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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Asher realizes that he has feelings for Colby but he fights them because Damon is his best friend and Colby loves Damon. Colby has an argument with Damon because she thinks that Damon is putting his job with Liza before their relationship. Colby apologizes to Damon for the argument and Damon promises to try and make time for her. Bianca tries to bring Caleb and Asher together by asking Asher to work on her computer promising that Caleb won’t be in the house. Caleb arrives and Asher starts to leave but Caleb stops him to tell him that he fixed the problem that he had with the speeding ticket and the fake ID so he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Caleb tells Erica that he is resigning from her case because Jack will be cleared of the charges from the state disciplinary board soon so Jack can be her lawyer. Erica tells Caleb she intends to try and plead guilty to a minor charge so that she can be free to help Kendall try to live a normal life without Zach. Caleb is disappointed that Erica refuses to fight the charges against her and Erica assumes that he is calling her a quitter. Erica wants to talk to Liza mother to mother about her case and warns that if Liza doesn’t agree to her terms then she will take something important from her. JR and Annie are happy in Washington DC until AJ calls JR to tell him how much he misses him. Annie tells JR that they can’t have a relationship until the custody battle is finished. JR tells Annie he doesn’t want to give up and her so he decides he will talk to Marissa and work out a joint custody agreement. Annie tells JR that she will be waiting for the day that they can have a future together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam drops in on Oliver and tells him the moves he has been putting on Hope has to stop. An amused Oliver reminds him that he works with her, and Liam is treating Hope like he’s a caveman dragging her out of his place. That was very uncool at the shoot. Liam says he can’t blame him as he knows all about the kisses. Oliver says and she was really into it too when Liam didn’t show up for the party. Bill initiates Justin to find out who pulled this little limo scam on his son. He doesn’t want to involve the police but handle it himself. Whoever did this will not get away with it. Hope wants Amber to leave but Amber continues her promotion to convince Hope that she needs to get back with Oliver. Hope says she knows nothing about her. Amber challenges that. She says she spent some time with her father, Deacon, and she was married to Rick but she never got the Forrester approval. Hope still doesn’t understand why Amber is pleading Oliver’s case. Ambers says because she owes him for ripping off his designs. She just wants him to be happy as he deserves it and Hope makes him happy. She leaves with the message that you never forget your first love. Oliver tells Liam that it is not over with him and Hope. He is going to keep reminding her what they had, how much they shared. Neither of them are willing to back down, but Hope has a mind of her own. May the best man win. Liam tells him that he thinks Oliver is a good guy. He doesn’t lie or cheat. That is why Hope liked him in the first place. But he would not be a good guy if he tried to go behind his back and sabotage the relationship. Oliver sees Amber on the patio and motions for her to get lost. Liam tells Oliver that Hope has chosen him, so do the right thing and let her go.

Ridge tells Brooke that a lot of young women would like to be in Hope’s shoes with two men fighting over her. Hope pops in and tells them about the photo shoot and how awkward it was with both Liam and Oliver there. Liam is still her boyfriend and Oliver her friend but he wants more. She likes them both and doesn’t want anyone to be hurt. Brooke tells her that she has been honest with Oliver and she can not control how he reacts. Hope just needs to follow her heart. Justin finds out that the limo was hired and paid for by Oliver Jones. Bill wants his address. He is going to teach him the golden rule – do not mess with Dollar Bill. Amber comes in when Liam leaves and tells Oliver that she saw Hope today. He appreciates what she is trying to do, but best if she stays away. No more crazy stunts; that is not the way he wants to get her back. She barely leaves when Bill is at the door. He comes in despite Oliver being curious why he is there. Bill makes himself at home, even grabs a beer to drink. He tells Oliver that most people do not know but he practices meditation. He can be a little hot-headed and the breathing helps. Yet there are still things that set him off. And one of those is when someone screws with his family. So he’s to lay off his son……from now he has to answer to Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor showed up at the hospital when Maggie threw Vivian out.  Maggie wanted Victor to tell him that it's not true that Brady and Philip put Vivian in the coffin.  Melanie and Nathan were out of the quarantine unit.  Philip wanted to take Melanie home.  Stefano kicked Kate out of the house.  She agreed to go.  Chad was at the mansion when Kate was about to leave.  He was there about the test results.  Melanie flashed back to kissing Nathan.  A doctor showed up at Stefano's house to give them the paternity test.  The doctor told Stefano and Chad that they are father and son.  Victor didn't want to talk about Vivian in front of her.  Maggie wanted him to deny what Vivian told her, but he didn't.  Maggie was upset and didn't want to see him again.  Melanie wanted to go back to the hospital to see Maggie.  She thought Maggie relapsed, but Philip said she didn't.  He didn't answer her when she wanted to know why Maggie was there.  Nathan thought about his time with Melanie in the unit and wanted to be honest with her.  Stephanie wanted to know what happened in the unit, but Maxine interrupted them.  She told him how a patient wanted to see him.  Melanie and Philip went to see Maggie.  Melanie asked him that she knows what he did to Vivian.  Victor ran into Vivian at the pier.  Vivian was hopeful that they could have a relationship.  He planned on paying him back for what she did to his family.  Stefano wrote a check for Chad to go to college.  Chad felt Stefano was trying to buy him off.  Stefano said he was his family and he never turns blood away.  Vivian threatened to get revenge on all of the people who kept her in the coffin.  Victor called someone to meet him at the pier.

Melanie walked in on Maggie and Philip talking about "telling the truth".  Stefano wanted time to tell EJ and Lexie about Chad being his son.  He wanted to teach Chad the business from the ground up.  He wanted Chad to get a suit.  He also wanted him to move in the mansion.  Chad was furious and ripped up the check and refused to move in the mansion.  Philip told Melanie that Vivian put Maggie in a coffin and recapped how Brady put Vivian in the coffin.  He told her that he knew Vivian was in the coffin and didn't do anything to get her out.  Chad didn't want to be a DiMera.  Stefano was upset that Chad didn't want to be a DiMera.  He wanted to know why he showed up at the mansion with the birth certificate.  Chad said he was tired of the lies.  Lies and secrets are the reason why he and Stefano never got to meet Grace.  Kate was the person Victor called.  He told her that Vivian is going after everyone.  She told him that Philip isn't worried about Vivian.  Victor was worried that Vivian would hurt Philip.  Melanie was willing to forgive Philip for leaving Vivian in the coffin.  Chad opened up to Stefano about not being able to see Grace.  Stefano thought this could be a new start for him.  He wanted to give Chad everything he wants.  Chad thought Stefano's gifts came with a price tag.  He didn't want to be like EJ.  Stefano told him that he didn't have a choice.  Vivian told Gus that she move on from Maggie.  She's got a clever plan to get back at Victor and company.  Victor wanted to put a guard on Kate, but she didn't want it.  Stefano told Chad there's no way to escape the family, but Chad didn't agree.  Gus wasn't sure if Vivian could pull off her plan.  Victor had a plan to get Vivian.  He wanted to stop her from going after his family which included Kate.  Stefano was listening in the background.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ronnie wonders why Dante is interested in the corpse that floated up in New Jersey. Dante tells him he had hoped it would be a lead to the Balkan. Ronnie says Danteís assignment is to protect Brenda. Dante snaps back that he is protecting her from the Balkan, who has already tried to snatch her 6 times in the US and Europe, so every lead matters. Jason rescues Sam from an assailant and demands to know where Jerry is. The man says that all he knows is that Jerry Jacks hired him to grab Sam and await instructions. Jason asks him if Jerry is the Balkan, but someone shoots the man from behind before he can answer. Jason returns fire. Jason calls Dante to the scene and tells him that the sniper is gone but that he left blood behind. Johnny Zacchara enters his penthouse bleeding and tells Ethan that Maya canít come over and that he needs Ethan's help. Ethan offers to Call Romero, but Johnny tells him not to. Dante is alone when Mac arrives. Dante tells him that the shots came from the balcony, Jerry Jacks hired the victim to snatch Sam McCall, and Jerry Jacks could be involved with the Balkan. Mac says Jerry Jacks is the worst kind of psychopath and that if he is in Port Charles, he must not leave alive. Dante meets Jason and Sam at her office and tell him about Mac's reaction to hearing that Jerry could be involved. Jason says he thinks that Sam needs to know everything now. Dante reveals that if Jerry is the Balkan then it is personal because Brenda shot the Balkan's son. Dante suggests that the police should announce that they are releasing Aleksander's body because the Balkan will send someone to get it, even if they have to steal it. Jax's mother tries to convince Jax that he is not responsible for Brenda's safety. He says he is when Jerry is the danger. She doesnít understand why Jerry would target Brenda but she answers Jax and Carly's questions. She reveals that Jerry gave her a hand made sic box from Bulgaria for her birthday. Jax observes that Bulgaria is the Balkan's territory. Carly tells Jax that they will find Jerry together, but Jacks says he has to do it alone. She asks him if that is because Jerry is involved, or because it is Brenda. Mac arrives at Jax's office in time to overhear Jax on a phone call asking the person to contact him if he hears from Jerry. Mac tells him that if Jax is trying to warn Jerry, then he charge him as an accessory to the murder of Jerry's now-former accomplice in an alley downtown. Jax assures him that he is not going to protect Jerry. Jax shows Suzanne a picture of Jerry and asks if she has ever seen him. She has not. He tells her that if she does, she needs to call Jax immediately because the man is lethal. He also advises her not to set up any meetings with anyone she doesnít already know. Max and Milo prepare dinner for Sonny and Brenda at Jason's penthouse. Sonny wishes they could have more privacy, but Spinelli lurks in the room and goes out of his way to ensure interruptions. He finally blurts out that he cannot allow Sonny to lure Brenda back into his web. Brenda assures Spinelli that she is safe with Sonny. Sonny tells Spinelli to go anywhere but there and directs Max and Milo to protect her from the other side of the door. Sonny says Spinelli is a freak and Brenda says he is not. Sonny recants and asks Brenda if she is ready to leave. Before they go, Jason calls Brenda and asks where she is. She says she is at the Penthouse and hands the phone to Sonny. Sonny tells him that he and Brenda are going out. Jason tells him that they can't do that because Jerry Jacks is definitely involved and that the man that informed them is dead, probably eliminated by Jerry before he could say more. Sonny and Brenda go upstairs to her room instead. Max Milo and Spinelli think Sonny and Brenda left because their coats and scarves are missing. Max and Milo go to look for them. Carly comes over and tells Spinelli that she can help him save Brenda from Sonny. She tells him that Brenda is vulnerable to Sonny's charms so they have to turn Sonny off to Brenda by revealing that she slept with his son.

Robin apologizes to Nikolas for suggesting that he would side with Lisa, but tells him he needs to see the pack of lies that Lisa posted on the Internet. Patrick suggests that Robin talk to Lainey. Robin says she won't give Lisa the opportunity to spin a conversation with Lainey into evidence that Robin is unbalanced. Nikolas tells Lisa that in the future she should make her actions count. Lisa says she intends to. Ethan goes to the hospital and tells Lisa that he is there to pick her up for their date that Johnny arranged. Nikolas says he thought Ethan had recently married Maya Ward. Ethan says they have a progressive marriage. Lisa leaves with Ethan. Nikolas goes over to Patrick and Robin and tells them that Lisa is dating Ethan. Maya overhears. When Lisa and Ethan arrive at Johnny's penthouse, Johnny tells Lisa that he is sorry this is what they are doing for their first date. Ethan says he thought Johnny was still with Olivia. Johnny tells him he can take off and asks him to tell Olivia if he sees her that he is out of town. Johnny tells Lisa that he can't tell her what happened or go to the hospital because he doesnít think he wants him to tell anyone that he saw her running out of Robin Scorpio's hospital room with a syringe in her hand. He tells her that he still has it. She asks him if he thinks blackmail her. He tells her that if she fixes him up, he won't turn her in.  

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo is trying and failing to reach Nora by phone. She does not return his calls at first but when she is ready to do so, somebody comes up behind her and covers her mouth. Meanwhile, Clint assures Inez that he knows she can successfully take Bo from Nora although she knows that they are not going to break up forever after a fight. He tells her that he fulfilled his end of the bargain by taking care of her abusive ex and needs her to come through on her end. Hearing that, she wants to know what he did to Eddie. He then indicates he's going to put Eddie to some good use and then get rid of him. Eddie has chloroformed and kidnapped Nora and is keeping her in a motel room. He make sure that she cannot call Bo back and texts to him that she will never forgive him for his part in the argument. Meanwhile, Inez finds Bo at Buenos Dias and has the perfect opportunity to comfort him in his hour of need.

Rex is ready to dig up some dirt on Marty for Todd and is not asking questions since he needs money. Gigi questions whether he should do that but does inform him that she knows that Marty is on the warpath to get Natalie in trouble. Right then, they notice Marty ready to give John a special gift and Rex somehow knows that there is something secretive in the gift wrapped box. Dorian tries to make nice to Echo and gets her drunk. Viki, Charlie, and Clint come and see them together and ask what they are doing. Dorian protests that she wants to prevent Echo from taking Charlie from Viki but Viki does not want Dorian's help. When Echo has had too much, Charlie takes her home and she kisses him. She still cannot bring herself to tell Charlie, that Clint is Rex's father, not Charlie. Joey wants to introduce his family to Aubrey. Little does Aubrey know that Kelly is ready to go after Joey. Aubrey and Kelly are becoming friends and neither knows that they are going after the same man. Joey informs his parents that he intends to marry Aubrey.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Heather urges Ronan to wake up. Ronan finally comes to and asks how long he was out. Heather offers to take Ronan to the hospital, but he refuses. Daisy cannot believe that she is not going back to jail. Daniel and Daisy find out that she is being released into Phyllis’ custody. Lauren begs Phyllis to change her mind about taking Daisy in, but Phyllis refuses. Jill thanks the person for the info. Diane and Nick meet and start up a conversation about the lengths that parents will go to for their children. Sharon lets Adam know that she got proof that he didnít kill Skye. Sharon agrees to help Adam. Phyllis cannot believe that she has to get private security for Daisy. Jack offers Phyllis his help. Jill visits Michael and Lauren, but Michael refuses to let her in. Jill lets Lauren know that she is there to help her. Ronan finds out that he has diminished heart failure. Phyllis calls Nick to let him know that Daisy is moving in with her and that he will have to come and get Summer before Daisy arrives. Sharon calls Jack to talk to him. Jack lets Sharon know that Victor was the one who caused the collapse of the Newman fund. The doctor orders a biopsy on Ronan. Jack washes his hands of anything to do with Sharon and asks her to leave. Sharon tells Adam what Jack told her about Victor. Sharon vows to stand by Adam. Nick lets Summer know that she will be spending some time with him. Phyllis sets ground rules for Daisy.

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