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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan arrives at the Slaters' and finds Greenlee heading out the door. Ryan asks Greenlee to accompany him so he can find her a safe place to hide until he finds Pearson. At Chandler Enterprises, Asher confronts Caleb about Caleb, who had killed his Mother. At Wildwind, Kendall is on the phone when Zach comes in. Zach and Kendall begin to discuss Thanksgiving. Greenlee insists that they find Nick Pearson together. Erica pulls John aside and persuades him to quit filming this outburst between Asher and Caleb. John does as she asks. Ryan refuses to put Greenlee at risk by letting her accompany him. At Confusion, jack watches Erica telling John that she will give him an exclusive interview if he will only drop this about Caleb. Jack confronts Erica about her talk with John. Erica lets Jack know Asher is Caleb’s son. Asher lets Caleb know that he will not allow him to get away with murder. Caleb doesn’t deny Asher’s accusations. Greenlee meets Jack at Confusion and lets him know how much she appreciates him and loves him. Liza listens to their talk. Liza walks in to Krystal’s and sees Zach with his boys. Liza begins making insulting remarks about Greenlee. Zach pulls Liza aside and tells her not to make threats against him. Asher arrives home to Wildwind and finds Erica waiting for him. Erica wants to know about Asher.

Erica encourages Caleb to tell Asher the truth. Caleb lets Erica know that Asher is not entirely wrong about him. Liza listens when Greenlee asks him what if they could find Nick Pearson. Ryan calls Kendall to come to the condo so he can talk to her. Annie stops by Chandler Enterprises to check on J.R. when she also gets a call from Ryan. Ryan tells Annie and Kendall that he is going out of town and wants to make sure that Emma and Spike will be taken care of. Kendall volunteers to help Ryan and Greenlee get out of town when Zach arrives at the door. Colby and Asher kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The audience is frozen in shock at the fashion showing. Taylor can’t believe what she just saw. Ridge too can’t believe his son kissed his wife. Eric does damage control and thanks the reporters for coming. Ridge and Taylor rush backstage for an explanation. She puts the blame on Brooke although Thomas says she didn’t have a clue what he was going to do. Whip tells them that he thinks he gave Thomas the germ of an idea about a publicity stunt. Ridge tells Thomas that he should have discussed this with him first. The kiss is going to be first page news all the way. Thomas thinks he had to wake them up and this is no big deal. He wants it to be the talk of the industry. The men’s line will sell like gangbusters. Eric says he won’t blame Whip for his grandson’s bad judgment. Stephanie entertains Dayzee in her home and even offers her a job. Thomas is sorry his dad is so freaked out. He thought his dad would understand. Ridge says it was so misdirected and now every member of Forrester will be under scrutiny for what Thomas has done. Eric returns home and Stephanie tells him that he just missed Dayzee. She wants to hear about the fashion show and is dumbfounded when he tells her about the kiss. She can’t believe Brooke is in the middle of another scandal and Ridge is caught up in it again.

Thomas justifies the kiss to his mother. It was killing him to see all his hard work go down the drain and he did what he thought had to be done to get noticed, simple as that. And it worked. He wishes his mother would quit trying to be a shrink. He was not acting out just because she gave his little sister all the shares. He made a name for himself today and he doesn’t regret it. Ridge tells Brooke that the press is having a feeding frenzy. She tells him that she was just as surprised as Ridge was with what Thomas did. Ridge knows they can’t take it back now, but points out that she did allow it. She agrees that Thomas took a big risk and she just happened to be there. It was just a publicity kiss and it will all blow over. Ridge doesn’t understand why it all keeps happening and now with his own son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie recapped to herself about how she ended up in the coffin.  Gus warned Vivian that Victor would get back at her for putting Maggie in the coffin.  Melanie wanted Chloe to meet her at the pier so she could talk to her.  Daniel wanted to know what Melanie was up to.  She wanted to tell the truth.  Brady didnít feel right taking Ariannaís things so EJ offered to take it.  Sami jumped up and took the box from EJ.  Sami was upset with EJ for trying to take over Ariannaís estate.  EJ said he was the only one Arianna trusted as opposed to Rafe.  Victor turned on the monitor so he and Philip could check on Vivian.  He was surprised at what he saw on the screen.  Vivian wanted to be excited over her plan to keep Maggie in the coffin, but Gus talked her out of it.  She decided to leave the mausoleum before Victor found out she was out.  The monitor that Victor was looking at didnít work.  Justin told everyone that Ariannaís box had legal papers in it.  Roman came back to the pub to tell Rafe that there was a break in Ariannaís case.  There was a witness who came forward and Roman thought it could be useful.  Justin had to leave the pub so he gave Brady the key to Ariannaís safe deposit box.  Nicole wanted Brady to wait to deal with it, but Brady wanted to honor Ariannaís last wishes.  Chloe was late to meet Melanie, which upset her.  Chloe wanted Melanie to help name the baby, but Melanie was furious.  They ended up arguing over Chloeís affair.  Melanie told Chloe she was telling Daniel the whole truth.  When Vivian and Gus were at a hotel, Gus was worried that the plan could go wrong.  Rafe spoke to the witness.  Lexie congratulated Daniel on his marriage since she and Abe didnít make it to the wedding.  Daniel and Lexie talked about Melanie and Chloe not getting along.  Chloe didnít want Melanie to tell the truth because it would hurt Daniel.  Melanie didnít want to keep the truth from him.  Melanie gave Chloe time to come clean on her own.  Chloe warned Melanie that the truth could destroy her too.  Victor spoke in the earpiece and was able to talk to Vivian.  Vivian said the audio connection was directed to her so she could keep up her act.  She was also able to talk to Maggie.  Maggie told Vivian that she wouldnít tell Victor that Vivian put her in the coffin.  Vivian didnít take the bait and told her that her life is in Victorís hands.

Melanie wanted to know if Chloe was threatening her.  Chloe denied she was and said that Daniel would hate her for keeping the secret from him.  Melanie was willing to take the chance.  Chloe didnít want the truth to come out and wasnít going to let it come out.  The witness remembered that the license plate was from Illinois.  EJ showed up at the police station and the witness remembered him.  He wanted EJ to stay because he needed closure and was nice to Arianna.  The witness remembered a little more each day.  Vivian told Maggie that she could get out of the coffin if Victor doesnít decide to let her die.  She also told her that she planned on burying Maggie and that sheís going to make Victor pay for what he did to her.  When Victor and Philip couldnít get the monitor to work, Philip suggested that they go to the mausoleum to check things out.  When Daniel and Lexie walked away from each other, Chloe grabbed Maggieís keys from the nursesí station.  Maggie wanted to know what Vivian was going to do to Victor, but Vivian hung up.  When Philip and Victor got to the mausoleum, Philip thought everything looked okay.  Victor was suspicious.  Maggie wanted to warn Victor about Vivian.  She turned on the monitor and saw them in there.  The writers said that he saw a small object fall out of the purse when she was hit.  While Melanie was at the Horton cabin, she told herself that Daniel needed to know the truth.  When she heard the door open, she thought Daniel was there.  It turned out to be Chloe.  Chloe got Maggieís keys and threw them away.  She wanted to talk Melanie out of telling the truth.  Melanie wanted to call Daniel and let him know how crazy Chloe is.  When the writers left the police station, EJ taunted Sami with the proof being found.  Nicole looked through Ariannaís things and found the camera.  Vivian wanted to make sure that Maggie wouldnít be found.  Victor wanted to place a guard outside of the mausoleum just in case.  Victor wanted to see Vivianís face.  Philip suggested that they look in the coffin.  Melanie got through to Daniel, but Chloe went into labor.  EJ warned Sami that he was going to find the evidence.  Rafe tried to convince Sami that her problems were over.  Nicole played the camera and saw Samiís confession.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin learns that she has an infection caused by her leg injury. Patrick plans on sticking by Robin no matter what. Patrick wants to change his work schedule so he can spend more time with Robin. Robin isnít hopeful about her future with Patrick. Patrick tells Robin that heís in therapy now. Robin wants to concentrate on her recovery not her marriage. Patrick starts crying in private. Robin has flashbacks of her history with Patrick. Maxie and Matt ask Patrick about Robin. Maxie figures that Robin will come around and realize she loves Patrick. Maxie checks in on Robin. Maxie urges Robin to forgive Patrick. Robin fears that Patrick might cheat again. Maya scolds Luke for drinking. Luke pretends to be sick to win Tracyís sympathy. Ethan announces that Luke faked his heart attack. Tracy is horrified by Ethanís revelation. Maya criticizes Ethan for coming clean. Tracy is mad that Luke faked his illness. Maya and Ethan swear that Luke loves Tracy. Tracy wants a prenup before she weds Luke. Tracy laughs at Luke’s idea to elope in Vegas. Luke asks Ethan and Maya to accompany them. Tracy and Maya reluctantly agree to go to Vegas.

Claire tells Sonny that she is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Sonny worries that Claire will be disbarred. Sonny apologizes to Claire for the situation with Brenda. Diane tells Sonny that he will be released soon. Diane wants Sonny to tell her everything about the car bombing. Diane promises to protect Sonny’s rights but voices her opinion about Claire. Diane thinks it is best for Sonny to avoid Claire. Diane and Sonny butt heads about Claire. Claire informs Alexis that the charges against Sonny will be dropped. Alexis advises Claire to leave town as soon as possible. Lulu is shocked that Dante guarded Brenda in 2007. Spinelli shows Lulu a picture of Dante and Brenda. Carly takes joy in Lulu’s emotional pain. Dante shoots at one of the Balkan’s men. Brenda freaks out during the shootout. All of the Balkan’s goons are killed. Dante grabs the men’s cell phones. Jason is irritated that Dante didn’t hold fire. Jason and Dante argue about the meeting. Lucky wants to notify the police. Jason brings Brenda and Siobhan back to the penthouse. Lucky senses something is off with Brenda. Cops arrive on the scene. Mac questions Lucky and Dante about the four dead men. Mac demands to have the Balkan found as soon as possible. Jason asks Siobhan about her captor. Siobhan says the kidnapper mentioned the name Alexander. Siobhan heads over to Lucky’s place. Brenda flashes back to Dante’s struggle with Alexander. In her flashback, Brenda shoots Alexander at point-blank. Jason demands to know the truth; he wonders who Brenda is protecting. Lucky returns to his apartment and finds Siobhan waiting. Lucky makes a promise to keep Siobhan out of harm’s way. Lucky is happy he met Siobhan; they share a kiss. Lulu is waiting impatiently at the loft. Dante relays to Lulu that the meeting was a disaster. Dante is worried about Brenda’s state-of-mind. Lulu confronts Dante about the photo. Dante apologizes for not telling Lulu about his link to Brenda. Dante swears that he loves only Lulu but she isn’t convinced. Brenda is scared to tell Jason but she finally comes clean about the 2007 shooting. Brenda says that Dante hid Alexander’s dead body. Brenda tells Jason about her past with Alexander. Brenda reveals that Alexander is the Balkan’s son.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole's trial is underway with everybody wanting to prevent him from getting sent up the river for shooting Eli but knowing the reality that nobody can help him. Tea represents him and Nora does not argue much, that Mr. Thornhart had reason to believe that Mr. Clark kept Mr. Thornhart's infant daughter and her mother captive and blew them up in a building. The judge takes that into consideration but tells them that he has to uphold that this is Cole's 3rd felony. He's been let off the hook, put on parole and probation before, yet has not reformed himself. So he has to rule that he goes to prison. Yet, he tells the court, he will offer the lightest sentence he's allowed to give him which is 10 years in Statesville. Everybody is distraught with that outcome. When Starr and Cole returns to Dorian's, he announces to her that he is breaking up with her.

Dorian is "afraid" of Kelly being interested in both Rex and Todd, both of whom Dorian does not want any Cramer woman interested in. So she invites a hot man who is a massage therapist to meet Kelly. Yet Kelly is not interested in what Dorian wants from her. Meanwhile, Gigi goes to Paris with Cristian. Adriana knows how to make Gigi feel insecure about herself, her lifestyle of modest means, unfamiliarity with the rich and aristocratic surroundings in Paris. And Adriana informs Gigi that Rex has informed her that he and Gigi are not currently having sex. She has to add, to Gigi, that when she herself was with Rex, they had great sex. Right when Rex is in the sauna, talking to Brody and admitting that he and Gigi have had many barriers and trust issues throughout their relationship, she calls him and furiously demands to know if he told Adriana that they do not have sex. She is furious that he would do that. Right then, when Rex is alone in the sauna and discouraged, Kelly enters.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Victor and Diane share a table and some small talk. Michael becomes upset when he finds out that Lauren kept Fen home from school. Michael realizes that Lauren is still afraid to leave the house. Phyllis visits Daisy to strike up a deal with her. Daniel thanks Abby for meeting him after all the things that happened. Abby tells Daniel that she couldn’t deal with Daisy being pregnant with his child. Daniel insists that he is not the father of Daisy’s child. Jeff tells Kevin that he cannot come up with the money by tonight. Michael cautions Jeff to keep his voice down. Gloria asks what is going on. They both say, “nothing.” Gloria notices that they are acting suspicious. Chloe reminds Gloria about her profile for “Restless Style.” Diane tells Victor about the article in “Restless Style” that Phyllis wrote and how it ruined her life. Phyllis promises Daisy that she will get her out of jail.

Abby tells Daniel that maybe Daisy is telling the truth about the baby. Phyllis lets Michael know that she had seen Daisy. Abby visits Daisy. Daisy lets Abby know that Daniel is the father of her baby. Chloe ditches Gloria to go with Kevin. The police pull Kevin over. After talking to Phyllis, Lauren agrees to let Daisy go to the hospital for the amniocentesis. The man finds gambling evidence in Kevin’s car. Kevin lets him know that it is not his. Chloe and Kevin are arrested. Chloe begs to see Ronan. Daisy gets transferred to Genoa City Memorial. Abby tells Daniel that they should stop seeing each other. Kevin calls Michael to get him and Chloe out of jail. Michael, leaving the house again unnerves Lauren. Daisy asks Phyllis to see Daniel.

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