Wednesday 12/8/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s restaurant, Tad and Kendall have a talk abut Zach. Jake and Amanda arrive at Kendall’s to help Zach's memorial service. Caleb walks in and offers his condolences to Kendall. Kendall arrives home and the first thing that takes her eye is a large picture of Zach. Kendall is speechless. Kendall thanks Bianca, Jake, and Amanda for helping. Greenlee works on her speech for Zach’s memorial. Ryan and Spike accompany Greenlee to the memorial service. Everyone begins to arrive for Zach’s memorial service. At Krystal’s restaurant, Caleb runs into Asher and asks him to take a ride with him. At Kendall’s, everyone has something that they remember about Zach and how he affected their lives. Caleb and Asher arrive back at Wildwind. Caleb begins to tell Asher how he met Sonia. Kendall takes her turn in telling the little group what she remembers about Zach.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls Oliver and reminds him that they have an agreement and he suggests he live up to it….get under Hope’s skin; he’s already halfway there. Hope comes by and they have a quick photo shoot on the beach. Liam shows up at the office at his father’s request. Bill tells him that he is seeing too much of Hope Logan. He wants him to have a life of course, but he’s learning the ropes of a business that will be his some day. He needs that as his focus, his #1 priority. Ridge, Thomas and Taylor meet for a photo shoot. She tells Thomas that she is so proud of him. Ridge makes it plain to Thomas that this is not just a friendship. He loves the mother of his children. Whip runs into Brooke and compliments her on being the hot P.R. target. She asks about Taylor and hopes there are no problems.

Liam explains that heís in love and heís not spending enough time with Hope. Bill says he needs to be playing the field. There are a lot of exciting women out there in Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. He wouldnít call it dumping his girlfriend, but just expanding his horizon. Heíll be traveling a lot and have endless opportunities to meet women, fine women who speak different languages and he canít do that if he is tied down. He wants him to experience the best there is to offer, but he has to be free to do that. After the shoot, Oliver asks Hope if here is any chance at all for him where it concerns them getting back together? Hope reminds him that she is seeing Liam and she doesnít want to date two men at the same time. She is committed to Liam now. Whip shares with Brooke that there is not a problem, but Taylor is thinking more and more about Ridge. There are a lot of memories in that house; itís oppressive at times. He loves her and she has changed his life. But she canít help but looking backward at times. Ridge has to worm it out of Taylor but finally does that during lovemaking she called out Ridgeís name to Whip. Ridge gets a big laugh but when Whip walks in on them, it doesnít seem so funny to Whip.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stefano was talking to someone about getting revenge on Kate.  Kate found out her credit card was declined.  Victor and Brady talked about going after Vivian.  Gus gave Vivian an envelope and she seemed happy to get it.  Johnny saw Sami and ran over to her.  EJ warned Sami about the consequences if she spent time with the kids.  Victor told Brady that he wanted to set up a meeting with Philip and Nicole so they can plan an attack on Vivian.  Kate confronted Stefano about canceling her credit cards.  She let him know that she liked being Mrs. DiMera, but that was over.  Johnny continued to hold on to Sami and he begged her to take him with her.  EJ had to snatch Johnny off of Sami to get him off of her.  Nicole seemed to feel sorry for Sami.  Nicole tried to talk to EJ about what he's doing to the kids.  He told Nicole to say goodbye to Sydney for the last time since she is still seeing Brady.  Stefano found Kate in his garden and they fought about what she did.  She told him that she wouldn't change for him.  EJ told Nicole that if he let Sami see the kids, she wouldn't see Sydney anymore.  Nicole questioned why he is making her choose between Sydney and Brady.  Sami was determined not to cry anymore.  Rafe wanted to make her feel better.  Vivian found information about everybody, but Nicole.  She is going to destroy them.  Kate wanted to know if Stefano was willing to compromise with her.  He said he couldn't because he will never change.

Sami told Rafe that they have to do what EJ says until she can fix it.  Rafe said not to fix it because she makes things worse.  He told her he would find a way to get the kids back to her.  Brady reassured Victor that Nicole is a team player and that she is on their side.  Kate asked Stefano if he would be able to forgive her for everything.  He didn't know if he ever could.  She decided that it was best that she leaves.  Stefano said he would get a maid to pack her things.  He wanted to know where she will be staying.  She said the Salem Inn.  Kate kissed Stefano and said goodbye.  Vivian went to the DiMera mansion and saw Stefano in the garden.  She wanted to know if he is okay.  Victor saw Kate on the pier.  Victor warned her about Vivian.  Victor wanted to know if she is having marital problems.  Nicole told EJ that he is like Stefano.  EJ informed her that Brady is Sami's stepbrother and he doesn't want him near the kids.  Sami didn't want Rafe to do something stupid.  He assured her that he wouldn't.  He wanted Sami to let him handle EJ.  Kate told Victor that she left Stefano.  Victor told Kate that she could live at the mansion.  Nicole decided that she would choose Sydney over Brady.  Stefano was not interested in what Vivian had to say and he walked away.  Vivian got on the phone and told Gus that her plans will move smoothly now that Stefano and Kate are finished.  Kate agreed to move back in with Victor.  Nicole told Brady about EJ's ultimatum.  Brady told Nicole that she is not going anywhere.  Johnny wanted to know why Sami hates him.  EJ told Johnny that Sami doesn't matter because he loves him.  Sami told Allie that she had a plan to get Johnny and Sydney back.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin and Patrick disagree about what’s best for Theo. Patrick says that he’ll have Theo discharged tomorrow. Robin feels sorry for Theo. Theo confides to Robin about losing a loved one. Robin is beginning to have second thoughts about her marriage to Patrick. Luke accuses Edward of having ulterior motives. They talk about the Wards. Maya and Ethan are summoned to the Quartermaine house. Luke warns the two that Edward has an agenda. Tracy wants to go over the wedding preparations. Tracy says that Lucky will be the best man, Lulu the maid of honor, Ethan a groomsman and Maya a bridesmaid. Lulu shows up to talk about the plan. Edward suggests that Ethan and Maya live together. Maya hates the idea but Ethan doesn’t mind. Maya tells Ethan that they need to have a serious talk. Lulu and Luke talk about her future with Dante. Luke points out that Dante likes adventure and could end up dead because of it. Lucky and Siobhan make love. Siobhan leaves to run an errand. Siobhan meets with a man in a warehouse; it is implied that she’s secretly working for the Balkan. Siobhan returns with some Dutch apple cookies, one of Lucky’s favorites. Siobhan and Lucky talk about Amsterdam.

Abby visits Michael at the loft. Abby asks Michael about his future plans. Michael admits he would like to travel someday. Michael suggests paying Abby to hang out with him. Abby is offended by the offer so she storms out. Brenda gets a phone call from Sonny so Dante leaves in frustration. Brenda shows up at Sonny’s place. They talk about their relationship until Diane barges in. Diane is disgusted by Brenda and Sonny. Diane is adamant that neither one is good for each other. Brenda tells Sonny that they need to back off a little. Dante heads to Jake’s to drink. Dante vents to Coleman about his regrets concerning an ex-flame. As Dante rambles on, Coleman calls Michael and asks him to drop by Jake’s. Michael shows up at the bar and offers to give Dante a ride home. When they return to the loft, Dante brings up his feelings for Brenda. Dante admits that he still cares about Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Aubrey asks Kelly not to tell Joey how she feels about him. When Joey asks Kelly what her news is, she tells him she is in love with one of her exes. Joey asks if she is talking about him. She lies and says that she and Kevin are reconnecting. Joey wonders why she wanted to see him when she went to London. She says she just wanted to catch up. Joey is about to go call Kevin but Kelly stops him and asks him to keep the news to himself for now. Aubrey wonders to Kelly if Joey knowing that Kelly was still in love with him would change anything. Clint tells his Lackey, Vimal that the girl that Aubrey is after the Buchanan fortune. Vimal offers to get her out of their lives the way he did with Rex. Gigi stops Rex from showing Brody the DNA test results that he found. Rex wonders why Gigi doesnít want Brody and Natalie to know that Marty faked the DNA results, but Gigi refuses to answer. When Natalie comes home, Rex asks her if Brody is her baby's father. Natalie thinks Gigi told Rex. Rex assures Natalie that Gigi refused to tell him anything; he figured it out on his own. Natalie tells Rex about her one-night-stand with Brody when they both thought Jessica and John were permanently unavailable. Rex tells her that he will keep her secret and that he is always there for you. Natalie wonders how Rex knew, and he tells her that he found the DNA report in Marty Saybrooke's house while he was investigating another case.

Ford and Starr stand up to Eddie in James's defense. Ford challenges Eddie to a fight with a promise that Eddie will leave town if he loses. Ford admits to Langston that he doesnít know how to fight. Ford calls Inez to warn her that Eddie is still in town. Bo goes to the gym and tells Bo that Inez doesnít like the idea of Ford fighting Eddie. Inez calls Clint and tells him he didnít hold up his end of the bargain so she doesnít to hold up hers. He tells her he doesnít intend to get rid of Eddie until after she sleeps with Bo. John sees Inez crying and offers to help. She says she thinks she needs to talk to a professional. John gives Inez Marty's number.

Bo is perplexed by the messages he has been receiving from "Nora," especially the one that says he should sleep with Inez. Nora is tied to a chair thinking about the conversations she has had with her captive, Eddie Ford and she figures out that Clint is behind it. Nora manages to turn on the TV with her foot and turns the volume up to get attention. The manager calls the police about the noise. Eddie comes back to the hotel and tells Nora she is wasting her time because no one cares. He binds her tighter and tells her that when she misbehaves she will be punished. Brody bangs on the door and demands that he open the door. Matthew goes to the police station and asks Bo for permission to drop his last period study hall so he can go to work earlier. Bo says school has to be his priority. When Matt asks where his mother is, Bo reveals that he has no idea because they had an argument. Matt accuses Bo of cozying up to Nate's mother. Bo reveals to Inez that he thinks Clint is responsible for the change in Mattís attitude and that he doesn't like it. Matthew arrives at Clint's office as Clint is telling Vimal that he will know that Vimal betrayed him if anyone ever finds out that he is Rex's father or that Brody is not Natalie's baby's father. Matt tells Clint that Bo doesnít know where Nora is and doesnít seem to care. Clint Tells him that he is sure Nora will be back soon and will sign the permission slip. Matthew suggests that Clint ask Vimal to fake the signature, since Vimal has faked other things for Clint. Clint asks Matthew what he thinks he knows. Matthew tells him that he knows he is Rex's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Lily and Cane begin to decorate the Christmas tree when Cane surprises her with a new ornament. At Gloworm, Jill and Colon have a drink together. Kevin and Chloe meet with the social worker from Child Protective Services. The social worker asks to talk to Delia. Daniel asks Daisy to move in with him. Sofia visits Cane and Lily and lets Cane know that the background check will be in soon on James. Hogan visits Gloworm looking for Jeff. Jeff sees Hogan and quickly hides. Phyllis objects to Daisy moving in with Daniel. The judge agrees to let Daisy move in with Daniel. After talking to Delia the social worker decides that this is just a false alarm. Billy visits Chloe to find out what is going on with the social worker. The background check turns out to be good on James. Colin listens as Jill tells him all about Cane, Lily and the twins. Colin lets Jill know that he had a son once, but had lost him. Lily and Sofia go out to eat at Gloworm where they run into Jill and Colin. Phyllis shows Billy the new edition of “Restless Style” with Sharon and Adam on the cover. Daniel insists that Daisy give the baby up for adoption, but Daisy refuses. Hogan gives Kevin Jeff’s job. Hogan knocks Jeff unconscious. Cane and Colin come face to face. Colin asks Cane to come home.

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