Wednesday 10/27/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

No new episode today!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric brings Stephanie home and he insists that she needs rest. She proclaims that she had plenty of that in the hospital and she knows she only has this day and she doesn’t want to waste a minute of it. Stephanie tells him that she is guilty of turning her backs on people like Dayzee, but no more. Oliver calls Amber and apologizes for passing out on her last night. She looks at her/his sketches and says she got plenty out of it. Nick tells Aggie and Whip that he can only hope that Amber’s designs will be as good as the one he has seen. She seems to be talking another language lately. Taylor visits them and reveals Stephanie’s cancer. It’s almost like she has been reborn now though with helping at the homeless shelter. Hope drops in on Oliver and brings up again that he should not be hanging out with Amber as she will cause trouble for him. He admits he got tipsy last night, but he did that all on his own in wanting to let loose.

Stephanie is glad that Eric has a meeting and is leaving as she wants to talk to Ridge and Brooke. She talks to Dayzee and tells her that she will meet her. Stephanie sits with Ridge and Brooke and says she can see that they love each other. She can see things more clearly now. And even though Brooke has been like a daughter to her that gives her gray hairs, she loves her and now can say she accepts her as a member of her family. She makes her way downtown, meets Dayzee and wants to look around and learn as much as she can. Nick can’t believe how good the sketches are and that he was the inspiration. He wants to make a big splash with these and have no one see them before the showing. Eric too tells Hope and Oliver that a collection like this only comes along like every ten years. It’s one of a kind. Nick tells Amber that she is going to “steal” the show.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian saw Nicole in her room.  Vivian wanted to offer her an opportunity of a lifetime.  Kate overheard Brady telling Arianna that he has been torturing Vivian for weeks.  Arianna woke up while Brady was talking to her.  Gabi blamed Will and his family for what happened to Arianna.  Sami stopped Will from going after her.  Will dropped the bomb on Sami that Arianna was dying.  EJ wanted Rafe to tell him what Arianna was going to tell him.  Rafe threatened to beat him up, but EJ said Rafe was denying Arianna her dying wish.  Will blamed himself for Arianna's accident.  Sami wanted him to blame her.  She also wanted to be with Rafe.  EJ let Rafe know that Will badgered Arianna until she got hit by a car.  He blamed Sami for why Will did that.  He tried to discredit her ability as a mother, but Rafe wasn't hearing it.  Vivian told Nicole that Brady went to see Arianna.  She thought that Nicole would end up alone and broke.  She tried to offer Nicole her oil fields to let her out since she doesn't have an heir.  Kate told Melanie about Arianna's condition.  Brady gave Arianna rosary beads so she could have something special.  Rafe didn't want to hear anything EJ had to say.  Nicole refused Vivian's offer because she didn't believe Vivian would go through with making her rich.  Gabi went back to the hospital to see Arianna.  Melanie tried to comfort Brady about Arianna.  Sami tried to stop EJ from arguing with Rafe.  She threw Lexie being in that situation up in his face and that got EJ to back off.

Kate went to the Kiriakis mansion.  Henderson didn't want to let her in because he had orders not to let a DiMera in the mansion.  She found out that Nicole lived there.  Will asked Lexie to make EJ leave the hospital.  She tried, but EJ refused to go.  He thought that Arianna was his only chance to get his kids.  Arianna had a code blue.  Lexie was able to keep Arianna alive for now.  Kate told Nicole how Brady was reacting with Arianna at the hospital.  Kate wanted to know what was going on since Nicole was back and Victor was okay with it.  Lexie told everyone that Arianna was still weak and her chances of making it aren't good.  EJ found Will and talked to him about the shooting.  EJ said he knows that Will didn't shoot him.  Will wished that he did because he wouldn't have stopped at one bullet.  When EJ said Will's name, Will got visibly upset.  EJ told him that he knows Sami shot him and she would never let Will go down for something she did.  When Vivian turned on the monitor, she saw Kate in her room.  Lexie threw EJ out when she heard him pressing Will about Sami shooting him and Arianna's proof.  Kate turned on the monitor and saw Vivian in the coffin.  EJ threatened to make Will and Sami pay for what happened to Arianna.  Kate wanted to know where Vivian was.  Vivian told her that she's in the sarcophagus.  Arianna woke up and saw Sami in her room.  She stopped Sami from leaving and warned her that she wouldn't get away with this.  Vivian tried to offer a deal with Kate to get back at Victor and Nicole.  Arianna told Sami she had proof.  When Rafe and Gabi walked in Arianna passed out.  Sami lied and said Arianna said she loved them.  When the monitor went off, Lexie walked in the room.  Arianna ended up passing away. 

GH Recap Written by Carrie

No new episode today!

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

No new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Sharon asks Adam not to leave town. Daniel and Abby agree to go to Billy’s party together. Abby runs into Billy, who is there to pick up Reed and Delia. Victoria lashes out at Nick for defending Victor. Heather asks people to vote for her for D.A. Adam and Sharon reminisce about the Halloween last year. Jana asks Lauren to be her friend, but she don’t know if she can. Victor refuses to let the examiner take his books. Victor asks for Heather’s help in getting another judge to hear the case, but Heather has doubts. Heather intervenes just in time to save Victor from going to jail. Victoria tells Billy that Victor refused to let her see Nikki.

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