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AMC Recap Written by Mary

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

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Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

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GH Recap Written by Carrie

Ethan visits Luke in the hospital; he sneaks in some cigars and alcohol for his dad. Tracy thinks that something is fishy. Maya walks in; she says that Luke could go to a convalescent home for now. Tracy doesn’t want Luke staying at the Haunted Star. Luke suggests crashing at Lucky’s place. Tracy agrees to let Luke recuperate at the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan knows that Luke is using reverse psychology on Tracy. In private, Maya asks Ethan why Luke is being stubborn. Ethan thinks that Luke’s plan is genius. Luke and Tracy bicker back and forth. Luke asks Tracy to marry him. Abby and Michael talk at the diner. Michael doesn’t want Abby pitying him. Michael talks about his home life. Abby thinks that Michael is wiser than most. Carly meets with Spinelli to talk about a possible connection between Brenda and Dante. Carly is irritated when Spinelli won’t help. Spinelli feels like he let down Jason. Spinelli finally agrees to help Carly. Sam and Jason head to the alley to reenact the shooting. Jason and Sam concur that Brenda and Dante acted strange. Sam wonders why Dante didn’t shoot the Balkan’s henchman. Jason agrees that Dante should have called for backup. Spinelli finds out that Brenda had police protection in 2007. Jason returns to the penthouse. Carly blurts out that Dante and Brenda might have a past together.

Dante tells Lulu about the foiled meeting with the Balkan. Dante wants to help Lucky find Siobhan. Sonny and Diane show up at the police station. Ronnie is rude to them. Diane worries that Claire has some incriminating evidence on Sonny. Claire questions Sonny about the July 2nd car bombing. Sonny pleads his innocence. Claire has Diane and Sonny listen to the tape recording. Sonny tells Dante that there is proof he ordered the bombing. Dante figures that Ronnie planted the tape. Dante confronts Ronnie. Ronnie asserts that he didn’t fabricate any evidence. Sonny feels betrayed by Claire. Ronnie and Dante argue over Sonny. Ronnie says that the evidence is credible; Homeland Security wiretapped Sonny’s phones. Dante is speechless when he hears the tape recording. Sonny confronts Claire about her manipulations.

Patrick is asked to perform an operation. Robin hosts Emma’s birthday party at Mac’s house. Maxie asks Mac to be nice to Patrick. Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake arrive for the party; Matt shows up seconds later. Matt informs Robin that Patrick can’t attend due to an emergency surgery. Patrick tells Epiphany that he doesn’t want to ruin Emma’s party. Steven and Patrick talk about the birthday celebration. Lisa is listening nearby. Robin and Elizabeth watch as the boys enjoy a good time at the party. Patrick is about to leave for Emma’s party when someone is wheeled into the ER. Patrick leaves Emma’s gift at the nurses’ desk. After the party, Mac heads into work. Robin and Emma go upstairs. Unbeknownst to Robin, a lit candle has fallen on the floor.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr and Cole fret over his shooting Eli Clark. James says he will help them, but that John McBain is onto Cole. Cole tells Starr to go home to Hope. James tells John that Cole is in Pine Valley, PA, but John checks it out and discovers it isn't true. Mrs. Evans asks Bo and Nora for leniency in Greg’s case because he saved Tea's life, but they tell her that it will be up to a judge and that the charges against Greg are serious. Tea is released from the hospital at the same time that Greg is being arrested at the hospital. Tea wants answers. Greg tells her that if he had not gone along with Eli's plan, she would really be dead. Shaun comes to the hospital and wants answers too. Greg tells him that he hand Charlene hooked up while he was in jail, got pregnant, gave birth, and died when she fell and hit her head while they were arguing about putting the baby up for adoption. Shaun accuses Greg of killing Charlene but Greg insists it was an accident. Greg admits that he disposed of Charlene's body instead of reporting her death to the authorities. Shaun says Greg is as low as it gets. When Todd, Tea, and Dani go home and Tea sees the urn of "her ashes," she has a meltdown. Destiny comes to Todd's house and tells Dani that she is happy that Tea is home and that she is sorry about Greg's involvement. Dani assures her that none of it was her fault and that they are still best friends. Destiny tells Dani that Greg is no longer her brother. Destiny listens to a voicemail message from her mother, asking her to come home. She deletes the message. Brody gives Natalie his DNA test results. When John arrives, she hides the paper and leaves with John.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Paul visits Mackenzie and J.T. and finds out that they are moving to D.C. A man tells Heather that her lead jumped from 2 to 4 points. Vance calls Victoria and tells her that J.T. has every right to take Reed out of state. Meggie calls Deacon and tells him that she and Victor are leaving town for Vegas. Heather lets Paul know that her poll numbers are up. A woman asks Billy if the article about Heather and Victor Newman is true. Mackenzie tells Katherine that she and J.T. are leaving town. Katherine plans a wedding for the twosome. Victoria visits Nikki and lets her know that J.T. is leaving town with Reed. Meggie persuades Victor to go on a vacation. Heather sees an article about her accepting money from Victor. Heather confronts Billy about the article. Victor refuses to go to Vegas, but then agrees to go to Reno. Heather withdraws her candidacy for D.A. Victor and Meggie are married.

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