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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR finds an anniversary present that he bought for Marissa and when he refuses to accept the present he warns her that if she doesn’t stop the custody battle things could get ugly for Caleb. Marissa becomes more determined to take AJ out of the mansion when she sees that Annie is still living there. JR tries to explain to Marissa that Annie stayed at the gatehouse for the night because she was drunk but Marissa doesn’t want to hear an explanation from JR. Annie wants to leave the house but she doesn’t have any money so she accepts an inv9itatation from JR to stay at the gatehouse one more night. Annie gets depressed while packing her things and starts to cry about the mess that is her life and JR is touched when he sees her crying in the room she and Scott once shared. Colby asks Marissa to stop the custody battle before it gets too bloody but Marissa says she has to protect AJ so Colby tells Marissa she must she sides and she will choose JR and AJ every time.

Colby isn’t happy when she sees that Damon and Liza are becoming friends so she goes to talk to Asher and she is disappointed because Asher knows all about her family but he won’t tell her anything about his family. Liza gets Madison to testify that she was jealous of Greenlee and Ryan’s relationship so that is why she lied and told her that she overheard Greenlee say she wanted to kill David. Madison apologizes to both Greenlee and Ryan for her testimony and they both tell her there is nothing to forgive because Liza is a master at twisting the truth. Greenlee pleads with Ryan to stay away from the courthouse because he will only add fuel to Liza’s argument that she killed David because she is still in love with him. Ryan refuses to stay away from court telling Greenlee that he will always be there for her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor comes to the hospital and asks about Stephanie. Taylor wants to assure Brooke that things are still tenuous, but that she knows Brooke did all she could humanly do for her when no one else knew Stephanie was sick. Brooke says it was surreal that one minute she was fine, the next minute Stephanie collapsed on her floor. But in that flash everything changed and all the ugly words and deeds between them over the years vanished. Steffy calls her grandmother from Paris and informs her that she knows about the cancer and she is heading home. Stephanie talks her out of it as there is nothing she can do. She is going to beat his and then she will come visit her two favorite things – Paris and Steffy. Hope pops in and brings along Liam and he brings along a teddy bear, Charlie. They inquire about her health and she says they are keeping her pretty loopy but comfortable. Taylor joins them and comments that it looks like a party going on. Stephanie tells Hope about Dayzee and that she realizes there are a lot of people she could help and that is what she is going to do. Dayzee is lurking outside and Stephanie asks her to come in. She tells Hope and Liam that Dayzee is the one who made her appreciate her life all over again. She doesn’t want to put Dayzee on the spot, but she’d like them to all know her a little better. Dayzee doesn’t want them to pity her but she gives them a little back story about how she came to be on Skid Row. She works at the homeless shelter and has her G.E.D. She likes to think of the people who gave her a helping hand when she needed it and now she wants to give some of that back. Together that is what she and Stephanie are going to do.

Nick asks Aggie if she is feeling better, and that’s good because Amber is no threat to her. Aggie is not so sure. She thinks Amber looks like someone who usually gets what she wants. Nick says that won’t be him. But whoever it is then he will have his hands full with Amber. She wishes her brother could find love the way she has. He’s still hung up pretty badly on Hope and it’s going to take a big tug to pry his heart away from her. She and Oliver have always had each other’s backs. She wants him to find the right girl and she wants Nick to find the right girl, and she does not think that is Amber. Oliver props Amber’s foot up and she praises him for being Dr. Oliver and that he is so good for what ails her. And she’s handsome, sweet and sexy so where else is Hope going to find a guy like him? She thinks Hope will call Oliver when the time is right. In coming on to him, she gets him to admit that she is funny, sexy, alive and full of energy. She points out that Hope is young but he will come around in time. In the meantime Oliver just needs to quit dwelling just on Hope and have some fun.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Arianna showed Sami the proof she had that Sami confessed to shooting EJ.  Vivian told Victor how she was feeling in the coffin because of the fumes.  That didn't please Victor.  Brady wanted to let Vivian out of the coffin.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on with him.  Stephanie told Kayla that she believes Chloe's baby is Daniel's.  Kayla wasn't sure of that.  Carly went to Maggie's house to see Melanie.  Melanie wasn't happy to see her.  Bo wanted EJ to tell him how he could prove Sami tried to shoot him.  EJ told Bo that it was Bo's job to find out who shot him.  Bo didn't care what EJ was saying.  EJ fumed and said he didn't need the police to help him prove what Sami did.  Gabi walked in on Rafe and Will talking about Arianna.  Sami tried to get Arianna's proof away from her.  Sami and Arianna had a huge catfight when Sami tried to get Arianna's proof.  Brady kept seeing Isabella when Nicole wanted to know why he wanted to let Vivian out of the coffin.  Victor ripped into Vivian for what she planned to do to Maggie.  Melanie wanted Carly to leave Maggie's house.  She didn't want to hear what Carly had to say.  Melanie was upset with Carly for lying to her.  She tried to make her feel guilty for lying to her daughter.  Bo warned EJ to stay away from Sami and her kids.  He warned him not to violate the court order.  EJ laughed off Bo's warnings.  He wasn't afraid.  Kayla interrupted Sami and Arianna's fight.  Arianna wanted Sami to tell Kayla what she did.  Melanie drove it home how much Carly's lies affected her.  Ian ran into Stephanie at the pier.  Sister Ann saw something about Daniel and Chloe's wedding.  She wasn't happy when she saw it.

Arianna found a moment out run out of the apartment.  Sami went racing after her.  She told Kayla that she wasn't letting Arianna run her life.  Nicole tried to talk Brady into leaving Vivian in the coffin.  She mentioned Victor knowing what Vivian did and he wasn't going to let her out.  Brady said he will handle it.  She mentioned they would go to prison.  Brady said he would tell the police she had nothing to do with it.  EJ's lawyer showed up at the police station to take EJ home.  Sami found Rafe and told him that Arianna recorded her confessing to shooting EJ.  She told him they had to stop her.  Stephanie told Ian that there was a mix-up at the hospital and the baby could be Daniel's.  Ian believed it might not have been a mix-up.  while Carly and Melanie were talking, Sister Ann called her and demanded to see her right away.  When Carly left, Melanie told Maggie that she doubts they would work things out.  Kayla told Bo about Sami and Arianna's fight.  She wanted to know why they hate each other.  Rafe was furious that Sami told Arianna about shooting EJ.  Rafe, EJ, and Will were shown calling Arianna at the same time.  Arianna saw that she had missed calls, but she only wanted to talk to EJ.  Victor wanted to thank Nicole for helping Brady.  She was surprised.  Bo went to see Sami to find out what was going on with her.  Arianna called EJ and told him to meet her at the pub because she had something to show him.  Sami told Bo everything was fine.  He left the apartment.  EJ couldn't get a signal on his phone when Arianna wanted him to meet her.  Carly saw Sister Ann at the hospital.  Sister Ann was upset with Carly for lying to her.  She showed Carly a picture from Daniel and Chloe's wedding.  Victor and Nicole agreed that no one must ever know what Brady did to Vivian. Will found Arianna at the pub and begged her not to tell truth.  She told him she would leave him and Will out of it, but Will wasn't convinced.  He stopped her from leaving until she heard him out.  Brady apologized to Isabella for not agreeing to let her out of the coffin.  Victor wanted Nicole to do something that involved Maggie.  Sister Ann remembered that Chloe was Dana Scott and was upset that Carly lied to her.  When Will tried to stop Arianna from telling the truth, EJ showed up.  Arianna couldn't deal with the situation and left.  She ended up getting hit by a car.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly is annoyed to discover that Jax has Olivia working on plans to turn the eighth floor of the metro court into an apartment for Brenda. Olivia advises Jax and Carly not to throw away everything they have because of Brenda. Jax tells Carly that he is concerned for Brenda's safety. He says the suites are on a protected floor and she will have hotel security. Carly asks about the cost. He says he assumes Brenda will pay rent and they will use the apartment as a corporate timeshare when Brenda leaves. Carly says having Brenda living there will be like putting a target on the hotel to draw the Balkan.

Sonny asks Suzanne what is really tearing Brenda up inside. Suzanne tells Sonny to leave Brenda alone. Jason asks Brenda to confide in him the real reason that the Balkan is after her. He promises to keep her confidence if she tells him, explaining that he can better protect her if he knows the whole story. She says she doesn't know why the Balkan is after her. He tells her that he hopes it isn't too late when she gets scared enough to tell him the truth. Suzanne goes to Jason's penthouse to see Brenda. Brenda snaps at her. Suzanne says she understands that Brenda is taking her pain out on everyone but that there is a better way; Brenda could tell Jason what he wants to know. Brenda says she can't do that because Jason tells Sonny everything.

Ronnie sees Dante daydreaming and warns him that the Mayor is watching him so he should focus on the Zacchara car bombing before the Mayor thinks he is covering for his father. He warns Dante not to throw away his police career for Sonny. Dante fills Claire in on Brenda's history and his assignment to protect her some years before. Claire can't believe that she has turned into the kind of woman that would have a detective run a background check on her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend or that she is second guessing herself and thinking negative thoughts. Dante tells her that Sonny does that to people. He says it was the same way when he was undercover. An officer comes in with a dinner invitation from Sonny. Someone delivers an invitation from Claire to Sonny at Pozzulo's.

Robin accuses Lisa of changing a patient's medicine without consulting Robin first, but Steve tells her Lisa didnít make the change and shows her where it is documented in the patient's chart. Patrick suggests that Robin take a walk and she tells him not to patronize her. She calls Maxie to come and talk her down. She asks her to teach her how to ignore Lisa. She says she doesnít trust Patrick since he cheated with Lisa. Maxie suggests that Robin forgive Patrick. Robin ponders how she can be sure Patrick won't cheat again. Patrick interjects that he is sure. Robin says itís a private conversation, but Maxie leaves. Patrick says they need to find a better way to deal with Lisa, but Robin says she doesnít think Lisa is the problem; they are. She says they are broken. He doesn't want to get a divorce. Lisa tells Steve that she wishes she could rewind her life back to when she arrived at GH and leave the past in the past.

Luke tells Tracy that he canít live without her and that he knows she has missed him. Tracy denies it. Maya asks her why she was crying in the den last night. Tracy says she wasnít crying but if she were, it would have been over the 10 million dollars. Luke says he only took it to get Tracy's attention and he was trying to double it but then his associates took the money when he had to turn his attention to Lucky. Tracy tells them all to leave. Luke makes a plan with Maya and Ethan to fake a heart attack to get Tracy back. Luke commences with the dramatics at the Metro Court, but Tracy laughs and tells him he will have to do better than that. Ethan and Maya lose track of time and realize they are late to Luke's heart attack.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eli holds Tea and Dani hostage. Dani is rejoicing that her mom is back but furious with Eli and afraid of what he might do. Back in Llanview, Destiny celebrates her 17th birthday with her family and friends but tells her parents that she'd like to postpone it until Dani is back safe and Greg is out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Greg regains consciousness when everybody least expects it. Everyone is happy. But Natalie goes to ask him if he helped Eli with his plans and if he's responsible for what happened to Tea. He admits that he is and the reason he did what Eli wanted is because Eli was holding a "secret" over his head. The cops tell him as soon as he's released from the hospital, they will have to place him under arrest. Destiny, Shaun and his parents demand to know what is going on. He hesitates to tell them. Eli calls Todd and Blair again and tells them if they ever want to see Dani, Starr or Hope, he needs not only Todd's money but for Blair to come to see him. Todd and John both tell Blair there's no way they will let her near Eli, but she fears they are running out of options, and she will do it in order to save the girls.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Diane commends Jack for his treatment of Kyle and how he was standing behind him. Jack leaves Diane sitting at the table when Phyllis comes up to join her. Phyllis asks Diane why she keeps up with this charade of trying to get Jack back. At the coffeehouse, Ashley and Abby meet up with Billy and Victoria. Ashley asks Victoria how Reed is coping with J.T.ís electrocution. Ashley lets Abby know that she owes Tucker an apology. Tucker gets the window fixed in his office. Tucker remembers making love to Diane. Nikki asks Victor if this is how it is going to be with him questioning her all the time about her drinking. Nikki tries to explain, but Victor defends Jill. Nikki tells Victor that she is going out and Meggie goes with her. Nikki and Meggie arrive at Gloworm. Nikki questions Gloria as to where Deacon is. Gloria lets her know that Deacon left for the day. Meggie once again spikes Nikkiís drink. Meggie calls Victor to let him know where she and Nikki are.

Abby arrives at Tuckerís office and apologizes to him for her actions. Tucker offers to be there for Abby and they hug. Billy reads the article about Diane which Phyllis posted on the internet. Billy arrives at ďRestless StyleĒ and reprimands Phyllis for the article that she wrote about Diane. Diane warns Jack about Phyllisí attitude about her and Kyle. Kyle tells Jack and Diane about his new school. Victor questions Gloria about Nikki and finds out that Nikki has been asking about Deacon. Nikki tells Deacon about lying to Victor. Nikki passes out in Deaconís bed. Meggie undresses Nikki to make it look as though she slept with Deacon. Victor finds Nikki in bed with Deacon.

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