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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jake admits to Tad that Griffin was the man that his ex-wife Cara divorced him for, but he refuses to tell Amanda the reason he is so upset with Griffin. Griffin tells Jake that Zach recruited him to help expand the Miranda Center to provide international medical care to the needy. Griffin also tells Jake that he and Cara haven’t been together in a long time, and he didn’t come to Pine Valley to cause trouble. He just came to do his job. Damon fears that Liza is suffering from exhaustion again so he takes her to the hospital but the doctor says Liza is fine as long as she takes care of herself. Damon tells Liza to be patient with Colby and she will come around and they will have a relationship again.

Krystal offers moral support to Jack who blames himself for being on vacation with Erica while Greenlee was married to David. Krystal tells Jack that nothing could have kept Greenlee from being with David, because she is very strong willed. Krystal provokes Jack’s anger so that he can get it out of his system. Once Jack blows up on an empty courtroom, he feels better. Ryan finds Nick Pearson who admits that David killed himself and paid him to put the vial of digitalis in Ryan’s pocket. Nick refuses to tell the truth in front of a judge and runs away from Ryan and Greenlee again. Ryan used a small video camera Zach gave him to get Nick’s words on video. Greenlee calls Jack to tell him the news. Jack tells her the jury has reached a verdict. Greenlee promises that she and Ryan will be home tomorrow with the evidence that will clear her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is livid that Ridge is letting this company exploit Thomas with that woman, Brooke. She can not believe that he is putting business before his own son’s pride and dignity. Ridge knows it is outrageous, but this is working and he thinks they need to go with it. She doesn’t understand why Thomas would want to be part of this. He assures her that he wants his name out there all over the world and he wishes she could accept that. They argue and he tells her not to treat him like a child. It’s embarrassing to even talk about this. She rants that Brooke is the embarrassment and she’s not going to let him do this. Eric talks to Stephanie while she awaits her chemo and radiation treatment. She’s talking statistics now and he’s trying to be flip. She tells the doctor that she is going to fight as hard as she can. The doctor says good, they are living in the age of miracles. Stephanie says she needs one right now. The doctor says she may already have had one. As of today her body is responding very favorably to the oral pill she is taking and no new tumors. Dayzee visits and informs Stephanie that they found a shelter and the baby and mother are off the streets.

Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that they had a cancellation and she could fit her in today for a new laser treatment that is noninvasive and could minimize the tumors in her head. Stephanie accepts it and is wheeled away. She tells Eric that she fell in love with him the first time she saw him. He says he loves her and they will make it through this together. Dayzee and Eric wait as Stephanie goes through the procedure. Eric calls Ridge but discourages him from coming over and ganging up on Stephanie. Taylor goes on record that she is always going to be against this; she will fight it. She trusts Thomas but not Brooke. Eric tells Dayzee that Stephanie is the best thing about his life and he doesn’t want to live without her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole offered EJ a way to get his kids back.  He offered to give her anything she wanted if she could help him.  Jennifer was uncomfortable seeing Bo and Carly kissing.  Nathan and Melanie got into an argument over her changing her schedule. Philip went to see Daniel, Chloe, and Parker.  Stephanie saw Philip and Chloe with Parker and was upset.  Daniel noticed something was wrong with her and asked if she were okay.  She said she wasn't.  Rafe told Sami that EJ planned to take the kids away.  He wanted to call Roman to pick him up, but Sami stopped him.  Nicole didn't want money or the mansion to help him.  She only wanted one thing.  Sami wanted the situation controlled before calling the police.  She wanted to know if Rafe destroyed the evidence.  Nicole told EJ that she wanted to spend time with Sydney.  EJ thought it would have been impossible when he didn't have his children.  She showed him Sami's confession.  EJ asked if Nicole had Arianna's proof.  Bo left Carly and Jennifer alone so they could talk.  Carly wanted Jennifer to meet Melanie and Daniel.  Rafe told Sami that he destroyed part of the evidence.  He told her that he deleted the files on her laptop.  Sami was relieved and wondered what else was wrong.  Nicole told EJ that she found the camera in Arianna's safe deposit box.  She told him that she offered Rafe and Sami the same deal she offered him.  She realized they would never go through with the deal so she went to him.  She noticed that he wasn't excited about the deal.  This deal would give her a chance to feel whole again.  Ben wanted Nathan and Melanie to leave the hospital for the day.  Stephanie lied to Daniel about what was wrong with her.  She said she was worried about the baby.  Daniel didn't believe her.  He wanted to know what was going on with her.  She wanted to find Nathan.  Melanie tried to apologize to Nathan, but he gave her a hard time.  She said it hurts too much to see him walking around the hospital.  Sami was excited when she thought Nicole's plan didn't work.  Nicole told EJ that she would never hurt Sydney.  He wanted to know why she went to Sami and Rafe first.  She claimed she wasn't thinking straight and thought they were her best chance to see Sydney.  He wanted to know if she trusts him.  He told her that she was appealing to his heart.  They mentioned how they used to love each other.  She believed he would do the right thing and let her see Sydney.  

Stephanie wanted to figure out a way to let everyone know that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby without selling out Caroline.  She wanted to talk to Nathan about it. Rafe called the police and they were going to be at their apartment shortly.  Rafe was going to break in the Kiriakis mansion to get the camera.  On his way out, EJ was there.  Daniel and Jennifer had a friendly meeting.  Carly tried to talk to Melanie about Melanie forgiving her one day.  Melanie didn't think she could forgive her.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe wanted EJ to leave, but he had to tell them something.  He wanted to tell them that he had the proof.  Maxine told Ben that Javier (Nathan's patient) died.  He wanted her to get in contact with everyone who was ground him.  Nathan and Melanie were in contact with hi.  Jennifer wanted to apologize to Ben for the way she spoke to him, but he didn't have time to talk.  EJ showed Sami and Rafe her confession.  Stephanie told Nathan that Caroline did something that could affect a lot of people.  He wanted to know what she did. Daniel found Melanie on the pier and wanted to help her.  She didn't want to keep things from him. Nicole went to see Chloe.  They talked about Melanie and Carly.  Nicole told her that things are looking up for her.  Bo showed up at Rafe and Sami's apartment while EJ was playing the confession. Bo wanted to know what was going on with them.  Ben told Carly that there could be a deadly virus going on in the hospital.  Stephanie told Nathan that Melanie would be one of the ones affected by what Caroline did.  He suddenly got sick. Melanie also got sick out of the blue.  Nicole mentioned Sydney was the reason why things are looking up for her.  EJ offered to tell Bo what was going on with everyone.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Spinelli tells Jason that he can’t find a connection between “Jack” and the Balkan. Maxie barges into the penthouse; she is outraged by Spinelli and his fixation on Brenda. Jason defends Spinelli. Spinelli implies that he’s falling in love with Brenda. Maxie scolds Jason for letting Brenda manipulate Spinelli. Maxie kisses Spinelli before leaving. Maxie runs into Carly at the hotel. Maxie wishes she could help Carly destroy Brenda.

Lucky and Siobhan wake up in bed together. Siobhan hurries to get ready for work. Lucky and Elizabeth spend time with the boys in the park. Lucky bonds with Aiden. Elizabeth leaves to run an errand. Siobhan meets Cameron and Jake. Siobhan feels awkward when she meets Elizabeth for the first time. Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya return to the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan carries Maya over the threshold; they share a passionate kiss. Surprisingly, Edward is happy about Ethan and Maya’s marriage. Lulu walks in when Ethan announces the news. Ethan lets slip that he and Maya consummated their marriage. Tracy announces she is through with Luke. Lulu can’t understand why Tracy won’t marry Luke. Luke begs Tracy to get married but she turns him down. Edward speaks warmly of his ex, Mary Mae. Edward presents an offer to Maya and Ethan – he’ll pay them a million dollars if they stay married for a year. Lucky visits Siobhan at Jake’s. Siobhan is bothered about something.

Michael is worried about his mother. Michael wants Carly to stop scheming against Dante. Michael asks Carly to end her grudge. Carly is sickened to learn that Michael and Dante are growing closer. Michael confides in Jason about his concerns regarding Carly. Jason tells Michael that he needs to move on with his life. Abby and Michael run into each other on the docks. Michael asks for Abby’s phone number. Michael speaks of Carly’s grudge on Dante. Abby defends Carly’s position. Michael senses that Abby knows more than she’s saying. Sonny confides in Dante about Brenda. Sonny wonders why Dante won’t ask for an assignment transfer. Dante admits that he guarded Brenda in 2007 but he is evasive toward Sonny’s questions. Sonny requests that Dante keep a close eye on Brenda. Diane walks in and relays that Sonny’s petition to see Michael has been approved. Dante argues that Michael shouldn’t spend time with Sonny. Sonny considers dropping the petition. Alexis and Claire talk about Sonny at the courthouse. Claire thanks Alexis for listening. Claire runs into Sonny. Sonny thanks Claire for helping with the petition. Suzanne and Dante speak briefly about Brenda. Suzanne is suspicious of Dante. Suzanne reveals to Dante that Brenda was gravely ill in 2007; she says that Brenda kept mumbling the name “Dante” during her illness. Jason visits Carly at the MetroCourt. Jason reminds Carly that her scheming could have a negative impact on Michael. Jason advises Carly to end her vendetta against Dante now.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Shaun takes a gift to Todd & Tea. He tells them that Greg pled guilty to all the charges and that he will be sentenced today. Tea gets a headache but when she shakes two pain relievers into her hand, she falls apart remembering all the poisoned pills she took.  Mr. & Mrs. Evans reach out to Destiny. Destiny demands to know what happened to her biological mother.  Greg tells her about the fight that caused her mother to fall and hit her head. He reveals that he hid the body. Destiny says she hates all of them. Mrs. Evans says she and Mr. Evans just found out a few days ago what happened to Charlene. Greg is sentenced to 6 years.  Destiny tells Tea that she wants to divorce her parents.
Inez brings a plant to Bo's office only to find that Nora is allergic to it. Clint sends a necklace to Inez. Inez tells Bo that she can't accept it. Rex, Echo, Clint, Charlie, and Viki are at the DNA lab to discover who Rex's parents are, but Rex isn't sure he wants to know. Clint says Rex will never be a part of the Buchanan family. Rex tells him that it would be nice to be related to Natalie and Bo but that he'd rather have the prince of darkness than Clint as a father. Rex decides to have the test.  Dorian sets off the alarm in Clint's office while looking for the half-heart necklace.  Matthew comes and turns off the alarm. She gives him a wad of cash for his silence. Matt takes the money and tells Clint anyway. Matthew takes the necklace out of his pocket and asks Clint if it is what Dorian was looking for. 
Natalie mentions to Vivian that the lab must be short-staffed since her amnio results ended up on Marty Saybrooke's desk. Vivian tells her that there is no reason that the file should have gone to Marty and then she remembers seeing Marty in her office and concludes that Marty must have taken the file. Marty goes to Llanfair and gives Brody's records from their therapy sessions to Jessica, hoping to pique Jessica's interest.  Brody comes home and Jessica gives the file to him without having looked at it. Marty tells Jessica that Natalie had amniocentesis.  Natalie confronts Marty and tells her she will stop her.   Brody and Natalie surmise that Marty knows what their secret is and wonder what she will do next. Marty calls the lab pretending to be Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Lily and Neil visit the pediatrician and get a good report on the twins. Sonia tells Tucker that she left countless messages for Cane and Blake, but they haven’t returned her calls. Blake and Cane go over the details, so that they will be on the same page when they meet with Tucker. Cane gets a call from Sonia about a meeting. Nick comes downstairs and finds Sharon already up and ready to start her day with coffee. Nick and Sharon are both happy that he moved back in. Adam takes Skye out to breakfast. Sharon suggests to Nick that they tell the family about their engagement. Nick feels that this would be a bad time since Nikki is in rehab and Abby and Victoria are suing Victor. Jack interrupts Adam and Skye and reprimands Adam for what he was saying. Jack introduces Marion to Adam and Skye. After a thorough presentation, Marion agrees to send them an investment. Cane and Tucker tell Blake that they don’t like a “suck up.” When Blake divulges his feelings about working for him, Tucker says that maybe they can work something out. Neil finds out from Lily that Blake went to a meeting with Cane to see Tucker. Nick agrees to go shopping with Sharon. Victor, Justin, and Sally walk in and see Adam. Justin insists on talking to Adam and tells him that they do not want his money, and thus gives the money back to Adam. Jack is confused and asks, ”What money?” Victor offers Sally and Justin an all-expense paid trip to Florida. Jack encourages Skye to walk away from Adam and the hedge fund, but she refuses. Sharon loses her engagement ring. When she meets Adam, he can tell that something is wrong. Nick catches up with Victor, who was writing checks to Jack, and demands to know what the checks are for. Neil encourages Tucker to run a background check on Blake.

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