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AMC Recap Written by Eva

It’s a shocking day in Pine Valley as Zach’s family and friends are all devastated by his death. Kendall is in denial when Ryan and Erica tell her the news until Bianca arrives to console her. Kendall begins to sob hysterically and once she has calmed down she goes up to her room to look at pictures of Zach. Kendall calls Zach’s cell phone over and over just to here him say leave a message.

Jack is worried about the verdict in Greenlee’s trial but all she is worried about is how she will handle the news of Zach’s death. The jury finds Greenlee guilty of murder in the first degree, and the judge denies Jack’s request for the jury to be polled about how they voted. The judge takes a brief recess and then returns and sentences Greenlee to life in prison. Jack and Ryan both promise Greenlee that they will not give up until they find the evidence to clear her name. Greenlee is handcuffed, but before she walks out of the courtroom, David arrives and everyone is shocked.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calls Liam again as she is worried that he’s not arrived at her party yet. Liam is agitated as the driver admits to being lost and he is way late for the party. He really blows a gasket when Amber admits they have run out of gas. He decides to get out and take his chances on walking. Oliver sees Hope alone again and approaches her. When she doesn’t hear from Liam, Hope asks Oliver if he’d like to dance. Bill, Donna and Katie are surprised to hear from Hope that Liam hasn’t shown up.

Amber calls Oliver and tells him that she delayed Liam as long as she could, but he’s running down the canyon as they speak. He’s got to get Hope out of there now. Oliver volunteers to take Hope home if that is how she feels. They stop at his place first. She laments that she can now believe that Liam said he got a limo and then just blew her off and did not even call that he wasn’t going to show up for the party. Oliver gets closer to Hope and exclaims that everything happens for a reason. He tells her this party tonight was for her, from those who love and care for her and that certainly isn’t Liam since he is not here. Oliver states that he was her first love and he wants to be her first lover. He kisses her and says he wants her to spend the night. He wants to make love to her tonight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor was suspicious about what Vivian did to Maggie.  He wondered if Vivian could have buried Maggie.  Maggie called out to Victor from the coffin.  Chad put his knife back in his pocket when Stefano and Kate were in the living room.  Nicole wanted to know if EJ is going to let her see Sydney.  EJ wanted to know why she went to Sami with the same deal.  Sami was happy at the idea of Rafe having a plan for why he wanted to get married tonight.  Victor spoke to Vivian and decided to "let her out".  Vivian panicked.  Rafe said that saving Sami wasn't the only reason he wanted to get married.  Stefano wanted to know what Chad wanted.  Kate offered to leave them alone so she could check on Melanie.  Chad said he wanted the job that Stefano offered him.  Stefano agreed to give it to him.  Chad pulled out his knife so he could settle things with him.  Nicole said she went to Sami because she had temporary custody of Sydney.  She claimed she would have made sure he would have been able to see Sydney.  He didn't believe her.  When that excuse didn't work for her, she told him how Rafe tried to get his hands on the proof. He thought she would have given Sami the tape so she and Rafe could live happily ever after.  He wanted Nicole to give him a reason not to throw her in the water.  Rafe wanted to marry Sami tonight so the kids would be there for the wedding.  He also told her that EJ wasn't their only problem.  Victor was suspicious of Vivian being silent when he offered to let her go.  She tried to talk him out of letting her out.  He stopped talking to her so he could go to the mausoleum.  Vivian got the word to Gus that Victor was on to them.  Nicole tried to talk to EJ about why she went to Sami first, but he could care less about what she was saying.  He thought she was trying to replace EJ and Sami in Sydney's life.  Rafe told Sami about talking to Bo.  She thought Bo was arresting her.  She wasn't going to give her kids to EJ if she were going to jail.  

Maggie saw Victor in the mausoleum through the monitor, but wasn't sure if he was real.  Victor was determined to get Maggie out.  Chad wasn't trying to kill Stefano.  He wanted to get blood from him to prove that he is his father.  Rafe stopped Sami from calling the police by telling her that Bo wasn't arresting her.  She thought they were able to put a case against her since she confessed.  Rafe said he wouldn't be able to testify against her because they would be married.  She said she was tired of running scared and having Rafe and Will lie for her.  He reassured her that everything will work out for them. Rafe wanted to get married so they could be a family.  She was hopeful that Johnny would remember the wedding and having the best stepfather in the world.  Rafe wanted to give her the best wedding in the world.  Stefano wanted Chad to tell him what he was talking about when he said Stefano was his father.  Chad told him that he is his father.  He got a birth certificate with Stefano's name on it.  Stefano didn't believe him and threw him out.  Chad refused to go.  He showed Stefano the birth certificate.  Chad asked if Stefano had an affair with his mother.  Stefano said he did.  Chad wanted to know if Stefano is his father.  Nicole told EJ that Sydney belonged with him.  Gus used a Taser to stop Victor from opening the coffin.  Kate suggested that Chad and Stefano get tested in order to find the truth.  Sami told the kids that she and Rafe are getting married.  The kids were happy.  Will was suspicious of Sami's behavior.  Stefano bribed a nurse to get a paternity test done.  EJ wanted to know what Sami did to make Nicole think Sydney would be better off with him.  She said she remembered what it was like when they were with Sydney and how much he loved Sydney.  She begged him to let her see Sydney. When Victor woke up, he saw Vivian in the mausoleum.  Rafe got everything ready for the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Luke is suspicious of Carly’s motives regarding Dante and Lulu. Luke asks Carly to drop her vendetta. Carly makes it clear that Dante will pay for what he did to Michael. Lulu talks to Michael about her relationship with Dante. Lulu meets with Luke. Lulu figures that her father wants to talk about Lucky but he really wants to discuss Dante. Dante returns home to find Michael packing. Michael says that Lulu wants to share a romantic evening with Dante. Michael confronts Dante about being emotionally involved with Brenda. Dante swears that he’s in love with Lulu not Brenda. Lulu walks in on Dante and Michael talking.

Jason asks Dante if he slept with Brenda in 2007. Dante evades Jason’s questioning. They both fear what Carly will do if she finds out about Alexander. Dante wants Jason to talk to Carly and convince her to back off. Spinelli returns to the penthouse with flowers. Jason assumes they are for Brenda but Spinelli says he bought them for Robin. Jason requests that Spinelli spend less time taking care of Brenda and get back to finding the Balkan. Brenda and Sonny run into each other at his former bachelor pad. They reminisce about old times. Sonny wonders why Brenda isn’t happy. Brenda admits that she’s been waiting for Sonny after all these years. Sonny kisses Brenda.

Maxie confronts Lisa in front of the hospital staff. Ronnie interrogates Lisa; she claims her innocence. Elizabeth and Robin have a heartfelt chat. Patrick wonders what Lisa was doing in Robin’s hospital room. Nikolas intercedes on Lisa’s behalf. Patrick asks Lisa to stay away from Robin. Steven makes the decision to put Lisa on probation then cancels the meeting with the hospital board. Lisa is outraged; Steven threatens to fire her if she provokes Robin again. Maxie and Matt argue over what she witnessed. Maxie is adamant that she saw Lisa with a syringe. Patrick updates Robin regarding Lisa’s probation and the meeting postponement. Elizabeth invites Nikolas and Spencer to Thanksgiving. Maxie gets defensive when Matt accuses her of framing Lisa. Nikolas tells Steven to stay neutral regarding the Robin-Lisa drama. Jason visits Robin at the hospital. Robin hopes that Brenda and Sonny can work things out. Lisa runs into Nikolas on the docks. Lisa wants Nik’s help in clearing her own name. Johnny doesn’t know what to do with Lisa’s syringe.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint's "contact" returns to Clint's office appearing as though he's afraid of something and that he ran into a "problem" in his attempt to alter Rex's DNA test and the other test Clint asked him to alter of Clint's daughter. But Clint is not there and the guy only runs into Matthew who questions him and he cannot answer Matthew's questions. He tells Matthew that he has private business with Clint. But Matthew can see that he has Clint's key card to enter Llanview Hospital and wonders what is up with that. When Clint returns, the guy confirms that he successfully altered the DNA to prove that Charlie Banks is Rex Balsam's father. He also noticed that when he went in to see the results of "Clint's daughters" test, he did in fact notice that "the other guy" was the father. But he "fixed" it so that it would appear that Brody Lovett is the father. Yet we do not hear him reveal which of Clint's daughters was pregnant by somebody other than Brody. Nor does he reveal which "other guy" it was. Back at the house, Jessica and Brody are joyously relieved to see the results revealing that he, instead of Robert Ford is the father of her baby. But Natalie secretly sees the results of her test that say that Brody is the father of her baby. And we do not know which "revelation" of Brody's paternity is accurate and which was falsified. Rex finds out that Echo and Charlie are his two biological parents and it's a bit overwhelming for him. Viki still kind of suspects Clint. Jessica calls Robert Ford to reveal that he is "off the hook" assuming he will be happy and relieved to find out that he is not the father of her baby. But while with Langston, Robert reveals that this paternity question made him consider some day becoming a father. He also tells her if she wants to go for a long time without having sex, he can do that although he's not used to it. Meanwhile, Todd delivers a court order to Marty that he got Starr to (probably unknowingly) sign to prevent Marty from having rights to baby Hope. He tells her that due to her negligence in letting Hannah O'Connor go free, Starr and Hope could have been killed by Hannah. At that point, she is furious and irrational and not thinking about consequences of her actions. And she's ready to tell John that Natalie is pregnant with Brody's baby, after she's found that out for herself.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily prepares for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Blake has a cup of coffee and some small talk with a waitress. Kay urges Murphy to take it easy as they prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Esther interrupts and asks if Ronan will be joining them. Chloe and Kevin join the Chancellors for dinner as does Jill. Abby comes to visit Victor to make amends because it is Thanksgiving. Jack is on the phone when Ashley and Tucker arrive. Ashley finds out that Jack teamed up with Victor to bring down Adam, but Victor pulled out his funds at the last minute and all the other investors lost everything.

The Winters family gathers at Cane and Lily’s for Thanksgiving. Blake also arrives bearing gifts. Chloe and Heather have a confrontation over her being friends with Ronan. Ronan arrives for dinner. Victor lets Abby know that his offer still stands, and she can be independently wealthy. Chloe asks Heather if she and Ronan are an item. Heather denies the accusation. The Chancellor family finds out that Heather will be working for Michael. Jack visits Skye and finds some very incriminating evidence. The police are called. Kevin questions Chloe about her feelings for Ronan. Katherine notices that Kevin is falling for Chloe. Abby finds out that Victor stabbed Jack in the back by pulling his money out of the hedge fund and thus bankrupting him. Abby confronts Victor and promises to see him in court. Ronan finds blood in Adam’s room.

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