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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Asher spends Thanksgiving with Colby and JR and Colby admits that she misses Adam while JR says that he doesn’t miss Adam at all because it was a peaceful Thanksgiving. JR takes Emma to see Annie who is having Thanksgiving at the Valley Inn. JR manages to persuade Annie to allow him and AJ to stay and they all have pie together. Asher is curious about Adam and questions Colby about him and finally admits that Caleb told him Adam had something to do with Sonia’s death. Colby tells Asher that Caleb could be telling the truth because Adam would do anything to get what he wanted which was power and control.

Erica tells Jesse that she saw Ryan and David fighting on the roof and David was about to push Ryan over the edge so she shot him because she didn’t want Spike and Ian to lose another parent. Jesse wants to get both sides of the story but for that he has to wait for David to get out of surgery. Griffin operates on David while Jake assists in the operation but David’s condition is touch and go. Madison is brought to the hospital by Ryan after he figures out she got hit by a stray bullet that was fired from the gun while he and David struggled for the gun. Jack is jealous when he watches Caleb give Erica a kiss on the cheek before he takes Bianca back home. Caleb runs into Asher on his way out of the police station because Asher got arrested for speeding. Caleb offers to help him legally but Asher refuses his help telling Caleb that he is just fine without his help.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber is relieved that Oliver is not going to throw her out. She knows he will when he gets Hope back, but until then…..being with him has been like a lifesaver. Aggie drops by so he has to stash Amber out of sight. Aggie sees the second beer bottle and then finds Amber on the patio but only after badmouthing her several times to Oliver as her being a distrustful tramp who was after her man. Taylor panics when she thinks she sees Brooke kissing Thomas. It turns out that it is Summer. She confesses to Thomas that she actually freaked out and saw Brooke’s face. He assures her that he is dating and not sitting at home pining away for his stepmother. Stephen has lunch with his daughters, Donna, Katie and Brooke finally joins them. He tells them that he misses their mother a lot, but he thinks she would want him to live his life and have fun. It’s time to move on.

Aggie is livid when she discovers that Amber lives with Oliver. She gives him a stern lecture that Amber is just using him again. He needs to ask her to pack her bags and kick her to the curb. If Hope ever gets wind of this, he will have no shot with her. Taylor tells Thomas to give her a break. She is finally beginning to see how wrong she is about him and Brooke. He reminds her that he is climbing his way up the ladder and Brooke is helping. He wishes she had handled giving her shares to Steffy differently, but it’s worked out for the best. It’s made him fight harder for his spot. She give him a hug and says she hopes she has not become too overbearing. He looks at a photo of Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel tried to stop Carly from injecting the virus in her system.  He punched out the guard who tried to stop him from talking to Carly.  Stephanie told Philip that he's Parker's father.  Rafe tried to talk EJ into letting Sami's kids see each other, but he refused.  He told Rafe that Sami would go to prison if she comes near the kids.  Sami demanded that Nicole give her Sydney.  Nicole told her EJ would be furious if he saw her there.  Daniel got the keys and went into the quarantine room.  He told Carly that the drug was too dangerous for her.  She wanted him to inject the antiviral drug in her to save Melanie and Nathan.  Philip wanted to know what Stephanie was talking about when she said Parker is his son.  Then he knew what she meant.  EJ didn't fall for Rafe's pleas.  He thought Sami uses everybody to get what she wants.  Philip thought Stephanie overheard his conversation with Daniel about taking care of Chloe and Parker if something happened to Daniel.  He kept interrupting Stephanie when she tried to tell him the truth.  When she was about to, Chloe showed up.  Daniel warned Carly that there could be dangerous precautions with her testing the cure, but Carly wasn't hearing it.  Melanie told Carly not to do it.  EJ didn't want Sami to have any contact with the kids whatsoever.  If she sent presents, he would burn them.  Rafe showed EJ a picture of the kids, but EJ ripped it.  Sami recapped to Nicole about things EJ did to her in the past.  Nicole told Sami that she has a connection with Sydney and Sydney loves her and not Sami.  Carly begged Daniel to give her the drug.  He said no.  He was going to stay in the room for a couple of hours and should be infected.  Then he would give himself the drug.  Carly said to inject her because they didn't have a couple of hours.  Melanie begged Carly not to get the drug unless she got worse.  EJ told Rafe that Johnny and Sydney would forget Sami.  Nicole and Sami recapped about Nicole stealing Sydney from Sami after she gave birth.  They got into an argument over Nicole wanting to spend time with Sydney.  Sami refused to leave without seeing her daughter.  

Carly declared her love for Melanie.  Carly begged Daniel to give her the injection and he gave it to her.  Nicole told Sami she would go to prison if she takes Sydney.  Sami said she wanted to hold Sydney.  Nicole let her go to Sydney, but stopped her.  Nicole thought Sami would have wanted more than a hug and screamed out EJ's name.  She apologized to Sami. Ben told Chloe that Daniel got in the quarantine room without protection.  He was worried that three doctors could die.  Justin and Adrienne were back.  Ben went to check on Daniel, Carly, Melanie, and Nathan and told everyone that Melanie and Nathan were still critical and Daniel was fine for now.  He wasn't sure how Carly was.  Justin wanted to call Bo to tell him about Carly.  EJ went onto the garden and saw Sami there.  Nathan was becoming delusion and called out for his mother while Daniel was helping him.  Nathan also let it slip to Daniel that he loves Melanie.  Stephanie told Adrienne that Parker is Philip's baby.  EJ asked Nicole to take Sydney inside the mansion.  Sami tried to talk to Sydney, but EJ barked at Nicole to hurry up.  EJ said he would send Sami and Rafe to prison if they showed up at the mansion again.  He said he would show Johnny and Sydney the footage of her confessing to shooting him if she or Rafe show up again.  Carly wasn't getting better after she took the drug.  Melanie begged Carly to stay strong so the drug could work.  Nathan apologized to Daniel for not telling him the truth.  Stephanie told her that Kayla confirmed it and told her to come clean.  EJ allowed Nicole to put Sydney down for her nap.  Stephanie was afraid she would lose Nathan if she told the truth.  Nathan passed out before he could tell Daniel the truth about Chloe's affair.  Carly appeared to have died after she and Melanie said they loved each other.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason, Dante and Lucky think that Jerry Jacks could be the Balkan. Lucky tells Dante about the time Jerry held the MetroCourt hostage. Jason thinks that Jerry has ulterior motives. A man is hiding in Sam’s apartment. Alexis stops by Sam’s place to talk. Alexis rambles on about her bad taste in men, namely Jerry. Sam gives some good advice to Alexis. When Sam isn’t looking, the intruder slips out of her place. Suzanne is desperate to have Jax break up Sonny and Brenda. Carly shows up at the penthouse just as Sonny and Brenda are leaving for their date. Sonny is suspicious of Carly because she is not acting like herself. Carly and Spinelli talk about Dante and Brenda’s secret. Carly hints that Dante and Brenda slept together in 2007. Spinelli believes Carly’s version that Dante took advantage of Brenda when he guarded her. Brenda and Sonny have dinner at the MetroCourt. Sonny confides to Brenda about his chat with Spinelli. Jax interrupts their meal. Jax ignores Sonny’s request for him to leave. Instead, Jax proposes a toast. Jason and Sam spend some time together. Sam is stunned when Jason reveals that Jerry might be back in Port Charles. Sam doesn’t think that Jerry is the Balkan. Sam’s intruder makes a call to Jerry Jacks.

Robin returns home from the hospital. Patrick and Robin’s conversation is interrupted by Maxie bearing gifts. Lisa sends her video to the confession website. Steven asks why Lisa is working on her computer. Lisa makes up a story that she’s checking e-mail. Steven compliments Lisa on her perseverance. Steven and Elizabeth butt heads over Lisa. Lisa asks for Patrick’s expertise regarding a patient. Patrick and Elizabeth learn about Lisa’s video on watchmyconfession.com. Abby and Michael run into each other at the diner. Abby admits that she misses Michael. Michael regrets what he said to Abby on the docks. Michael tells Abby about Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines. Olivia and Jax talk business. Jax wants Olivia to send a dozen orchids to Brenda. Olivia believes that Jax is making a big mistake. Olivia tries to reason with Jax but he won’t change his mind. Dante runs into Carly while looking for Jax. Dante tells Carly that Jerry might be in cahoots with the Balkan. Carly is shocked by the news.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Joey has returned home and given no indication to anyone he knows that he's seeing anybody, Kelly and all of the others assume that he will want to see her and possibly rekindle their previous romance. Unknown to everyone, however, Joey goes to meet Aubrey at the airport. They make out and get a room. He wants to take her to meet his family at Llanfair, but Aubrey knows that it may not be the right time to do that, right after she's met and spoken to Kelly. Yet she does not reveal to Joey anything about that. Joey admits that he has not told anybody about her, but he's obviously head over heels about her. It appears Kelly will get a rude awakening since she has no clue about Joey and Aubrey. Nora announces to Bo and Inez that Eddie got out of jail and the judge dropped the charges. He gets released and has a very expensive lawyer with him whom Nora knows. She wonders how Eddie is able to afford this lawyer. Robert goes to see if Clint will be "motivated" to give him the $50,000 that he and James need in order to pay off their father and get him out of town and out of their lives. At first Clint says no way, but he realizes that he wants Robert and Inez to think he's doing it for her. So he gives Robert the money. Little does Robert know, however, that Clint is threatening Inez with taking away Robert's job and taking away James' grant if she does not help him by sleeping with Bo so that he breaks up with Nora. James goes to talk to Todd to tell him he has to cut Nate some slack. When he finds out that James' father abused him, Todd reveals that he understands what that is like. Dani and Nate are together. When she is alone, and Eddie is on the loose, he finds her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Michael calls Lauren and finds her at Fenmore’s, working for a change. Michael gives Lauren an update on his and Nick’s progress in New Orleans. Nick calls Phyllis, but she lies to him as to where she really is. Deacon feels that something may be happening between him and Nikki, but she is confused as to what she wants. Deacon promises not to pressure her. Katherine stops by to see Nikki and to her surprise sees Deacon there. Phyllis calls Jack to see how the girls are doing. Michael visits Nick and finds out that Sharon did not return to the room all night. Michael feels that Sharon may have run off with Adam. Adam and Sharon wake up together in their own special paradise. Deacon tries to explain to Katherine that this isn’t what it looks like, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Phyllis tells Jack not to let Nick know that she is back in New Orleans.

Jill is surprised to see Lauren at the store. They argue as usual as to how things should be run. Lauren feels that Jill is trying to take over the boutique. Nikki lets Katherine know what happened in rehab with Deacon. Adam shares his feelings for Sharon with her. Katherine tells Nikki that Adam is missing and being accused of killing Skye. Sharon relives a conversation with Nick and realizes where she should be. Sharon tells Adam that she cannot be with him when Nick catches up to them. Adam tries to explain to Sharon that he did not do anything to Skye, but Nick orders Adam to be taken away. Lauren goes to visit Daisy and blames her for the lights going out at the boutique. The cops arrest Adam. Nick ends it with Sharon and tells her that they are not getting married. Nick runs into Phyllis.

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