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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Caleb gives Colby a locket with Sonia’s picture inside and asks her to give it to Asher. Asher rejects the locket at first, but Colby persuades him to accept it. Asher goes to Wildwind to talk to Caleb and tell him that the locket was a trick to get him to talk to him. Caleb tells Asher that Sonia gave him the locket, and he thought that he would like to have it. Asher tries once more to get Caleb to tell him how Sonia, died but all his father will say is that Adam had something to do with Sonia’s death. Asher wants to know more, but Caleb tells him that he shouldn’t have said anything at all.

Kendall invites JR, Annie, and their kids to her big Thanksgiving bash, and JR promises her he will try not to fight with Caleb that day. JR and Annie wish they could be a couple but agree that it is best to wait until after the custody hearing and then nothing will stand in the way of them being together. Bianca and Kendall plan the Thanksgiving party and a chill comes over Kendall as Zach’s plane crashes into the water on the island where he is to pick up Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee and Ryan are horrified as they watch the plane crash. Ryan dives in the water to look for Zach, but finally he and Greenlee both realize that Zach is gone. Greenlee cries as Ryan holds her, and they wonder how they will tell Kendall Zach is gone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke show up for Stephanie’s procedure and Dr. Lewis explains the Gamma Knife Surgery which uses highly focused radiation to destroy the tumors. They hope later brain surgery won’t be necessary. Dayzee tells them they just need to have faith. Hope invites Liam to a special Forrester party tonight as her date. She will be the guest of honor. He’s been so busy at work that she has missed him lately. She says a lot has happened to her over the last few months and she feels like she has grown up. She doesn’t want to live her life with any regrets. Amber tells Oliver that every Goody Two Shoes has a bad girl side waiting to get out. She has a feeling tonight could be that for Hope. She might be ready to lose her virginity card. She isn’t waiting for marriage. She is waiting for the just the right guy. He could be that guy and tonight could be that night. Oliver’s reluctant but says he will take her advice and go tonight.

Stephanie is not pleased to hear that Brooke and Ridge are going ahead with Thomas’s men’s line and worst of all they are calling it Taboo. She can’t imagine what Brooke will do next. Brooke says she was with her when she found out she had cancer and she is going to be there with her until she is cancer free. That’s a promise, not a threat. Liam tells Hope that he knows he has failed in the boyfriend department lately, but he will be there tonight. She can count on him. Amber tells Oliver that she has her ways and she will make sure that Liam does not make it to that party tonight and Oliver will. Hope is ready to become a woman tonight. She’s not going to be a virgin forever. Just get Liam out of the picture and Oliver can be that guy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo wanted to know what was going on with Rafe, Sami, and EJ.  EJ offered to tell Bo if Rafe or Sami didn't want to do it.  Philip went to see Chloe and the baby.  Nathan got a fever, but he wanted Stephanie to tell him who would be hurt by Caroline's secret.  Melanie was suddenly sick too.  Carly wanted Ben to find out who was with the patient before he died.  He told her it was Nathan and Melanie.  Bo reminded EJ that he is violating a court order so he had to leave.  EJ wanted to show Bo Sami's confession and thought he should arrest Sami.  Bo didn't want to see it now.  He wanted EJ to leave on his own or be arrested.  EJ decided to leave.  Bo wanted Rafe to help him with a case.  When Sami left, Bo said he knew what she did.  Carly wanted to get in touch with Nathan and Melanie Ben didn't realize that Melanie was Carly's daughter and told her that he threw her out.  Melanie told Daniel that she and Nathan dealt with a patient who had a fever.  After Nathan took aspirin, he passed out.  Daniel asked if Melanie followed procedure with the patient.  She wore gloves, but not a mask.  She wanted to get away from him so he wouldn't catch it, but he didn't care.  He took her to the ambulance.  Nathan got to the hospital.  Stephanie found out that Nathan could be infected with the virus.  She needed to be protected.  EJ went back to Sami's apartment when Rafe and Bo left.  He wanted to talk to her about the confession.  Melanie was brought to the hospital.  Philip wanted to talk to her, but Daniel waned him to stay back.  Carly told Philip that Melanie was in contact with a patient with a deadly virus.  Rafe wanted to know why Bo didn't want to talk in front of Sami.  Bo knew that Sami shot EJ.  Rafe told him off the record that Sami had no defense.  Bo said he was wrong.  Sami wished that she killed EJ.  She was happy that she shot him.  EJ wished the kids heard her say that.  He ripped into her for shooting him.  They got into an argument over why she shot him. He told her she was going to prison for a long time.  She thought he couldn't make that happen, but EJ knew otherwise.

Philip and Stephanie got into an argument about Nathan and Melanie.  Melanie and Nathan were isolated together.  Bo suggested that Rafe marry Sami right away.  Caroline overheard Rafe say he would marry her "tonight".  Sami wanted to know what EJ would do since the camera isn't admissible in court.  She told him that she would tell about Sydney.  He said it's not admissible.  He also told her that the camera isn't admissible, but he had another way to get her.  He knew when the gun was.  Caroline wanted to know why Sami and Rafe were getting married.  He told her the had to protect her.  EJ reminded Sami that she threw the gun in the ocean.  She said she would deny it.  He wanted to know what Sami would do if he could produce the gun.  Stephanie went to see Chloe and the baby.  Philip went in the room too.  She apologized to him about their argument.  Chloe woke up while they were there.  Philip told Chloe that Melanie was exposed to a deadly virus.  Chloe wanted to know if Daniel was exposed too.  While Daniel was comforting and hugging Carly, Bo showed up and saw them together.  Carly told Bo that Melanie and Nathan were exposed to the virus.  Chloe was worried that she and the baby could have been exposed to the virus.  Philip said she was okay.  Maxine confirmed what Philip said.  When Maxine wanted to put the baby in the nursery, Chloe didn't want her to take him there.  Sami didn't think EJ had the gun or he would have shown it to Bo.  He said he chose not to because he has has her life in his hands.  Maxine wanted to take Parker to the nursery because he would be safer in there.  Daniel got a clean bill of heath so he didn't catch the virus.  Sami wanted to know what EJ wanted.  He wants to take her life the way she tried to take his.  He thought he would successfully take her life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Edward offers Ethan and Maya 1 million dollars to remain married for one year. Tracy and Luke agree to a Christmas wedding, done properly at the Quartermaine estate with no alcohol. When Tracy tells everyone about their plans to be married on December 21, Lulu interjects that that is Laura's birth date. Siobhan accuses Lucky of sleeping with her to get Elizabeth's attention. Lucky tells her that he and Elizabeth are not getting back together; they are friendly to each other in front of the boys. When lucky steps away to take a call Elizabeth tells Siobhan that she wants to get to know her since she will be spending time with Lucky and the boys. Lucky returns to find Elizabeth giving Siobhan the third degree and wonders why. Elizabeth claims that she is worried about Lucky because he doesn’t know anything about Siobhan. He asks her to stay out of his business. Robin is still in the hospital, talking to Patrick about Emma. Lisa comes into Robin's room and tells her that she is going to proceed with asking the board to fire Robin. Nikolas offers to stall the board hearing until Robin has recovered, but Robin wants to do it right away.

Suzanne says she always wondered who the mystery man was whose name Brenda called out in her sleep in Africa and now that she knows Dante guarded Brenda before, she doesn’t understand why it’s such a big secret. Brenda angrily reminds Suzanne that she told her she never wanted to talk about that trip to Africa again. Brenda tells Jason that she doesn’t want Jason to guard her anymore. Claire helps Sonny regain visitation with his kids and permission to see Michael. She encourages Sonny to see Brenda. Michael can't talk to Abby about what happened in prison even though he wants to. Sonny goes to see Michael and tells him the news about the restriction being lifted. Dante goes to Metro Court to tell Carly that Claire got the restriction lifted so now Michael can see Sonny but that he is worried that Sony's influence will result in Michael returning to prison. Olivia relays Dante's concerns to Sonny. Jason warns Carly that whatever she is planning will backfire. Carly tells Jason that Dante and Brenda had an affair three years ago.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John discovers taht Brody's confidential medical files are in Natalie's living room. She explains that Marty brought them to Brody since she is being investigated for the Hannah O'Connor case and wants to make certain that Brody's and other patients' records are not compromised when the board investigates her and her cases. Yet John still hasn't a clue what Marty is investigating regarding the fact that Natalie might be pregnant by Brody and not telling John. After Marty all but reveals to Natalie that she knows about hers' and Brody's secret, Brody goes to confront Marty, warning her that she will be in serious trouble if she gets reported for stealing and copying Natalie's OBGYN records. He tells her that it will not help her or help Cole if she does this. But she doesn't seem to listen and Natalie knows that Marty is out for revenge on her no matter what anybody says or does to Marty. Dorian goes to inform Viki that she knows that Clint has some involvement in Echo's secret about being Rex's mother and the scam she pulled with Rex regarding the fictional people from the story book whom she had him believing were her biological parents. But Dorian does not spell out to Viki that she has overheard Clint revealing that he is Rex's father and has known for a long time yet not told anyone. Gigi and Cristian return from Paris. She affirms to Rex that she wants them to make their relationship work although she reveals that she and Cristian kissed and were tempted to sleep together. Rex admits to Gigi that he has been talking to Kelly but she is only a friend and interested in getting back with Joey. Kelly goes to London and reveals to Kevin that she is considering getting back with Joey. Cristian goes to talk to Blair about whether he should stay with Layla, consider Gigi or what he should do.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren searches through the Fenmore’s “Black Friday” advertisements for sales. Lauren lets Michael know that she is delegating everything to Jill to check out the competition. She also says that she booked them a reservation at a lodge in Minocqua. Diane finds out that someone paid her hotel bill in full. Phyllis thanks Jack for standing by her during the trouble with Daisy and the DNA test. Ronan arrives at Nina’s. Nick questions Victor about what kind of business that he is doing with Jack that he is using Newman money. Sharon tells Adam that she is going through something emotional right now over the way things are going in her life. Adam asks Sharon why she isn’t’ wearing her ring. Nina asks Ronan to spend Thanksgiving with them, but he refuses. Victor informs Nick about his plan to bring down Adam. Diane questions Jack about paying her hotel bill.

Phyllis tells Summer that Nick has a surprise for her. Michael visits Victor. Nina cannot believe that Ronan is turning down her offer for Thanksgiving dinner at the Chancellor’s. Michael asks Heather to work for him. Jack talks to Diane about Kyle spending Thanksgiving with him, but Diane has objections. Diane accepts Jack's invitation for Thanksgiving. Sharon visits Lauren to let her know what happened at the boutique and that she doesn’t know whether it was a mistake or not. Heather accepts Michael’s job offer. Heather encourages Ronan to accept Nina’s offer to dinner or she may be tempted to tell Nina that he is sick. Adam confronts Victor over bringing Justin to visit him. Michael lets Lauren know that he hired Heather. Sharon tells Nick that she wants to go away by herself for Thanksgiving.

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