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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jack thinks that he didn’t do enough to defend Greenlee, but Krystal tells him he did an amazing job and nobody could have better. Liza tells Jack that Greenlee better be back in Pine Valley by the time the jury comes in or she will be in big trouble. Krystal tells Liza to leave Jack’s house because all she cares about is getting a conviction. She doesn’t care about Greenlee or her family. Liza gets a call that the jury has reached a decision in the case, and Jack worries that the verdict came in too quickly. Jack panics because he wants to go find Greenlee himself, but Krystal is there to hold him and get him to calm down. Jack calls Krystal amazing for throwing Liza out of the house.

Dr. Griffin Castillo, a cardiac surgeon and protégé of David, comes to town and flirts with Amanda even though she is married. Griffin also fixes Jake’s car and saves Opal when she has a tachycardia. When Frankie tells Griffin that David is dead, he is stunned by the news. Jake hears that Griffin saved Opal’s life and wants to thank him but as soon as he sees Griffin he punches him in the face.

Greenlee stops Ryan in the middle of making love, because she thinks that the future is too uncertain for them right now. Ryan makes a promise to Greenlee and decides to recite the vows he would have told her when they were supposed to get married on Valentine's Day. Ryan pledges that they will never be apart no matter what happens because they belong together. Greenlee pledges to Ryan that she will love him and be a strong support to him. Greenlee and Ryan exchange makeshift rings and then make love. Greenlee finds a stone on the beach that is exactly like the one in the engagement ring Ryan gave her. Ryan plans to find Nick Pearson tomorrow and then they will head home to clear Greenlee of the charges against her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Brooke that their kiss will have a life of its own and live forever. The impact will touch everyone. She is relieved that he is only talking about it being on the internet. He tells her that some day he hopes he can find someone like her. The reporters besiege Ridge in the parking lot about his son kissing his wife and how the men’s line is going. Ridge breaks away and says he will have a statement for them later. Brooke tells Thomas that she thinks Ridge has forgiven her for this time, but it can never happen again. Now they just have to deal with the fallout. Ridge joins them and shows them magazines and newspapers full of all the details. He chastises Thomas again for such a stupid stunt. They must do something about this. Taylor tells Whip that she talked with Ridge and it did help. She doesn’t like Brooke anywhere near her son, but she hopes this will all blow over. She is going to leave it in Ridge’s hands.

Amber is messing with Oliver when he gets a phone call from Aggie. She tells him that she hopes he is staying far away from Amber or he needs to have his hands ready to put around her neck. Amber tells Oliver that perhaps his sister is right and she should go. He tells her that he probably has no reason to trust her, but he does. He’d like her to stay. Eric, Thorne and Rick join in the meeting. Eric says the world is buzzing about the kiss. It may be bringing in more sales, but this is not what Forrester needs. Ridge states he was horrified at the kiss, but the company sales are in a good place so they have to decide whether to tank the men’s line or jump aboard. Despite the dissent, Ridge says he is going to embrace it. Thomas’s men’s line is a go and they are going to call it Taboo. Taylor comes in and instantly thinks Brooke is behind this new logo until Ridge tells her that it was his idea. She is vehemently against it and says she will not allow it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ chloroformed Sami while she was on the phone.  When Sami was passed out, he said he was going to take Johnny and Sydney away from her.  Allie screamed at him.  Maggie started hallucinating in the coffin.  Caroline told Stephanie that Nathan would be upset if Stephanie tells him that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby.  Rafe deleted the files on the laptop.  He warned to Nicole that Sydney could delete her blackmail material if she pushed the wrong button.  Nicole informed him that she has a lot of copies.  She asked Rafe is she could have Sydney on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and he and Sami could have her on Christmas.  He didn't agree with it.  She reminded him about knowing the truth about Sami and Sami could end up in jail if they don't agree.  EJ was able to convince Allie that Sami was sleep and not passed out.  He was also able to see Johnny while he was there.  Vivian spoke to Maggie.  Vivian told Maggie that she sent Gus to tell Victor that she was gone.  Maggie didn't think anyone would believe that she would leave without saying goodbye.  Stephanie told Caroline that she had to think about what to do about Chloe's baby.  Nathan told Stephanie and Caroline that Maggie went on a cruise and didn't know when she would be back.  Victor asked Melanie if Maggie told her she was leaving.  She said Maggie didn't tell her anything and thought something must be wrong.  Rafe was able to get Nicole to take Sydney out of the room so he could get Nicole's phone.  Brady conveniently mentioned that Maggie wanted to get away from Victor.  Nicole busted Rafe with her phone.  She wanted him to leave and she would bring Sydney back to Sami. Then she wanted to discuss visitation with him and Sami.  She said he would never find the proof.  Johnny told EJ that Sydney wasn't home when EJ was going to take Johnny and Sydney with him.  He was furious with the guard for not doing his job.  Nathan was upset that Maggie was gone.  He didn't want to set a wedding date until Maggie was back.  Vivian asked how Maggie was doing and told her that the coffin was filled with paint fumes.  Nicole told Rafe that she wouldn't leave Sami's confession lying around for him to find after he threatened to kill her.  She kicked Rafe out, but he wasn't leaving without Sydney.  Nicole refused to give Sydney to him until Brady showed up and wanted to know what was going on.  When Johnny was ready to leave, Sami started to stir.  EJ noticed and told Johnny they would have to leave another time.

Melanie was with a patient when Nathan showed up to check on him.  Stephanie ripped into Caroline when Caroline was getting into her about the wedding.  Stephanie decided that she had too much respect for herself to lie to Nathan.  Nicole told Brady that Rafe was trying to get her and Sami to have a truce.  She checked the laptop and noticed the files were deleted.  She called him an S.O.B just when Brady walked in the hall.  He wanted to know who she was talking about because he didn't believe her story about the truce she told him about.  EJ found out that Rafe took Sydney to see Nicole.  Nicole told Brady that the S.O.B. was a video guy who messed up her footage and she got a virus on her computer.  Brady told her that the she couldn't take the risk of copying the original footage or it would self destruct.  She told him her feelings about seeing Sydney again and how she wanted to see her.  When Rafe got home, he found out through Johnny that EJ was there.  Stephanie assured Caroline that she wouldn't tell that she switched the paternity test.  Stephanie was worried that Nathan would hate her if he knew that she knew the truth.  Sami finally woke up and Rafe asked her what happened.  She remembered everything except for EJ being at the apartment.  Nicole went to see EJ because she could do something for him.  Melanie and Nathan got in an argument over Chloe's baby and Stephanie knowing about it.  Melanie wanted to change her schedule so she wouldn't work with him anymore.  Rafe told Sami that EJ chloroformed her and that EJ was going to take Johnny away.  Johnny told Rafe that EJ didn't take him away because Sydney wasn't there.  Rafe wanted to call Roman to arrest EJ.  EJ wanted to know why Nicole was at the mansion.  She asked him what he would do if she could get his kids back.  She was willing to hand Sami to him on a silver platter when he said he would give her anything she wanted.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky overhears Jason asking Siobhan about “Jack”. Lucky and Jason know that the Balkan won’t back down. Alone, Siobhan asks Lucky if Jason is Brenda’s boyfriend. Lucky advises Siobhan to be cautious. Siobhan and Lucky talk about their feelings for each other. They dance to a jukebox song. Patrick runs into Lisa at Jake’s. Patrick buys Lisa a beer; he vents to her about Robin. Patrick asks Lisa to stop her petition against Robin. Lisa jokes that she will if Patrick sleeps with her again. Patrick asks Lisa to have some compassion for Robin. Lisa won’t give Patrick a definite answer. Maxie visits Robin in the hospital. Robin vents to Maxie; she is worried what Lisa will tell the hospital board. Matt relays to Robin that her infection is gone. Maxie asks for Matt to put in a good word for Robin in front of the board. Matt suggests that Robin seek therapy. Patrick visits Robin. Robin doesn’t want to lean on Patrick. Maxie thanks Matt for stepping up to help Robin. Ethan and Maya make excuses for consummating their marriage. Tracy and Luke argue in front of the lawyer. Maya is relieved to hear that her marriage can still be annulled. Tracy has regrets about her sham marriage to Luke. Ethan doesn’t want to get an annulment. Luke is disappointed in Ethan’s behavior. Ethan suggests that Luke blackmail Tracy. Tracy gives Ethan and Maya some money to gamble. Luke is stuck with his share of the hotel bill. Alone, Ethan and Maya propose a toast. They make love.

Johnny thinks it is funny that Olivia is jealous of Carly. Olivia wishes Johnny would stay away from Carly. Steven intervenes on Olivia’s behalf. In private, Olivia confides in Steven. Olivia wonders if she should stay with Johnny. They flirt with each other until Jax shows up. Dante tells Carly that nothing happened between him and Brenda. Michael interrupts their argument. Brenda wonders why Carly is getting into her business. Jax warns Brenda about Carly’s ulterior motives. Jason shows up at Sam’s place. They have a heartfelt chat; Sam accepts Jason’s apology. Sam knows that Jason needs to protect Brenda. Carly and Brenda have an intense argument. Brenda asks Carly to stop digging into her past. Brenda and Carly talk about Jax. Afterwards, Brenda calls Jason. Michael talks to Dante. Dante asks Michael to keep quiet about his former feelings for Brenda. Lulu and Dante share a kiss. Lulu and Dante talk about their relationship. Carly closes up the restaurant for the rest of the night. Carly kisses Jax. Brenda tells Jason that Carly can’t find out about Alexander. Dante wakes up and sees Lulu asleep next to him. Dante and Brenda are thinking about each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Heather notices that something is wrong with Ronan, but he denies it. Lauren lashes out at Kevin for wanting to adopt Daisy’s baby. Michael gets a call from Victor who wants to see him immediately. In her jail cell, Daisy talks to the baby and hopes that someone will help them. Jana finds out that Daniel is the father of Daisy’s baby. Jack tells Phyllis that if she is serious about helping Daisy, then Vance is her man. Phyllis tells Jack to call Vance. Heather refuses to back off from helping Ronan and whatever is wrong with him. Kevin becomes angry with Michael for not being on his side about the adoption of Daisy’s baby. Phyllis meets with Vance and they work out a plan to get Daisy out of jail. Phyllis tells Jack that Daisy can live with her. Heather tells Victor that she lost her job because of him. Jana visits Daisy and refuses to help her get out of jail. Michael lets Victor know that he is backing away from some of his work load to spend time with Lauren and Fen. Daisy sees a jail doctor. Phyllis lets Jack know that Daisy can live at her condo. Victor tells Michael to offer Heather a job, but not to let her know that if came from him. Heather offers to take Ronan to the hospital, but he refuses.

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