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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Caleb asks a doctor about his son’s condition, but when the doctor begins to ask him about his connection to the young man, Caleb becomes very quiet. Jack returns to Erica’s penthouse and lets her know that Greenlee just lost the case for them because Liza saw her kiss Ryan. Colby stands vigil by Asher’s bedside when he wakes up. Greenlee and Ryan go to his penthouse while they discuss how David could have set him up for his murder. Ryan lets Greenlee know that he is going to look for Pearson. Between J.R. and Colby, Asher finds out that Caleb knows that he is his son. Caleb stands at the top of the stairs and remembers how Asher fell. Erica and Caleb discuss how Asher is still unconscious. At the hospital, J.R. and Caleb have a confrontation concerning Asher. At ConFusion, Ryan questions a bartender about Pearson. Liza comes into the bar and gives Ryan some sound advice concerning Greenlee and her trial.

Annie goes to see J.R. at Chandler and comes up with a plan to help J.R. with the S.E.C. Caleb visits Erica who informs him about the call she received from the S.E.C. Caleb and Erica hold a press conference at Chandler Enterprises. Asher tells Colby how Caleb killed his mother. Asher orders Colby to go home. Asher gets out of bed and leaves the hospital. Liza lets Ryan know that someone must pay for David’s death. Ryan catches up to Greenlee just as she is leaving the Slaters' with her suitcase. Asher confronts Caleb at the press conference about giving him away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Brooke to trust him and follow his lead. The press will definitely pay attention. He’s going to wow them for sure. Whip says it will have to be really big to make the entire room of reporters forget Hope For The Future. Hope hugs Oliver when she hears that he wasn’t fired and still has his job at Forrester. She thinks they might be the next dynamic duo at Forrester. He kisses her and says he has not given up hope. They will be together again. Thomas makes his speech and introduces the men’s line. Basically the audience is bored and not raving as Thomas expected. Brooke innocently tells him that it’s time to pull out the big guns. Thomas takes his final turn down the catwalk and then motions for Brooke to come out. When she joins him, he dips her and plants a big kiss on his step-mother. She is caught by surprise with a dumbfounded look as well as most of the reporters.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin wanted everyone at Arianna's memorial so they could talk about her will.  Victor, Kate, Philip, Brady, and Nicole all celebrated the fact that Vivian was in the sarcophagus.  The lid on the coffin lifted up and Vivian thought she was about to die.  Melanie walked in on the celebration Philip and company had.  It turned out that Gus opened the coffin.  Justin told everyone that Arianna left things for her family and friends.  EJ taunted Sami about Arianna having the proof that she shot him.  Gus told Vivian that Victor had his goons tie him up in a dungeon.  EJ taunted Sami about what she thought was in the box.  He was certain that the proof was one of the things Arianna left behind.  Chad went to his father's office to see him.  His secretary gave him his mail and told him that his father didn't want to see him.  He opened the birth certificate and saw that Stefano is his father.  Vivian was ready to get back at everyone for what they did.  Melanie was upset with Philip and Brady for not being at the memorial.  Gus agreed to help Vivian go after everyone who kept her in the coffin.  Vivian called Maggie.  Sami pulled Rafe aside and let him know that she was worried that the camera was in the box.  Brady apologized for not being at the memorial.  He went to see Rafe and Gabi.  Nicole went with him.  Maggie wanted to know why Vivian called her.  Vivian didn't want to tell her about Victor over the phone.  She wanted to meet in the mausoleum and wanted Maggie to go alone.  Brady apologized to Rafe and Gabi for not being at the memorial.  Justin told him to stay because he's in the will.  When Sami threatened Nicole, EJ threatened to keep his children away from both of them.  Justin wanted to EJ to stay because Arianna left something for him.  Chad went to Stefano's mansion to see him, but Will answered the door.  Will told him that Stefano and Kate weren't there.  Chad was angry and left.  Will went after him.  Maggie showed up at the mausoleum to see Vivian.  Vivian told Maggie that she was in the coffin.

Sami asked Justin what Arianna left EJ.  He couldn't tell her and he told her that she shouldn't be there since she's not in the will.  Justin played the DVD Arianna left for her will.  Will caught up to Chad at the pier.  Chad showed Will the birth certificate.  Chad didn't believe it because the date was wrong.  He didn't believe his mother would sleep with Stefano.  He was going to make the person pay who sent him the birth certificate.  Vivian lied to Maggie and told her that Victor put her in the coffin.  Maggie thought it was ridiculous that Victor would do that to her.  Vivian told her that she knew she was there holding Victor's hand and heard their conversation.  Arianna left her mother her rosary.  She left Rafe her car and wanted him to call their mother once a week.  She left Gabi her jewelry and DVDs.  She also wanted her to take care of Rafe.  Gabi wanted the DVD to stop for a minute.  She wanted to leave because it was too much for her.  Will offered to help Chad find out about the birth certificate. Chad flashed back to when Kate told him that she offered him the job because of Stefano.  Melanie threatened to keep Philip away from Kate if she didn't stop making cracks about Chloe, Kate made fun of Chloe when Melanie told her that she and Daniel were going to the Horton cabin to get a chair for Chloe.  Maggie finally believed that Vivian was in the coffin.  Justin said that Arianna left the box to EJ.  Arianna left EJ a statue.  Sami was relieved that it wasn't the proof.  Kate warned Melanie that Chloe will hurt Daniel, but agreed to stop insulting Chloe.  Maggie wanted to call the police on Victor for keeping Vivian in the coffin.  Vivian told Maggie that he will pay for what he did.  Arianna left everything else that belonged to her to Brady.  Gus and Vivian left the mausoleum.  Maggie was shown in the coffin begging for Vivian to let her out.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin tells Patrick that Lisa started the fire at Mac’s house. Robin recounts what happened after Emma’s party. Elizabeth informs Steven and Matt about Robin’s suspicions regarding Lisa and the fire. Steven asks Liz and Matt to keep quiet about their opinions on the matter. At the police station, Lisa pleads her case to Nikolas. Mac visits Robin. Mac informs Robin that the house is a complete loss. Robin feels terrible about it. Mac reminisces about the time Felicia moved in with Maxie and Georgie. Matt runs into Maxie at the hospital. Maxie vents about losing her family home. Maxie is sad that Georgie’s bedroom was destroyed. Nikolas defends Robin which infuriates Lisa. Alexis and Mac have a talk in the hospital lounge. Robin worries that her leg injury will leave a scar. Maxie visits with Robin. Patrick receives some devastating news. Matt gives Maxie a stuffed animal. Maxie hopes that Robin and Patrick can work things out. Patrick tells Robin that she has an infection.

Sonny wonders why Claire would risk her career for him. Sonny makes it clear that he owes Claire for helping him. Claire insists that she was only following the law. Diane assumes that Claire wants to put Sonny in prison. Sonny says that Claire saved him. Diane warns Sonny that he shouldn’t hurt Claire again. Sonny worries that Claire could lose her license. Sonny asks Claire if she’s under investigation. Brenda and Dante agree to keep quiet about their secret. Siobhan’s kidnapper calls Lucky. The man agrees to meet Lucky at the bluffs. Jason thinks that Lucky has become too personally involved. Spinelli runs into Lulu in the hotel lobby. Spinelli agrees to help fix a computer problem at the Crimson office. Carly interrupts; she asks Lulu how she’s handling Dante guarding Brenda. Brenda agrees to go to the meeting. Jason warns Brenda that one mistake could put her in harm’s way. Jason, Dante and Lucky go over the plan. Lucky is willing to risk everything to save Siobhan. Lucky escorts Brenda to the bluffs; Jason and Dante have their rifles ready. Carly turns down Jax’s invitation to dinner. Carly wants Spinelli to research the connection between Brenda and Dante. Lulu speaks briefly to Jax. Carly announces to Lulu that Dante guarded Brenda three years ago. Siobhan and the Balkan’s men arrive at the meeting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd, Tea and Dani are inviting everybody they know to their celebration party. Todd is happy and wants everybody to attend the reception that he and Tea never got to have. Viki admits to Charlie that she is very suspicious of Echo and the scam she is pulling with Rex. She realizes although the thought of it is not something she wants, that evidence appears that Echo is Rex's bio mom. She knows it's possible that Clint could be Rex's dad. Yet, it's also possible that Charlie could be. She tells Charlie that he needs to find out. But he admits that losing his son after being reunited after all these years has devastated him. And he doesn't want to go through with getting his hopes up that Rex could be his son, only to find out he is not. Clint confirms to Echo that he knows he's Rex's biological father but has spent Rex's entire making sure Rex and the rest of the world never finds out since he's disgraced that he got a gold digging piece of trash like her pregnant with a gold digging piece of trash like Rex. Rex goes to confront Echo while Clint is talking to her. He still has no clue that they are his biological parents as they do not dare tell him. But Clint seems to "defend" Echo to her "son" and tells Rex he needs to stop harassing the lady or he will escort him out of her home. Blair, Kelly and Dorian are ready to attend Todd's party but know none of them have dates. yet they "suspect" that Langston might consider bringing Robert Ford as her date, since they are getting along better. Langston protests that she had to do something after Robert got assaulted, although to this day, nobody has a clue who had him assaulted. Right then, out of the blue, Robert and James' long lost father comes to see them. They are surprised that he's out of prison. He reminds them that James owes him 50 grand. Everybody is very worried that Cole will be charged with murder and don't' want it to happen knowing that he rid the world of Elijah Clark and had good reason to do what he did when he believed that Elijah murdered Starr and Hope.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick prepare to go out for breakfast minus Faith. Skye and Adam have a confrontation over the money which Adam stole from the hedge fund. Gloria has a surprise for Jeffrey. Kevin tries to explain to Hogan that he gave him all the money that Jeffrey gave him. Chloe is amused by all the things that were going on in Kevin’s life and Daisy being back in town. Chloe vows to get Kevin out of this mess. Billy urges Victoria to go visit Reed. Phyllis walks in. Billy suggests doing a cover story on Daisy, but Phyllis objects. Kyle lets Jack know that he is upset for Diane. Diane checks in with Jack, and Kyle demands to talk to her. Kyle questions Diane about the article, but she stalls in giving him a straight answer. Skye accuses Adam of setting her up. Victoria tells Nick all about Meggie and how Victor found Nikki in bed with Deacon Sharpe. Adam asks Jeffrey for a job at Gloworm. Gloria hires Adam on the spot. Kyle asks Billy to stop Phyllis from writing any more articles about Diane. Diane goes in for her interview. Diane wants to meet the other associates, but the men stall. Sharon arrives at Gloworm and finds out that Adam is the new bartender. Adam lets Sharon know that he quit the hedge fund and left Skye. Gloria surprises Jeffrey with a new watch courtesy of the money-laundering money. Jeffrey begs Gloria to take the watch back, but she refuses. Nick arrives at Gloworm and discovers Adam working there. Nick doesn’t seem concerned. Nick wants to take Sharon home and make love to her. Diane and Victor meet up once again.

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