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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Ryan tells Madison that she was very special to him and he was lucky to have her in his life but he has to be honest he still loves Greenlee. Madison calls Frankie and they meet at ConFusion where she cries on his shoulder and he takes her hand.

Tad tries to persuade JR to reach a custody agreement with Marissa and think of AJ instead of acting like Adam. JR refuses to listen and vows to get his son back. JR goes to the beach cottage to check on Emma and Annie. Annie can’t stand the memories of Scott and goes for a swim. JR takes her by surprise as she goes back inside the cottage. JR Shares how much he misses AJ and how much he fears losing him? Annie tells JR that he won’t lose his son and then she takes his hand, which leads to the m kissing. Tad manages to persuade Marissa to take AJ to the mansion so JR can see his costume and when the maid tells her that JR is at the beach cottage she heads over there with AJ. Marissa catches JR and Annie in the cottage half naked and is able to keep AJ from seeing JR with Annie. Marissa angrily tells JR that the nest time he will see her is in court and not to even ask her to see AJ until a judge decides what they should do about custody.

Liza talks to Nick Pearson got fired from a job at a hotel because of a con that Ryan pulled to get him and Greenlee a free hotel suite early on in their friendship. Liza discredits Nick as a witness and Jack wonders what to do next Ryan is suspicious that Nick isn’t telling the whole story so he wants to investigate Nick. Greenlee tells Jack that she wants to testify on her own behalf to get herself out of this mess.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee takes Stephanie around on Skid Row and they interview real people on the streets who are living there. Stephanie laughs that this cancer is not going away so they better do this quickly. Both Taylor and Brooke are worried about her being outside subjected to more infection. It’s admiral that she wants to help the estimated 50,000 people, but this is just not the time. She needs to be concentrating on herself. She’s fighting for her life just like these people on the streets are. Stephanie interviews them and each have a different, sad, personal story….not just drugs or alcohol which a lot of people believe, but just circumstances in their life that separated them from family and they are on their own. Stephanie is amazed that in this wealthy country of ours, there are so many people who have slipped through the cracks and don’t get help. Yet those who pull themselves out of it often stay to help the others. There is hope and it is not over yet. She thanks the reverend for taking his time in explaining the church and the community. She thanks them all for spending time with her and letting her learn all she can. She’s been given an opportunity to help and she’s happy they shared their stories.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to the mausoleum.  Vivian thought Kate was there to let her out, but she wasn't.  Bo went to Victor's house to talk about Brady and Hope.  Hope questioned Lee about April.  Lee claimed she forgot about her.  Hope pumped her about the investigation, but Lee was acting suspicious.  Lee sent Hope on an assignment.  As soon as Hope left, Lee called someone and told the person that Hope was asking a lot of questions.  Vivian told Kate that Kate could get revenge on Victor and Nicole if she let her out.  Sami and EJ got into an argument over Arianna dying.  she ripped into him because he used Arianna to get back at her and Rafe.  EJ didn't take that too well.  He told her how she knows what Arianna had on her.  She refused to tell him anything.  He threatened to find out through Will.  The warden showed up when Hope and Lee were talking about the investigation.  Hope questioned the warden about the investigation.  Victor wanted to pull strings in order to get Hope out of prison.  Bo didn't want him to do that for her.  He believed that Hope would want to carry out her sentence.  Victor blamed Bo for why Hope is in prison.  He guilted Bo into doing something to get Hope out of prison.  Kate wanted to know who Vivian planned on putting in the coffin.  Vivian told her it was Maggie.  Kate thought Vivian was getting what she deserved for taking her son.  Sami warned EJ to leave her son alone, but he wasn't willing to do that.  They got in another argument when Will interrupted them.  Will told him to go away and Sami agreed.  Will coming to Sami's aid proved to EJ that he could get the truth out of him.  The warden told Hope that April died through septic shock.  She said she did an investigation on it.  She showed Hope proof that nothing could be done for April. She found out that April was cremated and was curious as to why it happened so fast.  The warden got a break when she got a call about Bo being there to see her.  Kate finally agreed to let Vivian out of the coffin, but was interrupted when Victor was there.

Lexie told Rafe and Gabi that Arianna was an organ donor and her heart was a match for another patient.  Gabi didn't want to rush to give the patient the heart, but Rafe wanted the patient to have it.  Stefano tried to comfort EJ about Arianna.  He told Stefano that he's certain Sami shot him.  EJ was afraid that he would never get the proof that Sami shot him.  Stefano told him he would help him get the proof.  Bo told Hope that Arianna died.  Hope said that she wrote Arianna a letter.  Bo told her that Arianna talked to him about Hope and she understood about the medication.  He said she forgave her and now it's time for her to forgive herself.  Sami suggested that Will go stay with Lucas for a while, but he didn't want to leave her.  Stefano told EJ he was suspicious of Arianna so he had her followed.  He claimed he had her followed up until the accident.  EJ was excited that there's a chance to get the proof he needs.  Sami comforted Rafe while he was grieving over Arianna.  EJ found out that Arianna gave Stefano's guy the slip so they didn't have the proof.  Hope told Bo about her suspicions about April's death.  Victor found Kate wearing the earpiece.  Kate told him that she knows his dirty secret.  Hope told Bo that she would investigate April's death, but Bo didn't like the idea.  Kate told Victor that she heard Brady tell Arianna that he put Vivian in the coffin for how she found out the truth.  She told Victor that it was wrong to do that to Vivian.  Will was determined to make EJ pay if he had to.  Sami was pleased and warned him to prepare for a fight because the DiMeras never give up.  It dawned on Sami that the camera could be in Arianna's room.  Bo believed that Hope was obsessed over the death.  She thought there could have been other deaths.  He wanted her to let him know if anything else happens.  Victor offered Kate money to let Vivian stay in the coffin.  They had one big laugh and left the mausoleum.  Sami told Will that they had to get to Arianna's room before EJ did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Claire calls Alexis to her office to ask her questions about the night Johnny’s car exploded. She discloses that Sonny is the prime suspect. Claire receives a flower delivery while she is questioning Johnny. Claire goes to see Sonny at Pozullo's and tells him she can't go out with him because he is the prime suspect in the car bombing she is investigating. Johnny gives Ethan a heads up that Claire will probably question him. Robin goes to see Sonny and tells him that she can't take the drama with Lisa anymore. He wonders if she is asking him to intervene. She tells him no. Sonny tells Robin that if there is anything worth saving about her marriage, then she should forgive Patrick.

Dante has nightmares about a fight he had when he was protecting Brenda. Michael says he knows what Dante is going through. Dante tells Michael that He has been taken off the car bombing case and reassigned to protect Brenda Barrett and that Claire intends to go after Sonny in the car bombing herself. Olivia invites Dante and Lulu to go to dinner at Johnny’s place. Sonny goes to Kelly's hoping to run into Brenda. Jason wants Suzanne to help him set up Brenda's kidnapping. Suzanne tells him that Brenda will never agree to it. Spinelli gives Jason a message from Brenda that his idea is stupid and it will get them all killed. Sam and Jason go to a warehouse and run through the kidnapping. They return to the penthouse and tell Spinelli that the warehouse is the perfect place for an ambush. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda is probably going to bolt. Dante arrives for his shift protecting Brenda and Suzanne tells him that a car will be coming to pick Brenda up for a satellite interview. When Suzanne leaves, Jason tells Dante that Brenda is going to be kidnapped.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hannah takes Starr, James and baby Hope hostage at gunpoint. She leads them to a gravesite wearing a western hat, has Starr and James dressed like the grim reaper, has baby Hope dressed like a pumpkin and pulls her in a wagon. She tells them she's going to have them dig their own grave. She laughs and tells them that on Halloween, while they are dressed in costumes, nobody will suspect anything. And when they are dead nobody will look for them. She tells Starr and James that after they are dead, baby Hope will have a new mommy. Starr tells her that will never happen and is very worried and frightened when Hannah knocks James out and demands that Starr buries him in the dirt if she wants to save her baby. Meanwhile, Langston takes Robert to the hospital and finds out from his doctor that he's lying about his injury being caused by overexerting himself at the gym. He tells her that Robert has been assaulted. At that point, she calls the cops an stays with Robert, distracted from finding Starr and Hope and unaware that Hannah has not only them but James as well. Of all the people to answer her call to report the assault to the cops, Inez answers. As soon as she finds out her son has been assaulted, she rushes to the hospital. Clint acts concerned and gives her no reason to suspect him of anything and accompanies her. Robert is not about to tell anybody what happened to him or that Clint is responsible for it. But he coldly observes Clint hugging his mom outside his hospital room when she expresses her worries about both of her sons being hurt. Meanwhile, after the explosion, Cole has shot and killed Eli. And knowing he will be charged with murder and locked up for light, Marty takes the rap for it and turns herself in to the cops. Bo and Nora know there is something up with her. Inside the wreckage of the building, Todd and John are together trying to find their way out. For the first time, John confesses to Todd that Tea might very well be alive, based on what Greg told him. Blair and Tea are together in another part of the room. Right then, the 4 of them come together and Todd is stunned when he sees Tea for the first time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the party, Lauren laughs at Victoria’s bunny tail. Michael arrives at the party. Michael lets Victoria know that the release of Victor’s ledgers had been delayed. Victoria doesn’t want to hear it. Lauren tells Michael that Jana wants to be her friend again. Michael advises her against it. Abby, laughing, asks Daniel about his ear. Mac brings Reed to see J.T. after the trick or treating. The trick-or-treaters arrive at Sharon’s. Adam is one of the trick or treaters. Kevin and Chloe attend Billy’s party. Chloe sees Hogan at the party. At Rafe’s persistence, Chloe confronts Kevin if he is gay. Kevin denies accusation, but refuses to tell Chloe anything else. Lauren sees Daisy at party. Everyone searches for her, but cannot find her. Mac visits J.T. and tells him about a job offer in D.C. J.T. is hesitant about leaving town. Adam visits Sharon to thank her for helping him from leaving town. Dr. Shepherd tells J.T. that he cannot be on the police force because of damage to his heart. Chloe defends Kevin when she sees Hogan lay hands on him. Hogan is impressed by Chloe’s actions. Chloe threatens to call the police. Kevin confesses all to Chloe about Hogan. Adam makes plans to move out of hotel room with Skye and plans for a divorce from Skye. Daisy visits Daniel to let him know that he is going to be a father.

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