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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. continues to be handcuffed to the fireplace. Marissa begins to panic as to where A.J. is. Caleb and Asher have a confrontation which results in Asher falling down the stairs. Erica walks in and finds Asher unconscious. Erica gives Caleb a questioning look as to what had happened. Hurriedly, Erica calls an ambulance for Asher. Annie walks in and finds J.R. handcuffed to the fireplace. Annie manages to get J.R. loose. Jake and Amanda have lunch at Krystal’s while they have a talk about Annie. Colby brings A.J. home to the mansion. Annie offers a solution to J.R.’s problem. At the hospital, Erica lets Caleb know that Asher is his son. Annie arrives at Wildwind to explain things to Marissa and Krystal about A.J. being with J.R. Neither Marissa nor Krystal believe Annie’s story about her taking A.J. trick or treating with Emma. Marissa threatens to call the police on Annie for kidnapping A.J.

Caleb explains everything to Erica about Sonia and how she died and also about him giving Asher away. Caleb begins to cry. Erica tries to comfort him. Marissa along with a cop arrive at the mansion to get A.J. J.R. pulls out an order from the judge which gives him custody of A.J. Marissa vows that J.R. will not get away with this. Colby finds out about Asher’s accident.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that the way Oliver is feeling now it is a golden opportunity for Amber to take advantage of him. She always has an ulterior motive. She could tell him so many stories. Oliver catches Amber with his touchpad computer and she worms her way out of it by saying she wasn’t trying to take anything off the computer, but add to it. So he can sit back now and enjoy! She offers him drinks, but he declines since he passed out the last time. She keeps at it though and he eventually takes two shots. He invites her up to his room. Ridge can’t believe that Brooke is working with his mother – go figure. She predicts a big hit tomorrow for Thomas and his showing. Ridge says with her helping, he can’t miss. They are discussing Bridget when she shows up. Ridge says that Nick is taking a big gamble here since Jackie’s name is still on the building and she can’t be that happy.

Amber is sure that Oliver must be passed out and asleep by now but he calls out for her. When she can’t figure out the password on the computer, she gives up on that and goes to Oliver. She’s surprised to see him in a cowboy hat, boots and a strategically placed guitar, before he grabs her and throws her on the bed. Outside Hope and Liam are lurking around. Ambers plies Oliver with more drinks then slips off to try and figure out the password from his birth date. She finally figures out that it is Hope. She gets all the shots. Hope tells Liam that she is going to bring Amber down so hard, in her own way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ broke into Rafe and Sami's apartment.  Nicole was thinking of Sydney.  Hope looked into the files and found out another inmate died young.  Bo wanted to know what was bothering Kayla.  She thought about Caroline's confession.  She didn't want to keep something from him.  Sami walked in the apartment and saw EJ looking through drawers.  Philip started moving things in Victor's house.  Victor told him it was a problem for Philip and Melanie to move in.  Carly interrupted Bo and Kayla's conversation.  Bo wanted Kayla to accept him being with Carly.  she told him that she wasn't upset over him and Carly being together.  Nicole called Kinsey to offer her a job.  She wanted Kinsey to help her see Sydney. Sami demanded to know why EJ was in her apartment.  He said he was there for proof.  They ended up kissing.  It turned out to be a dream.  Some of his dream was coming true when Sami and Sydney were going to the apartment.  He got out of sight before she could see him.  Hope quickly put the prisoner's file away when Lee and the warden walked in the room.  She grabbed something, but Lee wanted to know what Hope was looking at.  Kayla apologized for the way she treated Carly.  Carly and Bo understood.  Kayla wanted to know why they weren't concerned about her attitude change.  Kinsey didn't want to help Nicole see Sydney.  She was afraid to get Caroline mad at her.  Nicole manipulated Kinsey into helping her.  Kinsey agreed, but she wanted money to do it.  When Sami left the living room to get a diaper bag.  EJ came out and saw Sydney on the couch.  Sydney called out "Daddy" and Sami heard her.  EJ left the room.  Victor said Philip and Melanie's wing isn't ready so they couldn't move in there.  He was furious that they would have to unpack.  He figured out that Victor didn't want them to move in with him.  Vivian was starting to feel the affects of the poison in the coffin.  Kayla wanted to tell Bo and Carly why she changed her mind about Carly, but she wanted to do it in front of Caroline.  When Nicole didn't want to offer Kinsey more money, Kinsey refused to help her.  Sami apologized to Sydney for why she couldn't see EJ.  She made an excuse for him for why she couldn't see him.  EJ got a break when Sami took Sydney to the park.  EJ came out of hiding. Caroline didn't want Kayla to tell what she did.  Stephanie interrupted the conversation to announce that she's engaged.  Kayla was upset that she didn't get to tell her news.

Hope wanted to put in another request to the warden.  She wanted to see Bo so she could talk to him about Ciara.  EJ flipped out that Sami would tell Sydney what he did when she shot him in the head. Nicole stopped Kinsey from leaving.  Nicole offered money, but Kinsey didn't want that.  She wanted a job at the television station.  Nicole was going to get her an internship, but Kinsey wanted an assistant producer job or something like that.  Nicole offered to give her money until her finances got better.  Kinsey understood her situation.  When Kinsey told Nicole what Caroline told her about letting Nicole see Sydney, Sami was at the park.  She heard what Kinsey said.  Philip asked Henderson where Victor disappeared to when he left.  Henderson told him Victor was at the mausoleum.  Vivian hallucinated that worms were on her hands.  Victor let her know that she was okay.  Caroline pulled Kayla aside to stop her from telling the truth.  Bo left the pub and wanted Kayla to wait to tell the news.  Sami was upset with Kinsey for letting Nicole see Sydney.  Kinsey told Sami that Nicole offered Kinsey money to let her see Sydney.  Nicole denied the offer.  Sami made Kinsey leave so she could rip into Nicole.  She told Nicole to stay away from Sydney and she would get a restraining order.  Stephanie wanted to know what was going on with Caroline and Kayla, but Caroline wouldn't tell her.  Bo went to see Hope and he wanted to know what was going on with her.  Vivian threatened to make everyone pay, but Victor wasn't phased.  Philip walked in while Victor was talking to Vivian.  EJ promised that he and Sydney would be reunited.  Sami wanted to call Roman to get the restraining order against Nicole.  Nicole was worried that her helping keep Vivian in the coffin would come back to bite her.  She stopped Sami from calling Roman.  Philip found out that Victor lied about the east wing not being ready.  Philip wanted to know the truth.  Victor said Nicole was them, but that didn't convince him.  Victor tried to say it was for Melanie's sake, but Philip thought Victor was trying to get close to Maggie.  Nicole apologized for getting near Sydney.  She promised to never hold Sydney again.  Nicole wanted Sydney to be happy with her family.  She warned Sami not to do anything to ruin her happiness.  Sami appreciated her concern and wanted her to stay away from Sydney.  Hope told Bo that something is wrong with the prison.  Kayla wanted to tell Stephanie about the paternity test.  She told her there was a mistake and she wanted Caroline to tell Stephanie the mistake.  Nicole wanted to find a way to get Sydney back in her life.  Sami fantasized that Arianna played the confession that Arianna taped.  Arianna warned Sami that someone will find the proof and she would lose everything.  EJ was determined to find the truth.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Claire and Sonny enjoy a nightcap. Claire and Sonny talk about their relationship. Claire gets a phone call about Brenda. Agent Bates asks Dante what the connection is between Brenda Barrett and the Balkan. Brenda tells Jason that she doesn’t remember this shooting or the other one. Diane arrives at the police station demanding to know what happened in the alley. Jason begs Diane to get Brenda released from custody. Brenda recounts the events leading up to the alley shooting. While speaking to Dante, Agent Bates brings up the fact that Dante guarded Brenda in 2007. Agent Bates walks in the interrogation room. Diane announces that she’s representing Brenda Barrett. The agent demands that Jason leave which worries Brenda. Jason confronts Dante about what Brenda said in the alley. There is no sign of Siobhan at Wyndemere. Lucky fears that the Balkan has Siobhan. Nik and Lucky concur that Siobhan was kidnapped. Agent Bates calls Lucky; he asks him to come to the police station. Diane and Agent Bates continue to butt heads. Jason thinks that Dante is covering for Brenda. Claire and Sonny arrive at the police station. Claire and Diane argue; Sonny slips into the interrogation room unnoticed. Sonny hugs Brenda. Brenda blames herself for tonight’s events. Sonny wants to help Brenda. Agent Bates notices Sonny talking to Brenda. Claire and Dante are bothered by Sonny and Brenda’s closeness. Agent Bates agrees to have Brenda released. Diane worries that Sonny keeps coming to Brenda’s rescue. Diane tells Brenda that she’ll have to make a full statement soon. Diane warns Agent Bates to stop harassing Brenda. Ronnie asks Claire if Sonny will be arrested for the car bombing. Claire calls her superiors to notify them of the wiretap evidence. Agent Bates doesn’t believe Dante’s version of the shooting. Lucky arrives; Dante is dismissed. Agent Bates is disappointed in Lucky’s work performance. The agent informs Lucky that he’s off the Balkan case. Dante shows Lucky an e-mail addressed to him; there is a picture of a kidnapped Siobhan. Dante says that the Balkan knows Lucky is a cop. Claire shows up at Sonny’s; she kisses him.

Patrick confronts Lisa about taking Emma from the diner. A nurse interrupts; she points out that the suspicious witch’s hat is her own. Patrick apologizes for accusing Lisa. Lisa thinks that Robin has lost her mind. Lisa and Patrick disagree over Robin’s mental stability. Patrick storms out of the locker room. Alone, Lisa pushes a cape and witch’s hat to the back of her locker. Patrick confides in Matt about Robin and her dislike of Lisa. Patrick worries that everyone thinks Robin is crazy. Patrick believes his marriage is over. Matt advises Patrick to keep fighting for Robin. Patrick and Steven talk about the incident with Emma at Kelly’s. Steven warns Patrick to get a hold of his personal life. Patrick keeps blaming himself for the affair. Steven criticizes Robin for not forgiving Patrick.

Jax returns home to find Carly wearing a negligee. Jax tells Carly that Brenda shot a man tonight and is being questioned at the police station. Carly wonders why Jax isn’t busy rescuing Brenda. Jax refuses to ruin his romantic night with Carly. They share a kiss. Sam worries how Jason is dealing with the Brenda situation. Sam tells Spinelli that Brenda is hiding something - possibly about Dante. Sam speaks of her insecurities when it comes to Jason and Brenda. Carly calls Spinelli and asks him about the shooting. Spinelli is summoned to the Jacks home. Carly is acting secretive. Carly promises she is only trying to help Jason. Spinelli relays what Sam said about the shooting. Carly senses that Brenda and Dante might have a secret. When Brenda and Jason return to the penthouse, she thanks him for his help. Jason finds Sam asleep in bed. Brenda returns to her bedroom. Jason hears Brenda scream. Jason runs to Brenda and hugs her. Sam wakes up and witnesses a tender moment between Jason and Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea, Todd and Dani are happily together. Starr is elated that they are all ok. But she's worried about Cole. John knows that both she and James are covering for him. Marty is very protective of her son and rips into Natalie after finding out that she won't cover for Cole when all the evidence points at him for shooting and killing Eli. James refuses to tell John what he knows about Cole's whereabouts. But at the end, he breaks down and admits that he knows where Cole is. Starr goes to see Cole where he is hiding and tells nobody.

Viki seems to know that Echo has some sort of secret about Rex's birth and the half heart necklace that his bio mom left with him after he was born. Clint seems to know her secret and tells Viki she need not be threatened by Echo. Echo photographs Roxy and indicates she is very interested in Rex and wants Roxy to tell her about Rex's childhood and history. Roxy suspects nothing. But Viki finds something very familiar about the love letter that Rex shared with her that his bio dad wrote to his bio mom. Clint knows something about it also. And Echo obviously has a very profound "connection" and interest in Rex.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Lily comes home to see Cane with Blake. Lily feels that she knows Blake from somewhere, but Blake denies having seen her at Crimson Lights. Ronan asks Murphy what happened at the Fall Festival. Murphy taps out a code which Ronan realizes is Morse code. Murph taps out D-A-N-G-E-R. Meggie makes plans for her and Victor to go to Las Vegas. At Solidarity, Victor and Deacon have a confrontation over Nikki. When Victor throws up her past to her. Nikki orders Victor to stop. J.T. tells Mackenzie that the director of the non-profit organization offered him a job. Billy lets Victoria know that he is delving into Heather’s files. Heather finds out and calls Billy to stop by her office. Heather tries to make a deal with Billy not to divulge the info. Mackenzie contemplates turning down the offer in D.C., but J.T. urges her to take the job. J.T. explains to Victoria that he, Mackenzie and Reed are leaving town. Victoria refuses to let J.T. leave with Reed. Victor tells Meggie about Deacon being at Solidarity with Nikki. Meggie suggests that Victor take a vacation. Victor reluctantly agrees.

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