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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Griffin walks into David’s room in time to stop Kendall from smothering David with a pillow and then Kendall sobs telling Griffin that it isn’t fair that Zach is dead and David is still alive. Griffin decides not to report the incident to the police but tells Kendall that if he sees her near David’s room again he will call the police. Greenlee walks in after Kendall’s crisis is over but Griffin won’t tell Greenlee what happened in David’s room. Griffin advises Greenlee to figure out a way to get Kendall some grief counseling. Bianca talks to Reverend Ricky Torres about the kind of man Zach was and how his loss is affecting Kendall as well as the rest of Zach’s family and friends. Kendall talks to Reverend Torres about Zach and he advises her to let Zach guide her in her decisions and that way he will always live through her. Kendall asks Reverend Torres to perform Zach’s memorial service.

Jake finally opens up to Amanda about Cara and tells her that he; loved Cara very much and she helped him get through a rough time in Africa because it wasn’t easy treating patients in substandard conditions there was way too much death. Jake tells Amanda that he is happy that Cara left him because now he is happier then he has ever been with her and Trevor. Jake wants to go see his parents for Christmas but Amanda tells him that she volunteered at the Miranda Center over Christmas. Jake gets a little upset when he finds out that this was Griffin’s idea and admits that he doesn’t trust Griffin and is afraid that he will try to take her away from him just like he took Cara away from him. Amanda assures Jake that he can trust her nothing will happen to take her away from him.

Frankie is annoyed that Madison still wants to be friends with Ryan after everything he did to her. Madison explains to Emma that Ryan isn’t in love with her anymore that he loves Greenlee but she (Emma) can still visit her whenever she wants to visit her and then Emma gives Madison a hug. Once Emma is gone Madison tells Ryan that she can’t be friends with him because it hurts too much so he should try to avoid her whenever possible. Madison asks Ryan to explain things to Emma and Ryan says he will explain things to Emma when the time is right. Frankie tells Madison that they ran a blood test to make sure she didn’t have an infection from the gunshot wound and the tests showed that she is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor apologizes to Whip and he tells her not to say anymore. It was enough that she called him Ridge during their lovemaking although she says it didn’t mean anything. He knows she and Ridge are spending a lot of time together because of the kids, but this seemed much more personal than that. She tries to explain. He was on her mind but not in a wanting kind of way. She assures Whip that she loves him and the marriage is all she wants it to be. He says he is not jealous of her first love as long as he is her #1 now. Oliver tries to get rid of Bill. Bill says he must have been smoking something for breakfast as he was the one who hired the limo driver. If he wants to be back in the winner’s circle then let him help get Oliver there. He hasn’t gotten where he is by sitting back and taking a back seat.

Bill calls Liam and tells him to put to bed whatever he is doing and be in the office early in the morning. Hope suggests to Liam to go along with his Dad and find out what he wants. She tells Liam that she doesn’t want to be in a hurry or be surprised by sex or their relationship. Amber overhears the last part of Bill and Oliver’s chat. Oliver tells her that he doesn’t like this. He doesn’t want to keep things from Hope. She advises him just to think about being happy. Bill wants to help him make that happen, so it can’t be bad. With Bill Spencer working against them, Hope will be Oliver's.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nicole flashed back to EJ's ultimatum.  She didn't know how she could choose.  EJ wanted to take Sydney and Johnny Christmas shopping.  Johnny wanted to know if they were shopping for Sami.  He had no answer.  Philip wanted to make a baby with Melanie.  Stephanie wanted to talk to Caroline about the paternity switch.  Caroline was not interested.  She hung up on Stephanie.  Nathan heard the tail end of her conversation and wanted to know if she had a problem with her grandmother.  Kate tried to apologize to Stefano for keeping Chad's paternity a secret.  EJ finally answered Johnny and let him know that they weren't shopping for Sami.  Johnny didn't like that answer, but EJ didn't care.  Stefano reminded Kate about the ways she betrayed him.  She continued to try to convince Stefano that she loves him and she wanted to move past it.  In his heart, he wanted to but he had a condition.  Stephanie was about to tell Nathan the truth, but his phone rang and he had to leave.  EJ and the kids saw Caroline at the pub.  She wanted them to stay with her, but he didn't want them to stay with her anymore.  Caroline didn't like that and wanted to talk to him about it.  Brady tried to convince Nicole that they are safe from Vivian, but she was worried about EJ.  Stefano told Kate that she had to regain his trust.  She wanted to know how she could do it.  He wants to fulfill an obligation by making her his proxy.  Kate didn't like what she read.  Stefano called Daniel and gave him a gift for the baby.  Stefano wanted Kate to give Daniel and Chloe a gift for Parker.  Brady showed up at Maggie's house and wanted to talk to Melanie.  Melanie thought Nicole blackmailed him to get back together.  Nicole ran into EJ and the kids on the pier.  He noticed her shopping bag and wanted to know who she bought a gift for.

Rafe started decorating the apartment for Sami and the kids.  He wanted to make it special for her because of what happened to the kids.  Stephanie showed up at the pub to talk to Caroline about coming clean.  Caroline didn't want to discuss it.  Kate was upset that Stefano wanted her to deliver the gift to Daniel and Chloe.  He didn't back down so she had no choice but to give it to them.  She took the gift and left the mansion.  Stephanie let Caroline know that she wanted to confess to what happened with the paternity test.  Caroline tried to use Sami's situation to get Stephanie to keep quiet.  Rafe tried to convince Sami that they will get Sydney and Johnny back.  Nicole lied to EJ and told him that she bought a gift for Chloe.  EJ invited Nicole to shop with him and the kids.  She didn't want to, but changed her mind for Sydney.  Kate showed up at Daniel and Chloe's place with Stefano's gift for them.  Caroline begged Stephanie to keep quiet just as Nathan showed up at their table.  Kate ended up apologizing to Daniel and Chloe for what she did to them.  Kate had to make a humiliating speech to them because of Stefano's orders.  She had to insult herself while she apologized to them.  Stephanie decided not to tell the truth after all because Caroline told her about Sami losing Sydney and Johnny.  Stefano told Kate that they were having a guest for dinner.  He wanted her to deliver an invitation to Vivian.  EJ invited Nicole to spend Christmas with him and the kids.  She agreed to do it.  He reminded Nicole that she had to stay away from Brady.  Sami, Rafe, and Allie ran into EJ, Nicole, Johnny, and Sydney on the pier.  Nathan wanted to know how he could help Stephanie.  She wanted him to marry her.  Kate refused to send the invitation to Vivian.  She walked out on him.  Johnny wanted to go to Sami, but EJ wouldn't let him do it.  Johnny became fussy and tried to go to her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Abby tells Michael that he doesn’t need to protect her from guys like Rodney. Michael is candid about his time in Pentonville and speaks briefly of Carter. Abby insists that she isn’t like Candy, her persona at the strip club. Kristina shows up at the loft. Kristina assumes that Abby is a friend of Dante’s. Michael introduces Kristina to Abby. Abby says she is friends with Sam. Abby agrees to meet up with Michael after her shift. Kristina doesn’t approve of Michael and Abby’s friendship. Kristina is sickened to learn that Abby works at a strip club. Kristina wonders if she made the right decision in pushing Michael to go back to Madison. Kristina voices her concerns about Abby. Kristina believes that Abby is a gold digger. Robin updates Theo about his test results. Since Theo doesn’t have a brain tumor, Robin has no choice but to release him. Robin and Theo chat about Paris.

Brenda and Dante talk about the charity event they will be attending. They reminisce about old times. In the limo, Brenda breaks the heel of her stiletto. Dante offers to give $100 to a woman for her high heels. The woman agrees to the deal; Brenda is impressed. Brenda and Dante return from the event. They share an intimate moment but are interrupted by Sonny’s phone call. Lucky and Siobhan have a chat in the hotel room in Manhattan. Siobhan says she found Lucky from information obtained from Agent Bates. They share a kiss. Siobhan threatens to call Luke, Lulu and Ethan if Lucky doesn’t let her help him. Siobhan and Lucky go over their plan. Siobhan wants to cause a diversion at the bank but Lucky hates the idea. Siobhan asks a female hotel employee to help them. Luke wonders how he is going to pay for his wedding to Tracy. Ethan confides to Luke that Maya won’t have sex with him. Tracy is mad that the Haunted Star is closed. Luke wants to spend a romantic night with Tracy. Tracy reminds Luke that he will be paying for their wedding. Maya apologizes to Ethan for leading him on. Ethan surprises Maya by kissing her. Maya implies that she and Ethan get divorced. Tracy and Luke believe that Edward has ulterior motives. Molly interviews Edward for a school project. Edward thinks that Ethan could run ELQ someday but Molly doesn’t see it. Luke confronts Edward at home. Ethan says that he isn’t playing Maya; he admits that he cares about her. Ethan and Maya share a passionate kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Langston are in school in an art class viewing a nude model when Langston Cleary reveals that she's been "deprived" for too long and may not be able to carry out her celibacy plan with Robert for the full 6 months. Gigi is also there getting distracted. Meanwhile, Rex uncovers the document that Marty has in her home that says that Natalie got pregnant by Brody. He does not believe for a moment that it could be true and assumes that Marty falsified it in a malicious attempt to hurt Natalie. He rushes to inform Gigi of what he's found. But Gigi knows the truth and tells him that he needs to go and talk to his sister to find out what she has to say. James is at the local gym taking out his frustrations on a punching bag ready to confront his father when Eddie appears, taunts him and "motivates" him to box. Starr and Langston end up at the gym ready to sign up for a kick boxing class when they see that Eddie has struck James. They call Robert over and he us ready to fight Eddie to get him out of town and out of their lives. Aubrey reveals that she used to date Robert but informs him she's moved on and is committed to a "new guy". Joey tells the same to Kelly. Kelly and Aubrey find out for the first time that Joey was the "special guy" for both of them and there is some awkwardness. Dorian informs Viki that she observed Echo and Charlie kissing. Viki confronts Charlie and tells him that she is very close to having Echo out of her home except for Charlie's protests that she is the mother of his son and grandmother of his grandson.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Victoria experiences morning sickness and thinks that she is already pregnant. Kevin plays hide-and-seek with Delia before Chloe suggests that they have pics taken for the Christmas cards. Jill and Lily relive Christmases past when Billy was a young boy. Sofia stops by to check on Cane and tells him that they are doing a background check on Blake. Cane is beside himself with worry regarding what to do about the background check. Daisy wakes up as Daniel comes to visit to get a note in order to pick Summer up from school. Daisy’s baby begins to kick. Cane asks Sofia why they are doing a background check on Blake. Cane calls Blake and tells him that they have a problem. A man questions Blake about the phone call. Kevin, Chloe and Delia arrive for their Christmas photos. Chloe and Kevin have a snowball fight. Blake lets Cane know that everything has been taken care of. Billy becomes upset over the article about Sharon and Adam. Daniel and Daisy argue over the fact that she became pregnant as a result of drugging him. The Christmas photos are taken as Sofia watches, wanting to be on the Christmas card list. Kevin and Chloe kiss which doesn’t sit well with Jana. Gloria notices that something upset Jana. Kevin and Jana meet and discuss the Christmas photos. A woman from Child Protective Services visits Chloe and Kevin.

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