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AMC Recap Written by Eva

The trial continues to get more intense as Liza gets Kendall to testify as a hostile witness and Kendall admits that she destroyed the evidence that David was using to blackmail Greenlee. Kendall also tells Jackson that Greenlee would never kill anyone that she cared about even if they treated her badly. Erica testifies that Greenlee is self-absorbed and selfish but she also has a decent loving side just like her father. Ryan can’t explain why he kissed Greenlee and apologizes to Greenlee saying the kiss was a mistake.

Annie is determined to get out of the Chandler Mansion and not accept any help from JR even though her assets have been frozen, and she can’t gain access to any of her and Scott’s money. Annie goes to ConFusion to get drunk and starts talking to and having fun with some young football players. The bartender at ConFusion takes her keys and calls the number that Annie has marked as her home and tells JR to come get Annie because she is very drunk. JR arrives just before Annie starts dancing on top of a table at ConFusion. Kendall and Bianca talk about how much they miss Zach and Reese and wish that they could both come home so they could all be a family.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie lies in the hospital bed and tells Dr. Lewis that she is here. They have to get this thing out now. Surgery will be today. Stephanie tells Dr. Lewis she wants her to meet Dayzee; she is the reason that she made the decision that she wanted to live. And she wants Dr. Lewis to make it possible for the baby to have a thorough checkup. Dr. Lewis checks and Dr. Rabin can do the surgery today. She wants Stephanie to know even if the surgery goes well, she is still facing an uphill battle. Stephanie says just get the tumor out of her and leave the rest to her. Pam and Taylor join them at the hospital. Pam says she is glad Stephanie came to her senses and now she can beat this. Felicia surprises the family by showing up unannounced. She’d been visiting Kristen in Florida and Dominick is with his father for a few weeks. It’s anybody’s guess if she is here for good.

Taylor and Pam deliver the bad news to Eric, Ridge, Felicia and Thorne….Stephanie has stage four lung cancer and it doesn’t look good. She fills them in on the surgery. They now have to be strong for Stephanie and be there for her. Stephanie tells Dayzee that when she comes out of surgery…..and she will……she is going to try to make a difference in people’s lives…in Dayzee’s life, in the baby’s. She’s going to try to help people who need help. She thanks her. Stephanie asks Brooke to take her hand. She wants to thank her….after all the years of things she has done to her. She is glad she listened. Brooke says it wasn’t her, it was Stephanie’s stubbornness. Stephanie says it is very important for her that Brooke understands how much her support means to Stephanie. She wants to thank her. Brooke says she is going to come through this. She has a purpose now. And she’s like to be a part of that. You can make a difference in people’s lives; you don’t have to be at death’s door to decide that. It will be good to do some things together other than Forrester things. Stephanie admits that while she is not afraid of dying, she needed more time. And for the record, Brooke is still the slut from the valley. Brooke says that is music to her ears. They come to take Stephanie to surgery and she touches Brooke’s hand one last time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ left an urgent message for Arianna to call him with the information she had to help him keep his children.  Bo and Carly went to pick up Ciara at the pub and found out that Ciara wasn't happy.  When Hope was escorted to the prison infirmary, she noticed the warden and Lee acting strange.  Sami expressed her gratitude to Rafe for protecting her.  He was sure that no one would find out what she did since the two of them and Will were the only ones who knew she shot EJ.  Arianna finally answered her phone and spoke to an angry EJ.  Ciara didn't want to go to school because she was "sick".  She wanted to know if Bo believed her and he did.  He also knew why she didn't want to go to school.  Hope found out that the warden and Lee were talking about her.  Sami and Rafe made love for the umpteenth time.  EJ was irate when Arianna wouldn't answer him.  She wanted to tell him the information face-to-face.  Ciara wanted to know how Bo could know how she feels when he's not her.  Bo figured out that Ciara was afraid of her bully.  Ciara agreed to go to school the next day if she got to see her mother.  Bo tried to tell Ciara where Hope is, but she didn't care.  The warden told Hope that a prisoner figured out Hope was a cop and planned an attack.  The warden took care of it by transferring the prisoner someone else.  Hope started asking questions about April's death.  The warden and Lee looked as if they were hiding something.  Arianna went to see Rafe.  She really needed to talk to him.  She didn't get the chance at first because Sami interrupted them.  Sami noticed that Arianna was acting strange and wondered what was going on with her.  The warden lied and said she didn't know what happened to April.  As far as she knew, she went to the doctor to get her appendix fixed, but the doctor said it was too late to fix it.  Hope wasn't convinced that was true and wanted to help with the investigation.  If she didn't help, she would get Bo to investigate it.  The warden got a call that interrupted the conversation.  It was Bo calling her to ask if he could bring his daughter to see Hope.  She thought it was a wonderful idea and thought it would be good for Hope.  Arianna wanted to leave the apartment when Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Sami took the high road and agreed to leave so Arianna and Rafe could talk.  When Sami left the room, Rafe wanted to know what was going on with her.  

Hope found out she had a visitor.  It turned out to be Ciara and Bo.  Hope was thrilled to see Ciara. EJ went to the hospital to get a check up.  Carly and Ben confirmed that EJ was okay.  Sydney conveniently got a checkup too.  Lexie saw Sydney at the hospital.  Sami got a call from Caroline, but she couldn't hear her.  Lexie offered to watch Sydney while Sami looked for better reception.  EJ quickly took Sydney from Lexie.  Arianna told Rafe that Sami shot EJ.  Lexie didn't think it was a good idea for him to hold Sydney.  She tried to take her back, but he wouldn't give her back.  Sami ended up seeing him with Sydney and demanded he give her back.  Hope found out that Ciara didn't go to school.  Nathan asked Carly how Melanie was doing.  Sami wanted EJ to give Sydney to Lexie so they could talk.  Sami didn't want EJ to put his hands on Sydney again. EJ blamed Sami for the things Sydney is going through.  Rafe wanted to know how Arianna found out.  She said she heard Sami and Will talking about it.  Rafe tried to tell her that what she heard was wrong, but Arianna didn't back down.  Bo told Hope that Ciara wanted to see her so he let her stay home from school.  EJ reminded Sami that she kept Sydney from her father.  He noticed that Sami was scared and wanted to know what she thought he meant.  She flashed back to when she shot EJ.  They got into an argument.  Rafe and Arianna got into argument about whether or not Sami shot EJ.  Arianna realized that Rafe was lying for Sami.  He threw her out.  Before she left, she realized that Rafe knew that Sami shot EJ before she showed up.  Carly warned Nathan to stay away from Melanie.  Nathan was confused as to why Carly was so mad at him.  Arianna grilled Rafe about him knowing what Sami did.  Rafe tried to justify what happened and didn't want her to say anything.  Arianna wanted to know if Rafe wanted her to lie for Sami.  the warden wanted to know if Hope asked more questions about April.  Lee said Hope did but she played dumb.  The warden didn't want Hope to find out what happened.  EJ was determined to get his children back no matter what.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

While Patrick is getting dressed, Lisa prances around the hospital locker room in a bra and panties. Patrick ignores Lisa until she starts badmouthing Robin. Lisa asserts that she’s changed since her short stint in Shadybrook. Before walking out, Lisa suggests to Patrick that he get counseling. Robin overhears some of their conversation. Robin warns Patrick that he can’t let Lisa ruin his career. Robin implies that she could go crazy if Lisa continues with her scheming. Robin confronts Lisa in the hospital lounge. Lisa defends herself which irritates Robin. Robin slaps Lisa’s face. Robin relays to Patrick about the incident regarding Lisa. Robin worries that Lisa is going to file a complaint with Steven. Steven and Epiphany wonder who is telling the truth – Robin or Lisa. Lisa asks to speak to Steven in private. After making love, Lucky is about to slip out the door when Siobhan wakes up from sleeping. Lucky wants to go look for Brenda. Siobhan asks to come along. Lucky and Siobhan arrive at Brenda’s hotel in Rome. Lucky poses as a photographer to question a hotel employee. The women says that Brenda isn’t staying at the hotel anymore. The Balkan’s goons lurk nearby. Lucky figures out that Brenda went back to Port Charles. Lucky kisses Siobhan. The Balkan’s goon show up and grab Siobhan. One of the guys tells Lucky that he needs to shoot Siobhan to show he’s loyal to the Balkan.

Carly runs into Lulu at the hotel. Carly fears that Sonny and Jax are both fixated on Brenda. Lulu speaks of Maxie’s concerns regarding Spinelli’s crush on Brenda. Luke shows up and hugs Lulu. Luke asks Carly to help him. Luke wants a complimentary room at the hotel. Carly agrees to the idea but stresses he owes her with a favor. Lulu wonders if Luke will get back with Tracy. Lulu tells Luke about the trip to Ireland. Carly reminds Luke that his lodging is only temporary. Ethan and Luke have a short visit. Luke inquires about Ethan’s bruises. Ethan says that some men are looking for Luke. Luke is shocked to hear that the Balkan’s associates know about him. In the hospital lobby, Mayor Floyd tells Ronnie that Dante needs to be taken off the police force. Ronnie is hesitant to betray Dante. Mayor Floyd makes it clear that Ronnie needs to find something to incriminate Dante.

Jason warns Sonny to stay away from Brenda. Both wonder why the Balkan is obsessed over Brenda. Sonny tells Jason that two goons tried to kidnap Brenda in Rome. Brenda and Dante agree to keep quiet about “what they did”. They are interrupted by Sonny knocking on Brenda’s bedroom door. Dante answers and tells Sonny that Brenda called him to talk about the car bombing. Dante and Brenda play out a charade in front of Sonny before Dante storms out. Sonny wants to get back together with Brenda. Brenda refuses to get involved with Sonny again. Jason is shocked to see Dante exiting Brenda’s bedroom. Jason tells Spinelli that something weird is going on with Dante. Spinelli is unable to identify the Balkan. Jason realizes that Brenda knows who the Balkan is. Jason interrupts Sonny and Brenda’s conversation. Brenda doesn’t want to see Sonny again. Brenda refuses to answer Jason’s questions about the Balkan. Sonny shows up again to speak to Brenda. Brenda has a flashback about Dante. Sonny hugs Brenda. When Michael returns to the loft, Dante yells at him for violating his parole. Dante goes in a rage in front of Lulu. Michael hurries out of the loft. Dante admits that he acted like a jerk with Michael. Dante can’t stop thinking about Brenda. Jason meets with Luke. Luke informs Jason about the Balkan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint goes to Robert's home and has two guys assault him for what he did to Jessica. But he tells Robert he still gets to keep the job that Clint has enabled him to keep at LU and James can keep his grant. Meanwhile, Jessica and Brody are happily planning their future together with their new baby but agree to get the paternity test so that they know. In the place where Eli has kept her, Dani manages to untie herself from the chair and rushes to the other room in an attempt to save Starr and Hope, assuming they are on the other side. But when she gets through, she is shocked and elated to see her mom. They cry and rejoice but are horrified to find out that Eli, whom they've both seen as a trusted family member and upstanding citizen, is a serial killer and psycho. She admits she does not remember much but is going to get better and be with her daughter and husband. Dani unties her mom and they are ready to go home while Eli is gone. Eli goes to find unconscious Greg in his hospital room and is ready to inject a lethal dose and kill him knowing what Greg was planning, until Shaun catches him and he runs. Greg is still unconscious however, and Eli escapes. And he comes back in time to prevent Tea and Dani from escaping. Meanwhile, Hannah holds Starr and baby Hope captive and is determined to keep Starr away from Cole for as long as it takes for him to forget all about Starr and fall in love with Hannah. But when she returns to Marty's, James notices that she is carrying his bullet on the chain in her purse. He finds that very odd since it was last in Starr's possession. He also finds it very odd when Nate informs him and Robert that Eli called and let him, Todd and Blair all talk to Dani but made no mention of Starr and nobody knows where Starr and Hope are. He senses they are in danger and is determined to save them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor visits Victoria just to see how she is doing after the tornado scare. Victoria receives a call from Mackenzie, letting her know that J.T. was electrocuted. At the hospital, Nina visits Katherine and Murphy to see how he is doing. Heather gives the press a statement as to what the police department was doing to ensure the safety of the people of Genoa City. Ronan defends Heather against one of the reporters for his remarks. At the farm, Meggie comforts Nikki over her broken elopement. Mackenzie lets J.T. know that he was electrocuted. Meggie calls Deacon to give him an update on the progress between Nikki and Victor. Murphy wakes up with Katherine by his side. Nikki and Meggie visit Katherine and Murphy, but Murphy becomes agitated when he sees Meggie. Katherine tries to read his eye movements in order to find out what he is trying to tell her. Meggie lets Murphy know that she knows what he is up to with his Morse code and he will harm the old lady if he doesn’t stop. Nikki visits Deacon for a drink which she gulps down, hurriedly. Nikki receives a call from Victoria to pick up Reed at Katherine's, but Nikki refuses. A man comes into the police station whose wife was hurt during the tornado. Heather and Ronan go to help.

At the police station, Heather administers first aid to Ronan whose arm was injured. At the farm, Meggie pretends that she fell in order to gain Victor’s sympathy. Nina visits Ronan at the police department and asks him to get word to Chance that the family is all right. At first, Ronan refuses, but then he agrees. At the farm, Victor lets Nikki know about J.T. being electrocuted. Nikki encourages Victor to marry her. Katherine asks Murphy what he is trying to tell her. Mackenzie lets Katherine know she is pregnant.

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