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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie finally tells Jesse that the cuts David made in the hospital budget were partially responsible for her contracting the infection that caused her blindness. Angie and Jesse both cry and Angie lets out all the anger she has felt towards David all this time. Angie goes to the hospital to take the amniocentesis test and her and Jesse anxiously wait for the test results.

Kendall is surprised when Zach returns home and tells her that he forgives her and accepts her for who she is because he loves her very much. Zach tells Kendall that he is home for good and they head home but Zach gets a disturbing call and tells Kendall he has to go and Kendall asks Zach if he really wants to fix the problems in their marriage.

Madison figures out that Ryan is trying to make he look guilty so that he can create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury. Madison is angry with Ryan and wonders who will risk their freedom when his case goes to trial. Nick Pearson testifies that he heard Ryan say “someone will die tonight” just before David was killed Greenlee feels hurt that Jackson lied to her and wonders why Ryan would risk his freedom and possibly leave Spike and Emma without a father to save her from going to jail.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tries to convince his dad to let go of the reins, he’s ready for the men’s line. He tells Ridge and later Taylor that he’s working side by side very hard with Brooke on this. Taylor thinks that might prove to be a problem. Thomas reminds her that she gave away her 25% of the company to Steffy so Taylor really has no say in this now. Aggie chooses a moment when Nick is enamored by her to tell him that Amber’s designs are a little much and she thinks he should let her go. Amber overhears and rails into Aggie. Nick separates them and says no one is being fired, but her designs need more elegance and he wants to be impressed. Aggie tells Nick that she can’t shake the feeling that Amber will try to mess with her. Oliver can’t help but notice Hope and Liam as they are kissing at Insomnia. Amber joins him and warns him not to let them bother him. Perhaps she can help.

Oliver tells Amber she can stay, but he can’t take his eyes off of Hope and keeps remembering the good times. Amber suggests that he consider making her jealous and Hope will see what she is missing. Thomas tells Brooke that he wishes his mother could see her as he does and just leave their past in the past. Taylor speaks with Ridge and says it is one thing for Ridge to forgive Brooke and want her in his life. But her job is to protect her children from predators and this includes Brooke. She doesn’t like Thomas working with her so closely. Nick calls and leaves a 4th message for Jackie. He dismissed Owen and Bridget, but not her. He misses her and wants her back at work. Aggie tells him that she is not sure Amber’s designs can deliver what he is asking to compete with Forrester. Amber comes on to Oliver and kisses him while one hand manages to steal one of his Forrester designs that he’s working into a video. Ridge calls Thomas and gives him the green light on the men’s line. Brooke is there and she and Thomas hug. Taylor walks in and tells her to keep her filthy hands off of her son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will tried to convince Arianna not to tell about his mother.  EJ interrupted them and Arianna ran off and got hit.  Sister Ann was furious with Carly for lying about Chloe being a patient named Dana Scott.  What Carly didn't know, Kayla was listening.  Melanie was at Stephanie's apartment to ask for a favor. Gabi told Rafe and Sami that Will was with Arianna.  Will called the police.  The police were on the scene.  Bo questioned Will about the accident.  Arianna tried to tell EJ that she had something to tell him, but he didn't want her to talk.  He wanted her to tell him at the hospital.  Nathan wanted to apologize to Melanie, but he found out she's ignoring his calls.  Melanie asked Stephanie not to say anything about Chloe's affair. Stephanie promised she wouldn't say anything.  Will told Sami that Arianna was hit by a car, and that she was taken to University Hospital.  Carly tried to plead her case to Sister Ann, but she didn't want to hear it.  Sister Ann wanted to tell Daniel, but Carly tried to explain why she lied.  Carly recapped to her what led to Chloe's affair.  Sister Ann didn't fall for Carly's plea right away.  She didn't like the idea of lying for Carly.  Kayla followed them and was listening to their conversation.  Nathan came home and saw Melanie in the apartment.  Rafe got to the hospital and saw Arianna.  Sister Ann had to think about whether or not to keep Carly's scheme a secret.  Melanie apologized to Nathan.  Rafe talked Gabi on the phone and told her about Arianna.  When Sami got to the hospital, Will told her that he blamed himself for Arianna's accident.  Sami told Will that Arianna recorded her confession.  Will warned her that EJ was getting questioned by Bo and wasn't sure if Arianna told EJ the truth.  When Sami and Will found Bo and EJ, they were just in time to hear him getting questioned about the accident.

When Carly left Sister Ann, Kayla came out of hiding and wanted to talk to her.  Melanie told Nathan she was hurt that he didn't tell her about Chloe.  She realized she did the same thing he did when she didn't tell the truth.  Stephanie interrupted Melanie and Nathan while they were talking.  Sami flipped out when EJ implied that Will was responsible for Arianna getting hit.  Bo stopped the arguing and tried to finish questioning Will.  Maxine interrupted and told them Arianna was out of surgery.  Lexie told everyone that she made it through surgery despite complications.  Everyone wanted to see Arianna, but Lexie only let Arianna's door in case Sami and Will tried to finish her off.  Bo wanted to question Sami and Will.  EJ threatened Will just before he went with Bo.  Bo questioned Sami about her fight with Arianna.  She send it was personal.  When Bo tried to question Will about his fight with Arianna, but Sami tried to answer for him.  Bo wanted Will to speak for himself.  Will answered him, but lied about the fight.  Bo wondered if Arianna would have the same story when he questioned her.  When they didn't answer, he ended the questioning.  A police officer told Bo about Arianna's purse and Sami and Will saw it.  Sami said the camera was in her purse.  The police office gave the purse to Maxine and Maxine put it under her desk.  Will came up with an excuse to get Maxine away from the nurses' desk.  Sami checked the purse and got caught by the police officer who gave Maxine the purse.  Sister Ann rescheduled her meeting with Kayla.  Sami got out of how she had the purse.  Sami and Will overheard the police officer say that Arianna's things were all over the ground when she was hit.  Sami wanted to go check the area for the camera.  EJ went in to see Arianna. She opened her eyes.  She weakly said she had to tell him something.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke is having a heart attack on the floor at the Metro Court but Tracy thinks he is faking it. Jax and Olivia come in and Olivia tells a bellhop to call 911 while she tends to Luke. When the EMTs arrive, Jax tells them about Luke's prior bypass surgery. Jax is amazed that Tracy orders a martini when the ambulance takes Luke away. Maya and Ethan go to the Metro court looking for Luke and Jax tells them about the heart attack so they rush to the hospital. Tracy antagonizes the staff at General Hospital. When Maya arrives at the hospital, Luke takes off his oxygen mask and asks her to find the ugliest heart scan she can find. She tells him she is not going to jeopardize becoming a doctor by committing a felony for him. Lulu goes into Luke's room and he discloses that it is a plan to get Tracy back. Matt comes in with the fake test results and announces that Luke has had a massive coronary and that another one could be fatal. Tracy apologizes for not believing him. She promises him everything will be ok. Maya tells Ethan that scaring Tracy into thinking Luke is dying is cruel. Ethan says it will all be worth it when Luke and Tracy get married for real.

Carly kisses Jason. He pushes away and demands to know what is wrong with her. She tells him that sleeping with her is the only way for her to hold onto Jax. Jason tells her she needs to go talk to Jax. Carly tells Jason that she set Sonny and Claire up on a dinner date so Claire will focus on Sonny instead of Michael and that now she has to get Jax's attention off Brenda. Brenda walks in and tells Carly she doesn’t intend to make her feel insecure about her marriage, but the fact that she isn't a loyal wife should make her insecure. Sonny and Claire go out to dinner together. He tells her that he and Brenda are not getting back together. He says he is glad Claire invited him to dinner. Claire says Sonny invited her. They figure out that Carly set it up, but are glad they went out together. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to see Carly and tells her everything is going well with him and Claire so she can stop meddling. Claire goes to the Metro Court and tells Carly that she doesn’t need anyone pulling strings in her personal life, especially not Sonny's ex wife. She says she thinks Carly's motives were self-serving because she would rather see Sonny with anyone but Brenda. Jax overhears the conversation from a few feet away. Dante runs into Brenda on the docks and then thinks about when he knew her before. Brenda asks Spinelli not to do so much for her because Jason takes advantage. Brenda thinks about when she knew Dante a few years ago. Lulu goes to Jason’s penthouse to visit Brenda. Dante goes to Sonny's restaurant and is thinking about Brenda while looking at her picture in the magazine Sonny has there. Sonny comes in and observes that it is hard to take your eyes off her.

Lucky goes to see Nikolas and tells him about Ireland. He asks Nikolas if he and Siobhan can hide at Wyndemere for a while. Nikolas hopes Lucky's better mood is because of her. Jason meets Lucky on the docks. Lucky greets him with an Irish accent and tells him his name is Ronan O'Reilly. Then in hushed voices, Lucky asks Jason if he knows where Brenda is and Jason says she is at his place. Lucky says he is supposed to kidnap Brenda and that the order came from of a man known as "the Balkan." One of the Balkan's henchmen photographs them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Restless Style, Jack lets Phyllis know that Diane isn’t the problem, but Phyllis is the problem. In Tucker’s office, Diane reads article about herself that Phyllis had written in Restless Style. At the coffeehouse, Daniel calls Abby. Vance visits Victoria and Abby. Victoria lets Vance know that they want Beauty of Nature. Abby is against the idea. Nick calls Victor and finds out about Nikki drinking again and that she is in Solidarity. Victor tells him to get there right away. Meggie tells Deacon that now they will move on to Phase 2 of their plan. Meggie lets Deacon know that she is in charge. Victor questions Nikki as to what had happened to her. Diane threatens to tell Ashley about her and Tucker sleeping together. Tucker refuses to fall for Diane’s blackmail. As a result of their heated argument, Jack and Phyllis make love. Abby, reluctantly, agrees to Victoria’s plans.

Abby calls Daniel to meet her at Gloworm. Meggie arrives at Solidarity with Nikki’s things. Nick visits Nikki and finds out that she had been with Deacon. Diane walks in after Jack and Phyllis’ lovemaking. Victor comforts Nikki and promises to be there for her. Meggie tells Deacon to get ready to check into Solidarity. Abby questions if she can trust Victoria. Victoria visits Tucker with a proposition concerning Beauty of Nature. Tucker has doubts about Victoria’s plan. Tucker tells her to bring him Beauty of Nature and then they will talk. Nick refuses to tell Victoria about Nikki’s drinking. Diane lets Kyle know that she hadn’t gotten the job with Tucker.

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