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AMC Recap Written by Eva

David is very much alive and everyone is shocked to find out that he is willing to testify about his plan to frame Ryan to set Greenlee free. David testifies that he took an herbal drug to make him seem dead and then he watched his family mourn his death while the rest of the town celebrated his death. David testifies that he hired Nick Pearson to plant the digitalis in Ryan’s pocket in order to Frame Ryan for his death. David was in hiding when he found out that Greenlee was being accused of his murder and then he hired Nick again to try and finish his original plan but Nick just kept talking and didn’t do anything to help Greenlee so he had to come out of hiding to save Greenlee.

When David is finished testifying everyone in the courtroom has a few choice words for David and they all tell him how despicable he is and that he deserves to go to jail. The most heart wrenching words come from Marissa and Kendall, Marisa slaps David and tells him she is done with him and that he will stay dead to her for putting her through so much pain. Bianca tells Kendall that Zach is alive. Kendall arrives in the courtroom and through tears hopes that he will live with the guilt of causing Zach’s death for the rest of his life until it eats him up inside. The judge vacates Greenlee’s sentence and she is set free while David is arrested on various charges. Greenlee knows that an apology won’t take away Kendall’s pain but she follows her home and tries to talk to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam runs toward the beach house and tells Hope to wait for him; he’s almost there. Oliver tells Hope that he’s said it every way he can. Now he wants to show her. He wants to make love to her. Liam bursts in and apologizes for being late and tells Oliver that he has no right to try and move in on Hope. Oliver points out this is his house; Liam is the one who needs to leave. Liam won’t; he just needs five minutes with Hope to explain. He lost his cell phone so he couldn’t call. Jackie walks in on Nick telling Aggie that the press is bearing down on him and he has no collection to show. Jackie tells him that she knows her husband is persona non grata since Nicky exiled him from the company but she will not accept it one second longer. He tells her their collection was stolen right from the Forrester Hope for the Future. Jackie states that the Jackie M is in a crisis and they can not sit by and let that happen. They must rally their rag-time gang, one for all and all for one. She wants back in. Owen tells Nick that he is not going to run away with Bridget. He has a happy family and he and Jackie are forever. Reluctantly, Nick accepts and shakes hands with Owen.

Liam rails at Hope that she is playing right into Oliver’s hands as he puts the moves on her and she is letting him. She won’t apologize as she said Liam did not call so what was she supposed to think – his work was more important than her. She was so embarrassed since all the press was there. It was supposed to be a very special night for them. He says they both had some surprises tonight. He is so sorry that he disappointed her. It could not be helped. He is here now and he would do anything to fix things. She admits she was confused and this can not happen again. Oliver sees them kissing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor saw Vivian in the mausoleum.  She warned him that it was bad news for him.  Doug and Julie went to see Hope.  Hope wanted to know if Bo had a message for her.  Julie was upset about that.  Doug was concerned about Hope.  Nicole wanted to know if EJ is going to let her see Sydney.  He wondered why he would let her see Sydney when he wouldn't let Sami see her.  She said it was because she didn't shoot him in the head and that she thought Sydney belonged with him.  Rafe and Sami got married.  During the ceremony, Sami cried out of the blue.  Doug and Julie thought Hope seemed nervous.  They thought Bo wasn't going to see her.  Hope told them that Bo's visits were restricted since he was going to see her so much.  EJ theorized that Nicole only went to him with her deal because Rafe and Sami didn't give her what she wanted.  Nicole thought she would be a better role model for Sydney than Sami or Kate.  Sami cried because she was happy about everything that Rafe did for her.  Vivian told victor that he could have had everything with her, but he pushed her aside for Maggie.  When EJ went home, Nicole followed him home.  She tried to get him to let her see Sydney.  They recapped about her pregnancy and when she faked her pregnancy.  Nicole was trying to set him straight about himself in order to get him to let her see Sydney.  He didn't take the bait.  

Hope told Doug and Julie that Bo made arrangement, for her to see Ciara for Thanksgiving.  Doug and Julie wanted to spend it with her too.  Jane wondered where Hope was.  Lee said Hope got visitors.  Jane wanted to limit Hope's visits with Bo.  Jane was upset that she agreed to let Hope work in the infirmary. Lee wondered if she could get Hope out of there.  Jane said that if Hope acts up, she could get her out. Vivian tried to stab Victor, but Brady showed up to stop her.  EJ was sick of what Nicole was saying and threw her out.  It occurred to Nicole that he wasn't afraid of her being around Sydney.  He's afraid to be around her.  Victor got the coffin open and saw Maggie.  Maggie was unconscious.  Victor was able to find a pulse.  He told her he loved her.  That's when her eyes opened.  Hope pumped Lee about her family and where they live.  Lee caught on to Hope and wanted to know why she was interested.  EJ denied that Nicole was the reason why he didn't want her around Sydney.  Nicole didn't believe him.  Hope apologized to Lee for asking about her family.  Lee told her it was okay, but warned her to be careful.  Victor assured Maggie that she would be fine.  She thought she heard him say he loved her.  He said he did and then she passed out.  EJ got a call about Sami and Rafe getting married.  He was beyond furious.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Johnny witnesses Lisa flirting with Nikolas. Robin hopes that Brenda and Sonny get back together. Maxie denies framing Lisa. Maxie warns Patrick about Lisa’s ulterior motives. Lisa and Johnny share a drink at the MetroCourt bar. Lisa swears that she wasn’t trying to kill Robin. Lisa claims she was only trying to sabotage Robin’s testimony before the hospital board. Johnny demands to know if Lisa started the house fire. Johnny worries how all this will affect Maxie. Johnny says that he and Lisa are even now but he’s prepared to keep the syringe for a future favor from Lisa. Robin and Jason talk about Stone. Jason believes that Sonny and Brenda are better apart. Robin thanks Jason for being a good friend after Stone’s death. Patrick confides in Nik about his suspicions regarding Maxie. However, Patrick wonders why Lisa was in Robin’s hospital room. Patrick asks Nikolas if Lisa’s probation will be reversed. Jason tells Robin about escorting Brenda on the red carpet. Patrick questions Robin about seeing Lisa with a syringe. Robin recounts what she saw. Robin is outraged that Patrick would accuse Maxie of lying. Maxie criticizes Matt for not believing in her. Patrick confronts Maxie. Nikolas tells them that Steven is standing by Lisa’s probation. Nikolas is surprised to run into Lisa at the hospital.

Michael contemplates moving out of the loft. Dante and Lulu argue that Michael should stay. Michael decides to crash at Carly’s house for the night. Dante makes dinner for Lulu. Lulu vents about her family drama. Lulu jokes that Edward could buy off Dante. Brenda and Sonny share a kiss. Sonny wants another chance with Brenda but senses she is harboring a secret. Brenda comes clean to Sonny about Alexander and his connection to the Balkan. Sonny admits that Dante told him he guarded Brenda in 2007. Brenda says that she killed Alexander and that Dante has been keeping her secret. Sonny is relieved that Dante protected Brenda. Brenda wishes she could move on from shooting Alexander. Sonny suggests that he and Brenda go on a date. They share a kiss in the rain. Alexis and Diane meet at the MetroCourt restaurant. Alexis doesn’t want to get involved in Sonny’s legal affairs. Claire announces her interest in working at the women’s law firm. Diane hates the idea. Diane and Alexis butt heads about the issue. Claire claims she isn’t staying in Port Charles because of Sonny. Alexis wishes that Claire would move on. Spinelli and Molly decorate the penthouse for Jason and Sam’s romantic evening. Jason swears he didn’t send Sam a text to meet him there. Spinelli and Molly set up a dinner for Jason and Sam. In private, Jason professes his love for Sam.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint's contact, Vimal, returns to Clint and confirms that he did what he asked and altered the DNA to appear as though Charlie and not Clint is Rex Balsam's father. He also successfully "fixed" the paternity test of "Clint's daughter" (although he does not say which daughter). He informs Clint that he found out "the other guy" (although he does not say which "other guy") is the father of Clint's daughter's baby. But he "fixed" it so that Brody Lovett appears to be the father. Brody and Jessica are happily rejoicing the news that he's her baby's father. Natalie is similarly not ok with the results naming Brody and not John as her baby's father. We still don't know which is an accurate DNA test and which was altered by Vimal. Natalie confides in Gigi but does not want anyone else to know about the test results that name Brody as her baby's father. She is afraid it will ruin Brody's, Jessica's and John's lives. She's also afraid that John will leave her. Marty is alone and ready to surprise John and Natalie with a "special Christmas gift". She wraps a package for them and plans to bring it to them as their "first baby gift". When John opens it, he will see the papers that reveal that Natalie is a liar and a coward, and he throws her and the baby out of her home. Marty goes to John's home with her "gift-wrapped present" and is ready to knock on John's door, when she gets a call from the prison that informs her that Cole has been assaulted. And at that point, she puts aside her "plans" and rushes to be there for her son. Meanwhile, Dorian warns Viki that Echo wants to take Charlie from her. Roxy finds out that Echo is Rex's bio mom and has lied to Rex and scammed her into believing they were friends only so she could get information about Rex. She throws Echo out of her hotel. Dorian warns Viki that Echo will want to cry on Charlie's shoulder about the problems involving "their son". Viki tells Dorian she is not going to worry. When Echo has no place to go and no money, she rushes to Charlie. Matthew suspects that his uncle is up to something secretive and suspicious involving the paternity test of Rex Balsam. He overhears Clint, Bo, and Nora discussing it and remembers Vimal taking Clint's key card to the Llanview Hospital genetics lab. Matthew is ready to put two and two together about his uncle's scam involving Rex's DNA test.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis ruins yet another Thanksgiving dinner by not defrosting the turkey. She suggests Chinese food to Daniel when she gets a visit from Nick and the girls, who invite her to join them for dinner at Gloworm. Phyllis accepts and also invites Daniel. Victor questions Ronan about Adam's whereabouts. Ronan asks Victor and Jack about the blood that was found in Adam’s room. They all wonder whose blood it is. Lauren, Michael, and Fen’s trip to the lodge is a complete bust. Gloria is sad that it is Thanksgiving and no one is coming to the restaurant to eat dinner. Kevin, Chloe and Delia arrive for dinner. Billy and Victoria fix dinner with all the trimmings, but are sad about Reed and Delia. Ronan finds out from Jack that he and Victor invested in Adam’s hedge fund. Ronan reveals to Jack and Victor that the blood in Adam’s room is indeed Skye’s. Nick, to his surprise, finds out that Phyllis is going to take in Daisy just until the baby is born. Phyllis finds out that Adam and Skye are missing. Nick finds out from Jack and Victor that Victor withdrew all his funds and caused the collapse of the hedge fund. Daniel refuses to let Kevin adopt Daisy’s baby. Reed surprises Victoria with a call on Thanksgiving. Sharon arrives in New Orleans and checks into a hotel. Chloe surprises Billy by bringing Delia by to spend some time with him and Victoria. Victor insists that Sharon be found fast before Adam can find her. Kevin visits Daisy and lets her know that he wants to adopt her baby. Nick finds out from Lauren that Sharon is stealing again. Nikki comes home to Victor, but he walks out on her without as much as an explanation. Nick decides to go after Sharon. Sharon finds out that the hotel where she is staying is haunted.

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