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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Kendall and Zach argue because he is still angry that Kendall keeps getting involved in Ryan and Greenlee’s problems. Kendall is angry with Zach because he won’t let her help him with the casino problem and so in the end they decide to handle all their problems together. Bianca feels responsible for Zach’s business problems because she asked him to raise international funds to help the Miranda Center since they lost money when David accused Erica of stealing money from the center. Zach tells Bianca not to worry because she is family and he was glad to help her.

Asher refuses to let Colby celebrate his Halloween birthday because it is the day his mother died but he tells her that maybe next year he will celebrate his birthday. Erica thinks JR knows about Sonya and asks Caleb if there is anything else she needs to know but he doesn’t open up to her. Caleb vows that he won’t let JR or Asher use Sonya’s memory against him.

Damon sees Nick Pearson at ConFusion bragging to the bartender that he was the star witness in the Hayward murder trial and that he will be happy to see Ryan get what he deserves finally. Damon tells Liza when he gets back to court and she thinks there is something suspicious so she decides she may need to go talk to Nick. Ryan realizes that he still loves Greenlee as he tells the details of their love story to the court. Ryan apologizes to Madison for what she heard and Madison tells him that their relationship is over.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge senses something is on Brooke’s mind. He tells her not to try to hold it back as he will get it out of her. Reluctantly she tells him that she sort of lost it for a moment and slapped his ex-wife. She knows she shouldn’t have, but Taylor had it coming. Hope tells Oliver that Amber is major trouble and he should stay away from her. He recoils by saying that he thinks the same of Liam since he is Bill’s son. Liam sees Oliver put his hands on Hope. Bill advises him that he doesn’t have to be a Neanderthal man, but he should go set Oliver straight. Hope comes back to the table, but can’t take her eyes off Oliver and Amber knocking back shots. Hope tells Bill that she can handle herself and Liam doesn’t need Bill to make him a man. She ends up telling him off and walking out.

Oliver and Amber end up back at his place knocking back a few more tequilas. He doesn’t want to talk about Hope. He wants to hear more about Amber Moore. She tells him it is a dog eat dog world. If a girl wants to make it on her own, she has to make things happen. She has had to scratch and claw for everything she has gotten and she has the scars to prove it. She wants to show him. She pulls him closer until he is all over her with kisses. Ridge wants Brooke to apologize to Taylor. She says she doesn’t want to do that, but he could tell her to pull back. He calls anyway and Brooke and Taylor end up harping at each other again until Ridge tells them not to be childish. Brooke finally says she is sorry. Ollie wants to get closer, saying girls with no scruples works for him. Amber puts the brakes on though and waits until he passes out. She takes out her camera phone and makes pix that Ollie has in his portfolio. Nick calls and she assures him that she is working on it; it’s in the bag.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie continued to comfort Victor about Isabella.  Vivian was upset about it.  Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion.  Will searched through Arianna's bag and didn't find the camera.  Gabi caught him and wanted to know what he was doing with the bag.  Ben told Rafe that Arianna would have to be put on life support because of the damage from the accident.  EJ wanted Arianna to survive because she's the only one who could help him.  Will told Gabi that he knocked Arianna's bag over for why the stuff was on the floor.  Gabi bought the excuse.  Rafe tried talking to Arianna about a childhood memory involving a cat.  Victor and Maggie were talking about Vivian while she was listening.  Chad went to the mansion to turn down the job working for Stefano.  Stefano wanted to talk to Chad if he changed his mind about working for him.  Kate wanted to know why Chad changed his mind about taking the job when she went to all of the trouble to get the job.  He turned it down because he didn't know why she offered the job.  Brady interrupted Victor and Maggie's conversation.  When EJ talked to the floor nurse about using Arianna's phone to call her friends, the nurse noticed Arianna's bag being missing.  Chad was suspicious about Kate's motive for offering him a job.  Rafe called a priest to see Arianna.  Rafe called Gabi and told her to get to the hospital.

Stefano showed up at the hospital and asked EJ about Arianna.  EJ broke the news to him that Arianna was in bad shape.  EJ told him that Arianna had something to show him.  Stefano wondered what she was going to show him.  He also wondered if Will has been to the hospital.  He wanted to find a way to get the information that Arianna was going to show him.  Will called Sami and left a message.  He told her he didn't find the camera and that she should call Rafe.  Kate was looking over Chad's birth certificate and talked herself into delivering it to Chad.  She wanted to make sure she wasn't connected to the delivery.  EJ wanted to do something for Arianna.  When Maggie left, Brady asked Victor if he had second thoughts about Vivian being in the coffin.  Victor said he didn't.  Vivian planned to get Maggie in the coffin when she got out.  Will blamed himself for why Arianna was hit, but Rafe stopped him.  Rafe said that he called Arianna a liar and got in a fight with her.  Father Matt showed up to give Arianna her last rites.  Brady wasn't convinced  that Victor wouldn't get Maggie if they keep her in the coffin.  Victor told Brady that Vivian let her terms be clear.  If they let her out, she would resume her position as his wife.  If not, she would go to the police.  He wants to have Maggie and let Vivian stay in the coffin.  Brady got a call from EJ to be at the hospital.  He told Brady that Arianna was hit by a car.  EJ's call to Brady was how he was going to help Arianna.  Brady went to see Arianna.  He wanted to have a minute with her.  Victor was determined to get Maggie by keeping Vivian in the coffin.  Vivian was convinced that she could get back at Maggie.  Kate overheard Brady tell Arianna that he was torturing an old woman.  Will let it slip to Gabi that he was arguing with Arianna and she ran in the street.  She told him it will be all his fault if Arianna dies.  EJ wanted Rafe to tell him the truth about what Arianna was going to tell him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky wants Siobhan to stay in Port Charles for a while. Lucky tries flirting with Siobhan but she’s freaked out by her surroundings (Wyndemere). Lucky makes a promise to keep Siobhan safe. Lucky senses Siobhan’s distance. Molly confides to Michael about her concerns regarding Sam. Molly fears that Brenda will come between her sister and Jason. Molly asks Michael to talk to Jason about the situation. Michael convinces Molly that Sam and Jason aren’t breaking up. Michael runs into Abby at the diner. Abby introduces herself to Molly. Molly leaves to meet with someone so Michael and Abby are left alone together. Abby apologizes for their awkward encounter in the hotel room. Michael learns that Abby is taking courses at the community college. Abby divulges that she wants to genuinely help Michael. Abby tells Michael that Sam confided in her about his problems. Michael is surprised how easy it is to talk to Abby. Lulu gets a text from Ethan inquiring about Lucky’s whereabouts. Lulu calls Lucky and asks to meet on the docks. The Balkan’s associate is lurking nearby. Lulu relays that Luke is faking heart problems to woo Tracy back. Lulu advises Lucky to visit Luke at the hospital or Tracy will become suspicious. Tracy feels bad that she didn’t believe Luke was having a heart attack. However, Tracy won’t give Luke an answer in regards to his marriage proposal. Tracy wants Luke on a strict health regimen. Lucky and Lulu visit Luke in the hospital. Lulu asks Tracy how she’s holding up. Tracy refuses to leave Luke’s bedside. Lucky tells Siobhan that Luke faked a heart attack to win Tracy back. Siobhan is surprised to learn that Father Luscious is in fact Luke, Lucky’s dad. Lucky speaks of Luke and Tracy’s volatile relationship. Tracy and Luke have a heartfelt conversation until Epiphany announces that visiting hours are over. The Balkan’s goon calls his employer and relays that Lucky Spencer is posing as Ronan O’Reilly. Siobhan fears that Lucky and Jason will walk into an ambush at their meeting with the Balkan.

Dante refuses to be Brenda’s bodyguard. Claire questions why Dante won’t guard Brenda. Dante points out that Jason can protect Brenda himself; he admits that Sonny wouldn’t like the idea. Dante is adamant that he stay on the Zacchara car bombing investigation. Jason doesn’t agree that Sam should be used as bait to lure the Balkan out of hiding. Sam tries to change Jason’s mind but he doesn’t want her involved. Sam argues that Brenda won’t go along with Jason’s plan. Jason says that the meeting could backfire if Sam is the decoy. Jax hopes that Brenda will walk away from Sonny – once and for all. Jax and Brenda reminisce about old times. Brenda admits to Jax that her happiest days were spent with him. Jax speaks fondly of Carly and Josslyn. Jax accompanies Brenda back to the penthouse. Jason goes over his plan with Brenda. Jason relays that Sam will be stepping in for Brenda but she doesn’t like it. Dante shows up unannounced; he tells Brenda, Jason and Sam that he’ll be guarding Brenda. Brenda hates the idea; she says Jason can protect her. Jason admits that he needs Dante’s help in guarding Brenda. Brenda is determined to be the bait. Brenda is unwilling to have Dante be her bodyguard or have Sam be the decoy. Carly won’t help Lulu in convincing Jax to use Brenda as Crimson’s cover model. Jax tells Carly about his chat with Brenda. Jax says that he told Brenda that his marriage to Carly is rock solid. Jax kisses Carly. Dante and Lulu discuss their stressful day. Lulu says that Brenda won’t agree to the Crimson photo shoot. Dante announces he will be Brenda’s personal bodyguard. Lulu wonders why Claire wants Dante to guard Brenda. Lulu vents her insecurities about Dante and Brenda spending time together.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the explosion when Eli is ready to be taken into custody, but Cole is still unable to find Starr and Hope and believes Eli has killed them, he takes Eli's gun and shoots him. Marty comes by to see what her son has done and reminds him that he will get charged with murder and go in prison for life for having done that when Eli is unarmed and since Cole already has a record. Cole is sullen and tells his mom he doesn't care about his life if Starr and Hope are gone. Meanwhile, James finds Starr and Hope but Hannah finds them and pulls a gun on them. But, she reconsiders knowing that if they are together, she might be able to have Cole and so she might not want to kill them. Blair finds Tea and they attempt to get out of the warehouse but aren't sure how they're going to do it. Todd and John are also trapped. And at the end, Todd comes face to face with Tea for the first time, having believed up until now that she's dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick tell Noah about Nikki being in rehab. Victor refuses to give “Beauty of Nature” to Victoria and Abby. Kevin and Chloe watch Delia and Reed holding hands. Adam lets Skye know that he is leaving town. Noah vents his anger against Adam. Kevin refuses to let Chloe know where he is going. Kevin meets with Hogan, who demands his money. Kevin and Jana meet. Chloe sees Kevin with Hogan, and thinks that Kevin is gay. Skye asks Sharon to talk to Adam. Victoria comes to visit Nikki but is denied visitation with her mother. Sharon catches up to Adam.

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