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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Ryan’s condo, Zach asks Kendall how she could possibly want to jeopardize the boys' safety by helping Ryan and Greenlee skip town. At the Chandler mansion, in the living room, Colby and Asher kiss. Colby pulls away and asks Asher what does he think that he is doing. At Wildwind, Caleb asks Erica as to what kind of man he is for allowing this to happen. Caleb promises Erica that he will get the company back. At Krystal’s, Marissa and Bianca have a talk about J.R. and what he had done in getting A.J. back. J.R. walks in to get A.J. a pot pie. Marissa confronts him for what he is doing. J.R. asks Marissa to drop the custody case. Colby reprimands Asher for kissing her by telling him that they are on opposite sides of this problem. Ryan and Greenlee leave the condo to look for Pearson. Damon walks in on Colby and Asher and wants to know what is going on. Colby tells him that Asher had confronted Caleb. Ryan and Greenlee ask Erica for help. Caleb visits J.R. at the Chandler mansion and threatens to burn down the mansion as he had 20 years ago. J.R. questions him as to what he means.

Erica lets Jack know that she had given Ryan and Greenlee help in leaving town. Jack accuses Erica of wanting Greenlee out of his life. Erica tries to defend her actions. J.R. questions Asher if he knows anything about Caleb and arson. Asher denies knowing anything. J.R. tells Asher what Caleb had said about wanting to burn down the Chandler mansion. Greenlee has second thoughts about leaving town. Caleb tells Marissa to get herself another lawyer. Colby and Damon make plans to go skiing, but her mind is on Asher’s kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke argues that it’s happened and all they can do now is accept it and move past it. Thomas had to do this to get the attention of the press. Brooke doesn’t believe Thomas meant to hurt him or get back at him for anything. What really frightens her is that Ridge is buying into Taylor’s version of her as seductress. He can’t understand why these things keep happening to Brooke. Taylor rants to Thomas and claims that she knows Brooke would go along with his stunt. Brooke didn’t care; she would go along with anything. Taylor is worried about Thomas, but he won’t let her turn this back to being Brook’s fault. Stephanie is so disappointed in Brooke. She thought they had shared so much these last few weeks and there was some hope for her, but leopards can not change their spots. She calls Ridge and he says he will be over. Brooke wants to go, but he tells her that is not a good idea right now. He needs time to clear his mind.

Taylor catches Brooke and won't let her leave the office. Taylor rails at her for being behind the kiss and not knowing right from wrong. Once again she is behind a Forrester scandal. She should not have been working with Thomas in the first place. Ridge tells Stephanie that Thomas doesn’t see this as anything wrong and Brooke just thinks she was helping Thomas make a name for himself. Stephanie shows Ridge what is on the internet and what the world is thinking and saying about it. Brooke calls and insists she can not let Ridge go through this alone and she is coming over. Eric tells her to calm down and take a deep breath. She just hopes this is not going to change things between her and Stephanie. She finds that Stephanie has locked the door and she begs both of them to open it and just listen to her and forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe went into labor while Melanie was talking to Daniel.  Chloe ended up breaking Melanie's phone.  Victor and Philip were about to open the coffin when Vivian stopped them.  Stefano was aware that EJ had men dragging the sewers for proof that Sami shot him.  Stefano asked EJ what he would do if Sami didn't shoot him.  Nicole watched Sami's confession on camera.  She wondered what she was supposed to do with it.  Stefano was furious with EJ for wasting time looking for the proof.  He was ready to move on to plan B.  EJ wanted to know what it was, but Stefano wanted to handle it himself.  Brady walked in while Nicole was watching the confession and wanted to know what she was doing.  Melanie didn't believe that Chloe was going into labor.  She was also able to fix the phone.  She started talking to Daniel again when Chloe's water broke.  Vivian told Victor not to look at her right away.  Victor wanted to know why, but Vivian said she didn't look her best.  It was enough for Victor to believe it.  Maggie was upset that Victor was leaving.  Rafe wanted to marry Sami right away.  He wanted to go to City Hall and get the license.  Sami blamed herself for Arianna's death, but Rafe stopped her.  Brady wanted to know if Nicole was going through Arianna's things.  Nicole admitted she looked through them.  Rafe called Brady to ask if Arianna had a camera with her things.  While Brady was talking to Rafe, Nicole put the camera in her bag.  Vivian spoke to Maggie.  Maggie wanted to know what Vivian was going to do with her.  Brady invited Rafe over to look through Arianna's things.  Rafe agreed to go to later.  He assured Sami that the camera wasn't with Arianna's things.  Nicole that Arianna had proof about EJ's shooting.  He also didn't blame Sami if she shot EJ.  Stefano wanted to know if EJ's willing to do anything to get his children back.  Melanie told Daniel that Chloe was in labor.  Daniel said he would be there when he could.  Melanie told him that she took the last ferry and Chloe's water broke.  Daniel wanted to talk to Chloe.  He told her he would be at the cabin soon.  Melanie apologized to Chloe.  Chloe wanted to know if she ever delivered a baby before.  She didn't, but she assisted.

Philip was at the hospital for a meeting and found out that Chloe was in labor and Melanie was with her.  Philip wanted to take Daniel to the cabin on his boat.  Victor told Brady that they won't have any contact with Vivian anymore.  He didn't want to risk anyone else finding out about her.  Vivian told Maggie that everyone would think she went on her cruise to explain her absence.  EJ refused Stefano's help.  He wanted to handle it.  Nicole believed that since she got a second chance with Brady, that she could have a second chance with Sydney.  Sami was worried that the camera would turn up somehow despite Rafe's protection.  Sami gave Rafe the rundown about shooting EJ.  She wanted Rafe to know that bad things happen to her.  Rafe didn't care about that because he loves her.  Nicole thought things would be over for Sami if she put the proof on the news.  She knew EJ wouldn't get Sydney because he's a kidnapper.  Melanie let Daniel know that Chloe's baby wasn't going to wait until he got to the cabin.  Sami and Rafe made love.  While they were making love, Rafe assured Sami that Arianna would want them to get married and it wasn't too soon to get married.  Victor got a call and found out that Vivian's servant got away from the guards.  He thought that he would let Vivian out of the coffin.  Victor and Brady went to the mausoleum.  Vivian told Maggie about her plan to put Maggie in the sarcophagus.  Melanie couldn't get a signal on her phone.  Melanie told Chloe to push and she saw the head.  She noticed something wrong.  Rafe went to check out the rest of Arianna's things.  Nicole showed up at the apartment when Rafe left. Victor found out that Gus was out of the country so he and Brady didn't find Maggie in the coffin.  Vivian was afraid that Victor would find out Gus escaped.  He said he covered his bases.  Stefano wanted Marco to go ahead with the assignment they discussed.  Nicole wanted to check on Sydney and wanted Sami to let her be a part of her life.  Melanie said the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck.  She also said the baby's heard was blue from lack of oxygen.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya wake up in a Las Vegas hotel room; they are dressed in ridiculous costumes. Tracy wonders if they were drugged. Luke finds a marriage certificate claiming that Ethan and Maya got married last night. Ethan and Maya think that the document is fake. Ethan figures he can get his green card if the marriage is legit; Maya hates the idea. The minister is summoned to the hotel room. He confirms that Ethan and Maya are legally wed. Lucky finds Siobhan packing for Ireland. Lucky begs Siobhan to stay in Port Charles until the Balkan is found. Siobhan agrees to stay but she wants to get a job. Nikolas shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Nikolas relays to Lucky that he told Laura about Mac’s house fire. Lucky wants Nik’s opinion on his blossoming relationship with Siobhan. Nikolas thinks that Lucky’s fling with Siobhan is a rebound romance. Siobhan walks into Jake’s and asks Coleman for a bartending job. Coleman hires Siobhan on the spot. Maxie meets Siobhan; she talks about working at Crimson. Maxie is shocked to find out that Siobhan is dating Lucky. Lucky reminisces about Siobhan. Maxie badmouths Siobhan to Lucky. Lucky visits Siobhan at Jake’s. They flirt with each other.

Carly asks John for a favor. Carly is looking for Brad Norman, an ex-cop who helped guard Brenda in 2007. Carly figures that Norman might shed some light on Brenda and Dante’s secret. Carly knows that Norman is an employee at one of Johnny’s businesses; she asks him for a meeting with Norman. Reluctantly, Johnny agrees to help. Jason tells Dante that Brenda told him the truth about Alexander. Jason wonders why Dante covered for Brenda in 2007. Jax wants Olivia to ask Dante about Brenda. Olivia refuses to get involved. Jax says that it’s hard for him to be around Brenda. Sam questions Dante about what happened at the bluffs. Dante doesn’t tell Sam about Brenda’s secret. Sam urges Dante to get more police protection for Brenda. Jason asks Suzanne when she first met Brenda. Suzanne says that Brenda was sick for a week in 2007. Suzanne admits that she doesn’t know Brenda that well. Olivia shows up at Johnny’s apartment; she wants to make dinner for him. They agree to meet up later after running errands. Carly wants to tell Jax what she learned about Brenda but he isn’t interested. They share a kiss. Carly and Johnny meet at the MetroCourt bar. Olivia overhears them talking about Dante and Brenda. Johnny insists he will be escorting Carly to the meeting with Norman. Jason tells Sam that there is a connection between Brenda and the Balkan but refuses to divulge the information. Dante thinks back to a memory of Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Kelly accidentally goes into the men's steam room and the door sticks, leaving her trapped inside alone with Rex. Rex confides to Kelly that he mentioned to Adrianna that he and Gigi aren't having sex and that Adrianna told Gigi about it. Rex and Kelly decide to go to Todd & Tea's party together since neither of them has dates. In Paris, Adrianna chides Gigi about her dry spell. Gigi punches Adrianna. Adrianna tells Layla and Cris that she and Layla have to go to Milan tonight. Cris invites Gigi to go to dinner with him since he has reservations and Layla won't be able to go.

James and Robert Ford want to get their father, Eddie out of their apartment. Ford assures James that their father can no longer hurt them the way he did when they were little. Inez and Nate stop by. James and Bobby try to rush them off but Eddie sees them and thinks Nate is Inez's latest boyfriend. Inez reveals that Nate is their son. She tells him that none of her boys will ever have to survive him again and tells Bobby and James to come with her. They go into the hallway where Bobby and James say they have to stay but they beg Nate and Inez to stay away. Inez says she can't do that.

John asks Natalie if she had an amniocentesis. He is angry that she didn’t discuss it with him first. She is angry that Marty is following her around and reporting to John. Brody tells John to calm down and John tells Brody to butt out. Natalie tells John she was going to tell John as soon as she got the results. He wants to know if he has something to be worried about. She tells him she just wanted to make sure the baby is ok. John goes to Llanfair to pick up Cole to take him to Statesville. Cole breaks up with Starr because he is going to jail for 10 years. She says she will wait for him, and that she won't let him break them up. Markko says goodbye to Langston before going back to L.A.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Cane, Lily and Neil bring the twins back home. Cane remembers his talk with Blake about the money. Lily notices that Cane is distant and wonders what is on his mind. Tucker asks Sofia about why they are paying James Collier such a hefty amount of money. Sofia explains that James is consulting on the biofuel project. Tucker demands to talk to Cane about James Collier. At home, Victoria and Delia play dolls. Billy finds out that Chloe spent the night in jail. Chloe and Kevin wake up in jail. Kevin thanks Chloe for being there for him. At Gloworm, Gloria and Jeff wonder where Kevin is. Michael lets Lauren know that Daisy is still in the hospital, handcuffed to her bed. Gloria calls Michael and informs him that Kevin was arrested for being a bookie. Jana arrives at Lauren’s to help with the case against Daisy. Tucker tells Cane that he wants to see James Collier. Heather questions Kevin about Hogan, but Kevin doesn’t divulge any information. Hogan arrives at Gloworm to question Jeffrey about his $10,000. Billy confronts Chloe about being locked up in jail all night. Kevin asks Heather to let Chloe go. Michael realizes that they have no case against Kevin and Chloe and they are released. Jana finds out that Daniel is the father of Daisy’s baby. Cane arrives home to find Blake there with Lily. Lauren and Jana decide to testify against Daisy. Kevin visits Daisy and offers her his help. Cane tells Blake that Tucker is demanding to see James Collier. Cane threatens to kill Blake if he doesn’t stay away from Lily and the children. Jana visits Daisy who tries to get her not to testify against her in court because that will cause Jana to get back with Kevin. Chloe arrives at Billy’s to pick up Delia.

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