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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Kendall refuses to accept any more help from her family telling them if she continues to lean on them she will never learn how to be a single mom and make her little boys feel safe even though Zach is gone. Kendall agrees to let Bianca plan a memorial service for Zach so that those who are also feeling his loss can have a chance to say good-bye. Kendall tells Jack and Erica to live their lives and not wait to plan their wedding because if they wait something could happen to ruin their happiness just like what happened in her relationship with Zach. Greenlee tells Jack she wants to divorce David as soon as possible but when Jack tells her they need to find an advocate to represent David since he is in a coma then she tells him she wants to hold off on finding an advocate for David. Erica warns Liza not to use her case to try and redeem her reputation as D.A. or she could just find herself flipping burgers in the hospital cafeteria. Caleb saves Erica by telling Liza to forget she ever spoke to Erica or he will bring her up on charges of misconduct. Asher Thanks Caleb for taking care of his speeding ticket and Caleb asks Asher to stay and fix Bianca’s computer.

JR and Annie make love and then JR tells Annie he wants to try and reach a joint custody agreement with Marissa so that they won’t have to go to court and fight for AJ. JR meets with Marissa and they have coffee and try to find a way they can both spend Christmas with AJ. Kendall thinks David should pay for Zach’s death and Erica’s legal troubles so she tells a comatose David she thinks he belongs in hell and grabs a pillow and starts to put the pillow over David’s face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver isn’t sure why Bill has shown up at his apartment. Bill reveals to him that he knows all about what he did to Hope and Liam. He messed with him son and tried to keep him away from Hope. Oliver admits it was a stupid prank and he will never do it again. On the contrary, Bill does want him to do something similar again and this time with better results. Taylor gets ready for bed and looks at a photo of her and Whip, yet has images in her head of her honeymoon with Ridge….and the words he just said that if anything happened with Brooke in another scandal that he would take flight right back to Taylor. She calls Ridge who has put down his laptop….actually Brooke took it away from him and coerced him back to bed. Taylor calls to ask him to check his e-mail as they got a message from Steffy. Brooke comments that he is getting awfully chummy with Taylor again. He wonders if that is a problem. They are parents and do need to discuss things. Whip returns home and declares that he is glad to be there. He approves of Taylor's lingerie she has picked out for his pleasure. Liam shows Hope an empty apartment. She’s delighted that it is going to be his new home. He hints that she might want to spend the night sometime.

Liam and Hope have takeout Chinese by candlelight. She thinks it is exciting that he has a new job and a new home. She just wants him to take it slow with his new dad; get to know him better. Bill tells Oliver that he nailed her mother, so now he can just work a little harder to get Hope. Oliver doesn’t get it why he’d want to bust Liam and Hope up. Bill comments that you don’t buy jeans without trying them on first. Oliver declares that he’s not going to get into some scheme with Bill to get her back. Ridge enjoys his e-mail from Steffy. Brooke asks if she mentioned the runway kiss….everyone else has judged her about it. She’s not happy when Ridge admits that he told Taylor that his marriage would be over if Brooke ever did anything inappropriate with Thomas. He knows she would ever do that so it’s not a problem. She still feels Taylor will be watching her like a hawk just waiting for her to mess up. She’s probably thinking of him right now. During her lovemaking with Whip, Taylor calls out Ridge’s name.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo was at the hospital and talked to someone demanding that they find a way to get a phone to Hope.  Brady showed up and wanted to know about Maggie. Bo asked Brady what really happened to her.  Brady remained vague about it.  Hope asked Keisha about Pam's condition.  Keisha wanted to know why Hope was so concerned about it.  Jennifer took Maggie home.  Vivian told a worried Gus that she was determined to get everyone who involved with her being in the coffin.  Stefano saw Victor and Kate talking and wanted to know what was going on with them.  Bo told Carly that Hope was in solitary confinement.  She was surprised.  Jane told Lee that Hope thinks she (Lee) was involved in what happened to the patients.  Jane told Lee that she would help her.  While talking to Keisha, Hope realized that Jane was on to her.  Brady showed up at Maggie's house to see her.  Stefano questioned why Kate was with Victor.  He thought Kate was keeping another secret from him.  Keisha was worried that someone would find out that she was talking to Hope.  Hope assured her that no one would know.  Keisha ate Hope's fish sticks and Hope put her in a choke hold and knocked her out.  Hope snuck out of the cell and ran off.  Kate told Stefano that she wasn't confiding in Victor.  Kate and Victor tried to assure him that they were talking about Philip.  Stefano wasn't convinced that was true.  Vivian showed up on the pier and overheard their conversation.  Jennifer ran into Bo at the hospital and wanted to know if she spoke to Hope.  Jane wanted to transfer Charlene (an inmate) to another prison.  Charlene told Jane that Hope was her arresting officer and that she wanted to get her.  Jane told Charlene that she and another inmate were getting transferred.  As luck would have it, Hope was caught escaping and brought into Jane's office.  Charlene was livid when she saw Hope and started hitting her.  Vivian got a lucky break when she overheard Kate tell Victor that she couldn't find out about Stefano being upset with her. 

 Jennifer assured Carly that they're still friends despite what happened between Bo and Hope.  Jane told Hope that she lost all her privileges since she tried to escape.  Jane wanted to transfer her and put her on yard work duty. Vivian showed up at Stefano's mansion. He wanted to know what she wanted.  Maggie told Brady how Vivian told her what he did to her.  She informed him that he should have gone to the police.  Brady was happy with everything he did.  Maggie thought he was starting to sound like Victor.  Jane told Hope that she was getting transferred to Northern prison.  Hope said it was a five-hour drive.  Jane didn't care.  Hope warned her that she would not stop investigating what's going on at the prison.  Despite everything Brady said to her, Maggie was disappointed by what he did to Vivian.  Vivian told Stefano that Brady locked her in the coffin.  Stefano didn't care until she mentioned Kate's involvement in Brady's scheme.  Jane told Hope that she's leaving in the morning.  Lee had second thoughts about sending Hope to the prison with Charlene.  Ben called Jane and she wanted to know how she could help him.  Stefano wanted to know what else Kate was hiding from him, but Vivian didn't tell him.  Kate showed up at the mansion while Vivian was leaving.  Victor showed up at Maggie's house to talk to her.  He said he loved her, but she closed the door on him.  Vivian showed up on the pier and confronted Brady while he was drinking.  Ben wanted a heart from Jane.  She assured him that he would have one soon.  Stefano let Kate know that Chad is his son.  She wanted to know if he wanted to talk about it.  He remained silent.   She left to get her things.  Vivian wanted to move forward with her plans.  Jane assured Lee that Charlene will go after Hope because she (Charlene) won't be handcuffed.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason, Sam and Dante agree that the Balkan will come forward to claim Alexander’s body. Dante agrees to talk to Steven Webber. Spinelli and Carly interrupt Sonny and Brenda kissing. Sonny and Carly argue about Brenda. Abby runs into Michael on Baker Street. Michael punches Rodney, one of Abby’s clients, when he starts hassling her. Michael calls Jason for back-up. Jason warns Rodney not to call the police. Jason is disappointed in Michael’s decision to defend Abby. Abby shows up at Dante’s loft. Abby makes it clear that she doesn’t need Michael’s protection. Sonny and Brenda plan on going back to his place but Suzanne shows up unannounced. Suzanne says that Brenda is needed at a cocktail function. Brenda wants Sonny to be her date but Suzanne forbids it. Dante is asked to provide protection for Brenda’s night out. Sonny tells Carly to stay out of his business.

Robin thinks that Patrick is jealous of Lisa and Ethan. Lisa cleans Johnny’s gunshot wound then he threatens to come clean about the syringe. Olivia finds Lisa and Johnny in a compromising position. Olivia and Johnny agree to end their relationship. Maya is mad at Ethan. Ethan swears that he isn’t sleeping with Lisa. Maya doesn’t believe Ethan’s story. A man named Theo Hoffman shows up at the hospital claiming to have a brain tumor. Dante and Theo strike up a conversation about the opera. Theo’s tests come back negative for a tumor. Robin tells Patrick that she’ll have a chat with Theo. Brenda calls Robin to chat. Lisa returns to work. Maya confronts Lisa about her intentions toward Ethan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eddie holds Nora captive and puts his plan into motion, apparently as Clint has instructed him. He sends Bo a text from her phone about how he is very petty to be holding her indiscretion with Sam Rappaport, that happened so many years ago, against her. He's sitting with Inez at Buenos Dias when he gets the text. And he concludes that Nora is being a coward to send texts instead of talking to him directly. He does not suspect that anybody has put her up to writing that although Inez is able to put two and two together to figure out it's Clint that is prompting Eddie to break them up. Charlie takes Echo home. She kisses him and tells him he means so much to her. But he tells her that he is happily married. Unknown to them, however, Dorian appears outside the window to see them kissing. Echo convinces Charlie not to tell Viki that another woman kissed him in their living room, reminding him that Viki has a heart condition and also that Viki will throw her out of the house when she has no job, no money, nowhere to go and is the mother of Charlie's son. At that point, he agrees not to tell Viki. But Dorian wastes no time to let Viki know what she saw. Meanwhile, Joey tells both of his parents that he is going to marry Aubrey even though he barely knows her and knows very little about her. They both tell him he's rushing in and will regret it. But he does not listen. Kelly still has the idea that Joey is single and available to her. Rex goes inside Marty's home while she's out and almost gives up on finding anything until he discovers that she has Natalie's Ob-Gyn report inside a photo album she has of Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis writes in her blog that when real evil pays you a visit, it will turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Lauren, surprised when Fen jumps out on her, sends him to his room. Nick tries to get Summer to sleep when Noah arrives home. Sharon calls Leslie to ask her to represent Adam. Leslie takes Adam’s case when she finds out that Sharon will pay the bill. When Phyllis stops by, Lauren agrees to talk to her. She is surprised when Phyllis says that Sharon hired Leslie Michaelson to represent Adam. Phyllis tells Lauren that when she is through with Sharon, no one will have anything to do with her. Ashley and Jack come into Gloworm and notice Sharon with Leslie. Ashley wonders what is going on. Jack lets Ashley know that this has to have something to do with Adam. Ashley finds out that Sharon hired Leslie to get Adam out of jail. Phyllis runs into Nick and tells him what Sharon has done.

Ashley and Sharon have a confrontation over Adam and what he did to everyone. Sharon stands her ground and defends Adam. Sharon gets the call to come and pick up Adam at jail. Nikki joins Jack and Ashley and finds out that Sharon hired an attorney for Adam. Sharon, at police station, runs into Michael and informs him that she hired Leslie to get Adam out. Michael reprimands Sharon for her actions and cautions her that she will lose everything. Sharon refuses to abandon Adam. Ashley visits Nick to check on Faith. Faith calls Ashley ’Mama.” Nikki confronts Sharon over her defending Adam and getting him out of jail. Sharon and Adam try to get a room but are turned down.

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