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AMC Recap Written by Eva

As Asher and Caleb talk at Wildwind, Asher relates that he inured his knee when he tried to climb the east side of the mountain in search of his father. Caleb calls Asher tough because there are some professional mountain climbers who can’t make that climb. Asher demands to know how his mother died but Caleb hesitates. JR arrives to pick Asher up and invites him to stay at the mansion. Asher tells Caleb he doesn’t want to be anywhere near him and accepts JR’s invitation. Colby catches Annie and JR kissing at the Chandler Enterprises office. She tells Annie that she is poison to JR and will only hurt him just like she hurt Adam and Scott. Annie tells Colby that it is possible to love more then one person at the same time and uses Colby’s relationships with Damon and Asher as an example. Colby tells Annie to stop trying to cause trouble in her relationship with Asher. Annie catches her slip of the tongue, and Colby quickly insists she meant to say Damon. Colby is stunned when she arrives home and Asher tells her that JR asked him to stay at the mansion. Annie tells JR about the fight she had with Colby and thinks she should stay away from him so he won’t get hurt. JR tells Annie he feels happy when he is with her and kisses her again, but she tells him to stop because she doesn’t want to be the reason he loses custody of AJ and walks out.

Kendall feels lonely after Zach's departure and invites Bianca over. As they exchange girl talk, Bianca admits that she is in love with Reese but she doesn’t feel like that she is her soul mate, because her soul mates are Kendall and Erica. Zach calls and tells Kendall he found Ryan and Greenlee and they should all be home soon with the evidence needed to clear Greenlee of the charges against her. Zach and Kendall tell each other that all they want in life is each other and make plans to spend Thanksgiving with the family when he returns. Ryan looks for Nick Pearson on a remote island while Greenlee is in holed up in a cave resting her injured ankle. Ryan returns to Greenlee and tells her he didn’t find Nick but he will search the island again tomorrow. Ryan and Greenlee make love in the cave by a cozy fire.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he will always love her, but he may not always be able to forgive her. He thinks it would be a good idea if she worked from her home the next few days. She disagrees. They need to show everyone this is a minor bump. The kiss was just a publicity stunt, nothing more. Ridge shows up at Taylor’s at Whip’s request. Taylor admits this is embarrassing. All her patients must be thinking her family is crazier than they are…..her son kissing her worst enemy. This has got to stop. Amber wakes up at Oliver’s lying in his arms, while he is thinking about Hope. She thanks him for letting her stay the night. Bridget visits Stephanie but Brooke show up and wants to see Stephanie alone. Brooke tells her that Ridge is going to support her and she needs Stephanie’s support too. Marcus tells Thomas that he must like living on the edge, kissing his Auntie Brooke and now Madison.

Brooke can’t believe that after all they have been through lately, this is where she and Stephanie are now. Stephanie says yes this is exactly where they are. Brooke says she has changed and she wishes Stephanie could see this. There will be no more indiscretions, she promised Ridge. Stephanie says sure she believes that. This trouble is just beginning. Things like this happen all the time to Brooke and she should have been the adult here and done something about it then while she was on the runway. Ridge tells Taylor that he always cherished the years they spent together and he knows he never had to ask her not to be scandalous. But that is over with Brooke too. Thomas keeps hearing his mother’s words in his ears that Brooke is nothing but trouble and she doesn’t want them working together. She is a serial seductress and no man is safe. Brooke walks in and Thomas locks the door. He tells her he is going to try on some suits so he needs privacy. She brings up the kiss and she reminds him that he won’t happen again. He surprises her by saying yes it will. That changed his life forever and it will happen again and again and again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Sami that they were going to go along with Nicole's blackmail until he gets the camera back.  If not, he's going to stop her from using it.  EJ made arrangements to go to Switzerland, but he didn't want Stefano to know.  Instead of Stefano finding out, Lexie did.  Nicole was convinced that she could do anything she wants to Sami now that she has the confession.  Sami was anxious to find out what Rafe planned to do.  While Nicole is with Sydney, he's going to make his move.  Jennifer was thinking about staying in Salem for good.  Bo wanted to know what Jack did.  She said he left her.  Hope asked Carly how Bo is.  She said he isn't doing too good, Hope thought it was because he felt guilty.  Carly said it was more than that Jennifer told Bo that Jack was on a walkabout.  He left her for nothing.  He would rather be alone than be with her.  Bo wanted to know if she would give Jack another chance if he came back.  Carly told Hope that Bo respects her and wants her to be a part of Ciara's life.  Hope thought that no one understands why she's in prison.  Carly asked Hope if she knew why Bo sent her there.  Sami said she didn't trust Nicole, but Rafe told her he wouldn't let Nicole do anything to hurt Sydney.  Rafe called a friend to get his help with a computer virus and to get rid of the guy watching him so he could leave.  EJ gave Lexie a pound to give to Theo.  Lexie thought he was leaving town for why he gave her the pound.  Hope wanted to know if Bo wanted her to know about more than Lee.  Carly said Bo is worried about her.  Bo wants Hope to start fighting back. Carly said that Bo is on her side.  EJ said he wasn't leaving town.  Lexie wanted EJ to give the pound to Theo himself.  He said Abe would shoot him.  When she said she would bring Theo to him, he said he was too busy.  When Lexie left, EJ admitted that he is leaving town.  Rafe brought Sydney to Victor's house to see Nicole.  Carly was happy to support Bo helping her.  She thought he was an honorable man.  Carly suggested that they appear friendly so she could keep seeing her.  Sami told Will that Nicole is blackmailing her to see Sydney because Nicole has Sami's confession.  Rafe wanted to give Nicole rules with Sydney.  He told her not to come over whenever she wants.  If she breaks the rules, the arrangement was off.  Rafe wanted to take Sydney back home when he saw that she was drinking.  She said she had a sip.  He told her not to drink when she's with Sydney.  She wanted Rafe to leave and pick Sydney up in an hour.  He didn't go along with that.  Rafe noticed a computer on the table.  EJ told a servant to get his children's bags ready for the airport.

Sami apologized to Will for leaning on him again.  He said he would always be there for her.  Will tried to reassure Sami that Rafe will do everything to help her and that she's a great mother.  Rafe wanted to know why Nicole didn't go to EJ or the police with Sami's confession.  He wondered if it were for more than Sydney.  He asked Nicole not to let EJ get Sydney after everything he did to her.  Rafe wanted to put everything behind them and start trusting each other.  Nicole thought that idea was hilarious.  Lee wanted Hope to put information in the computer.  She pumped Hope about her visitor.  Hope didn't tell her.  Hope wanted to know what Lee used to do for a living, but Lee didn't tell her either.  She quickly left the room.  Rafe noticed the camera on the table when he handed Nicole a diaper bag.  EJ went to see Sami so they could bury the hatchet.  Lexie and Jennifer reunited at the hospital.  Jennifer was there to see Maggie, but Maggie wasn't there.  Lexie introduced her to Ben.  They hit it off until she saw his bracelet.  Bo and Carly talked about Hope.  When the warden went to see Hope, Hope asked about her background.  Rafe put a virus on the computer while Nicole was playing with Sydney.  Sami didn't believe EJ wanted to bury the hatchet and was going to call the police after she answered the phone.  Marco called Sami while EJ came in the apartment.  Ben's bracelet was from a walkabout, which reminded her of what Jack did.  She thought it was laughable for a grown man to find himself.  Jane (the warden) said she ended up in prison because she fell into it.  Hope asked her how Lee ended up there.  Jane didn't remember how Lee got there.  Carly believed that it wasn't over between Bo and Hope.  Rafe deleted the files on the laptop.  All he had to do next was the camera.  While Sami was on the phone, EJ chloroformed her.  When Sami passed out, EJ put her on the couch.  What he didn't know was that Allie was there too.  She screamed and EJ turned around and saw her standing there.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jax tells Claire that Sonny dumped her because he wants to be with Brenda. Jax badmouths Sonny but Claire defends her ex. Brad Norman, an ex-cop assigned with Dante to guard Brenda, announces to Carly and Johnny that Dante and Brenda were sleeping together back in 2007. Carly can’t wait to reveal Dante and Brenda’s secret. Johnny asks Carly to stay quiet about his involvement with her plan. Sonny asks Jason about Brenda’s secret but he isn’t talking. Sonny tells Jason that he wants to help Brenda but doesn’t know how. Sonny makes a phone call to Suzanne. Sonny confronts Suzanne about exploiting Brenda. Suzanne advises Sonny to stay away from Brenda. While Brenda and Dante are talking, Brenda refers to a “baby”, implying that she and Dante conceived a child three years ago. Dante and Brenda wonder what the Balkan’s next move is. Spinelli returns to the penthouse; he criticizes Dante in front of Brenda. Once Dante leaves, Spinelli spills the beans about Dante getting Michael sent to prison. Brenda is saddened by the news. Jason returns; Brenda asks him to tell her about Michael’s stint in Pentonville. Jason admits that he’s to blame for Michael going to prison. Jax shows up at the penthouse looking for Brenda. Jax wonders if he and Brenda would still be married if Carly hadn’t told him about Brenda and Sonny’s goodbye kiss. Jax warns Brenda that Carly is digging up her past.

Tracy, Luke, Ethan and Maya return to the Vegas hotel room. Tracy wants to call a lawyer to have Ethan and Maya’s marriage annulled. Maya is thrilled to have won some money playing blackjack. Luke is trying to contact Reverend Grace so he can marry Tracy. Tracy demands to have a pre-nup first. Tracy and Luke leave to find an attorney. Maya and Ethan kiss. After making love, Maya and Ethan talk about getting an annulment. Tracy, Luke and an attorney barge into the room. Tracy is disgusted to find Ethan and Maya in bed. Coleman flirts with his new hire, Siobhan. Olivia vents to Coleman about Carly’s fixation on Johnny. Lulu runs into Siobhan at Jake’s. Lulu is worried about Dante since the Balkan is still after Brenda. Dante speaks briefly to Olivia before talking to Lulu. Dante is surprised to see that Siobhan is waitressing at Jake’s. Lulu wants to take a step back from her relationship with Dante. Olivia tells Coleman that Dante would like her to break up with Johnny. Jason questions Siobhan about the kidnapping; she remembers her captor mentioning the name “Jack”. Olivia demands to know what favor Johnny did for Carly. Dante is reminiscing about Brenda when Carly shows up unannounced. Carly wants to know about Dante’s history with Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Viki and Charlie and Bo demand to know the secret that Echo is hiding about Rex, she confesses that she is his mother. Yet, she remembers Clint threatening to press charges against Rex for breaking into his corporate files if she reveals that Clint is Rex's father. So when asked who his father is, she first hesitates and then names Charlie. Yet everyone questions that since she's lied about too much for too long. Viki then concludes that the only way to be certain is to order a DNA test. Meanwhile, Starr is alone in her room when James comes by determined to help her to feel better. He simulates a scene for them where they are on the beach. He is determined to be there for her and see her through her tragedy of Cole going to prison. But she tells she wants to be alone. Back at Robert and James' apartment, their father tells Robert he can see that Robert believes he can change and commit to one woman. But he tells Robert he knows he's a chip off the old block and will never change. Kelly talks to Rex about finding the right man and goes to call Joey Buchanan in London to see if they can get back together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ronan comes into the coffeehouse for a cup of coffee. Kevin tells him that he will bring it to the table to him. Ronan turns around and sees Chloe. Chloe reminds him that she told him that when he saw her that he should turn and walk the other way. Ronan asks Chloe why she threw his name around the night that she and Kevin were arrested. Kevin reminds Ronan that there have been no charges filed. Heather comes in to the coffeehouse. Heather can’t believe that she has no job to go to since the new D.A. had taken over. At the Chancellor mansion, Nina walks and tells Murphy that she has an appointment, but she will be back to join him on the sofa. Katherine expresses to Murphy how grateful she is that he is home. Katherine asks Murphy why he hasn’t told her that he has a son. Once again, Michael finds Lauren sitting on the sofa, doing Fenmore work from home. Michael gets a phone call from Phyllis that the lab results are in. Daisy finds out from a nurse that the results are in. Daniel lets Phyllis know that there is no way that he is the father of her baby. Jack joins Phyllis and Daniel to learn the DNA results. Nina joins Ronan to let him know about Murphy’s rehab. Nina and Ronan make plans to visit Murphy later. Heather joins them. Nina offers her condolences to Heather for her losing her job as assistant D.A. Ronan offers Heather encouragement that she will find another job.

Kevin defends Daisy and tells Chloe that the baby needs someone to care for it. Phyllis and Daniel arrive at the hospital. Lauren also arrives for the test results. A doctor tells the little group that Daniel is the baby girl’s father. Daniel refuses to make a future with Daisy and the baby and runs out of the room. Michael arranges for Daisy to be taken back to jail. Kevin and Chloe find out about the baby. Kevin decides to raise the baby for Daisy. Chloe insists that she will stand behind Kevin. Ronan lets Murphy know that Meggie was extradited to Alaska and she won’t be getting out of jail for a long time. Daniel tells Jack that he needs to run away from this situation. Kevin arrives and asks Daniel what he is going to do. Daniel visits Daisy. Heather finds out that Ronan is really sick.

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