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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica tries to persuade JR and Caleb to come to an agreement that JR should sell Cortlandt Electronics back to Caleb but neither JR nor Caleb is willing to put their feud to rest JR warns Erica that she doesn’t know what Caleb is capable of and that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word family. Erica wonders if Caleb is hiding something she needs to know and he tells her that she knows more then most people and he doesn’t tell her anything else. Krystal wonders why Caleb doesn’t like Halloween and Caleb won’t say a word to her either but Asher later tells JR that his mother Sonya died on Halloween.

Kendall forces Zach to tell her why he has to leave and he admits to her that he wanted to sell the casino but he found out that his less then trustworthy partners stole money from him and they were not happy that he wanted to sell the Casinos so they threatened his family. Zach tells Kendall that he has to leave so they can be safe and Kendall tells Zach that from now on they will handle problems together.

Greenlee, Madison and Annie are not happy that Ryan is taking the blame for David’s murder so that Greenlee could go free. Annie advises Madison to stop being such a nice girl and persuade Ryan to let Greenlee go to jail because she doesn’t know if Emma could handle losing Ryan. Greenlee fires Jack as her lawyer but he tells her that the judge won’t allow it in the middle of a trail. Greenlee admits to Jackson that she loves Ryan and she won’t let him go to jail for her sake but she is unaware that Ryan heard her conversation with Jack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber overhears Whip, Nick and Aggie agree that Amber’s designs are not receiving the warm welcome they hoped they would. They aren’t gonna cut it. Amber tells them she was out getting inspiration. When Nick sees it, nothing peaks his interest until he sees the last one she added, the one she lifted from Oliver. Nick says he wants more of that Moore. Amber hears Sally Spectra’s wise words in her ear and determines to make her proud. Taylor tells Brooke to get her paws off her son. Taylor knows she is just being a mother but she doesn’t want her working that closely with her son. Thomas tells his mom that she is over-reacting. Thomas tells her to leave as they have a lot of work to do. She tells Brooke that trouble always follows her and she is warning her not to bring her son down. Brooke is appreciative that Thomas took her side. She wants to see him model one of his designs as it will be good practice for the showing and press conference.

Liam and Hope are having lunch with Bill and Katie when Amber and Oliver come in. Hope has no idea why Oliver would be with Amber. But Amber knows what she is doing. She plies Oliver with drinks. And then she kisses him. She admits that she likes freaking Hope out a little bit, but she did enjoy kissing him. He slips out for a moment and Hope follows and comments that she is glad he is getting on with his life, but with Amber! Amber seizes the moment and lifts a few more of the Forrester designs from his portfolio. Taylor wastes no time in eavesdropping and peeking in and seeing Brooke offer her hands-on tips to Thomas. Then she rails into Brooke for being a predator and again warns her about her “designs” on her son, groping him in the office. Brooke scoffs at her for being so suspicious that she would actually do something with Ridge’s son. Taylor shouts that didn’t stop her when it came to Hope’s boyfriend. Brooke slaps her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian imagined that she stabbed Maggie after Victor told Maggie he loved her.  Nicole went to Maggie's house to carry out Victor's request.  Rafe questioned Ben about Arianna's condition.  Arianna woke up and told EJ she had the proof.  Maggie wanted to know why Nicole was at her house.  Ben told Rafe that Arianna had damage to her heart and lungs.  She also would have trouble speaking or remembering things that happened before and after the accident.  EJ was shocked when Arianna weakly told him that she knew everything after he questioned her about Sami or Will shooting him.  Nicole admitted that Victor sent her to Maggie's house.  Maggie wanted to know why and tempted Nicole with carrot cake.  Nicole told her that Victor wanted Maggie to know that he loves her.  She's supposed to influence Maggie to love him back.  Victor taunted Vivian again.  Will was able to talk a nurse into leaving the desk so he could check Arianna's bag.  Unfortunately, Gabi busted him and wanted to know what he was doing with Arianna's bag.  Rafe walked in Arianna's room and saw EJ in there.  He demanded to know what he was doing in there.  Maggie wanted to know how Nicole was going to influence her to fall for Victor.  Nicole said that she had to make up a story about him to get her to go over there.  Maggie thought the plan was desperate. Nicole told Maggie that he lost his edge once he gave up Titan and because of Isabella.  Gabi took Arianna's bag which kept Will from looking in it.  Ben stopped Rafe and EJ from arguing over him being in her room.  Ben agreed with Rafe and told EJ that family were the only ones allowed to see Arianna.  EJ gave in, but was stopped when Arianna wanted him to stay.

Nicole told Maggie that Victor has been spending a lot of time at the mausoleum.  Maggie was touched by what Nicole told her about Victor's situation.  Nicole left Maggie's house.  Vivian tried to convince Victor to let her out of the coffin.  She said she wanted a life with him and would keep him and Brady safe.  She tried to convince him that he couldn't have a life with Maggie now that Brady put her in the coffin.  Arianna felt funny and started coding.  Ben barked at EJ and Rafe to get out of her room.  Nicole let Victor know that she told Maggie a sob story and believed it convinced Maggie to see him.  When she got off the phone, she saw Kinsey with Sydney.  When Victor was on the verge of letting Vivian out, Maggie walked in the mausoleum.  Arianna went into cardiac arrest.  Victor wanted to know why Maggie was at the mausoleum.  She was upset that he sent Nicole to talk her into feeling sorry for him and it worked.  He apologized for sending Nicole to her and asked her to leave.  He didn't want her to ever come back.  He finally realized that Maggie was right about them staying away from each other.  EJ goaded Rafe by mentioning that Arianna's condition was convenient for Rafe and Sami.  EJ said it would be Rafe's fault if Arianna died.  This caused Rafe to attack him.  Maggie refused to leave.  She wanted to comfort him over losing Isabella.  Gabi wanted to go wash her face which tempted Will to look into Arianna's bag.  Lexi and two guards stopped EJ and Rafe from fighting.  EJ believed that Arianna was going to get better and was going to finger Sami or Will for shooting him.  Nicole cried over Sydney when Kinsey took Sydney back to Caroline.  Will decided to check the bag for Sami.  When he checked the camera wasn't in the bag.  Ben let Rafe know that he would have to put Arianna on life support since the damage was too severe.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Maya thinks that Luke should stop with his scheme. Maya confides her fears to Ethan. Monica checks in on Luke. Monica says that someone needs to keep a close eye on Luke. Monica confronts Ethan and Maya about Luke’s scheme. Monica threatens to throw Maya out of the nursing program but agrees to play along for the time being. Luke asks Tracy to marry him.

Claire warns Carly to stay out of her personal life. Carly is irritated when Jax asks Claire to provide police protection for Brenda. Jax is oblivious to Carly’s feelings. Carly refuses to kiss Jax. The Balkan’s associate takes a picture of Jason and Lucky meeting on the pier. Jason and Lucky agree that they need to fake Brenda’s kidnapping. Lucky tells Jason about bringing Siobhan to Port Charles. Lucky senses that someone heard their conversation. At Wyndemere, Siobhan and Nikolas talk about Lucky’s interests. Elizabeth shows up unannounced so Siobhan hides nearby. Siobhan hears Liz tell Nik that she lost the money in the boys’ trust funds. Nikolas offers to pay Elizabeth but she doesn’t like the idea. Lucky walks in. In private, Elizabeth tells Lucky about her money woes. Lucky makes it clear that he and Elizabeth are over. When Liz leaves, Siobhan tells Lucky that she heard everything. Lucky is mad at Nikolas for not giving him a warning. Lucky is embarrassed that Siobhan was listening. Siobhan and Lucky wonder if they can make things work after the Balkan is captured.

Brenda learns that Dante is dating Lulu. Lulu asks Brenda to consider being the cover model for Crimson. Brenda isn’t interested but Lulu points out it was Jax’s idea. Brenda tells Lulu that she’ll talk to Jax about it. Lulu and Carly meet to talk about Brenda. Lulu begs Carly to help her with landing Brenda as the next Crimson cover model. Sonny asks Dante to be more considerate toward Brenda. Sonny confides to Dante about his volatile relationship with Brenda. Dante gets a call from Claire. Jason updates Sonny about Brenda. Sonny asserts that Brenda cannot be used as bait. Sam returns to the penthouse. Sam and Brenda speak briefly. Jax and Brenda visit on the docks. Brenda vents to Jax about Sonny; she says that she’s moving on from Sonny. Claire wants Dante to be Brenda’s bodyguard. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Sam suggests herself as being the bait instead of Brenda. Sonny witnesses Brenda and Jax talking on the docks.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cops and paramedics and all interested parties find the warehouse where Eli has been holding Tea and Dani. Blair manages to escape with Tea. Eli activates the bomb. Dani rushes in to save her mother and gets injured, but nobody has died. Cole rushes in hoping to find Starr and Hope but scrap metal falls on him. Outside Marty's home, James corners Hannah and tells her he bets she knows where Star and Hope are and it's not at the place where Eli has kept the others. He knows that it was she who kidnapped them. Knowing he can't prove it, she smirks. But he's determined to save them although he still hasn't a clue where they are. Greg confesses for the first time to Destiny and Shaun, that he is not Destiny's brother. He's her father. She demands to know who her biological mom was. He admits that it was Shaun's old girlfriend, Charlene, who promised to wait for him while he was in prison many years ago. And he has deeper and darker secrets about that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is in rehab when Nick comes to visit her. Noah plays Faith a tune on his guitar. Victor promises to tell Victoria about her mother being in rehab. Meggie promises Victor to be there for him. Deacon checks into Solidarity. Victoria and Abby’s hearing begins. Jack confronts Tucker about not hiring Diane for his company. Victor tells Victoria that Nikki is in rehab for drinking again. Jack finds out about Nikki being in rehab. Abby and Victoria refuse Victor’s offer. Victoria and Abby ask for Beauty of Nature.

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