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AMC Recap Written by Eva

It is a scary Halloween for the residents of Pine Valley as Kendall and Zach take the kids trick or treating and Zach senses that someone is following them. Kendall guesses that Zach has been making sure they're safe, but he tells her that it's just Halloween that has him acting strangely Zach doesn’t want to worry Kendall but he really is scared that his family could be in danger.

Caleb and Asher are both sad as they think of Sonia. Erica and Bianca try to figure out why Caleb is in such a grumpy mood. Erica finds the article about Sonia’s death and tries to get Caleb to talk about it, but all he will tell her is that he is to blame for Sonia's death. Jack and Erica argue because she thinks Greenlee is guilty of David’s murder. Later they make up after Jack talks to Krystal and she tells him that he shouldn’t be mad at Erica for having an opinion about the case. Jack tells Krystal that Erica does think that he can make sure Greenlee goes free and Krystal tells him that shows that Erica is in his corner. Jack hugs Krystal and tells her that he is grateful to have her support.

JR and AJ are both sad because they can’t spend their favorite holiday together. JR talks to a judge and comes up with a plan to spend Halloween with his son. Asher again shows that he is JR’s loyal employee when he dresses in a werewolf costume and takes AJ from Miranda’s Halloween party at Wildwind to see his daddy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is anxious to learn and lets Dayzee guide the way to The Union Rescue Mission and give her the grand tour. Pam drops in to see Stephanie and is shocked when Brooke tells her that Stephanie’s mind was made up and she slipped away. Today her action speaks louder than words and she has a purpose in life now. It will keep her living for a very long time. She calls and tells Stephanie that she is worried about her. Stephanie says there is something she has to do and she is not ready to come home yet. Brooke tells Pam to stay by the phone and she will go and encourage Stephanie to come home. Stephanie sits and speaks with many residents in the mission, then dons her apron, plastic gloves and hairnet and helps serve in the food line. Brooke comes to retrieve her, but Stephanie has important work to do and will not get out of the line. The next thing she knows, Stephanie looks down the line and sees Brooke helping too. She gives her the thumbs up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole saw Kinsey and Sydney at the park.  Bo met Kayla at the pub.  She wanted to talk to him about Carly.  Carly went to see Melanie. Sami went to Arianna's room to look for the camera.  Carly wanted to tell Melanie how sorry she was about Arianna, but Melanie wasn't accepting of it.  Melanie didn't want to forgive Carly because Carly would have kept the secret from Daniel even if Chloe's baby weren't Daniel's. Kayla pumped Bo about Carly.  She wanted to know if he really knew Carly.  Kinsey let Nicole take Sydney to the playground because her arm was hurt.  Carly claimed she would have told Daniel the truth if the baby weren't Daniel's.  They got into another fight over it.  Carly wanted to leave, but Melanie asked her whether or not Bo knows what she did.  Carly didn't answer which gave Melanie the answer she needed.  Kayla tried to get Bo to realize that he should be with Hope and not Carly.  Sami found a jewelry box in Arianna's drawer.  She thought the camera was in there.  When she was about to leave the room, EJ was standing outside the door.  Philip ordered Nathan to stay away from Melanie because he made her lie to her father.  They got into an argument, but Stephanie stopped Philip from judging Nathan about Chloe's affair.  Bo declared his love for Carly no matter what Kayla said.  He said Hope would always be a part of his life and heart and he would never turn his back on her.  EJ wanted to know why Sami was in Arianna's room.  She lied and said Rafe wanted her to get Arianna's rosary.  He didn't believe her and he stopped her from leaving so he could talk to her.  Caroline flipped when she saw Nicole with Sydney.  Melanie had a fantasy about Daniel finding out that she knew about Chloe's affair.  Kayla ran into Carly at the pier.  She asked Carly how she could live with herself.  EJ wanted Sami to show him the rosary of that's what she was looking for in the room.  When Sami was about to leave, EJ checked her hands to see what she found.  The jewelry box was on the floor.

Carly thought Kayla was upset with her because of Bo.  Carly didn't hold back on how she felt about Kayla's disapproval.  Caroline threatened Nicole if she ever went near Sydney again.  She was also going to deal with Kinsey for letting Nicole near Sydney.  EJ picked up the box and the two of them literally fought over the box.  The box opened up and the camera wasn't in it.  Sami grabbed the rosary and ran out of the room.  Daniel went to see Melanie to comfort her about Melanie.  Kayla opened up to Caroline about possibly running Bo's life.  Chloe saw Nicole at the park.  Chloe asked her what was new.  Nicole said that she needs Sydney in her life to make everything right.  Chloe tried to talk Nicole out of being around Sydney because she's Sami and EJ's baby.  Nicole gave in and said she would give up that fantasy.  Then they talked about Melanie possibly ruining her marriage.  Kayla told Caroline that Daniel may not be the father of Chloe's baby.  Kayla told her that she believed Carly switched the results.  She believed that she should tell Bo what Carly did.  Caroline stopped her from saying something.  Nathan proposed to Stephanie. Caroline told Kayla that Carly didn't switch the results.  Kayla wanted to know how she knew that.  Melanie told Daniel that she has to tell him everything about him and Chloe.  Nicole swore to Chloe that she will get Sydney back.  Will told Sami it is possible that the person who found the camera might not have seen what was on it.  Hands were shown handling two disks.  Then the hands picked up Arianna's camera and took pictures on the disk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Abby opens up to Michael. Claire tells Sonny that she cares about him but she won't look the other way if she finds evidence that implicates him in Johnny's car bombing. He tells her she won't find any evidence because there is none. While they are kissing, Ronnie calls her and tells her that he has something on Sonny. Claire meets Ronnie at her office and he produces the recording of Max telling Sonny that the car was rigged to blow. Sonny makes dinner reservations. Alexis overhears and warns him that Claire will eventually stumble onto something that she can arrest him for. Sonny tells her that he is dating Claire to keep his mind off Brenda.

Brenda sweet-talks Spinelli into telling her about Jason's plan. He blurts out the location of the warehouse. Brenda sends him to find a special Tibetan tea. Brenda tells Dante that the two of them are the only ones who know why the Balkan is after her so they have to deal with it. She says it is her fault that Aleksander was able to corner them in an alley all those years ago. She wonders why the Balkan is after her now. Dante says it is because six months ago, the cops dragged Aleksander's body out of the swamp where Dante had buried him. Brenda tells Dante that Sonny must never find out that she isn’t with him because of Dante. When he turns around to get his jacket for her, she breaks a vase over his head and runs out the door.

Nikolas and Siobhan both tell Lucky that the kidnapping scheme is a bad idea. Sam prepares to pretend to be Brenda to bait the Balkan. Brenda has a nightmare about shooting someone in the past. Sam, dressed as Brenda with Max and Milo as her bodyguards, leaves Jason's building. "Ronan O'Reilly" grabs her. They meet Jason at the warehouse on Lincoln & Wells. "O'Reilly" makes a call and announces that he has the girl and that he will only deal with the Balkan. Siobhan tells Nikolas that she hates being left behind. When Nik leaves to take Spencer trick or treating, Siobhan goes to the park. She is startled when she recognizes someone that comes up beside her. Elizabeth tells Patrick that it isn't fair for him to miss his daughter's birthday. Robin goes into Kelly's and while she is getting coffee, someone snatches Emma.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daisy appears at Daniel’s and tells him that she is pregnant and he is the father. Phyllis tries to comfort Lauren over the re-appearance of Daisy. Victor comes home to the ranch and Meggie fixes him a drink. Victor thanks Meggie for all she is doing for Nikki. Deacon visits Nikki in her room. Jana panics when she finds out that Daisy is back. Noah promises to escort Jana home and spend the night with her. Meggie takes a care package to rehab for Nikki. Abby and Daniel don’t believe Daisy's claims. Daniel threatens to call the police. Daisy threatens to hurt the baby if he makes the call. Lauren remembers her conversation with Sarah and begins to panic. Phyllis tries to comfort her. Deacon and Nikki spend time together in her room. Nikki wonders why Victoria hasn’t visited. Victoria wonders if she has pushed Nikki over the edge. Daisy asks Daniel to run a DNA test to prove her baby is really his. Ronan finds proof that Daisy is pregnant. Ronan finds Daisy at Daniel’s and promptly arrests her. Lauren is relieved when she is told that Daisy has been arrested.

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