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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR and Annie have to go to Washington DC to talk to the SEC and try to stop Caleb from getting Cortlandt Electronics back. Annie is put into the same hotel room where she and JR made love for the first time. JR and Annie try their best to fight their feelings for each other but they finally give into the feelings and make love again. Annie gets divorce papers from Scott and she tells JR that once the divorce is final she can put that ugly chapter of her life behind her and concentrate on a new life.

A comatose David remembers everything that led up to his being shot and dreams about waking from the coma and seeking revenge against Ryan. Ryan and Frankie vow to protect their families from David if he wakes up from the coma. Bianca thinks Kendall should plan a memorial service for Zach but Kendall isn’t ready to do that yet. The recovery team in California calls to tell Kendall they found Zach’s overnight bag and she decides to go to California with Greenlee to retrieve the bag. Kendall makes Greenlee tell her every detail of what happened the night of Zach’s accident. Greenlee points out exact locations and then Kendall sobs because she blames herself for Zach’s accident because he went to help Greenlee because she asked him to do so. Greenlee tells Kendall to blame her or David but to never blame herself because it wasn’t her fault. Kendall sobs in Greenlee’s arms for a long time and then decides to say good-bye to Zach. Kendall tells Zach she will always love him and throws flowers into the ocean in the spot where Greenlee saw the plane explode and hit the water.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor reflects back to what Ridge said that if anything ever happened between Thomas and Brooke that he’d leave her and fly back to Taylor’s safe haven. Brooke tells Ridge that it must be a new era….his mother actually sided with her against Taylor. Stephanie drops in and Taylor confides in her that Ridge was there earlier and things are different. He might be totally in love with Brooke, but he won’t tolerate another scandal. If it should happen, he will end their marriage. Aggie bends Hope’s ears about Amber being a troublemaker. Oliver tells Amber that he will never get Hope back if Amber is living there. And if he is going to get Hope back, it has to be without any more sneaking around with cute little schemes. It has to be on the fair and square. She cries that she has spent most of her life manipulating people, and she is sorry if she screwed things up for him. One day she is going to pay him back for all he has done for her. Before she leaves, he gives her a key to a small space above the garage. She can stay there until she finds a place of her own.

Amber stops by Forrester’s; Hope tells her to get out before she calls security. Amber says she is no threat. She gives Hope advice that if she was smart, she would give Oliver a second chance. He’s totally in love with her and she should hang onto him with dear life. Stephanie says she is not sure Ridge should have told Taylor that. He’s in love with Brooke and she is married to Whip. Taylor likens it to her not needing Ridge, but that he needs her now. It’s inevitable that another scandal will happen and he will come back to her. Aggie tells Oliver that she talked to Hope and she really thinks he has another shot. Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas is so much like him. And she and Ridge are growing older and have withstood so much, so many ups and downs. Nothing is every going to stand in their way ever again. Taylor remarks to Stephanie that Brooke is not going to change. She can not help it. She thinks Stephanie is being very naïve to think their bonding over Stephanie’s cancer scare will completely change Brooke. Stephanie says she is willing to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt this time. Taylor offers that Brooke may be in his arms tonight, but it’s only a matter of time before she hurts him with another scandal.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami met Roman, Caroline, and Will at the pub.  She told them that EJ made it possible for her to never see the kids again.  Rafe hired someone to help Sami.  Lexie and Theo met EJ, Johnny, and Sydney in the garden.  Lexie wanted to know how he got the kids.  Stefano confronted Kate about Sami shooting EJ because of her call to Sami.  He wanted her to go to him instead of calling Sami.  He wanted her to go to him instead of calling Sami.  She wanted to know what he was going to do to her.  Lexie was suspicious as to why Sami would give him the kids.  He was vague about how he got them.  Caroline advised Sami and Rafe to fight for custody.  Kate tried to use Will as an excuse for why she warned Sami about EJ despite her feelings for Stefano.  Rafe wanted the guy to look for the gun Sami used to shoot EJ.  EJ told Lexie that Sami married Rafe.  Lexie didn't believe that Sami didn't have time to raise the kids now.  She thought Will or Sami possibly shooting him had something to do with it.  Roman wanted to find a compromise to get Sami's kids.  Maggie told Maxine that she wasn't feeling herself.  To make matters worse, Vivian went to visit her.  Maggie wanted Vivian to leave her room.  Vivian told her that she had a plan to get revenge.  Roman was going to have EJ arrested, but Sami told him not to do it.  Sami wanted to do things EJ's way for now.  Stefano and Kate got in an argument about EJ threatening to take the kids.  Stefano ended the argument and focused on how she called Sami.  Kate defended her actions by mentioning that she had two children taken from her by her "lunatic" husband.  Roman didn't want to go along with EJ's plan, but Sami thought they should.  Rafe's guy didn't find the gun in the water.  The guy thought the gun was washed away or somebody found it.  EJ told Lexie that Sami shot him.  He thought that Sami brought everything on herself.  Johnny and Theo came back from playing and wondered when Sami was going to pick him up.  Stefano thought Kate had sympathy for Sami.  She said she had it for the kids after what Curtis did with Austin and Billie.  Kate thought she and Stefano could put everything behind them since EJ is fine and has the kids.  He didn't know if he could.  It depended on whether she was keeping something else from him.  Stefano got a call about the paternity test.  He was about to find out if he had another son.

EJ told Johnny that Sami wasn't picking them up.  Johnny didn't seem too happy with that at first.  Lexie had to leave.  Rafe told Sami that the diver didn't find the gun.  EJ called Sami and told her not to waste time looking in the river for the gun because he has it.  Stefano wanted to know how Kate would feel that he has another son.  She said she was okay with it.  He thought she was taking it too well.  He was suddenly suspicious that Kate kept pushing Chad on him.  Kate tried to explain why she was pushing Chad on him, but he didn't seem convinced.  Stefano thought back to when Chad told him he got the birth certificate in the mail.  He figured out that Kate was the one who sent the birth certificate.  Maggie told Vivian that she's going to the police when she gets better.  Vivian told her that Victor kept her in the coffin, but Brady put her in there.  Roman went to see EJ.  Roman warned him that the kids won't stay with him forever.  Lexie showed up at the pub when Sami and Rafe were talking about EJ.  Stefano accused Kate of sending the birth certificate, but Kate came up with a lie.  Unfortunately, Stefano didn't believe it.  Stefano remembered how he had her dress up as Madeline and got the safe deposit box.  He remembered that she looked in it before he could and found the birth certificate.  He wanted to know why she lied.  Roman tried to convince EJ to let the kids stay with Sami.  Lexie told Sami that the kids were okay.  Sami got hysterical about the kids.  When Rafe took Sami away.  Lexie thought things wouldn't work our for EJ.  Will warned Chad that Stefano that Madeline begged her not to tell Stefano the truth about Chad.  Stefano was upset that Kate had chances to tell him, but she didn't.  He blamed her for keeping his son from her.  Maggie didn't believe that Brady did that to her, but Vivian said he did.  If Maggie threatened to tell the truth, she would sell out Victor, Kate, Nicole, and Philip.  Roman threatened to make EJ pay for kidnapping Sami.  EJ said he would bring Sami down too.  Stefano kicked Kate out of the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kristina tells Michael that she and Taylor are not dating yet but that they are becoming more than friends. She says Michael needs someone like that in his life. When she brings up Ali, he tells her that he does not want to talk about her because he has nothing in common with Ali. Kristina asks hi m why he thinks that living through something bad means he can never have anything good again. Michael tells her not to worry about him; he is fine. Michael turns their conversation to homework. Kristina suggests that he apply to Yale.

Everyone at GH has seen Lisa's video. Patrick confronts her about putting it on the Internet. She tells him that she needed to tell her side of the story and that people believe her. Matt tells Patrick that Lisa is trying to get a reaction out of him and that he shouldn’t give her the satisfaction. Patrick tells Robin about the video and asks her not to look at it because it will only make things worse. Robin looks at it anyway. Lisa sees Nikolas on the docks and tells him that she is putting Patrick and Robin behind he and focusing on the good things she still has in her life. Nikolas and Lisa return to GH together and Robin confronts Lisa about the online video. Robin feels betrayed and foolish when Nikolas defends Lisa.

Tracy asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Tracy tells Lulu that she installed a new safe at the casino to give Luke the opportunity to prove that he loves her and not her money. She says Luke has the propensity to take off when he feels strapped for cash. Lulu says she sometimes has urges to take off too. Tracy suggests that Lulu apply that urge to escape to dumping Dante.

Jax is looking for his brother Jerry. Carly informs him that his mother will be arriving in half an hour. He wants to know why Carly invited his mother without telling him. She tells him that his mother is their best chance to find Jerry. Dante tells Sonny that he found out Jerry Jax might be involved in the Brenda situation. He says he wants to talk to Jax but he also doesn’t want Jerry to know he is a suspect. Sonny tells Dante that Jax would never sacrifice Brenda for Jerry, but that Dante should not give Jax the opportunity to take matters into his own hands because it always backfires. Sonny reveals that he and Brenda are giving their relationship a second chance. Dante tells him that he understands that Sonny wants Dante to keep Brenda safe because Brenda and Sonny are together. Jax goes to the police station and asks Dante to let him deal with his brother because he that he can’t allow his Jerry to go after Brenda. Dante says that is a bad idea. When Jax goes home, his mother tells him that she knows Carly invited her because Brenda is in town. She tells Jax that Brenda will be nothing but trouble for him. Jax tells her that Brenda is in trouble and he has to help her. Dante receives an autopsy report from New Jersey and it reveals that the murder weapon was a police weapon. Ronnie wonders why Dante is so interested in Aleksander Janecek. Dante recalls the memory of Brenda shooting Aleksander with Dante's gun.

Jason tells Brenda he doesn’t want her to leave the penthouse for a date with Sonny. He reveals that Jerry Jax might be a threat. Sam finds that her door lock has been tampered with so she calls Jason to come look at it. Jason asks Spinelli to make sure Brenda doesn’t leave the penthouse. When Brenda protests that she will be safe with Sonny, Spinelli tells her that she could not be more wrong. He arranges for Max and Milo to prepare dinner for Sonny and Brenda at the penthouse. Brenda calls Sonny while he is arranging to rent the haunted star so no other customers can come in while he is on a date with her. She tells him she can't leave the Penthouse and threatens to fire Max Milo if they don't let Brenda leave the penthouse. Jason tells Sam that it looks like someone broke into her apartment and that it may have been Jerry. He invites her to move in with him but she declines. Jason leaves the apartment when she insists that she is armed and that she will shoot Jerry if he breaks in again. When Sam goes out, someone follows her as she walks. A man attacks her from behind, but Jason appears and intervenes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Inez declares to Clint that she will go through with seducing Bo and breaking up his marriage to Nora if Clint makes Eddie disappear, she wants to find out what happened. At her son's apartment, they all wonder why Eddie is not there. Meanwhile, Clint invites him over and pulls a gun on him, then shows him a briefcase with money and gives Eddie the gun telling him he can have the money "under certain conditions" although he does not reveal the conditions. Meanwhile, Nora goes to talk to Viki about how her marriage to Bo is on the rocks because of Inez. And Viki reveals that her marriage to Charlie is similarly on the rocks because of Echo. Dorian privately meets with Echo, makes nice to her and encourages her to go after Charlie, while she secretly knows that Echo and Clint both know that Charlie is not her son's father and Clint is. Starr wants to inform Marty that she apologizes for her father having her unknowingly signing a restraining order for Marty not to be able to see Hope and assures her she will get the order lifted. But Marty tells Starr that she blames her for what happened to Cole and reveals she knows that Starr fell out of love with her son and in love with James. And at that point, Star tells James that her father might be correct about Marty. Right then, Marty meets with John and is ready to give him his "gift wrapped present" that will reveal to him that Natalie is pregnant with another man's child. Kelly and Aubrey are both waiting for Joey talking about their "respective" men in their lives. And neither knows that they are both waiting for the same guy. And Kelly has no clue that Joey is with Aubrey and no longer interested in her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the courthouse, Michael introduces Leslie to Lauren and Phyllis as Vance Abram’s associate. Michael, Phyllis, Lauren and Leslie go into court where the judge denies Phyllis’ petition. Kevin tells Chloe that he went to see Daisy to tell her that he wants to adopt the baby. Michael calls Kevin to let him know that the judge denied Phyllis’ petition. In jail, Daisy yells for help. Heather arrives to see Adam. Jack accuses Adam of killing Skye. Adam denies his accusation. Nick asks Sharon why she went to New Orleans and what happened. Sharon tries her best to explain. Daniel orders Kevin to stay away from Daisy and the baby. Sharon lets Nick know that she and Adam made love. Chloe tells Kevin that they are in this together and that they need a lawyer. Hogan shows up at Gloworm to see Jeff but finds that he is gone. Hogan demands his money from Jeff so he makes threats against the club. Kevin gives Hogan a down payment on the money that Jeff owes and promises to fix the books and give Hogan the rest of the money. Hogan makes Kevin an interesting job offer.

Leslie calls Michael to let him know that Daisy was rushed to the hospital. Michael finds out from Leslie that Lauren visited Daisy. Daisy tells Leslie that she started bleeding that morning after Lauren’s visit. Daisy calls Daniel. Adam asks Heather for help, but she refuses. Nick threatens to sue for full custody of Faith in order to keep her away from Adam. Daisy gets test results which indicate complete bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Kevin and Chloe ask Rafe for help. Sharon comes to visit Leslie and gets the information that she needs which will help clear Adam. The judge changes his ruling concerning Daisy. The judge rules that Daisy can go to Phyllis’ just until the baby is born. Sharon visits Adam and tells him that she believes that he is innocent.

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