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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Tad and Jake steal a turkey from the yacht club because since they had plans to spend Thanksgiving at Kendall’s house Krystal didn’t make a turkey. Tad reflects and tells his friends and family how lucky he is to have them in his life. Tad also tells everyone that Zach’s death has made him appreciate life even more and then everyone toasts and wishes each other a happy Thanksgiving.

Spike’s school has a power outage so the Thanksgiving play is held at Fusion. Kendall’s friends and family gather to make sure that Spike and Ian have a happy Thanksgiving. Kendall cries as Spike tells the crowd that he is thankful for his mommy, his daddy, his brother, his sister, and his Daddy Zach who loved Thanksgiving. Erica is there for Kendall as she takes the boys home after the play and tells Spike that Daddy Zach had an accident and died. Kendall holds Spike tightly as he cries and then goes out to get some fresh air.

Liza spends Thanksgiving alone, as she makes sure David gets on the bus that will take him to prison. Ryan calls the police station to make sure David got on the bus, then he looks up at the sky and promises Zach he will be there for Kendall and make sure that Ian and Spike never forget him. David comes up behind Ryan and tells him he gave a nice speech and tells him he paid the bus driver to let him off the bus. David pulls a gun on Ryan and is ready to kill him. Ryan and David struggle for the gun and almost strangle each other until a shot rings out and David falls to the ground. Ryan turns around and is shocked to see Erica holding a gun.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says that she only wants what is best for the company and what’s best for Thomas. Taylor retorts that what is best is that she not be in the same room with her son. It’s proven that history repeats itself and she has not forgotten Brooke’s past. Neither has Stephanie. She says every miserable thing that has ever happened to her family she can trace back to the first time Brooke walked into their lives. Everyone else has had a chance to make their mark within the family. The kiss was inappropriate and she does not agree with Ridge that this is the way to market the men's line, but it was not catastrophic. She will not have a knock down, drag-out fight because of it. She’s going to have to trust Brooke on this one. Taylor is hurt that Stephanie is taking Brooke’s side. She points out how many times she has taken Brooke’s word and how it has turned out. It’s proven history. Madison comes on to Thomas. Liam and Hope have a quickie picnic. He wants her to tell him if he ever gets too needy. Liam says he saw himself in Oliver last night; how he’d feel if he lost Hope. Brooke brings some shirts for Thomas to check out. He wants to know what happened between his mother and grandmother after he left.

Taylor continues to Stephanie that she wants to be in control and be the calm, cool collected person she needs to be, but she can’t do that now. It has cost her too much in the past. Oliver discusses the night before with Amber. Oliver tells Amber that he doesn’t want her to move out, but she doesn’t have to try so hard to be his friend. What happened last night with the limo was not him. Hope says Liam scares her a little. She is afraid when he really gets to know her that he won’t like her as she is really more ordinary than he thinks. He thinks anybody would fall in love with her and that doesn’t feel like competition. Taylor returns with intentions to make things right with Thomas. She walks into his office and sees only the back of a blond kissing Thomas and shouts NO.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel had the antiviral, but there was no time to test the drug.  Brady told Nicole that Vivian was free, but Maggie was in the hospital.  He wanted to go see Melanie at the hospital.  Nicole told Brady that EJ has his kids for good.  EJ was upset with Kate and she didn't know why.  Allie asked Sami when Johnny and Sydney were coming home.  She didn't answer her.  Will pressed Sami about them coming home.  Sami told Will that EJ got the kids because Nicole gave him the camera.  Brady wanted to know how EJ got the kids.  Nicole told him about Arianna's proof and how she found it.  She told him that she gave it to EJ she felt she didn't have any other choice.  He told her that she wouldn't get what she wanted.  EJ told Kate that he had proof that Sami shot him.  He told her that Sami said she called her and warned her that he was taking the kids out of the country.  He blamed her for shooting him.  He asked her what she thinks Stefano would do if he found out what she did.  Daniel told Carly that the person could die depending on the dosage of the antiviral.  Carly said someone had to test it.  He offered to test it.  Brady warned Nicole that EJ won't give her what she wants.  Kate said she had no idea that Sami was going to shoot him.  She didn't regret telling Sami about his plan because it was the right thing to do.  She called him a monster and sees him the way Sami does.  Sami called EJ to tell him something.  Carly told Daniel that he can't test the drug because he's a new father.  Daniel wanted to do it anyway because Melanie is his daughter and she and Nathan were getting worse by the minute.  Daniel went to see Chloe.  She was curious about the way he was looking at the baby as if he were never going to see him again.  Sami called EJ to talk about the children and she wanted him to let Will and Allie see the children.  He didn't want to talk about it with her and hung up.  Nicole went to see EJ.  She wanted to know if he was going to let her see Sydney.  Chloe didn't want Daniel to test the drug.  She thought he could die if he tested the drug.  He said he had to do it for Melanie.  EJ wanted Nicole to come back after the holidays.  While he was distracted by Johnny, she went to see Sydney.

Kate went to Sami and Rafe's place to confront Sami about selling her out.  Sami didn't care that EJ was after her.  Kate said she had a plan that could help all of them.  She said if she gets her hands on certain documents, EJ could lose the kids.  Rafe thought that might have been dangerous if Stefano found out.  Kate got interrupted by Brady's call so she had to leave.  She wanted Sami to think about her plan.  Carly left notes for Bo, Melanie, and Daniel and grabbed the antiviral drug.  Stephanie spoke to Father Matt about the secret she's keeping.  She felt that Melanie and Nathan's situation was her fault.  He told her to tell someone, but she didn't want to do it.  Carly went in Melanie and Nathan's room.  EJ told Nicole that she loved Sydney and always will.  He allowed her to take her to the garden for an hour.  She wasn't supposed to spend more than an hour or else it would be her last time with her.  When Daniel was ready to test the drug, he found the letter Carly left for him.  He went to find Carly.  Kate was at the hospital to check on Melanie.  She found out through Brady that Vivian was free.  Stephanie told Philip that no one would be happy even if the drug works.  Nathan and Melanie wanted to know why Carly was in their room.  EJ saw Rafe in the living room and wanted to know why he was there.  Kate told Brady that he should be careful of Vivian.  He believed he was first on Vivian's list to get.  Stephanie told Philip that the truth should come out about him and Parker.  Carly gave herself the injection of the drug.  Rafe went to see EJ for the kids.  He wanted EJ to let the kids see each other.  EJ turned him down.  Sami showed up while Nicole was with Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky and Siobhan talk about spending Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. Carly wants to go find a Christmas tree but Jax doesn’t like the idea. Carly is happy that Michael is out of prison so he can spend Christmas with their family. Brenda tells Jason that she’s seeing Sonny. Dante is surprised to learn that Brenda told Sonny about Alexander. Sonny is thankful that Dante protected Brenda three years ago. Dante and Suzanne argue over Brenda. Sonny asks Suzanne to stay out of Brenda’s love life. Spinelli hates the idea of Brenda and Sonny going on a date. Spinelli and Sonny have a heartfelt chat about Brenda. Spinelli worries that Sonny will hurt Brenda but Sonny implies that won’t happen again. Suzanne meets with Jax; she confides her concerns regarding Brenda. Suzanne begs Jax to split up Brenda and Sonny. Before Brenda and Sonny can leave for their date, Carly shows up unannounced.

Steven is stressed out because the hospital is short-staffed. Lisa jokes about working on the ER floor. Robin is outraged to see Lisa. Lisa finds out about a confession website. Lisa thanks Nikolas for defending her. Lisa asks Nikolas to join her when she confronts Robin in her hospital room. Robin warns Lisa to stay away from her family. Patrick offers to drive Robin home. Robin tells Steven that she is looking forward to coming back to work. Lisa checks out the website on her laptop. Sam tells Lucky that she’s glad to see him moving on from Elizabeth. Sam, Lucky, Dante and Jason meet at the PI office to discuss finding the Balkan. Dante thinks it is funny that Spinelli is fixated on Brenda. Jason and Dante spill the beans to Lucky about Alexander and the cover-up. Jason wonders who “Jack” really is. Sam returns home; she doesn’t see the masked man lurking in her apartment.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly is returning form London ready to reunite with Joey. After Joey surprises his mom by returning to her home in Llanview, Viki assumes that her son might have plans with Kelly. Kelly talks to a female passenger on the way back. And we see that Joey is going to meet this young woman instead of Kelly and he appears to have a romantic relationship with him. Bo and the cops take Eddie Ford to the station where she shoots off his mouth, tells BO that he knows that Inez wants him and is manipulating Bo into being her hero. He tells Nora that all they know about Inez is what she is telling them. And Nora admits to Bo that regardless of who Eddie is, he might have a a point that they do not know the whole story about Inez and she has indeed made herself the focus of Bo's attention and inclination to be her protector. Nora admits that she is very untrusting of Inez and believes that BO needs to wake up and she's not in a good mood. After James has been assaulted by his father but refuses to press charges, Robert tells his brother and tells Langston that he won't sit idly by and let his brother be a victim again and he must take drastic action even if James refuses. Meanwhile, Clint reveals to Inez that he wants to continue to "help" her and her sons. But he could take everything he's given away from them if she does not cooperate with him make her effort to break up Bo and Nora. She tells Clint she does not want to break up Bo and Nora and won't cooperate with Clint's threats. But Bo and Nora are having problems without her help as they speak.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Nick still look for Sharon and Adam with no luck. In the cemetery, Sharon comes face to face with Adam. Jack asks Summer if Nick and Phyllis know how good she is with Faith. Diane tries to smooth Kyle’s fears over the fact that Jack is not there with them for Thanksgiving. Kyle surprises Diane by asking if they found Skye. Skye orders another drink from Victor as they head out of Genoa City on his jet. Victor tells Skye his plan for getting her out of the country so that it will look as though Adam murdered Skye. Victor explains to Skye how he and Jack were in unison in bankrupting the hedge fund. Michael asks Phyllis what she is doing there. Nikki bumps into Deacon and wants nothing to do with him. Adam lets Sharon know how he feels about her and that nothing else matters. Skye doesn’t like the idea of doing as Victor says. Michael orders Phyllis to go home, but she insists that she is there for a story on Adam. Sharon and Adam go for a walk. Deacon asks Nikki if she is still with Victor, but she refuses to tell him anything. Nick catches up with Phyllis and reprimands her for not being with the children. Adam and Sharon imagine a very romantic dinner. Nick and Michael get a lead on Adam. Deacon surprises Nikki by appearing on her doorstep. Victor informs Skye that he is going to drop her off in the Brazilian jungle.

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