she was grabbed.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason tells Steve that he is the key to drawing out the person that wants Brenda dead, in spite of the fact that he has never met her. Jason tells Steve about the Balkan and asks to be present when the Balkan comes to claim his son's remains. Steve reluctantly tells him when and where the body will be released. Lisa needs to get antibiotics for Johnnyís gunshot would. Robin catches Lisa stealing them from the med cart, but no one pays attention to her when she demands that someone call security. 

A man calls Siobhan and tells her that she is running out of time to get Spencer to open the safe. She pretends she is talking to her sister, Fiona when Lucky enters the apartment. Lucky and Siobhan hire a waitress lookalike to go to the bank in Siobhan's place. Two of the Balkan's men follow the waitress when she leaves the bank and demand the envelope she is carrying. She gives it to them willingly. They take it and leave. Lucky is suspicious that it went too smoothly and that the Balkan didnít have some of his men tailing Lucky in case it was a set up. They open the real envelope and find that it contains two photographs of the Balkan's son Aleksander with Brenda and one photo of Dante attempting to shield Brenda from the photographers. Dante wakes up with a hangover. He asks Michael what he said about Brenda and himself while he was drunk. Michael tells him that he admitted that he had feelings for Brenda when he was guarding her in New York but that he also said it is better with Lulu because Lulu returns his feelings. Dante tells him that doesnít make him forget the feelings he had for Brenda and that he doesn't want any remaining feelings to mess up what he has with Lulu. Michael tells Dante that he thinks Sonny is getting back together with Brenda to try to prove that he can achieve the same level of happiness that Carly has found with Jax. Dante tells Lulu that he feels conflicted about wanting Sonny to go to prison and hurting people every time he gets his father off the hook. Carly advises Sonny not to get back together with Brenda. He tells her she can't do anything to ruin his reunion with Brenda, but she warns him not to be so sure. He tells her to stay out of his business. Carly tells Jason that she intends to find out if Dante and Brenda had an affair and when she does, she is not going to keep it to herself. Sonny tells Dante that he is going to make things right with Brenda. Michael apologizes to Abby for insulting her. He tells her that Dante is having a hard time dealing with their father getting back together with Brenda because he was himself in love with her at one time. Lulu hears that comment from nearby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eddie keeps Nora hostage in the motel room. Bo has no clue what has happened but Brody finds Eddie in the motel. Yet, he does not have a search warrant to enter or find out what Eddie is doing. Meanwhile, Robert wants to challenge Eddie to a boxing match where if he (Robert) wins, then Eddie will leave town. James, Starr, Langston and Bo all warn him not to go through with this. But he asks what choice he has since nothing else will get Eddie to leave and the only language he understands is violence. Right then, Cristian appears and wants to show Robert some boxing lessons but proves that Robert is inexperienced and not likely to win a boxing match with anybody. Eddie sends Bo text from Nora's phone telling him she wants him to sleep with Inez. Inez remembers that Clint told her that the only way he will get rid of Eddie and enable her sons to have a bright future is if she sleeps with Bo. She goes to talk to Marty about the situation but does not reveal who these two men in questions (Bo and Clint) are. Natalie busts into Marty's office and tells her she knows what she's done. Marty asks Natalie if it's true that she slept with Brody and got pregnant by him and has not told John. Inez returns home and knows that she has to "cozy up" to Bo. Meanwhile, Matthew reveals to Clint that he knows that Rex is Clint's son and Clint wants to hide that. And he wants to know what Clint is implying about Bo and Inez. Bo then reveals to Matthew that Bo and Inez are sleeping together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick sees the article about Sharon and Adam. Adam and Sharon are alone in a hotel room when Leslie comes to visit. Gloria orders Jeffrey to get the chocolate fountain ready for Katherine as she arrives. Kevin asks him about his eye, but Jeffrey only has slurs for him. Katherine asks Kevin about his relationship with Chloe, but he insists that it is only a friendship. Daisy thanks Daniel for letting her move in. Daniel calls Abby to talk about them. When Jana visits her alone, Daisy wants to know what is going on. Gloria asks Katherine to talk to Kevin about adopting Daisy’s baby. Daisy insists on keeping her baby. Daniel asks Abby to go back to the way things were between them. Abby is for the idea until she finds out that Daisy is living with Daniel. Jack blasts Phyllis for the article that she wrote about Sharon. Malcolm arrives and lets Phyllis know that the phone lines at “Restless Style’ are all abuzz with callers about the article about Sharon defending Adam. Leslie tells Adam and Sharon about the article in “Restless Style.” Sharon insists on going to see Noah.

Noah tells Sharon that he doesn’t want to know her anymore. Nick sets the limits on when Sharon can visit Faith, but without Adam. Adam comes to visit Jack to reprimand him for his treatment of Sharon. Abby asks Daniel to leave after she finds out that Daisy is living with him. Katherine tells Sharon that she saw the article in “Restless Style.” Sharon and Phyllis argue. Nick interrupts Jack and Adam and orders Adam to “shut up.” Daisy and Jana reach a deal concerning the baby. Jana tells Kevin that she went to talk to Daisy about the baby.

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