Friday 11/26/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

No new episode!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ took the kids without giving Sami a chance to say goodbye.  Victor wanted to know why Brady wasn't pressing charges against Vivian.  Caroline told Roman that Sami got married.  Rafe tried to calm Sami down.  He told her that EJ wasn't going to get away with taking the kids.  Carly was worried because there wasn't an antiviral for the virus.  She was afraid that it may spread throughout the hospital.  Daniel told Maxine that he might have an idea on how to get rid of the virus.  Bo told Carly that Melanie is going to make it.  Daniel interrupted their conversation to get her help.  Melanie told Nathan that he should have told her about Chloe's affair.  He apologized for not saying anything.  He didn't think it was his business to say anything.  Victor wanted to know what was going on between Brady and Vivian.  She interrupted to tell Victor that she planned on bringing everyone down if she went down.  Daniel found a viral protein that may help Nathan and Melanie.  Carly was curious if they could find it in time to save Nathan and Melanie.  Melanie asked Nathan how he would feel if she kept a secret about his mother from him.  Nathan didn't know how to talk to her anymore.  Sami couldn't face seeing her family.  Roman was upset that he wasn't at Sami's wedding.  Sami walked in the pub.  Will wanted to know where Johnny and Sydney were.  She told him that they were with EJ.  Victor told Vivian that no one would believe her, but she said Maggie would.  She knew he would go along with the plan because he wouldn't want Brady to go to jail.  Brady told him that she was right.  Melanie told Nathan that she wrote him a letter on her wedding day.  Nathan panicked about he and Melanie dying.  She told him how she heard him say he loved her in his sleep.  He said he did love her and she said it back.  EJ let Nicole put Sydney to bed.  He told her not to get any ideas.  Sami told everyone that she thought it would be nice if the kids spent time with the kids.  

Roman wondered why.  Sami slipped and said she had no choice.  He said he would arrest EJ because of the restraining order.  He wanted to know what was going on.  Roman figured out that Sami shot EJ and EJ can prove it.  Sami walked in as they were talking about it. Daniel explained to Carly how the drug would work for Nathan and Melanie.  Nathan wanted to talk about their love, but she didn't.  Sami wanted Roman to trust her.  Roman agreed to keep quiet about Sami shoot EJ.  He said he was on her side.  Victor didn't want to take Vivian's deal because he didn't want her to go after Maggie.  She said he didn't want to go after Maggie anymore.  Victor went along with the deal.  He bribed Detective Hanson to make the situation with Vivian go away.  Nathan wanted to know if he and Melanie were friends. She said they were.  Nathan got in Melanie's bed to make her feel better.  Sami wondered what she's done to her family.  Nicole told EJ that he wouldn't be able to raise the children by himself.  She thought he would need her to help him.  Carly went to check on Melanie and Nathan.  Gabi asked Will if EJ was able to take the kids because of Arianna's evidence.  Bo was suspicious of what Victor and Brady said about how Maggie ended up in the coffin.  He said he was going to question Maggie and let Brady and Victor leave.  Nicole wanted to know when she could see Sydney again.  He said she could see her tomorrow.  Bo was suspicious of Brady's statement and wanted Detective Hanson to give him the original one.  Hanson said the original one was gone.  Bo was angry and fired him Vivian called Gus and told him she was going to get the people who hurt her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No new episode!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new episode!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Somewhere in New Orleans, Nick asks a hotel clerk if he saw Sharon, but with no luck. Nick and Michael find out that Sharon hasn’t checked into any of the major hotels. Sharon meets Lynda, who is the owner’s daughter of the Cornstalk. Sharon decides to do some sightseeing. Phyllis calls Jack and informs him that she got the go ahead to do an article on Adam. She is on her way to New Orleans, but she needs someone to take care of Summer and Faith. Jack agrees to take care of them. Diane visits Jack and wants to know what happened to him the night before. Nikki tries to make Victor understand about everything that she has been through, but he refuses to listen to her explanation. Jack explains to Diane that he invested in the hedge fund and it went bankrupt and now Skye is missing. While getting her fortune told in the square, Sharon panics when the fortune teller draws the “Death” card. Nick and Michael meet with Officer LeBlanc. Victor lets Nikki know that it is over between them. Nick threatens to kill Adam if he lays a hand on Sharon. The fortune teller tells Sharon that she will receive her answers at the feet of angels. Nick finds out where Sharon is staying. Nikki runs into Deacon. Victor gets on his plane and offers Skye a drink.

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