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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall hurries downstairs to answer a phone call, but Zach stops her with a kiss. Erica barges in on them. Erica tells Zach and Kendall that that is what they get for giving her a key. Caleb stands at the Confusion bar. The bartender flips on the television and Caleb sees the interview that he had given regarding Cortlandt Electronics. At a Myoshi warehouse, Ryan and Greenlee snuggle together as they hide out from the police. They kiss. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Colby walks in on Asher. Colby and Asher are awkward around each other after their kiss. Asher bolts out of the room and meets Damon at the door. Colby confesses to Damon that Asher had kissed her. Damon wants to go after Asher, but Colby talks him out of it. Opal bumps into Asher at Krystal’s and welcomes him to the family. Caleb calls Erica and lets her know that they need to talk. Greenlee tells Ryan that she loves him just before he leaves to check on the whereabouts of Nick Pearson. Caleb explains to Erica that she is off the hook as far as Cortlandt Electronics are concerned. At the hotel, Ryan talks to a guard to tells Ryan that Nick is gone with no forwarding address. Kendall and Zach listen to the message from Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall urges Zach to go looking for Ryan and Greenlee.

Caleb and Erica discuss going to Washington to talk to the SEC. Erica decides to go on her own so that Caleb can take of things at home with Asher. Opal takes Asher to Wildwind and shows him a pic of Palmer over the fireplace. Opal tells Asher to listen to what Palmer has to say to him. Asher reads the letter again that palmer had written to him about his father. Caleb comes home and faces Asher. Zach leaves to look for Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan comes back to Myoshi to Greenlee. They kiss. The police sirens sound closer and closer. Ryan and Greenlee see the bright lights of the police cars just outside the door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope shows up at Oliver’s and wants to talk about their kiss. She states that she thought they could keep their relationship platonic, but after his two kisses she sees that won’t work. She hates to keep saying this, but she is with Liam now. He says maybe for now, but it could change in the future. He says he is not going anywhere. He still loves her. Thomas let himself in at Brooke’s house. He noticed Ridge’s car wasn’t there so thought she would be alone and he wanted to look in on her. He argues his case again why he made the stunt at the fashion show. Ridge comes home and Thomas wants Brooke to go upstairs and let him talk to his dad first and hopes to make him understand. Ridge tells him that he will hear him out in the morning and he doesn’t want to argue. Thomas says he doesn’t want Brooke just hanging out there. She was only supporting him, not corrupting him. Put this behind him as one stupid kiss isn’t the end of the world. Ridge goes upstairs and without talking to Brooke tells her that he is going to take a shower. She wants to talk, but can’t stop him.

Amber shows up at Oliver’s not long after Hope leaves. Oliver won’t let her in and tells her to get lost. She begs him to let her explain why she did what she did. She comes in and says she was a fool, but she wanted this shot with Nick so badly that she got tunnel vision. She thought L.A. was her home again, but she lost her job, her credibility and some incredible people along the way. She made one of the biggest mistakes she ever made in her life, but she thought she had the green light from Nick. Oliver says he can understand that. She kisses him and says she can’t believe she was such a jerk to someone as sweet as him. She’d like to spend the night. She doesn’t want to be alone and she doesn’t think he wants to either. She’ll be his friend or anything he wants her to be. Ridge tells Brooke that it’s been a long day; he wants to go to bed. She wants him to look at her. She lives to make him proud of her and she would never intentionally hurt him. She says this is their special place where nothing can touch them. He says he can not go through another scandal again. She kisses him and assures him this is the last scandal. He hesitates a moment but then leans her back on the bed and smothers her with kisses.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami shoved Nicole and she ended up passing out.  Carly gave Bo a file about the prison death.  Hope had a visitor.  It turned out to be Jennifer.  Sami thought that Nicole was dead when she wouldn't wake up.  Sydney started crying and Sami didn't know what to do.  Bo wanted to get the file Carly gave him to Hope.  Hope wanted to know why Jennifer was back.  Jennifer told her that she was back to get her out of prison.  Rafe came home and saw Nicole on the floor.  He wanted to know what was going on.  Sami told him that Nicole was dead.  Rafe told Sami to call 9-1-1.  He gave Nicole CPR and she woke up.  She said Sami tried to kill her.  Bo called the warden so he could see Hope.  The warden wouldn't let him see her since he saw her already.  The warden wanted to know if he wanted to leave a message.  He said he did.  Jennifer had a way to get her out of prison, but Hope wasn't interested.  She wanted to pay for her crime.  Jennifer said she was free to help her because the kids are away at school.  Hope wanted to know what happened to Jack.  Chad confronted Kate about the birth certificate.  Nicole wanted to press charges against Sami.  Rafe argued with her about no one caring what Sami did to her.  She told Rafe that she knew Sami shot EJ and was able to prove it.  She showed him the email she sent to Sami.  Bo wanted the warden to tell Hope that he's got new information on her case and Ciara was fine.  Bo had a feeling that the warden didn't trust him.  Carly wanted to move on to plan B.  The warden suspected that Hope told Bo about April's death.  The warden told Lee that they are going to have to keep Hope quiet if she starts talking.  Jennifer said Jack was off chasing an assignment so she's free to help Hope.  Chad accused Kate if sending him the birth certificate.  She denied it and told him it could be fake.  He thought she faked it for the same reason she helped him.  Stefano called Kate to find out where she was.  When she said she would be home later, Chad started talking.  Stefano overheard Chad talking and wanted to know who she was talking to.  Rafe threatened Nicole if she showed the proof to anyone.  Carly wanted to help Hope so she was going to see her.  Bo was worried about her.  Hope wanted Jennifer to come back to see her again.  

Kate warned Chad not to get on the wrong side of Stefano.  He didn't care about Stefano or the DiMeras.  The only thing he wanted to know was why he got the birth certificate.  He warned her that he was going to find out the truth.  Nicole warned Sami that the video would be out if Rafe kills her.  Rafe was willing to kill her if she didn't give him a reason not to do it.  Sami stood looking smug. Bo ran into Jennifer at the pub.  They talked about Hope and her family.  Hope had another visitor.  It was Carly.  The warden told Lee that Hope had another visitor.  She wanted to isolate Hope if she asks more questions about April.  Nicole wanted Sami to let her see Sydney.  She just wanted to be a part of Sydney's life.  In return, she wouldn't say a word to anyone.  Carly told Hope that she got information about Lee.  Kate warned Chad that Stefano is dangerous when he's conned.  She also said if it's true, he could take it out on him if he thinks that someone is after him.  Stefano wanted Marco (his henchman) to find out who shot him and handle the situation.  Rafe thought that Sami should let Nicole see Sydney.  Nicole begged Sami to let Sydney see her.  Rafe threatened to kill Nicole if she went back on her word.  Sami agreed to the terms. Rafe said they had to go slow so they wouldn't arouse suspicion.  Nicole reminded Sami that she's lucky to have a man like Rafe and then left the apartment.  Sami declared her love to Rafe.  Carly told Hope that Lee was a doctor who had her license revoked.  Hope told her that another inmate died even though she had a broken leg.  She died of a cardiac arrest.  Carly wondered if Lee had something to do with it and Hope thought she did.  Chad called Stefano, but didn't say anything.  Sami was upset that Nicole gets to see Sydney.  Rafe told her that it was better to agree since it will keep Nicole off her back and EJ away from the kids.  Carly told Hope that Bo wants her to be careful.  Hope wanted to know how Bo was.  Carly told her that he isn't doing well with her in prison. Bo noticed that Jennifer was acting strange and wanted to know what was going on.  Nicole had a fantasy about Sydney going to college and not having a good relationship with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin wakes up and screams when she sees Lisa in her room with a needle. Lisa tells them the needle contains medication for the patient in the next room, but Steve tests the contents of the syringe anyway and finds that Lisa is telling the truth. Lisa says Robin has created a hostile environment and that she is going to the board with her grievance because they can't both continue to work at the hospital. Steve relays Lisa's threat to Patrick. Patrick then tells Robin about it. Brenda goes to General Hospital to see Robin and suggests that she shouldnít let Lisa goad her. Brenda meets Spencer at the concierge and they bond over riding horses.

Olivia warns Johnny that Carly is using him to make Jax jealous. She then tells Jax about it. Jax tells her that he thinks it has something to do with digging up something on Brenda and that they can't do anything to stop them. Johnny introduces him to a man named Brad that was on the force with Dante in 1997. Carly asks him what he knows about Dante and Brenda Barrett. He tells her that they were guarding Brenda because a man with ties to organized crime in Europe was stalking her. He says Dante volunteered for double shifts and spent time inside the suite instead of outside, in the hallway. Brad says Dante did not deny it when he asked if he and Brenda were sleeping together.

Sonny breaks up with Claire because he doesnít want to be the cause of any more career trouble for her. Sonny admits to Jason that he is going to miss Claire. Sonny asks Jason what is going on with the Balkan. Jason says he knows why the Balkan is after Brenda but that Brenda asked him not to tell anyone. Brenda asks Lulu who told her that Dante had guarded her in the past if Dante didnít tell her. Lulu tells her she saw a picture. Brenda hopes Lulu isnít uncomfortable. Brenda tells Lulu about her relationship with Sonny. Lulu starts packing her things that she has at Dante's place, but Dante convinces her that he only has eyes for her. Jason and Dante discuss the Balkan coming after Brenda again to avenge his son's death. Jason asks Dante if anything happened between him and Brenda. Dante tells him about Aleksander's death. They begin to formulate a plan of how to handle the Balkan without endangering Brenda or risk exposing Dante's involvement when Brenda shot the Balkan's son. Jason suggests that Dante should talk to Brenda and make sure their stories are consistent. When Dante goes to talk to Brenda about their stories, he tells her that more than just Aleksander connect them. She tells him that they are not and that she doesnít want to discuss the baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

James goes to see Starr. When she sees him, she kisses him and tells him she wants him to make love to her. But he pulls away from her and tells her he knows that now is not the right time for that. She is distraught after having hers' and her little ones lives threatened and from having the father of her child sent to prison after shooting a man. She is not thinking clearly and he doesn't want to take advantage of her while she's in this state of mind. But at that point, she tells him she never wants to see him again. Cole was the love of her life. She had him and baby Hope and Langston and Markko as their best friends. She had a family and a good life. Now she has nothing. And he can't give her what she once had. But she apologizes to him knowing she did not mean that and tells him he deserves better than this big mess she is in. At Todd's party, a lot of things are happening. After Clint has threatened to send Rex to prison for committing corporate espionage the time he caught Rex in his office if Echo tells Rex that she and Clint are his parents., Echo knows she better not carry out her threat to tell Rex. Viki and Charlie demand to know what she knows about Rex's true parents. And she knows she better not answer. Robert wants to get Langston back although Dorian threatens to have her "men" break his bones if he comes near her daughter again. At that point, Langston assumes and accuses Dorian of having Robert assaulted. But they both clarify to her that Dorian did not do it. Marty has found the evidence from the Ob-Gyn clinic that Natalie is keeping a secret that John may not be the father of her baby. But John convinces her not to carry out her spiteful action. She goes home but realizes she can't let Natalie get away with what she did to Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Phyllis discuss the paternity tests being just another plan of Daisy’s. Gloria tells Adam that Gloworm is for new beginnings and she is glad that he is there. Skye walks in and tells Adam that she doesn’t take his outburst seriously. Adam tells Skye that she is dead serious. Sharon hesitates concerning Nick’s marriage proposal. Tucker and Ashley prepare to go to Abby’s birthday party. Jack arrives at Victoria’s and wishes Abby “Happy Birthday.” Victoria lets Abby know that Victor has to turn over his accounting records to Vance. Vance tells Victor that his financial records were released to him. Victor refuses to turn over financial records and orders Security called. Abby tells Victoria that she wants out of this lawsuit. Nick gives Sharon an engagement ring that they had when they were teenagers. Sharon accepts Nick’s proposal. Nick lets Phyllis know that he and Sharon are getting married. Sharon runs into Adam and informs him that she and Nick are engaged. Tucker surprises Abby with her horse, Pericles. Ashley doesn’t approve of Tucker giving Abby such an expensive gift. Adam quits at Gloworm. Victor arrives for Abby’s birthday party, which doesn’t sit well with anyone except Abby. Adam comes home to Skye and wants to make lots of money. Phyllis lets Jack know about Nick and Sharon getting married.

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