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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Amanda takes Griffin out to lunch and while talking with him, figures out that Jake’s ex wife Caroline left Jake for him. Tad asks Jake to open up to him about his break up with Cara, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He just wants to concentrate on the life he has now with Amanda and baby Trevor. Amanda thinks that Cara caused Jake so much pain that he can’t stand to talk about their relationship. Amanda encourages Jake to talk to her, so she can help him move past the pain.

Griffin meets Kendall when she gets dizzy while doing her community service at the hospital. Kendall admits to Bianca that she and the boys haven’t been sleeping since Zach has been away. Kendall advises Bianca to work on her relationship with Reese but Bianca insists that her marriage is fine. Ryan tells Greenlee that the video with the evidence to clear her name was ruined when he dove into the water to rescue Zach. Greenlee insists on turning herself in to the Coast Guard, because she needs to get back to Pine Valley to help Kendall deal with Zach’s death.

Erica is hurt that she couldn’t be there for Jack when he was dealing with his frustration over Greenlee’s case, and she isn’t happy that Krystal was there for Jack. Erica tells Jack that nothing is more important to her than he is, but he tells her that he doesn’t ever want her to put her life on hold to hold his hand. Erica wants to marry Jack before Thanksgiving so they can have one more reason for which to be grateful. Greenlee and Ryan arrive home and tell Erica that Zach died when the plane that he was in exploded in mid-air on the way to pick them up from the island. Kendall dreams of Zach as she waits for him to come home. He tells her that he will always be with her every time she hears the boys laugh or feels the wind against her cheek. Ryan and Erica arrive at Kendall’s door to tell her about Zach’s death.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam calls Hope and says that he will be at her party at The Bikini tonight. He promises that he won’t be late as she wants him by her side the entire night. Amber reminds Oliver that tonight is the night to make his move on Hope. Put on his dancing shoes and follow her lead. He can thank her tomorrow. She has heard him say so many times that he is not going to give up on Hope, so now prove it. He was Hope’s first love so now he needs to be her first lover. Thomas takes the spotlight away from Hope with the reporters swamping him for more details on the Taboo line. Rick vows that Thomas won’t overshadow this night for Hope. Oliver calls Hope and warns her that he’s coming to her party too. She is fine with that since he worked hard on the campaign. Amber is snooping around the beach house and overhears Liam call Hope and tells her not to make plans for after the party as his dad just rented him a limo.

Rick intervenes when Hope is besieged by the reporters wanting to know how she feels about Thomas and her mother in their liplock. Hope sees Oliver in the corner and goes to greet him. She tells him she is waiting for Liam but he hasn’t shown yet. Liam is picked up by his driver. She says she will get him there quicker by taking a shortcut. Donna is back from a long trip and thinks it is great that Bill has a son. He’s proud too and thinks he has a lot of potential. Amber is disguised as the driver and assures Liam she will get him to The Bikini soon. Hope calls and leaves a message. She’s worried because it is getting late and he’s not there. Oliver talks to Madison who warns him that Liam and Hope are adults who have been seeing each other for a while. Oliver talks to Hope and tries to convince her not to worry about Liam but to have some food and drink and enjoy the night.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted to know what EJ wanted from her.  EJ was willing to forget everything she did in exchange for the kids.  Brady saw Isabella again.  Vivian and Gus celebrated her being out of the mausoleum.  He told her that Victor knows he escaped from the guards.  Vivian wanted to make sure Victor didn't find out that she got out so she spoke to Maggie.  Nicole overheard Rafe leaving a message for Sami and egged him on about Sami being in prison.  Sami misunderstood what EJ wanted in the deal.  She thought he wanted to spend equal time with them, but he wanted her out of their lives for good.  Rafe ripped into Nicole, but she held her own.  they got into an argument about him breaking the deal with her in order for her to see Sydney.  EJ didn't want Sami to ever see the children or do anything for or with them again.  He wants her dead to them.  Victor went to see Chloe and the baby.  He congratulated her on the baby and then insulted her.  Maggie wanted water, but Vivian couldn't give it to her since Victor has a guard outside the mausoleum.  Isabella tried to talk Brady out of punishing Vivian.  Sami turned down EJ's offer.  EJ said he would go to the police.  She said she would go to a judge he didn't buy and play the disk of him kidnapping Sydney and would force Kate to testify that he was going to kidnap the children.  EJ was shocked when she said that.  She said that she would make sure he would never see his children.  Philip went to see Chloe and told him that Melanie and Nathan had Loma virus.  victor wanted to get in touch with Maggie.  Rafe was upset with Nicole for messing things up for Sami.  Nicole didn't care that Sami could lose her kids.  She blamed him and Sami for losing everything.  EJ told Sami that his confession tape was done illegally while hers wasn't.  He was upset with her when she called him out for what he did.  He thought he was generous to her considering what she did to him.  Kate showed up at the mansion to check on Vivian.  Brady told her that she couldn't because he was letting her out.  Rafe rubbed Nicole's nose in the fact that Sami has kids and she doesn't.  Sami said she would never let EJ see her children.  EJ asked if she would mind losing Will and Rafe.  He told her that she admitted that they helped her cover up what she did so they would go to prison with her.

Kate was shocked that Brady wanted to let Vivian out.  He didn't feel right anymore.  She told him that Vivian would come after all of the people involved as well as their families.  Victor spoke to Vivian on the earpiece.  He wanted to know why she didn't answer right away.  Rafe wanted to know if EJ gave Nicole what she wanted, but was shocked that she gave him the proof without a guarantee.  Sami wanted to know if he could put Will in prison.  He was willing to do that since he helped her cover up.  She thought no one would believe that she would give him custody.  He told her to come up with something or else she, Will, and Rafe will go to prison.  She told him he would go to prison too.  He warned her that even if he did go to prison, her children would be the ones who were hurt.  Victor was suspicious of Vivian's attitude change.  She was acting as if she had the upperhand.  Sami tried to appeal to EJ.  She begged him not to make her kids suffer because they need her.  Chad went to Stefano's house to see him.  Kate told him he wasn't there and wanted to know why he was there.  He told her she knew why he was there.  EJ considered letting Sami stay in her children's lives until he saw a picture of Sami and Rafe together.  He gave her 24 hours to tell everyone about the kids.  He warned her not to run because he's having her watched.  Chad pulled out a knife when Kate went upstairs.  Victor was starting to suspect that Maggie was in the coffin.  EJ ran into Nicole at the pier.  She wanted to know what happened.  He told her Sami agreed to full custody.  She wanted to know what was in it for her.  She wanted to know if she could be a part of Sydney's life.  Sami told Rafe that she had to give EJ the kids and she's never be able to see them again.  Rafe said it's not over.  She wanted to know what they could do.  He suggested they get married.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas tells Lisa that the board will hear her complaint and then Robins. She puts a syringe into her pocket when the leaves the triage. Johnny comes up behind her while she is filling it with a mind altering drug, but he doesn't see it. As Lisa is injecting the drug into Robin's IV. Maxie comes in, screams, and throws her purse at Lisa, waking Robin. Robin yanks the IV out of her arm. Lisa runs out of Robin's room. Maxie chases Lisa. Lisa manages to pass the syringe off to Johnny. Robin tells Patrick and Elizabeth what happened.

Brenda talks to Robin about Sonny. Sonny talks to Olivia about Brenda. Jason tells Carly to drop whatever she is up to. Carly says she can prove that Dante and Brenda had an affair in 2007. Jason asks her to elaborate and all she really knows is that Dante worked the overnight shift guarding Brenda. Jason tells her that doesn't prove that they were sleeping together. Jason tells Dante that Carly is digging into his past and that she claims she can prove the Dante and Brenda had an affair. Suzanne goes to Dante's apartment and asks her what his real connection to Brenda is. Michael overhears Suzanne telling Dante that Brenda called out for him when she was deathly ill in Africa. When Dante doesn't tell Suzanne anything, she goes to ask Brenda. Brenda tells her that Dante makes her think of Sonny. Brenda convinces Max to let her go into the burned out warehouse by herself and when she goes inside she finds Sonny is in there too.

Luke tells Lucky that Tracy has agreed to marry him and asks him to be his best man. Lucky is surprised that Luke agreed to marry Tracy on Laura's birthday. Carly asks Olivia to cut off Luke's spending at Metro Court. Luke overhears Carly encouraging Lulu to marry Dante and wonders why Carly would want to push his daughter into the arms of a man that she hates. Lulu asks Michael if Dante ever talks to him about her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Vii goes to see Clint after considering that Dorian may be onto something about his keeping a secret involving Rex's paternity and helping to scam Rex. But he knows how to sound as though he is not lying about anything and could not possibly have gotten Echo pregnant with Rex all those years ago. And he gives her the necklace telling her he has no use for it. When Viki leaves his office however, Clint reveals that he has hired a guy to duplicate the one-of-a-kind necklace so that Viki and others would not suspect him of knowing something he's hiding or of scamming Rex. He also persuades the guy to break into the DNA lab to alter the DNA results so that it appears that Charlie, instead of himself, is Rex's biological father. Right then, we see Natalie getting her DNA results in an envelope, as do Jessica and Brody, as does Rex. Yet the results are not revealed. Marty has still apparently not revealed to John that Natalie could be pregnant by Brody. And it appears that she knows she needs to wait for the results before she'll have any credibility in revealing the secret to John that Natalie slept with Brody. Meanwhile, Todd gets Starr to sign some papers regarding baby Hope. Yet she does not have a chance to read what they are about. And he goes to Marty's home to give her a court order that prevents her from any rights regarding baby Hope. Rex and Gigi are back sleeping together and admit that they have waited too long. Langston and Robert go to Capricorn together and Blair makes it clear she disapproves and wants to prove to Langston that Robert cannot be faithful. Langston tells Robert that things are good between them. But she's not going to have sex with him again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victoria and Billy want Reed to come for Thanksgiving. Chloe calls Billy to tell him that no one is pleased with the article on Skye. Phyllis finds out that everyone is making complaints about the article on Skye in “Restless Style.” Billy suggests an article on Daisy being pregnant, but Phyllis objects. Michael finds out that Victor invested in the hedge fund and is pulling his money out today. Nick tries to get Sharon not to leave him and the children, but she insists that it is something she has to do. Skye begs Adam not to walk away from her and the hedge fund. Jack finds out from Pete that the Newman fund is losing money quickly. Jack blames Victor. Skye goes ballistic on Adam because he is leaving her again. Skye gets served with divorce papers. Skye vows revenge on Adam. Jack confronts Victor over pulling his money out. Victor reminds Jack of all the things that Jack did to him by turning his daughters against him. J.T. refuses to let Reed come for Thanksgiving. Billy asks Chloe to let Delia spend Thanksgiving with him and Victoria, but Chloe refuses. Victor puts Jack out of his office. Jack vows to buy up the rest of the hedge fund to keep it from dying. Adam finds out from Phyllis that Sharon is leaving town. Nick agrees to let Sharon go.

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