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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jake is on the computer, reading an e-mail from Carolyn, who tells him of an opening for Doctors Without Borders. When Amanda walks up, Jake quickly hides the e-mail. Jake lies to Amanda as to what the e-mail is really about. Jesse and Angie arrive at the hospital for the amniocentesis, but they agree that they do not want to know sex of the baby. Kendall talks to Greenlee on the phone and wants to come to the courthouse, but Greenlee talks her out of it. Zach arrives home to get Kendall to take her to the courthouse. Ryan and Tad discuss Pearson and where he could be getting all his money. Tad shows Ryan some financial statements which shows that Pearson had received a deposit the day that David was murdered. Greenlee takes the stand just as Ryan and Tad arrive at the courthouse. Jake, finally, owns up and tells Amanda that he had been offered a position in Africa with Doctors Without Borders. Amanda wonders if Jake misses that life. Jake lets her know that he loves his life with her and with Trevor. Greenlee begins her testimony as Liza badgers her for kissing Ryan when she should have been grieving over David. Angie and Jesse get good news concerning the baby. When asked if they want to know the sex, Jesse and Angie both refuse. Jesse, accidentally, sees the sex of the baby. The doctor shh’s him to keep him from telling Angie.

Outside of the courtroom, Zach tells Ryan about the vial of digitalis that had been found in his coat. When Zach receives a phone call, he and Kendall leave the courtroom. Greenlee and Ryan talk and he finds out that he was set up to take the fall for David’s murder. Zach arrives home to let Kendall know that they are out of the casino business. Jake tells Tad about Caroline offering him a position with Doctors Without Borders. Jake turns down the job offer from Caroline. Tad lets Ryan and Greenlee know the Nick’s money trail leads directly back to David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is very upset and disturbed when he realizes that the Forrester’s fashion showing is identical in every way to the designs that Amber claimed were hers. Clearly they were stolen. He makes sure that Brooke knows he had nothing to do with this and she believes him. Aggie and Whip chastise Amber and ask what was she thinking? She proudly passes the blame to Nick and tells them this was his idea. That’s why it’s called the Hotline. Now she knows someone was on to her, but she doesn’t know who it is. Hope tells Oliver that she can’t believe he kissed her. They are broken up and she has moved on. He says she may have, but he’s not going anywhere. Nicks calls for Amber to come over to Forrester. She’s glad as they need to get together and put their spin on this. Bill tells Katie this is a big win for Forrester. She reminds him for him too since he owns part of the company. Jarrett thinks there is more going on than just a fashion show. Hope presents the show stopper and cautions the crowd to take a small break and then will return with the second line of men’s clothes by Thomas Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that Nick better hold Amber accountable or he will. Amber and Nick are on a different page and point out the differences when he said “steal” the show, and “rip off” the sketches from her pad. Thomas sees the press is getting antsy and knows he has to put on a very good show to catch their attention. Whip tells him he needs to get to these people before he loses them. Brooke tells Hope that she is proud of her, but now she wants Thomas to have a big win too.

Eric tells Oliver that he made a very big mistake, but they aren’t going to fire him. They will give him another chance. He’s on probation and just stay away from Amber. Amber looks for Ollie and Hope tells her he did enough damage; he doesn’t want to see her. She should leave town. Amber is snotty and tells her the one thing she can not stand is for some rich girl looking down her nose on her. Everything Hope has is a gift from mommy and daddy. Amber says she may have been knocked down a few times, but she always gets back up. Liam steps in and tells her to take off. Hope offers that she hopes Thomas’s showing will go as well. She never meant to steal his thunder. Thomas tries to get the press to stay and tells Brooke that he has to have a stunt; something unforgettable. Although she doesn’t know what it is, she agrees to go along since she wants him to succeed. He claims people will be talking about this for years.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole found out Kate knows about Vivian.  Brady was talking to Vivian, but she thought he was Lawrence.  Philip walked in and wanted to know who he was talking to.  Brady lied and said he was talking to Isabella.  Stefano believed that EJ had a motive for getting the proof.  EJ could send Sami to prison or have her in his bed.  EJ tried to deny it, but Stefano thought he was right.  Rafe was back from Arianna's funeral.  EJ found out Rafe was back from the funeral.  Stefano realized that EJ is having Rafe followed.  He confirmed that realization.  He is having Rafe followed because Rafe wants the information just as much as he does.  When Rafe finds it, he will get it from him.  A hand was shown touching a key and a box.  It's possibly where the proof is.  Maggie and Melanie were suspicious of Victor not wanting Melanie and Philip to move in with him.  Victor and Kate told Nicole how Kate found out about Vivian.  Philip wanted to know why Brady said "are you still alive?".  Brady denied it and came up with an excuse.  Philip apologized for what Brady is going through and offered to call Maggie to help him.  Philip found Brady's earpiece and heard Vivian's voice.  He asked Brady if he was talking to her.  Victor wanted Kate and Nicole to make the best of the situation since Vivian is in a coffin.  Vivian told Philip that she's in the coffin because of Brady.  He was shocked that Vivian had a monitor and an earpiece in the coffin.  Brady all but confirmed that he put her in there.  Philip wanted Vivian to tell him what was going on.  Arianna's memorial was at the pub.  Nicole wanted to know if Brady knows that Kate knows about Vivian.  Victor said no and wanted to keep Brady in the dark.  EJ showed up at Arianna's memorial.

Philip wanted to let Vivian out of the coffin, but Brady told him what she would do to everyone involved.  Philip still wanted to let her out.  Brady told him how Vivian planned to bury Maggie and make his family pay.  Roman and Sami wanted EJ to leave the memorial, but Rafe wanted him to stay.  Melanie, Roman, Gabi, Caroline, EJ, and Rafe spoke at Arianna's memorial.  The hand that was shown before took the box off of the desk.  Roman got a missed call from Kayla and wondered why she called him.  Caroline told him that she was probably calling to say goodbye.  Vivian told Philip that there was no proof that she was going to do anything to Maggie. Philip said the proof was her and her history.  He and Brady left to talk to Victor.  EJ warned Sami and Rafe that he was going to find the proof he needs that Sami shot him.  Nicole told Brady that Kate knows about Vivian.  He found out that he was the reason why Kate knows the truth.  Victor found out that Philip knows about Vivian.  Philip was willing to let Vivian stay in the coffin after what she did to Melanie.  The lid of the coffin was up and Vivian got out of the coffin.  Justin showed up at the pub when EJ, Rafe, and Sami were talking.  He wanted to talk to everyone about Arianna's will.  He was the one who had the box earlier in the episode.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda talks to Sonny in the interview room at the PCPD where he has been arrested for orchestrating Johnny's car bombing. Ethan and Johnny watch a football game at Johnny’s house. A news report announces Sonny's arrest for Johnny's car bombing. Ethan wonders how it will affect Kristina when she hears. Michael tells Kristina the news and on her insistence admits that he knew all along. They go to the police station to see Sonny. Kristina apologizes to Sonny for playing a stupid game that started the whole mess. Claire tries to find a loophole to throw out the tape as evidence. She tells Sonny that Ronnie Domestico didn't have a warrant for the wiretap with Sonny's confession. He wonders why she would want to help him.

Siobhan is tied to a chair. She tells her captor that she just started working as an au pair for the Cassadines recently so she doubts that they would pay a ransom for her release. The man tells her that she'd better hope she is worth more to Ronan O'Reilly. She denies knowing O'Rielly. She manages to untie her hands, but the guard catches her when she tries to run. Lucky goes to Jason's penthouse and reports that he has not found any sign of Siobhan. Dante reveals that he received a phone call and that the Balkan wants to trade Siobhan for Brenda. Dante and Lucky go to Dante's apartment. Dante advises Lucky to go numb and think like a cop. When Brenda comes home, Jason tells her about the trade the Balkan wants to make. He tells her that he knows she already knew Dante when she "met" him in Sonny's living room. He says he knows that she flipped out during the ambush because she was remembering something else and asks her to tell her what it has to do with the Balkan. She says she can't tell him and asks him to come up with a plan without leaving her out of it. Dante gets another phone call with the location of the trade. They return to Jason's penthouse. Brenda says she wants to do the trade but Jason says it can't be at the warehouse the Balkan chose. Lucky calls the Balkan's henchman and says they need to change the meeting place. The lackey twists Siobhan's arm to make her scream for Lucky to hear.

Patrick and Steve are performing surgery while Lisa tried to rescue Robin from Mac's burning house. Robin tells Lisa to leave her alone but Lisa gets her out safely anyway. Elizabeth goes into the operating room and tells Patrick that fire trucks and paramedics were dispatched to Mac's house. Patrick cannot leave, so he asks Elizabeth to find out what is happening. Robin and Emma are taken to General Hospital. When Patrick comes out of surgery, he rushes to Emma. Epiphany tells him that Dr. Niles went into a burning building to save his wife and child. A police office comes over and says Robin claims Lisa set the fire. Lisa asks Nikolas to intervene on her behalf as a trustee of the hospital. Patrick is concerned about Robin's burn getting infected because of her HIV.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert runs into Brody and Jessica at the hospital and learns that they are having an amnio regarding paternity of her baby. He tells them that he has the right to be concerned about possible harm to her baby, that could be his, by having this test done. Brody argues but Jessica asks Robert if there's anything they should know about his family history. He replies that as far as he knows, all the babies in his family were born healthy. He then goes home and gets on his computer to find out information about amniocentesis for pregnant women. He admits to James that he would kind of like Jessica's baby to be his and have the good genes of both himself and Jessica. Robert is "encouraged" to find out that Cole turned himself in, in large part due to the fact that it might give his brother a "shot" with Starr. James tells Robert that he does not intend to take Starr from Cole. But he reminds Robert that Langston still cares about him (Robert). Otherwise she would not have demanded he get to the hospital and get proper medical care after he was hurt. But Robert assumes there's no way he'd get another chance with Langston so he's given up. Meanwhile, Viki admits to Charlie she is very suspicious of Echo and her "connection" to Rex Balsam. And she admits that the ugly truth that explains so many things might be that Echo is Rex's biological mother. Meanwhile, Echo goes to inform Clint that she knows that Rex is her son and he is Rex's father. She tells him she abandoned their son when he got back with Viki and knew that any child conceived by herself and Clint and their "tragic mistake" would never have a good life if he knew that. So she abandoned him at Llanview hospital in the hopes that he'd have a family that loves him and never know how he was conceived. Clint then confirms to her that he has lead Rex on the wild goose chase to have the false belief that the fictional New Mexico couple, Lily and Rick, were his biological parents. She tells Clint what he's done to their son is despicable. He tells her he's known all along that Rex is their son and wanted to make certain that Rex never finds out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Katherine commend Victoria for being so brave in saying good-bye to Reed. Nina thinks that it is extremely cruel to be away from your son. Katherine informs Victoria that Victor married Meggie. Nikki gives Deacon the news. To Meggie’s surprise, Victor is not near death at all because he switched the drugs, but she on the other hand is in a lot of trouble. Jack asks Diane to see Kyle, but she refuses. Nick and Phyllis get their final divorce decree. Diane threatens to leave town with Kyle. Ronan confronts Meggie concerning all her lies and how she killed Murphy’s son in order to get the money. Phyllis lets Sharon know her divorce from Nick is final.

Diane tells Kyle that she is going to New York on business. Kyle asks to stay with Jack, but Diane tells him that the babysitter is coming back. Victor visits Nikki. Nick also informs Sharon that his divorce from Phyllis is final. Kyle arrives at Jack’s. Kyle asks Phyllis if what she published in “Restless Style” was true. Victor encounters Deacon and orders him out of Nikki’s room. Victor explains everything to Nikki about Meggie, then he orders Nikki out of his life. Victoria sees Deacon and wants to know what he is doing there. Jack calls Diane to tell her where Kyle is. Murphy begins to talk. Victor files a flight plan and asks Diane to join him.

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