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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David is in critical but stable condition and Griffin is surprised when he overhears Greenlee tell a comatose David that it would have been better if he had died. Jake later tells Griffin that he wasted his time performing a difficult surgery on David because it would have been better if he had died. Griffin tells Amanda to stop worrying about Jake’s past relationship with Caroline and focus on being happy with Jake. Griffin calls Caroline and she tells him its good to hear from him after such a long time.

Ryan tells Madison she was shot by a stray bullet while he and David struggled for a gun on the roof of his apartment building. Madison explains to Ryan that she heard on the radio David had escaped and she was almost to his building to warn him when she felt a sharp pain in her arm and then she doesn’t remember what happened next. Ryan is touched that even after their break up Madison cared enough about him to want to warn him about David. Jake advises Madison to give herself time to heal from her broken heart.

Jack is suspended from practicing law while the disciplinary board investigates why he punched David in the face. Jack asks Caleb to defend Erica temporarily until his suspension is lifted. Caleb gets Erica released on her own recognizance until the trial. Greenlee tells Kendall that David is in a coma and he isn’t expected to awaken.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aggie won’t let Oliver say anymore in defending Amber. She wants him to tell her to get out. Shacking up with Amber is not the solution with getting back with Hope. Hope needs to know that he is completely committed to her without Amber being around. He tells her this is his life and he has the right to make that decision. Ridge comes over at Taylor’s request. She tells him it’s important and relays the story of her walking in and thinking she saw Thomas kissing Brooke. He realizes she is getting worked up over nothing. She tells him that he knows her so well that she knows he will understand this. He says she is Thomas’s mother so it’s perfectly natural that she would feel this way. He tells her this is just work. She is not going to lost Thomas over all of this. He’s been around the business long enough to know the difference in personal and professional. Taylor finally confesses that she can’t go around always blaming Brooke for being this evil person. He thinks they can learn to trust each other and move on with their lives.

Amber is sure that Oliver is going to throw her out. She grouses that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t do the things she did. She has no other place to go. He says he knows it seems like he is being a jerk, but Hope is his #1 priority. She won’t go. She says Hope doesn’t appreciate him for the special person he is. She pleads that she needs him. She realizes he wants Hope back and she won’t mess that up, just please don’t make her go. Taylor says she still is not comfortable with this Taboo line, but she knows Ridge is in charge of it and she will trust him. He gives her his word that if things had been as Taylor suspected then his marriage to Brooke would be over. His family has seen the last scandal. It won’t happen again. Whip hears the conversation through a partially open bedroom door – them confessing they wouldn’t trade their past for anything. They will always be the most important person in each other’s lives. They can depend on each other. If his marriage was over, he’d take flight and come straight back to her. Aggie stops by Forrester’s to see Hope. She can see that Hope still has good feelings for Oliver so perhaps they are not over. Please do not give up on him. He needs her right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano was back in town.  EJ told him that Johnny and Sydney were living at the mansion.  A prisoner wanted to know why Hope was in solitary.  Hope said she was trying to help someone.  Hope asked the prisoner what happened to Pam.  The prisoner told her that Pam was in surgery at the prison.  Jane met Bo at the pub.  She told him that Hopeís in solitary confinement.  Nathan wanted to tell Daniel about Chloe.  Melanie interrupted them to tell Daniel about Carly.  Carly passed out Kate told Philip that Brady let Vivian out of the coffin.  Carly ended up flat lining.  Jane told Bo that Hope stole a phone from a prison doctor.  Bo thought Hope has been overwhelmed.  Jane said she spoke with the psychiatrist and had to limit.  Hopeís visits.  Hope wanted the prisoner to get a message to the warden about Pam.  EJ told Stefano that he could prove that Sami shot him.  EJ told him that Nicole gave him the proof.  He said Nicole went through Ariannaís things and found it.  He told him that he and Nicole have an arrangement.  Daniel was able to bring Carly back to life.  Bo wanted to know when he could see Hope again.  Jane told him it would be weeks before anyone could see her.  While Bo was yelling at her, Jennifer called him and told him about Carly.  EJ tried to explain why heís letting Nicole see Sydney, but Stefano didnít like it.  Stefano thought EJ was acting like an idiot trusting Nicole.  EJ threw up in Stefanoís face that heís married to a lying, traitorous, b*tch.  Jennifer gave Bo the not Carly left for him.  Jane went to see Hope.  Hope told her that she couldnít allow another patient to die.  Nathan was getting sicker.  Melanie wanted Daniel to give him the drug because she canít lose him.  Kate called Sami and told her that the plan wouldnít work and the two of them are screwed.  EJ told Stefano that Kate told Sami that he was going to take the children the night he was shot.

Stefano was shocked that Kate warned Sami about EJ.  EJ made fun of Stefano, but he didnít take it.  EJ thought there should be consequences for her.  EJ reminded him that Kate betrayed both of them.  Stefano didnít need to be reminded.  Ben told everyone that the drug was working.  Melanie climbed into bed with Nathan.  Philip went to the quarantine unit and saw Melanie in bed with Nathan.  Hope told Jane that the deaths are not accidents.  She wanted Jane to stop the surgery and transfer Pam to Salem University.  Ben told Jennifer and Bo that Carly was getting better, but he angered Jennifer when he joked about being God.  EJ wanted Stefano to deal with Kate any way he wanted.  Stefano wanted EJ to let the mess with Sami go.  EJ wanted Sami to pay.  He wanted her to watch him and Nicole bond with Sydney.  He thought it would drive Sami mad.  Daniel gave Melanie and Nathan the drug and they were better.  Daniel wanted to know what Nathan was going to tell him about Chloe.  Nathan danced around it.  Bo told Jennifer that the warden put Hope in solitary confinement.  Philip was concerned about Melanie having kids.  He told Bo he was ready to be a father.  Hope wondered if she did the right thing telling Jane about the patients.  Jane told Lee that Hope knows too much and wanted to get rid of her.  She also wanted to take care of Bo.  Kate went home to face the music with Stefano.  He wanted her to wait and see what he was going to do.  EJ wanted Nicole to choose between having Brady or Sydney in her life.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

At the PI office, Siobhan and Lucky talk about the Balkan case. Agent Bates criticizes Lucky then asks him to pose as Ronan again. Siobhan argues with Agent Bates; she fears that Lucky could get himself killed. Agent Bates tells Lucky about Siobhan’s past involvement with a drug smuggler. Agent Bates asks Lucky to go to a bank in Manhattan to access a security deposit box. Lucky promises to be careful in Manhattan. Siobhan wants to help Lucky but he fears that she’ll be nabbed by the Balkan. Lucky books a flight to Manhattan. Siobhan and Lucky share a kiss. When Lucky leaves, Siobhan calls the travel agency. Sam is surprised to hear that Jerry might be back in town. Jason asks Sam to move in temporarily. Sam hates the idea; she promises to stay out of harm’s way. After making love, Jason complains to Sam about Spinelli’s fixation with Brenda. Before leaving, Jason checks out the lock on Sam’s apartment door. Carly tells Dante that Jax wouldn’t protect his brother especially where Brenda is concerned. Carly wonders why Dante is so invested in protecting Brenda. Carly advises Dante to talk to Jax about his suspicions regarding Jerry. Brenda, Sonny and Jax have an awkward conversation. Brenda thanks Jax for donating to her charity. Sonny and Jax continue to bicker in front of Brenda. Jax worries that Sonny could ruin the reputation of Brenda’s charity. Carly is surprised to see Jax talking to Brenda and Sonny. Sonny complains to Carly about the restaurant service. Alone, Brenda thanks Sonny for staying calm around Jax. Brenda kisses Sonny at the restaurant. Jason returns home to find Spinelli obsessing over Brenda’s date with Sonny. Jason reveals that Jerry Jacks might know the Balkan. Jason asks Spinelli to check out Jane Jacks’ phone records. Spinelli eavesdrops on Brenda and Sonny. Brenda and Sonny share a passionate kiss. Carly alerts Jax to the fact that Jerry could be targeting Brenda. Jax fears what Jerry might do next. A man is lurking outside Sam’s apartment.

Johnny and Luke have a chat. Maya and Ethan flirt with each other. Ethan tells Johnny how he ended up married to Maya. Tracy reminds Luke to sign the pre-nup before their December 21 wedding. Johnny thinks it is hilarious that Edward offered to pay Ethan and Maya a million dollars if they stay married. Lulu shows up looking for Dante. Johnny asks if Dante and Lulu have any plans to marry. Maya, Johnny, Ethan and Lulu laugh over a game of poker. Tracy and Luke discuss Dante’s intentions toward Lulu. Lulu and Luke talk about Dante. Olivia makes dinner for Dante. Dante updates Olivia about Jerry’s possible connection to the Balkan. Dante confides his frustrations about the case. Dante thanks Olivia for listening.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

A young blonde woman named Aubrey arrives in Llanview. She tells her friend that she is there to meet her gentleman friend's family. She says no one else knows about the man she is seeing except a lady she met on the plane. Kelly arrives in Llanview and sees Joey at Llanfair. Recalling the advice she received from the woman sitting next to her on the airplane, she admits to him that she had gone to London to see him. Kelly tries to tell Joey that she still loves him, but things keep interrupting their conversation, the last of which is Aubrey calling Joey.

Nora goes to the Buchanan mansion and tells Clint that he caused a fight between her and Bo because Clint created doubt in her mind. Inez goes to the police station and tells Bo that she and Clint broke up, but doesnít tell him that it is because Clint wants her to ruin Bo and Nora's marriage. BO asks her if the break up had anything to do with him. She admits that it did, but not in the way that he thinks. When she leaves Bo's office, she calls Clint and tells him that she told Bo that they broke up but she will not go through with Clintís plan because she thinks he is despicable and never wants to see him again. Clint then tells Nora that Inez broke up with him and that he thinks Bo is the reason. Nora grabs her coat and leaves without a word. She goes to the police station and tells Bo about the breakup, but she is not surprised that Inez already told him. He asks her why it matters if Inez has a crush on him. She says she thinks Inez is going to try to sleep with him. He shouts that he is not going to sleep with Inez and that he is not the one that cheats. Dumbfounded, Nora realizes that Bo may have forgiven her, but he will never forget what she did.

Starr goes to Statesville after finding out that Cole had been in a fight. She confides to Blair that she is worried about Cole but he is worried about James Ford too, but that she is afraid to feel too much compassion for him because she is concerned that it will lead to something more. She says she feels that she would be betraying Cole. Blair tells her that it is alright for her to care about people. Todd tells Tea that when he saw James covering for his father after he gave him a black eye, it reminded him of his own behavior with his abusive father when he was younger. Tea says she is going to talk to Nora about bringing charges against Eddie. Todd says the police won't be able to keep Eddie in jail for long and that he knows Eddie will look for fresh blood to prey on when he is out of jail.

Ford tells James that he got the money that Eddie is demanding and that he will not allow Eddie to hurt James again. A police officer comes to the door and tells them that Bo sent him to make sure Eddie didnít come back to bother them after being released from jail about an hour earlier. Ford tells James that when they give Eddie the 50,000, he will go away. James doubts that Eddie will ever leave them alone as long as he is alive. Eddie finds Danielle alone in Nate and Inez's apartment, waiting for Nate to come home. Nate arrives as Eddie is approaching Danielle in a lascivious manner and pulls him off of her and then sends Dani home. Nate demands to know what Eddie wants with Inez. When Eddie makes disrespectful comments about Danielle's body, Nate punches him. Inez arrives home and Eddie warns her to tell her boyfriend, Bo to back off because he has friends in even higher places. He tells her to advise her boys to man up and deal with the fact that he will do whatever he wants and they can do nothing about it. Inez tells Nate to lock himself in the apartment and she leaves, saying that she is going to make sure that Eddie can't hurt them anymore. 

Dani tells her parents that Nate's father arrived at Nateís place while she was waiting and said some crazy things.  Tea asks Dani in confidence if Eddie walked in on anything embarrassing. Dani tells her that she and Nate are not having sex, but that they have talked about it. She says Nate has had sex before and that makes her feel like she is still a kid and Nate isn't. Tea tells Dani that she is still young, but she is intelligent and that she is confident that Dani will ask herself the right questions to make an informed decision. Todd gets his coat and leaves without a word. Todd finds Eddie in the hallway outside Inez's apartment and introduces himself. He says he heard Eddie enjoys beating up on his kids and that he doesnít like it. He tells him that his father was the same way, beat him up from time to time, but now he is dead. He warns Eddie that he'd better stay away from Danielle. Eddie goes to Bobby and James's apartment. Ford gives Eddie the 50K and tells him to take it and leave. Eddie says he isn't ready to leave.

Ford promises James that they will get rid of Eddie. Inez goes to Clint's house and tells him that she will go along with his plan, seduce Bo, and ruin his marriage to Nora on the condition that Clint makes Eddie disappear. Nate calls Dani and tells her he is alright and that he would kill his father before he would ever let him touch her again. Todd confirms to Tea that he told Eddie that he would kill him if he comes near Dani again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Billy and Victoria both have surprises for each other. Phyllis interrupts them by announcing that Adam was arrested for Skye’s murder. Billy is thrilled until he finds out that Phyllis is on her way over. Phyllis becomes upset when she finds out that Summer has a new friend and it is none other than Diane. Jack asks Phyllis about her trip to New Orleans and about Sharon, but all she wants to talk about is Diane. Noah asks Abby about Daniel, but Abby tells him that they aren’t talking anymore. Noah talks to Abby about Adam being arrested for murder. Nick walks in and fills them in on Adam and Sharon. Sharon asks to talk to Adam, but Ronan refuses. Phyllis interrupts Billy and Victoria with her story about Adam. Billy tells her to print the story. Michael gives Sharon some advice on how to deal with Ronan's questioning. Nick thanks Jack for taking care of his girls. Though he insists he did not kill Skye, Adam asks to see a lawyer. Leslie refuses to represent Adam because he doesn’t have any money. Nick refuses to let Sharon spend time with Faith. Nick and Michael find out that Sharon and Adam went to a hotel together. Adam gets a public defender named Chris Carmody to represent him, because he gave all his money to Skye in the divorce. He thinks Skye set the whole thing up, but Sharon doesn't quite believe him.

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