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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the hotel in Los Angeles, but they quickly hide when they hear someone coming. At home, Zach wakes Kendall with kisses. Brot and Natalia argue over her walking out on him at dinner. Frankie bumps into Madison at Krystal’s. Madison, mistakenly, calls him Ryan. Ryan breaks into a hotel room so that Greenlee will have a place to hide. Frankie urges Madison to get over Ryan. Frankie introduces Madison to Logan, who is a friend of his from the hospital. Ryan and Greenlee lie down on the bed and talk about his feelings for Madison. Ryan tells Greenlee that he broke up with Madison because he had feelings for someone else. The guard pounds on the door and lets Ryan and Greenlee know that he knows who they are. Greenlee quickly hides as Ryan deals with the guard. In trying to escape over a railing, Greenlee loses her footing and falls, knocking herself unconscious. Ryan pretends to be from the FBI so that the guard will help him to find Nick Pearson. Ryan goes looking for Greenlee and finds her unconscious. Zach and Kendall reminisce about their lives together. Jesse referees the fight between Brot and Natalia. Jesse accuses Natalia of being married to her work. In order to prove Jesse wrong, Natalia kisses Brot. Zach signs the final papers for selling the casino. Ryan confesses to Greenlee that he loves her. At the hospital, Frankie asks Madison how it went with Logan, but she admits that Logan is not Ryan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke knocks on the bedroom door, but Stephanie keeps Ridge away from her. Hope talks to Thomas and asks if she is a terrible person. She pushed the Hope line in front of his and she kissed the wrong person. He admits there is a lot of that going around. Hope is shocked that Brooke went along with this. Eric tells Brooke that she needs to retire the word mistake from her vocabulary. It isn’t going to serve her well this time. Stephanie shows Ridge the situation on the internet and it’s obvious that Brooke did not reject Thomas; she let it happen. It keeps happening over and over with Brooke. Ridge says he knows it was in bad taste, but it was just a stunt.

Thomas justifies the Brooke kiss as something he had to do to get the attention of the press. He didn’t give any thought at all of what this would do to his dad or his marriage. He thought he would understand. Stephanie comes out of her room and joins Brooke and Eric downstairs. She tells Brooke that she feels so betrayed all over again. Brooke begs Ridge to go home. She thinks maybe it is just Stephanie’s medication talking. He hesitates and says she will be home later. Thomas tells Hope there is no bus here. Brooke will be okay. She is the one person who does understand. It was only shocking if everyone had her past history in their head. It was not personal and it was not a spectacle. Stephanie settles into bed and tells Ridge not to leave her. He can even stay in his old room or the guest house. He declines as Stephanie continues how Brooke never knows right from wrong. No matter what she does, she always manages to turn everything around and find her way out of things no matter how bad they are. Brooke waits at home and is expecting Ridge. Finally she decides to go upstairs when the door opens and she comes face to face with Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie continued to help Chloe deliver her baby.  Caroline didn't want Stephanie to tell the truth about the baby.  Stephanie thought the truth would come out eventually.  Caroline thought that would be on Daniel and Chloe.  She also warned Stephanie that Melanie would get what she wants if Stephanie told the truth.  Brady was concerned that Rafe only worried about Arianna's camera instead of the rest of her things.  He thought it had to do with EJ wanting the proof about the shooting.  EJ also happened to show up at the mansion.  Nicole went to see Sami so she could see Sydney.  Sami refused to let her see Sydney.  Nicole dropped the bomb on Sami that she knew Sami shot EJ.  EJ told Brady that he and Rafe were at the mansion for the same reason.  Nicole told Sami to check her email.  She sent her an email video of her confession.  Daniel and Philip  showed up at the cabin.  Daniel helped Melanie deliver the baby.  Stephanie wondered if Caroline could live with keeping Philip from his child.  Caroline recapped about what Philip did with Pocket.  Stephanie made up her mind and called Roman to meet her.  Nicole told Sami that she found Arianna's camera in Arianna's things.  Sami dumped out Nicole's purse so she wouldn't show the proof to anyone else.  Daniel wanted to take Chloe and the baby to the hospital.  Caroline was going to go with Stephanie to meet Roman.  Caroline was a little too willing to go.  roman was at the hospital with Nathan and congratulated him on his engagement.  He also told him that he was meeting Stephanie there.  Nathan didn't know about it.  EJ said he wanted a copy of Arianna's will so he could have something to remember her.  Brady told him to talk to Justin about it.  EJ agreed and left.  Brady noticed Rafe's reaction when EJ mentioned the tape.  He asked Rafe if Sami shot EJ.  Sami wanted to know where Nicole had the camera.  Nicole said it was on cyberspace so everyone could see it.  She wanted to make a deal with Sami in order to keep the confession from getting out.

Daniel told Chloe that the baby was okay.  She realized that they didn't pick out a name for the baby.  She asked Melanie if she wanted to hold the baby.  Melanie bonded with the baby.  Rafe tried to deny that Sami shot EJ, but Brady didn't buy it.  He hoped that the proof was gone.  Sami wondered why Nicole didn't bury her with the truth.  Nicole said it was because she shot EJ.  Sami realized that EJ treated her badly.  Nicole recapped about her pregnancy.  Sami thought Nicole didn't want to tell EJ and wanted to know what she wanted.  Nicole said Sydney.  Stephanie and Caroline were at the hospital.  Stephanie decided not to tell Roman that Caroline switched the results.  She decided to take the blame.  Caroline intimated that she switched the results because she didn't want the baby raised in the Kiriakis mansion.  While they were talking, Nathan, Daniel, Chloe, Philip, and Melanie showed up.  Nicole wanted to be Sydney's godmother. She thought she was good to her when she was raising her.  Sami reminded Nicole that Nicole is not her mother.  Nicole told Sami that she was a great mother to Sydney.  She said Sydney was the only child she would ever have.  Nicole wanted to come up with an arrangement or else Sami would see Sydney on visiting day.  When Sydney woke up from her nap, Nicole offered to check on her.  Stephanie wanted to know what happened with the baby. Melanie and Philip told her that Chloe went into labor at the cabin.  Rafe told Brady that EJ was blowing smoke about Sami shooting him.  Brady hoped that EJ wouldn't find the proof that she did shoot him.  Rafe said Sami didn't shoot EJ because she was with him all night.  Sami refused to let Nicole see Sydney.  Nicole decided to sell Sami out since she wouldn't let her see Sydney.  Chloe wanted to thank Melanie for what she did, but Melanie didn't want to hear it.  Melanie decided that she didn't want to say anything to Daniel about her affair because they baby deserved to have two parents.  Philip bonded with the baby while Stephanie and Caroline watched.  Sami stopped Nicole from leaving so she could talk to her.  Nicole told her that she only wanted to spend a little time with Sydney.  Sami thought it wouldn't work, but Nicole had a better idea.  She said Sami noticed a change in Nicole so she could spend time with Sydney.  Sami thought she would be stuck doing whatever she wanted for the rest of her life as long as she had the tape.  Nicole told her that she would have her freedom, but Sami didn't want to be blackmailed by her.  When Nicole was about to leave again, Sami stopped her again.  Daniel wanted to name the baby Parker after his mother's maiden name.  Philip told Melanie that he was ready to be a father.  Caroline asked Stephanie if she were ready to tell the truth.  Roman interrupted the conversation.  Stephanie decided not to say anything. Caroline told her she did the right thing.  Stephanie thought she did the right thing for now.  Brady was worried about what EJ would do to find the proof.  Sami shoved Nicole and Nicole ended up hitting her head on a table and passed out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny is released from jail. Ronnie tells him that Internal Affairs is investigating Claire and that she will probably lose her career because of Sonny. Sonny asks Dante to intervene on Claire's behalf. Sonny tells Claire that he is going to stay away from her so that he can’t cause her any more trouble. Jax tells Johnny that Carly is only flirting with him to get attention because Brenda is in town. He says he doesn’t want her to be a casualty of Johnny's mob business and asks Johnny to turn it down a notch. Olivia tells Carly that she saw her having dinner with Johnny and asks her to pick another guy to use to make Jax jealous. Carly and Johnny wonder what the connection between Brenda and Dante is. Sam asks Brenda what secret Jason is keeping for her, but Brenda doesn’t want to tell her secret. Spinelli admits to Brenda that he wants Maxie back. Dante tells Michael that he lied to Lulu about how he knows Brenda. Lulu asks Michael what Dante said. Brenda goes to visit Dante, but he is not home. Lulu invites her in and asks her if she remembers Dante guarding her a few years before.

Robin is recovering in the hospital. Mac comes in with the arson report showing that a candle was the source of the fire. Maxie thinks she left the candle burning. Robin has a nightmare that she is being taken to Shady Brook. She awakens to see Lisa standing over her with a hypodermic needle. In Las Vegas, the reverend tries to help Ethan, Maya, Luke, and Tracy, remember how Ethan and Maya ended up married instead of Luke and Tracy.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Phyllis that he will replace her laptop that Kyle dropped coffee on. When Jack asks her about Daniel, Phyllis says they are awaiting the DNA results on Daisy’s baby. A man demands that Diane pay her hotel bill because her credit card was declined. Blake calls Cane for another paycheck from Tucker. Tucker gets an e-mail from James Collier but still demands to see him. Heather walks in to Gloworm and sees Adam tending bar. Heather and Adam hurl insults at each other. When Paul walks in to join Heather for lunch, she asks if they can go somewhere else. Skye arrives to tell Adam about a meeting that she is having with Tom Cassidy. Nick fixes himself and Sharon breakfast of pineapple and pecan pancakes. Jack joins Diane and tells her that he wants to foot the bill for Kyle’s school. Diane is hesitant, at first, but then agrees. Paul asks Heather what Adam is up to. Skye threatens to expose Adam’s past indiscretions, but he doesn’t fall for her line.

Cane and Tucker are having a discussion about James’ report. Blake walks in and says he is James Collier. James is nothing like Tucker pictured him. Sharon asks Nick to move in with her and he accepts. Diane confronts Phyllis about the article she wrote in “Restless Style.’ Jack intervenes to keep Diane from scratching Phyllis’ eyes out. James arrives at Lily’s and Cane’s to celebrate him and Cane working together. Cane demands that Blake stay away from his family. Adam tells Skye to tell Spencer what she has on him, but Skye is tight lipped about everything. Spencer lets them know that he is not re-opening any of Pomerantz’s old cases. Adam ends everything with Skye. Nick asks Sharon to marry him, again. Spencer fires Heather as assistant D.A. for taking contributions from Victor Newman.

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