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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Zach and Kendall spend some quality time together while discussing the holidays. At Krystal’s, Jack and Greenlee sit at a table and discuss her upcoming testimony. Jack advises Greenlee to be careful of Liza’s questions. Annie and Emma spend time together at the beach house. Caleb stands vigil at the hospital over Asher, who still remains unconscious. Colby stands by Asher’s bedside. Greenlee interrupts Zach and Kendall’s quiet time together. Greenlee hugs Zach when she finds out that he is home to stay. Zach finds out that Greenlee had found a bottle of Digitalis in Ryan’s pocket. Greenlee begs Zach not to divulge the info. J.R. visits Annie at the beach house, and reveals to her that Asher is Caleb’s son. Colby talks to Asher as if he can hear every word that she says.

Erica finds Greenlee at Confusion, drowning her sorrows in a glass of wine. Erica lets Greenlee know that she thinks that Greenlee had murdered David. Erica advises Greenlee to let Jack help her in this trial. Zach becomes upset with Kendall for not telling him about the Digitalis being in Ryan’s pocket. Damon walks in and sees Colby holding Asher’s hand. Caleb gets the results that Asher will be fine, and he is Caleb’s son. Erica watches Caleb stand vigil outside of Asher’s room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke discusses the big day with Thomas. He’s excited and a little nervous. A few hours away and it’s showtime. Hope tells Liam they could have busted Amber last night for stealing Oliver’s designs, but they will bring her down now big time. She needs to tell her dad about this. Backstage with all the glitz and glamour, she fills in her dad and Eric of what happened. Brooke convinces Ridge to let her handle Nick and she calls him to meet her at Forrester. She has something to show him. Whip tells Amber that her stuff is so good that it doesn’t matter what Forrester shows today. She keeps telling herself they will be all right if they show theirs first.

Ridge is seething with anger. He tells Brooke that Nick is a shark. He fired Bridget then hired Amber and when she couldn’t come up with a collection of her own, she stole Forrester’s. The showroom is packed. Ridge gives a pep talk to all his crew for their devotion and hard work in making this happen a day early. And it will be followed by Thomas’s new line as well. Nick arrives and enjoys the V.I.P. treatment. Hope introduces the Hope Of The Future line. She speaks of beauty, style, romance and yes even love and gives credit to the fashion icons of Ridge and Eric Forrester. When she goes backstage, she informs Oliver that Amber has been using him to rip off the sketches. He feels like a fool, but tells Hope that he won’t give up. Her dad might fire him, but he is not going anywhere. He still loves her and she will be his. Nick is stunned to say the least when he sees and realizes that every single showing that Forrester has is one just like Amber’s – she has stolen the designs from them. Also Whip and Aggie are watching on TV and they blow a gasket when they too realize now what happened and Jackie M's entire collection is down the drain.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Brady ran into each other at the park.  Brady wanted to thank EJ for letting him know about Arianna.  EJ pumped Brady about whether or not Arianna opened up to him.  Hope wanted to talk to Bo about April.  Kayla told Stephanie that Daniel isn't Chloe's baby's father...Philip is.  Philip told Melanie that Victor doesn't want them to move in yet.  He wanted to find out why.  Vivian had hallucinations about being dead and seeing Lawrence. Brady told EJ that Arianna didn't tell him anything.  Brady figured out that EJ called him about Arianna so he could find out what she knew.  EJ told Brady that Sami shot him.  Brady didn't believe it, but he hoped the next person who shot him had better aim.  EJ said that Arianna wanted to help him prove it and asked him if he wanted to honor Arianna's wishes.  Stephanie wanted to know why Kayla were talking about the paternity test in front of Caroline.  Caroline said she already knew.  Kayla told Stephanie that Philip, Daniel, and Chloe had a right to know who the father is.  Stephanie said that Philip the baby, but Daniel does.  Kayla tried to talk sense into Stephanie, but it didn't do any good.  Kayla got a call that shocked her.  The guard in the room with Hope and Bo kept watching them while they were talking.  They started talking in code about her therapy sessions.  The warden told Lee that her contact found out that Ciara really is in trouble.  The warden wasn't really certain that Hope wasn't passing information so she wanted to get rid of her.  Vivian thought someone would save her.  EJ told Brady that he saw the accident.  He told him that Arianna was talking to Will when she got in an accident.  He asked where Arianna would hide the proof since he knew her better than anybody.  Hope asked Bo about Ciara being in the first grade.  She mentioned "April, the doctor", and getting a second opinion to throw the guard off track about the investigation.  Bo told her he would look into it.  Kayla's call was about Steve.  He has Malaria.  Stephanie was relieved that Kayla wouldn't be able to talk to Daniel and Chloe.  Kayla ended up telling her that Caroline switched the results.  EJ told Brady about Sami's fingerprints being all over the house and that no one entered the house so she had to do it.  Stefano wanted Marco to find out who shot EJ and take care of the person.

Caroline told Stephanie that she overheard her and Ian talking about the paternity test.  She also saw Ian at St. Mary's Hospital and conveniently volunteered then.  She used the computer and with a couple of strokes, she switched the results.  The warden wasn't able to move Hope out of the infirmary without causing suspicion.  Philip spoke to Brady about Victor not wanting him to move in the house and was suspicious that Brady knew why he couldn't move in yet.  Stefano found out through Judge Reilly's clerk that the judge is going to rule in Sami's favor during the custody battle so he had to find the proof Arianna had or else.  Lee told Hope that another inmate died.  She said she died of TB and hope that no one else would get it.  Bo told Carly about Hope's concerns and offered to help him.  Stefano and EJ got into argument about EJ needing to get the proof.  Stefano told him that he knew what to do to make sure Sami and Rafe didn't raise his grandchildren.  Stephanie told Kayla that she didn't want to trick Nathan into being with her.  Maggie and Melanie found out that Nathan and Stephanie are getting married.  Melanie looked shocked.  EJ wanted to make sure Sami wasn't hurt because he wanted to handle it legally.  Stefano was livid over EJ not wanting Sami hurt after what she did to him.  Stefano told EJ that he could either put Sami in jail or have her in his bed.  Brady went to see Vivian.  Vivian thought he was Lawrence.  Philip walked in and asked if someone was in the mausoleum with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Edward Quartermaine is annoyed that Luke Spencer is returning to the mansion. Edward tells Ethan that he is slick an amoral enough to trade on Wall Street instead of catering to Luke. Monica throws everyone out of the room to "examine" Luke. She tells him that he has one month to marry Tracy or she will expose the fraud. Brenda goes to visit Edward then she goes back tot he penthouse and tells Jason he should go visit his grandfather too. Jason tells her to tell him about the other guy that she shot. Spinelli discovers the New York connection between Dante and Brenda, and then he shares his discovery with Carly who relays it to Jason. Jason asks Dante to tell him what happened in New York in 2007.

Ronnie plays the recording of Sonny and Max discussing the car bomb for Dante. Dante agrees that they finally have Sonny. Ronnie apologizes for giving Dante a hard time about being Sonny's kid; he just didnít want to see him compromise himself again. Sonny tells Claire Walsh that he made the mistake of underestimating her and that when she was faced with choosing between him and her job, he lost. She tells him that she had hopes he was as good a criminal as he claimed and that there would be no trace of evidence. Sonny asks Dante to deliver a message to Kristina. Carly goes to the police station to see Dante but sees Sonny instead. Sonny tells her that Claire had him arrested after finding a recording of him arranging to bomb Johnnyís car.

Patrick stays at the hospital for a late surgery and misses Emma's birthday party. Elizabeth warns Lisa not to take that as a sign because Patrick loves Robin more than ever. While Robin is singing to Emma, a candle ignites some wrapping paper. When she responds to hearing the smoke alarm, she falls down the stairs. Lisa goes to Robin's house, sees the smoke, breaks in, and rescues them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Robert is recovering in the hospital, he urges James to know that he could be in serious trouble for refusing to tell the cops where Cole is when he knows where to find him. He's aiding and abetting a fugitive. And he asks his brother why he would put himself though so much of a risk if he can't "get the girl" and accepts Starr going back to Cole. Bo warns Inez of the same. She goes to warn James. And Robert expresses appreciation to her for caring about James. Yet he won't tell anybody who assaulted him. Meanwhile, Starr is ready to go on the run with Cole. But he tells her that that is no life for her and for baby Hope. So he decides to turn himself in. Meanwhile, both Viki and Rex are suspicious of Echo and know that she knows some secret about Rex's birth. She makes it clear that she knows of Rex and tells Clint he needs to know about "her son".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki calls Meggie and realizes that she left town with Victor. Nikki realizes that Meggie has been after Victor all along. Meggie and Victor are married and on their way back to Genoa City. At the Chandler home, Chloe and Katherine prepare for Mackenzie’s and J.T.ís wedding. Michael asks Lauren to accompany him to Daisy’s bail hearing, but Lauren refuses. A woman asks Daisy if she is ready to post bail, but Daisy thinks that Daniel will intervene and help her. Phyllis invites Daniel to have a cup of coffee with her. Phyllis asks Daniel if he knows that Daisy was arrested. Daniel lets her know that he had been there. Lily arrives for the wedding. Heather tells Michael that she dropped out of the race for D.A. Brock arrives for Mackenzie’s wedding. Nikki finds out that Meggie and Victor were married. J.T. and Mackenzie are married. Victoria says good-bye to Reed. J.T. and Mackenzie say good-bye to Genoa City. Victor begins to have chest pains. Deacon refuses to abandon Nikki.

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