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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Colby is heartbroken when she finds out what Scott did and that he is in jail Asher advises her to be strong and not worry so much about what is happening in her family because it isn’t her fault. JR and Colby share a warm brother sister moment and JR almost persuades Colby that the two of them should pull together as a family to save the Chandler legacy but Annie walks in and spoils the moment and Colby tells JR and Annie that she is disgusted by both of them. Damon sees Asher comforting Colby and isn’t happy about it so he rushes to take Colby out of Krystal’s restaurant and go some place where they can talk about her problems. Angie helps persuade a battered woman named Betty to seek help from the Miranda Center and she later tells Jesse that despite being blind she is learning new ways to help others. Angie feels the baby move but the baby doesn’t move for Jesse and Jesse tells Angie that the baby will grow up to be a doctor while Angie thinks the baby will be a cop.

Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia go out on a double date and Randi talks about Fusion’s new perfume I do and Natalia tells everyone she isn’t ready for marriage but has a daydream about her wedding day. Brot is hurt to hear that Natalia isn’t ready for marriage so he leaves for the station to study for his detective exam. Natalia follows Brot and he tells her that he is tired of this game they are playing with each other so he has decided to concentrate on becoming the best detective on the police force. JR manages to get Annie out of ConFusion before she starts dancing on the tables and then JR takes her to the mansion and puts her in the shower with her clothes on so she can get sober. Annie decides she needs to pull herself together for Emma’s sake and JR persuades her to stay at the gatehouse for the night until she is sober.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee watches as the Forrester family rallies around through and after Stephanie’s surgery. Dr. Rabin tells them that Stephanie has an uphill battle, but from all he knows about her she is a force of nature. Stage four cancer is not hopeless, but her attitude and state of mind will make all the difference. He doesn’t go by statistics. Her prognosis is grim, but she survived surgery to fight another day. Stephanie comes to and slowly wakes to all the smiling faces looking down on her. They inform her that the doctors were able to get the primary tumor on the bottom lobe of her lungs. They advise her to just rest and sleep so she can get strong again.

Aggie gives a neck massage to Nick and then sits on his lap and suggests the steam room for later. Amber overhears this and joins him instead. She comes on to him, but he politely pushes her away and says he is not playing these games. Later back in the office, Aggie sees Amber put the moves on Nick again when she slaps him on the bottom and get a little too friendly. Aggie tells Amber that she won’t forget this from a so-called friend who is now the skank that everyone said she was. Amber reminds her that Aggie and Nick have just the beginning of a relationship; there is no ring on her finger. Brooke asks Dayzee not to leave; she knows Stephanie wants her to meet all the family. One by one they introduce themselves. Brooke tells them where they found Dayzee. Stephanie says she wants to help. Brooke says she will….she will save lives just like Dayzee saved hers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian had hallucinations.  She head Victor talking and spoke out to him.  EJ left another urgent message for Arianna to get back in touch with him. Chad showed up at the mansion and caught EJ at the wrong time.  Arianna was furious with Rafe for protecting Sami.  Sami walked in on their conversation and wanted Rafe to answer her. Arianna decided to do the talking.  She ripped into Sami for what she's done to Rafe.  Sami tried to defend herself, but Arianna fought back.  Rafe tried to stop Arianna from yelling at her, but it was to no avail.  Arianna blurted out that she knew she shot EJ.  Sami's eyes were as big as quarters.  Vivian spoke to Victor and told him she was in the sarcophagus.  Victor thought Vivian was in the sarcophagus with Isabella, but she said she wasn't.  He wanted to know where Isabella was.  Chad told EJ that he was at the mansion to see Stefano.  Stefano walked in on their tense scene and wanted to know what Chad wanted.  Sami tried to deny that Arianna heard her confess to Will that she shot EJ, but Arianna didn't take the bait.  Rafe tried to say there was no proof of what she heard, but that made Arianna upset.  Vivian told Victor that Brady locked her in the coffin.  Victor didn't believe her so she used Nicole as the reason why Brady put her there.  Victor wanted to know how to get her out of the coffin.  Vivian told him about the lever.  Chad wanted to talk to Stefano about a paid internship.  Stefano didn't know what Chad was talking about.  EJ and Chad got into an argument over the internship.  EJ offered Chad money, but Stefano wanted him to put it away.  Rafe continued to stop Arianna from yelling at Sami, but it didn't work.  Arianna was ready to go to the police.  Sami said she wasn't going to let her do that.  Sami was livid that Arianna would defend EJ after what he's done to her and everyone else.  She warned Arianna that EJ is only manipulating her.  Nicole and Brady were talking about their future.  Nicole wanted to adopt a baby with him.  He wasn't down for the idea because adoption is tricky.  He also reminded her about her criminal record.  Victor wasn't able to open the lever of the coffin.  He had to go get help.

When Stefano tried to make peace with Chad, it didn't do any good.  When Chad left the mansion, Stefano realized that he is like EJ.  Arianna said EJ wasn't manipulating her, but Sami didn't agree with her.  Rafe told Arianna that she can accuse Sami of shooting EJ without proof.  Arianna agreed that Rafe was right and stormed off.  Rafe wanted to know what Arianna was going to do and she said she was going to tell the truth.  Sami was scared, but Rafe wanted to go after her.  Brady cut tot he chase with Nicole and let her know that he doesn't see children in his life.  Nicole was okay with that.  She wanted to have a different life with him.  She wanted to travel with him, but he interrupted her so he could check on Vivian.  Sami told Will that Arianna knows that she shot EJ.  Will wanted to know how and she told him.  Rafe caught up to Arianna and tried to stop her from telling the truth.  Rafe gave in and told her that Sami shot EJ.  when Nicole left the pub, she saw Caroline and Sydney together.  Victor let Brady know that he found Vivian in the coffin.  Brady wanted to know what she said.  He told him how Vivian blamed it on Nicole.  Brady told him the truth about putting her in the coffin and Nicole got involved after the fact.  Victor assumed he would say that.  Will suggested that he, Sami and the kids run away in case Rafe couldn't stop Arianna from telling the truth.  Sami didn't want to do it.  Stefano came up with a solution to help EJ.  Arianna wanted to know why Rafe is protecting Sami.  Rafe explained to her why Sami shot him.  Victor wanted to know why Brady put Vivian in the coffin.  He told him about Vivian's plan to put Maggie in the coffin.  He also told him where Vivian buried Isabella.  Victor was furious.  Stefano revealed that he had Arianna followed.  Rafe begged Arianna to keep Sami's secret.  Nicole found out Victor knows about Vivian.  Sami and Will were determined to stop Arianna from telling the truth.  Arianna wanted to tell the truth, but Rafe wasn't going to let her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin wants to tell Steven that she slapped Lisa but Patrick wonders if it is a good idea. Robin wonders if she’ll be suspended again. Steven has no clue about the slap so Robin stays quiet about the incident. Lisa and Robin argue in front of Patrick. Patrick thinks that Robin should take a leave of absence but she doesn’t agree. Lisa thanks Steven for his support. Patrick is irritated at Steven for believing Lisa and not Robin. Steven tells Patrick that he needs to work with Lisa on surgeries or he’ll be forced to resign. Lisa asks to have a hotel room on the same floor as Patrick. Spinelli runs into Michael at the diner. Michael vents to Spinelli about running into Claire at Sonny’s office. Spinelli wants to get revenge on Claire but Michael wants him to leave her alone.

Sonny holds Brenda in his arms; she’s thinking about Dante. Brenda refuses to tell Sonny what’s wrong. Sonny walks out of the penthouse; he urges Max and Milo to be considerate of Brenda’s feelings. Brenda calls Robin. Dante tells Lulu that he regrets yelling at Michael. Dante wonders how he can help Michael and Kristina. Lulu promises to support Dante’s decision. Ronnie shows up at the loft; Lulu leaves. Ronnie warns Dante that the mayor wants him off the force. Lulu speaks to Luke about Tracy. They are both worried about Lucky’s safety. Luke wishes that Lulu wouldn’t have gone to Ireland. They agree to keep each other updated on Lucky’s whereabouts. Robin visits with Brenda. Brenda admits that she loves Sonny but can’t be with him. Brenda asks Robin to speak to Sonny on her behalf. Robin apologizes for pushing Brenda and Sonny together. Dante reminisces about Brenda. Lulu talks to Dante about her visit with Luke. They share a kiss. In bed, Dante dreams about Brenda.

The Balkan’s men want Lucky to shoot Siobhan. Lucky threatens to kill Siobhan but says it is risky in a public place. Siobhan kicks the goon and manages to get away. Lucky warns the men to stay out of his way. Lucky returns to the hotel room and finds Siobhan waiting. They flirt with each other. Lucky wants to fake Siobhan’s death so the Balkan won’t come after them. Lucky suggests that he and Siobhan go to Port Charles. Lucky gets fake passports for the two of them. Siobhan wonders what will happen to Brenda once Lucky locates her. Luke tells Jason about the Balkan’s movements. Jason relays that the Balkan is after Brenda Barrett. Luke admits that Lucky is posing as Ronan O’Reilly, a hired assassin on the Balkan’s payroll. Jason and Luke agree to keep each other updated on any new developments. Jason meets with Sonny to talk about the Balkan. Jason updates Sonny about the connection to Lucky (Ronan). Sonny senses that something is wrong with Brenda. Sonny and Jason wonder why Brenda is acting secretive. Sonny asks Jason to keep an eye on Brenda. Robin visits Sonny. Robin relays that he has no future with Brenda. Robin wants Sonny to leave Brenda alone. Sam and Jason return to the penthouse. Jason apologizes to Brenda for yelling at her. Brenda vacates to her bedroom. Jason and Sam flirt with each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

James knows that Hannah is keeping a secret, very obsessed about Cole and might be the reason why she was not with Elijah Clark when he called Todd Manning and let him talk to Dani but not to Starr. He also finds it odd that Hannah got a hold of the bullet on the chain of his that was last in Starr's possession. He asks Robert if he believes that Hannah might have kidnapped Starr and baby Hope. Robert tells his brother anything is possible knowing Hannah. James is determined to get to the bottom of this but knows that Hannah won't tell him anything, knowing that he will get her in trouble if she has hurt Starr. But, he concludes, Robert might be able to get some answers out of Hannah if he goes to talk to her. Robert finally agrees to help his brother find this out and goes to visit Hannah when she returns to Marty's home. Starr and Hope are still stuck in Hannah's parents' empty home unable to get out or let anybody know where they are. Viki and Dorian talk about both of their history with Echo DiSavoy and they seem to want to help each protect each other from Echo. Meanwhile, Rex is investigating Echo for Viki and finds out that she is renting a room at Roxy's hotel. He goes to Angel Square and finds Echo's secret box that she has kept for many years. He notices how familiar it looks to him, opens it, and sees the very necklace chain that his unidentified biological mother left with him when he was born. After talking to Roxy and finding out about Charlie's son Jared's recent death, Echo goes to talk to Charlie to offer her condolences and tells him there's something very important she needs to tell him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

When Phyllis goes to Jack’s house and yells for him, he comes out of the kitchen. Phyllis immediately asks Jack about Diane and Kyle. Diane tells Kyle that Genoa City will be their home for a while. Nick calls Sharon and reprimands her for having Adam in the car with her. At Gloworm, Victor arrives to have a chat with Nick about Adam and Sharon. At the coffeehouse, Victoria questions Sharon about Faith. Victoria hurls some slanderous remarks toward Sharon concerning Adam. Deacon remembers giving Nikki a drink which she gulped down. Nikki lets Meggie know that she and Victor are eloping tomorrow. Victoria warns Sharon about Adam. Diane and Kyle visit Jack and Phyllis to ask Jack to go with them school shopping. Jack reluctantly agrees. Meggie calls Deacon to let him know that Victor and Nikki are eloping tomorrow. Victor and Skye meet on the elevator.

Nick confronts Adam about being with Sharon, while she listens. Victor and Skye get trapped on the elevator where they have a heartfelt conversation about Adam. Skye shows Victor her rosary that she got in Mexico. Nikki visits Victoria to try to explain why she couldn’t pick up Reed at Katherine’s. Phyllis goes through some pics and finds the perfect one of Diane to use in her article about her for “Restless Style.” Sharon visits Adam to thank him for helping them during the tornado.

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