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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Caleb tells JR that if he voids the sale of Cortlandt Electronics to Chandler and gives him all the profits from the nanotech project, he won’t sue him for fraud and will make sure that he can see AJ. JR says no way and Caleb tells him to get ready for a lawsuit for fraud. Caleb also tells Asher that if he doesn’t stay away from him and his friends when he is done with JR he will come after him. Asher tells JR that he doesn’t have all the facts but he thinks that Caleb caused the mine explosion that accidentally killed his mother. JR asks Tad to investigate Caleb’s past but Tad tells JR that he is on his own because he won’t do it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is glad that Brooke came forward and Stephanie is willing to fight her cancer now. Brooke says it was really Dayzee that inspired Stephanie. She's a changed woman who wants to help fight for the dignity of the homeless people. Thomas shows Ridge and Brooke what he has been working on – a new Men’s Line. Whip shows Nick the latest sketches by Amber. He lets him know that he has seen the moves Amber has put on him. He’s worried since Aggie is caught in the middle. Nick assures him that Amber just got a little overly excited and it won’t happen again. He respects Aggie and will not hurt her. Aggie confronts Amber and tells her to stay away from her boyfriend. They are solid and Amber can’t mess with her. Amber takes it as a challenge and the only thing better than a challenge is a dare. Aggie tells her to give it up; she is not afraid of her.

Ridge tells Thomas his designs are very good, but he’s not sure they should be re-branding the men’s line right now. He’ll think about it. Amber overhears a telephone conversation when Oliver calls Aggie. She can’t meet him so Amber slips off to Insomnia….Hurricane Ambrosia is about to strike. She feigns a fall and Oliver comes to her rescue. He gets a bag of ice to put on her foot and offers her a cup of coffee. He tells hr to stay put, off her ankle for a while and he will take care of her. Thomas is grateful for Brooke’s support. She thinks the men’s line looks great and he’s ready for it. She likes his enthusiasm. He says with her by his side, no one can stop them. They can be a team. There is no one else he’d rather work with. She says he is so much like his father. He is the future of Forrest Creations.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

When Nicole walked in the living room of Victor's house, she found out that Victor knows about Vivian being in the coffin.  Victor was thrilled that Brady came up with the brilliant plan to bury Vivian.  Bo was at Sami's apartment to question Sami about EJ.  Stefano wasn't convinced that Arianna would help EJ over Rafe.  Rafe tried to get Arianna to keep Sami's secret, but Arianna didn't care to listen.  She was convinced that Sami was wrong to shoot EJ despite her reason for doing it.  EJ wanted to find information to keep his children.  Stefano intimated that he should run away with the kids, but he refused.  He was convinced that Arianna would help him.  Bo wanted to question Sami about EJ violating a court order.  He wanted to know why she didn't tell him or Roman what EJ did.  When Rafe said Sami would get killed if Arianna told EJ what she knew, she offered to go to the police.  Rafe laughed it off and told her that it would be her word against his and Sami's word.  Arianna was disappointed that Rafe would call her a liar.  He said he would do it to protect Sami.  Sami told Bo that EJ only held Sydney for a couple of minutes and that was it.  He tried to warn her that EJ was breaking the law by violating the court order.  He was determined to do something to stop him.  Victor decided not to let Vivian out of the coffin because Brady and Nicole would go to jail.  Arianna was through talking to Rafe when he was willing to call her a liar.  A police officer showed up at the DiMera mansion to arrest EJ.  Bo wanted to question EJ when he got to the police station.  Sami wanted to put a stop to people lying for her.  She called Arianna so she could talk to her.  Arianna didn't want to hear what she had to say, but agreed to talk to her.  Brady gave Victor the remote so he could talk to Vivian.  Isabella visited Brady to talk to him about what he's doing to Vivian.  He tried to justify what he did to Vivian by telling her what Vivian did to her memory.  Victor taunted Vivian by letting her know she's going to pay for what she did.  

EJ let Bo know that he was only at the hospital to see his doctor and happened to see Sydney there.  Bo thought EJ was a danger to his kids.  EJ said that Sami was a danger to his kids.  Rafe found Will and warned him about Arianna going to the police.  Will wanted to stop her.  Arianna met Sami at Sami's apartment.  Sami wanted to tell Arianna why she shot EJ.  Rafe wanted Will to stay calm about Arianna.  He was willing to use Arianna's past against her to make her lose credibility.  He wanted her to look like she had a grudge against Sami's family.  Will wanted to know if Rafe could do that to his own sister.  Sami told Arianna what happened the night she shot EJ.  She wanted Arianna to have an idea about why she shot him.  Arianna grilled Sami about what happened.  Sami tried to play on Arianna's sympathy by crying and telling her how she wanted to stop him from hurting her family.  Vivian tried to convince Victor to let her out.  She offered to divorce him and leave town.  EJ tried to blame Sami and Will for shooting him.  He threw up in Bo's fact that Hope was the Salem mugger.  Bo was livid and reminded him that Hope paid for her crimes as opposed to him.  They went back and forth about the things EJ did to Sami.  Sami told Arianna when Will and Rafe found out what she did.  Sami was surprised that Arianna didn't fall for her story.  Arianna thought that Sami shot a defenseless man, lied to Rafe, and got her teenage son to lie for her.  She thought that Sami was a piece of work.  Rafe believed that there was no evidence against Sami despite what Arianna said so he didn't want Will to worry.  Sami and Arianna got in an argument.  Sami warned Arianna that Rafe and Will will be charged as accessories if she goes to the police.  EJ tried to discard Sami's alibi for when he was shot.  Bo waned EJ to tell him how to solve it.  Arianna crunched Sami's face when she showed her that she taped Sami's confession.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lisa interrupts Steven and Robin going over a patient’s chart. Steven scolds Robin for confronting Lisa. Steven advises Robin to act professional at work. Epiphany warns Robin that she’s beginning to look like the crazy one. Steven informs Elizabeth that the money she invested is gone. Patrick is worried about Robin’s state of mind. Steven fears that Elizabeth lost all the money in her kids’ college funds. Steven vents to Patrick about his concerns regarding Robin’s mental stability. Robin checks in on her patient; she discovers that the woman received an unauthorized dosage. Epiphany and Patrick discuss a surgery. Robin calls out Lisa in front of everyone. Nikolas walks in on Brook Lynn rehearsing for an audition. Nikolas tells Brook about a cocktail party they are attending tonight. Liz shows up at Wyndemere to speak to Nikolas. Brook intervenes; Nikolas asks to speak to Elizabeth tomorrow. In private, Brook Lynn confronts Elizabeth regarding her treatment of Nikolas. Elizabeth thinks that Brook is a gold digger. Tracy doesn’t want Luke anywhere near the casino. Luke insists that Tracy wants him back. Luke regrets not telling Tracy about their sham marriage. Tracy wants Luke to “prove” that he is in love with her. Tracy admits she loves Luke but won’t take him back until he repays her. Tracy warns Ethan that Luke isn’t allowed to run a tab at the Haunted Star. Luke asks Ethan to help him find ten million dollars. Luke wants his help but Ethan needs a favor in return – help him get Maya back. Ethan proposes that Luke pretend to be suffering from heart problems and in turn, Maya can give medical advice. Ethan and Luke confide in Maya about the plan to win Tracy back. Maya makes it clear that she and Ethan are just friends. Luke begs Maya to help with the scheme. Luke wants to legally marry Tracy. Tracy senses that something is amiss.

Dante wakes from a startling dream; Michael asks if he’s okay. Dante and Michael talk about Brenda. Dante apologizes for yelling at Michael. Michael tells Dante about Sonny and Brenda’s history. Maxie wonders why Lulu didn’t sleep over at Dante’s place. Spinelli shows up at the Crimson office. Spinelli ignores Maxie’s warnings about Brenda. Kate is furious that Maxie and Lulu didn’t tell her that Brenda is in town. Spinelli defends Maxie in front of Kate. Spinelli is evasive about Brenda’s whereabouts. Maxie thanks Spinelli for sticking up for her. Maxie and Lulu discuss Spinelli’s attachment to Brenda.

Carly tells Claire that she should try and win Sonny back. Claire apologizes for threatening to put Michael back in prison but insists she is through with Sonny. Jax asks Olivia to work on some hotel renovations. Carly and Jax talk about Claire. Carly confronts Jax about his meeting with Brenda in the hotel lobby. Carly wants to know if Jax would get back with Brenda if she said she loved him. Jax swears that he doesn’t want to be with Brenda. They share a kiss until Olivia interrupts. Carly is mad when Olivia hands some papers to Jax that regard housing for Brenda. Claire asks Dante to do a background check on Brenda. Dante is reluctant to help but eventually spills the beans that he guarded Brenda in 2007. Claire promises to keep quiet about Dante’s revelation. Dante makes a phone call. Ronnie inquires about a cold case that Dante is checking out.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr and Hope are trapped in a dark house. Starr hopes Hannah doesnít get to Cole before James's tells him his suspicions about Hannah. Starr dreams about Cole being with Hannah after Hannah kills her. Cole apologizes to James for going off on him in the police station and says he realizes the only person responsible for Starr and Hope being missing is Eli Clark. James isnít so sure that's true. Cole suggests that they work together in spite of not liking each other. James thinks that's a good idea. Cole wonders how James got his necklace back.

Ford asks Hannah if they can give their relationship another chance. Hearing that, Langston says Ford is still the same dog he has always been. When Hannah leaves the room, Ford tells Langston that he didnít mean anything that she heard, that there is no time to explain, and that he needs Langston to leave him alone with Hannah. He tells her to go see James, so she goes to Ford's apartment and asks James what's going on. Hannah tells Ford that she won't give him another chance because she wants Cole. Ford tells her that she doesnít have a chance with Cole because of Starr. She asks him what if Starr weren't in the picture. Cole arrives so Ford leaves. Ford goes back to his apartment and tells Langston and James that Hannah wants Starr out of the way, so she can have Cole. He says Hannah didn't ask Cole about Starr and he is sure that that is because she already knows where Starr is.

Markko runs into Cris as Cris is ending a phone call with Layla. Cris wonders if Markko is going back to CA when his father is out of hospital. Markko says he is going to stay in Llanview for Cole and Starr, but that he isnít getting back together with Langston. He says long distance relationships never work. He later recants after Gigi tells him that Cris is in a long distance relationship because Layla lives in Paris now.

Viki is impressed with Gigi's artistic talent when she sees Gigi's drawing of Rex's mother's half-heart necklace. While looking through Echoís hotel room, Rex wonders why she has the other half-heart necklace that had belonged to his father. Echo goes to see Charlie at Llanfair and says she has something important to tell him but Viki throws her out before she can say it. Viki tells Charlie that Echo has an agenda. Charlie asks her if Rex has found out anything about Echo's agenda. Echo returns to her room while Rex is still there. He picks up a stack of towels that he brought with him and tells her that his mother owns the motel and he is helping her out. She says he doesnít look like Roxy. He suggests that he might look like his father but doesnít know because he never met him. After Rex leaves, Echo puts on the necklace and cries. Rex goes to Rodi's and shows Gigi the picture of the necklace. He says he is going back to New Mexico and will show Echo's picture around.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

At Fenmoreís, Lauren comes in and, to Jillís surprise, gives her a hug. Meggie watches Nikki give Victor a kiss. Meggie calls Deacon to give him an update on Nikki and Victor. Cane remembers his talk with Blake in which he asked him for $5 million. Lily and her bodyguard visit Neil. Lily tells Neil about Cane and what he is involved in with the cattle rustlers. Neil promises to try to get Cane to open up to him about what is going on. Katherine offers Cane encouragement about his family. Meggie asks Nikki about her wedding plans, but voices some opposition to the wedding. Jill asks Lauren why she hugged her. Murphy remembers past times with Meggie. Nikki lets Lauren know that she and Victor are eloping. Lauren is thrilled. Cane searches the Internet on how to obtain a new identity.

Neil insists to Lily that Cane is hiding something. Katherine lets Victor know that Mackenzie and J.T. are expecting. Victor tells Katherine that he and Nikki are eloping. Meggie spikes Nikkiís tea. Nikki and Jill hurl insults at each other. Jill picks up the teacup and smells liquor and knows that Nikki is drinking again. Jill informs Victor. Cane receives a call from Blake about the $5 million. Victor confronts Nikki about her drinking.

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