Friday 10/15/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Greenlee’s trial begins and Jackson and Liza are well matched each gaining ground with Jake and Jesse when they take the stand to testify. Kendall tells Ryan that he and Greenlee should admit their feelings to each other, because that is why they are working so hard to protect each other. Greenlee figures out that Ryan intends to take the blame for David’s murder. She and Ryan get into a heated argument because she doesn’t want Jack to make him look guilty to save her. Ryan tells Greenlee that she can’t say anything to change his mind and he has had enough of the argument, then he kisses Greenlee so that she will stop arguing with him.

Scott tells Annie good-bye and advises her to pack her bags and get out of the mansion while there is still time for her to save herself. Annie agrees to leave but is frustrated because she doesn’t have any money. The FBI has frozen all the Chandler accounts, and she can’t get a bank loan. Scott tells Marissa good-bye and encourages her to keep AJ out of the mansion. Scott also tells Marissa that he wishes that they had met at another time and place because if they had they probably would have fallen in love. Tad advises JR to work out a joint custody agreement with Marissa so that AJ can see that he loves him more than anything else. JR thinks that Tad is just lecturing him and insists he has more important things to do than listen to another lecture.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is shocked to find the baby beneath her mother’s scarf. She picks her up and Dayzee suddenly appears again and wants Stephanie to hand the baby to her. Stephanie tells her this is no place for a baby while she is out stealing. Dayzee explains that it is not even her baby, but she is taking care of it for someone else who is in rehab. They make do. Brooke begs the singing man on the street, Anthony, to help her find Dayzee as her friend is probably with or looking for her. He forbids anybody to talk trash about Dayzee. He says crazy people are his specialty so he will lead her to Stephanie. Brooke hears his story about his lost childhood and how his father nailed his foot to the floor to keep him from following when he left. Pam cries to Taylor that she needs to try again to get Stephanie to accept treatment.

Brooke wants to know what keeps Anthony going. He says there are days he would give his good kidney to have a chair. He gives her an old jacket and tells her to hide her purse. She will need this where they are going. Stephanie tells Dayzee that she needs to be more like her – young again with a beautiful baby. She’d like to buy the baby a crib. Dayzee says some people are given the White House, others this. You take what you are given. Some people are so far down they can’t get up. Stephanie reveals that she has stage four lung cancer. She made promises a long time ago, but life got in the way. Dayzee is dismayed when she hears, but tells Stephanie that she needs to go for treatment. Anthony leads Brooke to Skid Row where Dayzee works her magic. Indeed Dayzee is going from person to person administering what help she can. Stephanie picks up the baby again as she reads a quote from Mother Teresa on a piece of paper that if you can’t feed 100 people, at least feed one. Stephanie wonders what she has done with her life. What is her burden? Suddenly Brooke finds her and the women hug. Stephanie tells her that she is right; she will go to the doctor. She’ll know what to do. Stephanie loses her scarf again as it flies off in the wind. She tells Brooke it is okay; someone else needs it now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole was concerned that Vivian was dead when she and Brady checked on her.  Gus called out to Vivian while she was sleep.  He came back to Salem to save Vivian.  Rafe didn't want Sami to worry about shooting EJ.  EJ wanted Arianna to tell him what was bothering her.  She had to tell him something that would change his life.  Philip assured Melanie that she did the right thing by keeping quiet about Chloe's affair.  She didn't agree.  Philip wanted to know what changed her mind.  She said Brady.  Brady said he checked Vivian's monitor and said her heart was fine.  Nicole was still worried, but Brady shut her up by planting a kiss on her.  Arianna let EJ know he's not a monster despite the proof that Rafe has on him.  She told him that she wants to help him.  Daniel was upset with Chloe for saying Melanie wasn't family.  Melanie told Philip that a conversation she had with Brady about lying for the people you love changed her mind about telling Daniel the truth.  Carly showed up at Maggie's house to explain to Melanie she kept Chloe's secret.  Melanie understood what she did, but wasn't going to forgive her.  Victor wanted to know what was going on with Brady and Nicole.  He was concerned with whether or not Brady loves Nicole.  Sami told Rafe her concerns about Arianna, but he didn't want her to worry about her.  Then she was concerned with Kate possibly selling her out since Kate was suspicious of her.  Rafe let her know that Kate would lose everything if she does something to Sami since she warned her about EJ's plan.  Kate interrupted EJ and Arianna's conversation. She wanted to know what they were talking about.  Brady said he wasn't in love with Nicole, but Victor wanted to know what he was doing.  Brady got upset with Victor and wanted him to back off since Vivian is worse than Nicole.  Kate was upset that Arianna was going to help EJ get his kids back.  Kate warned EJ and Arianna that she didn't want them going after Will.  EJ wasn't threatened.  In fact, he let her know that she had nothing to worry about if Will was innocent of shooting him.  

Philip tried to get Melanie to see that what they did (kept Daniel in the dark about Chloe) was no different from what Carly did, but Melanie didn't care.  She was livid with Carly for only thinking of herself.  Daniel let Chloe know that he wasn't upset with Chloe for what she said about Melanie.  Chloe was relieved and worried that things would never be the same between her and Melanie.  Sami was afraid that she would never get EJ out of her life now that he's getting better.  Gabi called Arianna because they were supposed to have dinner together.  EJ threatened Kate if she did anything to keep him from getting his children.  Melanie wanted Philip to leave her and Carly alone so they could talk.  Carly told Melanie how much she loves her, but it didn't do any good.  Melanie was upset with Carly because she ruined her fantasy of the perfect family.  Victor was on to Brady because of the way he was acting.  Victor was going to the mausoleum to pray to Isabella.  Arianna was concerned with EJ when she and Kate overheard him yelling at an employee.  He said he was alright, but almost keeled over.  When Philip went to the pub, he saw Nicole.  He found out that Nicole has known about the affair.  Chloe claimed she will do everything possible to make things right with Melanie Daniel was pleased.  Melanie continued to give Carly a hard time about what she did to Daniel.  She even went so far as to remind her that she gave her to a terrible man to raise her.  Arianna decided to leave to avoid causing EJ stress.  Gus made it to the mausoleum.  Philip was relieved when he found out Nicole didn't know who Chloe had an affair with.  Nicole believed that Daniel will find out since everyone knows.  Melanie was through talking to Carly and threw her out.  EJ wanted to meet Arianna to talk about what she knows.  Arianna was upset when Gabi told her Rafe quit his job.  Someone hit Gus in the head when he was looking for the lever to let Vivian out of the coffin.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lisa Niles goes to General Hospital and announces that she has been cleared to return to work tomorrow. Steve suggests that she transfer to Mercy. Everyone tells Robin not to let Lisa bait her. After being beaten by the Irish police, Lucky tells Siobhan that he now has to watch out for the police and the Balkan's men and is still no closer to finding Brenda Barrett. As Siobhan tends to his wounds, Lucky realizes he is attracted to her. Siobhan kisses him but he tells her he shouldn't because he has a terrible history with relationships. She boldly declares that she doesn’t want to marry him; she just wants to sleep with him. They kiss again and lay on the bed. Dante thinks about when he met Brenda as a uniformed officer assigned to guard her. Lulu comes to the station and wonders why Dante seems so odd. Suzanne tells Brenda that she is thrilled that Brenda won't be getting back together with Sonny but she wonders why Brenda had such an abrupt change of heart. Brenda says she gets obsessed when she is with Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Brenda meant it when she said she wants Sonny to leave her alone. Carly asks Jax to speak to Claire about leaving Michael alone. She explains that Sonny no longer has influence with Claire because he dumped her when Brenda came back to town. Brenda goes to see Jax and tells him that she knows he is right that she needs to stay away from Sonny. Carly goes to see Sonny and tells him to extinguish the torch he is carrying for Brenda and direct his focus back to Claire. Jason asks Dante to talk to Claire about Michael. Dante says he would be happy to do that and he will talk to Michael about being more careful about the terms of his parole. He also gives Jason a heads up that Michael could be called as a witness in the Zacchara car bombing case. While they are talking, the mayor comes in and wonders why the detective and the hit man are in conference. Dante says he was questioning Jason. Jason mentions the pictures he has of the mayor in bed with a hooker. Dante says he has similar pictures. When the mayor leaves, Dante asks Jason if he would have really stuck his neck out for him. Jason says he will as long as Michael needs Dante. Dante goes to Jason's penthouse to see Brenda, so they go up to her room to talk. Brenda tells Dante that she can't believe he is Sonny's son. He tells her that he can't believe she has a history with Sonny. They ask about "the secret" and determine that neither has told anyone and that it has to stay that way. Jason comes home and a few minutes later Sonny arrives to see Brenda. Jason tells Sonny that she is in her room, so Sonny goes upstairs.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea awakens and still assumes that Eli can be trusted. But he informs her for the first time that he wanted Greg to kill her. She tries to get out and to find a way to call Todd and Dani. Meanwhile Dani is trapped in the other room of the abandoned warehouse where Eli has taken both of them, gagged and bound to a chair. But she manages to cut the ropes and free herself in the end and gets to the other side of the door assuming that Starr and Hope are there. But she is shocked to discover her mother whom she believed all this while was dead. Greg is still unconscious and doctors tells his family there's no guarantee that he will make it. But Destiny does not accept that. Hannah has Starr and baby Hope trapped inside her parents' home and makes it clear that she wants to keep Starr away from Cole long enough so that he will forget her and fall in love with Hannah instead. And she tells Starr she knows she is in love with James so Starr needs to admit it and set Cole free. Natalie believes that Tea is still alive although she cannot prove it. But she manages to get DNA evidence from Todd's home. Yet the cops cannot find where Eli has taken Dani and Tea nor do they know where to find Starr and baby Hope. Langston and Markko are waiting to hear about Starr and both admit they do not trust Hannah. Yet nobody figures out that she has taken Starr and baby Hope until James discovers that she has his bullet necklace that Starr previously had.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick calls Paul to let him know that he saw Sharon’s car overturned in a ditch. Paul lets Nick know that a tornado touched down near there. In the bar, Sharon begins to cry and pray that both Faith and Adam are all right. Neil and Ashley both get stuck in a traffic jam and find shelter in a restaurant as do a lot of other people. Ashley asks if a tornado touched down near the lake. Neil begins to panic for Lily and the twins' safety. Daniel and Abby look for Ashley at Tucker’s. Tucker asks Diane if she is all right. Mackenzie remembers J.T.’s proposal. Lily and Cane leave the cabin and find J.T.’s car wrecked by the side of the road. Cane remembers Blake demanding 5 million dollars to remain silent about Cane’s past life. Sharon rescues Faith and then checks to see if Adam is okay. Adam doesn’t answer. Daniel and Abby find Tucker and Diane and naturally assume that they slept together. Tucker tries to explain things to Abby, but she doesn’t buy his explanation. Adam regains consciousness. Nick finds Sharon, Faith, and Adam. Sharon gives Faith to Nick while she checks on Adam. Sharon tells Nick that Adam helped them during the storm. Cane finds J.T. in the car and helps him out. Lily finally gets through to Neil to tell him to meet them at the hospital. Lily also calls Mackenzie to let her know about J.T. Sharon tells Nick how Adam saved hers and Faith’s lives. Nick doesn’t believe her. Ashley confronts Abby about Tucker having an affair. Ashley visits Tucker but nothing is out of the ordinary. Ashley doesn’t believe Abby’s story. Faith is checked out fine at the hospital. Sharon at first wants to stay with Adam but agrees to go home with Faith and Nick. Mac visits J.T. in the hospital and agrees to marry him.

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