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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At her condo, Erica is on the phone trying to call Caleb when Jackson walks in and catches her. Caleb receives a visit from Krystal, all dressed in her witch’s costume. Caleb and Krystal find out that A.J. is missing. Asher arrives at Chandler Enterprises with A.J. Asher is just about to show A.J. into his dad's office when Colby walks out and catches them. She warns Asher that this will end badly. Colby sees the scar on Asher’s leg and questions him about it. Asher lets Colby know that Caleb is his father. At home, Zach thinks that he sees someone watching him and Kendall. At Ryan’s condo, Madison lets Greenlee know that she has won as she packs her things. Ryan visits Zach and Kendall to persuade him to keep Kendall out of this mess with Greenlee and the trial. Zach asks Ryan if he killed David, but Ryan doesn’t remember anything about that night. Erica receives a call from Marty from the S.E.C. concerning Cortlandt Electronics. Colby asks Asher if he kidnapped A.J. for J.R. Krystal and Caleb visit J.R. to find out if A.J. is with him and if J.R. knows anything about his disappearance. J.R. insists his son is not there. Brot arrives at the Chandler residence to question J.R. about A.J. After Brot leaves, Caleb handcuffs J.R. to the fireplace. They find out where A.J. is when he calls looking for his dad. Caleb goes to pick him up. Asher decides to wait for Caleb there while Colby takes A.J. home.

Ryan comes home to find Madison and Greenlee together. Madison gathers up her things to leave, but Ryan stops her. Ryan asks Greenlee to leave so he can have a talk with Madison. As she cries about how much it hurts, Ryan hugs Madison before she leaves. Greenlee arrives at the Slaters', thus ruining an intimate moment between Zach and Kendall. Erica gets good news that the S.E.C. is launching an investigation into the fraudulent sale of Cortlandt Electronics. Eager to see Caleb, Erica goes to J.R.’s and intercepts a call from Judge Hale. She tells her old friend that A.J. belongs with his mother. Ryan arrives at Zach’s to pick up Greenlee and take her to the courtroom to help her with her testimony. Recalling beautiful memories they've made in their home, Zach and Kendall make love. Erica finds out that Caleb is Asher’s father. Caleb arrives at Chandler's office to find Asher waiting for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric politely chastises Stephanie for running around all over Los Angeles when she is just fresh out of the hospital. He sees how much it means to her though and he will support her through everything. He wants her to stay put until he can come back from the office and go with her. Nick searches for Amber. By phone, he tracks her down at Insomnia and tells her that he needs more designs pronto. The fashion show will be next week. She claims she is working on it and right on cue – in steps Oliver who she greets with a big old kiss. Hope and Liam also come in and immediately Hope is suspicious of Amber; things don’t feel right. Later they see Amber going through Oliver’s bag when he’s away. Nick drops in on Stephanie with flowers. He says she is the toughest broad that he’s ever met. She tells him about her new sense of purpose and it's all due to Dayzee. Eric invites Dayzee to Forrester and he gives her the full tour. He tells her he is sure the Hope For the Future is going to be a big hit for them.

Hope tells Oliver that she just hopes he is not being used. Eric introduces Marcus to Dayzee and it’s clear they are both pretty smitten with each other. Nick tells Stephanie that it’s pretty tough with his mother out of the company, but Amber is coming through with some pretty hot designs. They are going to give Forrester a run for their money. He tells her to hang in there; she is gonna beat this. He has faith in her. Amber comes on to Oliver and gets him to talk about his photo shoot. She sends him out of the room to look for a blanket as she is suddenly cold. She makes a beeline to his touch screen computer in his bag, but doesn’t manage to get anything before Oliver catches her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to see Vivian so she could move her.  Maggie went to visit Hope.  Nathan proposed to Stephanie.  She accepted his proposal.  Caroline told Kayla that Carly didn't switch the paternity test.  She wanted Kayla to let Daniel think that Chloe's having his baby.  Melanie told Daniel that she decided to tell him everything about Chloe.  Carly told Bo that Kayla doesn't approve of their relationship because she broke up his marriage.  Bo reassured her that it wasn't her fault.  Caroline confessed to Kayla that she switched the results.  Hope opened up to Maggie about inmates dying.  Daniel wanted to know what Melanie wanted to tell him.  she said Chloe's not a good person and she would never get along with her.  Chloe ran into Bo and Carly on the pier.  Bo was suspicious of when Carly and Chloe became friends.  Kayla couldn't believe that Caroline would switch the results.  Caroline said she would do whatever it takes the protect her family.  Maggie told Hope that she heard from Jennifer.  Hope said she got letters from Jennifer.  Vivian had a dream that Kate was moving the coffin to a crematorium.  Caroline felt bad for Stephanie because Stephanie felt that she was losing Nathan.  She said she overheard Stephanie talking to Ian about losing Nathan to Melanie because of the affair.  It broke her heart.  Kayla told her that she didn't know how to hack into a computer.  Caroline said she didn't have to hack in the computer.  She just logged in since she has access to the billing department.  Hope and Maggie talked about Maggie's feelings for Victor and how Hope misses Bo.  Carly lied to Bo about becoming friends with Chloe when she got pregnant and bonding.  Melanie refused to accept Chloe as a family member despite being Daniel's wife.  Nathan and Stephanie made love.  Kayla was upset with Caroline for not telling her that she switched the results. Caroline claimed she helped her family.  Kayla felt like Caroline's act was a betrayal to the family.

Bo and Carly told Chloe about Arianna's accident.  Chloe went to talk to Daniel.  Bo didn't believe Carly's explanation for how she and Chloe became friends.  Daniel wanted Melanie to forgive Chloe for him.  Before she could say anything, Chloe showed up.  Victor didn't want Brady and Nicole to know that she knows about Vivian.  He was afraid Brady would tell the truth if he knows that she knows.  Kate agreed to keep it a secret, but wanted to know what he was going to do with her.  Chloe offered Melanie her condolences.  Melanie allowed her to be there for her.  Kayla didn't approve of Caroline's act.  Caroline didn't think that Philip had a right to the baby because of what he did with Pocket.  When Kayla still thought it was wrong, she said Victor finding out about Bo was the worst thing that could have happened.  She also said there didn't need to be another Kiriakis in the world.  Kayla was shocked by Caroline's behavior.  Hope was curious as to whether or not other women are in danger.  She opened a file cabinet and checked the files.  Victor told Kate that Vivian will lose her mind because of the fumes in the coffin.  Kayla believed that Caroline wants to deny Victor a grandchild.  Caroline denied that as the reason and didn't regret it.  She ordered Kayla not to say a word about what she did.  Hope looked for April's file and found something shocking.  Kayla couldn't believe the way Caroline was acting.  Caroline wanted Kayla to get on the plane to Africa and forget they had the conversation.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

While at the diner, Robin panics when Emma can’t be located. Thankfully, Abby finds Emma nearby. Robin questions Abby about what she saw. Michael defends Abby. At the hospital, Patrick and Nikolas speak briefly. Elizabeth brings the boys there for trick-or-treating. Lisa returns to work. Robin confronts Patrick about Lisa’s latest scheme. Patrick isn’t convinced that Lisa wheeled Emma’s stroller away from the diner. Robin storms out when Patrick won’t take her side. Patrick confronts Lisa in the locker room. Lisa pleads her innocence. Patrick notices a witch’s hat by a garbage can. Ethan asks Johnny to lie to the police about the car bombing; he wants to protect Kristina. Johnny agrees that he owes Kristina. Abby speaks fondly of Michael but he’s embarrassed by all the compliments. Johnny and Ethan tell Lisa and Elizabeth what happened with Robin and Emma at Kelly’s.

Jason, Sam and Lucky wait at the warehouse for their meeting with the Balkan. Dante awakens from being hit on the head by Brenda. Brenda runs out of the apartment building to the meeting location. Spinelli returns to the penthouse to find Brenda and Dante missing. Spinelli calls Jason to inform him that Brenda knows the location of the warehouse. Brenda is grabbed by one of the Balkan’s men. Dante shows up and struggles with the man. Brenda picks up a gun and shoots the henchman. Brenda starts freaking out just as Jason, Sam and Lucky arrive on the scene. Jason manages to get the gun from Brenda. Brenda runs into Jason’s arms. Sam is irritated. Brenda keeps making weird comments about another shooting. Lucky wants to continue with the plan to meet the Balkan. Dante calls the police; he and Jason escort Brenda to the police station. Lulu shows up at Jason’s doorstep looking for Dante. When Spinelli updates Lulu, she is worried that Dante has a concussion. Sam tells Spinelli that Brenda ruined the meeting with the Balkan. Agent Bates is mad at Dante for screwing up. Jason calls Diane and asks her to meet him at the police station. Brenda implies that she has shot a man before.

A goon grabs Siobhan. Nikolas and Spencer return to Wyndemere. The maid says that Siobhan left. Lucky returns and inquires about Siobhan. Nikolas is annoyed when Lucky asks to question his staff. Lucky fears that Siobhan was kidnapped. The Balkan’s man asks Siobhan about Ronan O’Reilly. Siobhan insists she is working for Nikolas Cassadine. The goon says that Siobhan is bait. Carly, Jax and Morgan reminisce about an old Halloween memory. Carly requests that Jax buy her some peanut clusters. Jax shows up at Jason’s place looking for Brenda. Sam relays that Brenda killed a man tonight. Carly waits for Jax to return.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the ranch, Meggie mumbles to herself that he won’t be around for too much longer. Nikki defends Deacon for sneaking liquor into Solidarity. Nikki becomes upset because Victoria hasn’t come to visit her. Victor brags to Victoria that his financial records were sent to a higher court for review. Victoria reprimands Victor for keeping her away from Nikki. Heather is on the phone when Paul comes to visit her. Paul warns her about accepting donations from Victor. Heather asks Paul how the race looks. Paul informs her that the last TV ad gave her a little breathing room. Mackenzie tells J.T. that Cane and Lily want to come by to see him, but J.T. has doubts. Dr. Shepherd tells J.T. that he can go home, but he has to follow a strict diet and exercise program. Lily asks Cane what the cattle rustlers want from him. Cane assures Lily that she and the twins will be home soon. Victor puts all the blame on Victoria and this lawsuit for Nikki to start drinking again. Victor comes home much to Meggie’s surprise. Victor calls Heather and tells her to stop by. Billy visits Nikki and lets her know what is going on between Victor and Victoria. Victoria calls Billy and finds out that Nikki really does want to see Victoria. Cane talks to Sofia about hiring a James Collier. Sofia has her doubts but finally gives in. Meggie visits Deacon and tells him her plans for Victor. Nikki calls Victor to come visit her. When Victor visits her, Nikki reprimands him for keeping Victoria from seeing her. Victor, once again, puts all the blame on Victoria. Cane meets with a man and tells him that he will get his money. Lily walks in and demands to know what is going on. Heather accepts a hefty contribution from Victor and sets up another campaign TV ad. Paul sees the ad and, once again, warns Heather about Victor.

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