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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David wants to give Marissa advice on how to get custody of AJ, but she refuses to listen to him because she has limits and she again tells David to stay away from her. Krystal tells Marissa that she has become a strong woman who will fight for her family and she s very proud of her. Marissa tells Krystal that she must have gotten that from her because she didn’t get it from David.

Greenlee tells David that she will always be grateful to him for saving her life but she feels sorry for him because he will be a lonely man in jail for the rest of his life. Greenlee can’t believe that David still thinks he can win her back when he has no idea what the word love actually means. Jackson is worried that David will try and hurt Greenlee so he watches him closely while David is at the police station and he also tells Ryan to keep an eye on Greenlee.

Kendall refuses any help from Greenlee and Ryan because it hurts too much to know that will be with their soul mate while she has lost her soul mate. Griffin visits Kendall wondering why Zach hasn’t returned his calls and Kendall tells him that Zach died and she is surprised that she actually said the words for the first time. Kendall cries a little and wonders how she will tell the boys about Zach’s death. Kendall decides not to tell the boys about Zach until after Spike’s Thanksgiving Pageant because she wants to give them a day of happiness before their world comes Crashing down on them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Thomas and Taylor about her tumor treatments. They won’t know for a while yet but she hopes they will disappear. Brooke shows up and Stephanie says she thinks they all need to sit down and talk about the kiss on the runway. They need to understand the circumstances. Taylor says this is vintage Brooke and she wants it to stop. Thomas states it one more time – he does not have any romantic interest in his father’s wife. It was a stunt, one that worked and the men’s line’s is a hit. Bill and Katie ask Liam about the party last night. He says he doesn’t know as he was only there maybe five minutes but Hope wasn’t there. She was at Oliver’s beach house. Bill is not happy. No son of his is going to sit there and let Hope cheat on him. Liam defends Hope by saying she was not cheating. She thought he had stood her up. Hope talks it over with Ridge. Part of her feels like Liam is becoming more and more his father’s son and work is taking up all his time. Oliver explains to Amber that Hope seemed so into him last night, but then Liam showed up.

Bill says that Hope has Liam wrapped around his little finger. Liam knows it and loves it. But Oliver is shooting Hope’s photos today and will be working exclusively with her so Liam needs to take the day off and go there to even the playing field. Brooke wants to know what this meeting is all about and what it will accomplish. Taylor rants that no matter the age range, when it comes to a male and Brooke, the very fact it was called Taboo should have sent red flags up – don’t go there! There is more to life than just sales figures. Brooke says they are treating Thomas like a little boy not the adult he is. Make this about Thomas and the respect he deserves. This is a really good opportunity for them to repair the relationship. She wants what is best for him and nothing is going to happen between the two of them. Liam finds the photo shoot and drags Hope away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie passed out after Victor told her he loved her.  Lee brought Pam (another prisoner) in the infirmary.  Pam had a cut from kitchen duty.  Hope did the paperwork on her.  Hope warned Pam to get her surgery at University hospital and to not sign the consent form.  Rafe had a surprise for Sami before they got married.  EJ was livid when he found out Sami and Rafe were getting married.  Nicole tried to get him to calm down.  He was going to make sure Sami never sees the kids again.  Victor noticed that Maggie was still breathing.  Brady wanted to call an ambulance and Victor told him to call a squad car.  Rafe's surprise was a Christmas tree.  He had another surprise.  There was someone lurking in the shadows watching them.  Pam wanted to know how she was risking her life by having surgery in prison.  Lee noticed Hope and Pam talking.  Pam told Lee that she wanted her surgery at University hospital.  The warden came in and told Pam that she couldn't have the surgery there because of the LOMA outbreak.  Hope found out that Nathan and Melanie were infected.  The police went to the mausoleum to arrest Vivian.  Nicole tried to tell EJ that Sami's marriage won't last.  She told him that Sami's marriage to Brandon lasted less than 24 hours.  EJ hope that Sami stayed married to Rafe because she deserved him.  Nicole offered to help anyway she can.  He thought there was something she could do.  Jennifer saw Ben and asked him about Nathan.  There was no change in his condition.  They ended up apologizing for how they treated each other.  Jennifer saw Maggie admitted to the hospital and wanted to know what happened.  Brady told the police that Vivian was trying to stab Victor and how she locked Maggie in a coffin.  Vivian told the cop that Brady didn't tell the whole story about what happened.  Sami and Rafe were finally married.  Jane told Hope that Nathan and Melanie were quarantined.  The cop got a call when Vivian was going to tell what Brady did.  Brady didn't care if Vivian told what he did.  He wanted her to leave everybody else out.  She said she was going to bring everybody down.  Ben told Victor and Jennifer that Maggie was fine.  EJ showed up during the ceremony to tell Sami and Rafe that their time to tell the kids about giving them to him was up.

Brady was willing to take the blame for everything if he would leave Victor and Philip out of it.  She wanted to get her revenge, but was willing to put that aside under certain circumstances.  Victor went to Maggie's room to see her.  He said Vivian would be put away for a long time.  Maggie asked if Victor put Vivian in the coffin.  Hope found out Shelia was cremated the way April was.  Sami told EJ that she didn't tell the kids and wanted a couple more hours.  EJ refused to give her more time.  Victor told Maggie that Vivian designed the coffin to make Maggie suffer.  He took the credit for putting her in the coffin.  He said he wasn't going to let her die.  Maggie didn't understand why Victor would let Vivian stay in the coffin.  She was scared of the fact that he could do something like that.  Hope tried to wake Pam up, but she didn't.  Sami didn't want EJ to take the children from her.  EJ didn't like that she tried to take them from him.  She recapped about why she shot him and how Nicole took Sydney from her.  EJ yelled at her for the type of mother she is and wanted to take the kids tonight.  Vivian wanted all the charges against her dropped so she wouldn't have to sell anyone out.  She said that it was Maggie's word against hers.  Brady was going to testify against her, but she discredited him.  He thought she would go after Maggie again, but she said she wouldn't.  She would let everyone go free if he took the deal.  Maggie blamed him for whys he was in the coffin.  He said he wouldn't apologize for protecting her.  He told her that he meant what he said when he said he loved her.  She believed him, but she wanted him to leave and never come back.  Jane busted Hope talking to Jennifer about what was going on in the prison.  Sami refused to let EJ take her kids.  EJ threatened to throw her, Will, and Rafe in prison if he didn't get the kids.  Rafe asked EJ to let the kids stay with him and Sami for a few more hours.  EJ brushed him off and told Johnny that he and Sydney would be staying with him.  Johnny didn't want to go.  He wanted to stay with Sami and Rafe.  EJ told Johnny that Sami and Rafe want him to stay with EJ.  EJ wanted Nicole to grab Sydney.  Brady decided to take Vivian's deal.  Victor left Maggie's room.  Jane wanted to know what Hope was doing.  Hope lied and said she was checking on Nathan, but Jane didn't care.  She revoked all of Hope's privileges and wanted to put her in solitary confinement.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante, Lulu and Michael talk about their Thanksgiving plans. Dante intends on watching football all day long. Lulu is bothered when Dante declines her offer to spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. Edward is thinking about Lila. Luke and Ethan show up at the Quartermaine mansion. Luke flirts with Tracy. Ethan wants some alone time with Maya. Maya catches Ethan trying to steal Edward’s cigars. Tracy hopes that Luke will agree to tango lessons before their wedding. Tracy demands to have a prenup before she weds Luke. Siobhan and Lucky have a intimate chat at Kelly’s. Lucky asks Siobhan to eat in the city but she wants to go to the Quartermaine’s. Lucky and Siobhan arrive at the Q’s home. Edward is enamored with Siobhan. Lulu shows up to the house without Dante. Dante and Michael watch some football. Lulu is surprised when Dante and Michael show up later on. Sam and Robin want to set up Alexis and Mac. Maxie agrees to take care of the matter. Matt and Patrick are working at the hospital. Mac forbids Patrick to see Robin. Kristina and Alexis prepare the table for their holiday dinner. Sam arrives at the Davis home with a plateful of food. Mac brings food for Maxie and Robin. Mac refuses to leave Robin’s side to go to Alexis’ house. Mac thinks that Alexis isn’t romantically interested in him. Alexis is irritated that Kristina invited Mac. Diane, Max and Spinelli arrive for the Davis holiday dinner. Diane gives Alexis some advice regarding her love life. Diane and Max talk about their anniversary. Kristina is saddened that Mac won’t be attending. Spinelli is happy to see Maxie. Matt visits Robin in the hospital. Robin hopes that Matt and Maxie can patch things up. Lulu gives Siobhan a tour of the Q’s house. Lucky overhears Lulu badmouthing Siobhan. Matt tells Patrick that he and Emma should visit Robin. Everyone sits down for dinner at the Davis home. Mac and Matt show up unannounced. Edward is happy to see Michael. Maya and Ethan wonder what happened to Luke and Tracy. Luke presents Tracy with her engagement ring. The Quartermaines order pizza for dinner. Edward and the clan sing a holiday song. Robin, Patrick and Emma share a family moment.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Kelly is in England spending Thanksgiving with Kevin and Zane. Kevin tells her that Joey is coming too. She reveals that she has never gotten over Joey. Nevil says Kevin misunderstood; Joey isn’t going home to London, he is going home to Llanview. Dorian is thrilled that Roxy evicted Echo from the Angel Square Hotel until she discovers that Charlie invited Echo to stay at Llanfair. John is visiting his brother Michael, Marcy, and their son, Gabe in Seattle. Brody tells Natalie she should be happier knowing that John is her baby's father. Natalie recalls reading Brody's name on the DNA report. Viki officially welcomes Rex, Gigi, Shane, and the babies that are on the way into the family. Viki is surprised when Joey arrives.

Destiny asks Dani about retaining Tea to divorce her parents. Tea asks Todd about a restraining order she came across that forbids Marty Saybrooke from seeing Hope. She compares Todd to Eli, saying Eli similarly tricked her into signing parental rights to Dani over to Ross. Matthew is annoyed to find that Inez brought Nate to Clint’s house for Thanksgiving. Clint wonders to Nora if she thinks Inez has a thing for Bo. Clint asks Inez why she won't accept the necklace he gave her. She tells him she isn’t ready to sleep with him. He tells her he doesn’t want her to sleep with him; he wants her to sleep with Bo. Matt instigates a fight with Nate, saying Inez is playing Clint. Nate leaves to spend the day with Dani instead and arrives in time ho hear Todd saying he wants Nate out of Dani's life.

Cristian is spending Thanksgiving at La Boulaie with Blair since Layla is working and Carlotta is visiting Antonio and Jamie. James & Ford's father expect them to take him out for Thanksgiving dinner, but they tell him to go to the diner and they leave to go to La Boulaie without him. Starr is annoyed that Langston told Ford that he could bring James to Thanksgiving Dinner. Langston tells Starr not to feel guilty about having fun because Cole is in jail. Starr says she is going to Marty's. Ford's father shows up at La Boulaie with a six-pack. Starr tells Dorian not to let Eddie stay there. Eddie calls Starr a slut and punches James when he comes to Starr's defense. Ford pins him against the wall. Dorian calls the police and Bo comes to arrest Eddie. Starr comforts James.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

No new episode on Thanksgiving Day!

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