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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Caleb and Erica are determined to get control of Cortlandt Electronics again. Erica agrees with Caleb that they should take control of Chandler Enterprises as well. Erica tries to persuade both Annie and Scott to tell the police that JR knew that Scott stole Palmer’s idea and covered it up on purpose so that Chandler Enterprises could profit from the idea. Scott refuses to implicate JR and tells Erica that he stole the idea on his own and it's time that he take responsibility for his actions. Scott asks Annie to come to the jail where he tells her good-bye.

As the opening arguments begin for Greenlee’s trial, Jack is nervous but he feels more confident once Ryan tells him about Nick Pearson, the surprise witness, and makes it clear that he is willing to confess to David’s murder even though he doesn't remember it, so that Greenlee can go free.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor talks to Dr. Lewis about Stephanie. She refuses to believe things are as hopeless as they seem. Perhaps she can help. They receive a new set of X-rays and Pam happens to be lurking in the hallway and opens the door and overhears. She comes in and asks if her sister is dying. Stephanie spots the girl with her mother’s scarf. Once again Stephanie tells Brooke that she is determined to get it back. The girl spots them and runs away. Stephanie follows and is dazed at what she sees happening on the streets, the way the homeless are living, sleeping on the sidewalks and ravishing the trashcans. After walking around and having memories of years before when she had other health problems and did this, she slips up on Dayzee.

Taylor explains to Pam that she thinks Stephanie is depressed and doesn’t know how to handle this crisis. She thinks she is running out of time. Pam can’t believe her sister is refusing treatment. The doctor says her refusal is emotional. Taylor says she has raised her children, helped the business and doesn’t feel useful any more. Pam realizes she is so like her mother. Stephanie wants to be in control even in death. Brooke meets a man singing on the streets and he says he may be able to help her find the young lady. Dayzee hears Stephanie’s cough and tells her she doesn’t look so well and she should take a seat. She better not go passing out on her. She gives Stephanie a bottle of water. Stephanie needs just a minute to catch her breath. Stephanie says she is not going to interrupt her high flying finance here, she just wants her scarf. She offers Dayzee her diamond earrings as a reward for finding her scarf. Dayzee turns them down as she would be arrested if she tried to pawn them. When Stephanie persists, Dayzee jumps up to run away again. Stephanie spots her scarf all laid out and goes to pick it up when she is shocked to see that it is covering a baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Arianna heard Sami and Will talking about Sami shooting EJ.  Kayla went to Stephanie's apartment and told her that Sister Ann rescheduled their appointment.  Stephanie let her know that Melanie knows Chloe cheated and will tell everyone.  Melanie stopped Daniel and Chloe's wedding to talk to Chloe.  EJ got a document saying that he can't see the kids.  Sami and Will heard a noise while they were talking about her shooting EJ.  Arianna was scared that she was caught.  Rafe called Sami and wanted her and Will to go to the loft.  Arianna didn't know what to do about Sami shooting EJ.  Melanie confronted Chloe about the lie Nicole told Daniel.  Chloe swore she was carrying Daniel's baby and she would never hurt Daniel again.  Stefano reassured EJ that he will get to see the kids.  EJ was worried because of Rafe's proof that he set up Sydney's kidnapping.  His proof is allowed in family court.  Rafe told Sami and Will that he's out of the FBI so he could help them.  Will was still worried that the DiMeras would still come after them.  Rafe suggested that Will and Sami not tell anyone who shot EJ.  Stephanie told Kayla what led up to Melanie finding out the truth about the affair.  Kayla intimated that it might be better if the wedding didn't happen.  Melanie agreed to keep Chloe's secret, but she's never going to forgive her.  Stefano was determined to prove Sami shot EJ whether she did it or not.  EJ told Lexie that he got his memory back and remembers everything he did.  Lexie was optimistic that Sami would eventually let him see the kids.  Arianna debated on telling EJ the truth.  She convinced herself tot ell EJ the truth.  She was going to call, but she decided to tell him in person.

Daniel and Chloe got married much to Melanie's disgust.  She realized that she's no different from Carly since she didn't stop the wedding.  Arianna went to the hospital to tell EJ the truth, but he wasn't there.  He went home.  When EJ was home, he flashed back to Sami threatening to take the kids.  Sami was grateful for what Rafe was doing for her, but she couldn't let him quit.  Kayla tried to convince Stephanie that Nathan loves her and wants to be with her.  Stephanie wasn't so sure that Nathan would stay with her once he knows about the paternity test.  Carly tried to talk to Melanie at the wedding, but Melanie dismissed her.  Sami didn't want Rafe and Will to risk everything to protect her.  He was going to make sure that the DiMeras don't figure out what Sami did.  EJ confessed to Stefano that he's still in love with Sami even after everything that has happened.  When Brady and Nicole were talking about Chloe, Victor interrupted them.  He wanted to know what they were talking about.  They gave him a convincing lie and Victor believed it.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on with Carly and Melanie, but they convinced him it was nothing.  Stefano was furious that EJ would still be in love with Sami after she took the kids from him and possibly shot him.  EJ believed that he deserved what he got because of what he did to her.  Stefano wasn't convinced.  Rafe was determined to be there for Sami no matter what happened.  They are in this situation together.  Sami declared her love for him. Philip apologized to Carly for her possibly losing Melanie.  He was determined not to lose Melanie no matter what.  Melanie got a text from Daniel to meet him at his apartment before he left for his honeymoon.  she went to see him.  He tried to convince her to get to know Chloe better.  She hesitated, but agreed to do it.  He noticed something wasn't right and asked if she's keeping something from him.  She said she was.  Chloe interrupted her before she could say anything.  Melanie threatened to destroy Chloe if she ever hurt Daniel again.  EJ said he isn't going to let Sami take his kids despite her evidence.  Arianna showed up at the mansion to see EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly asks Johnny Zacchara to deliver a note to Jason's Penthouse so that he can meet Brenda. Maxie warns Spinelli that Brenda will never return his affection. She asks Jason to make Brenda stop leading Spinelli on. Jason tells Brenda that he is worried that if Spinelli falls for her, he will try to prove himself by trying to take on the Balkan. A couple of the Balkan's henchmen go to the Haunted Star and attempt to persuade Ethan to tell them why Luke was visiting Ronan O'Reilly in an Irish prison and where he is now. Ethan really doesn't know so they beat him up. Ethan calls Johnny, shows him a picture, and asks him if he recognizes them. Johnny says the men work for someone who in turn works for the Balkan, but has no idea why they came after Ethan.

Dante looks at a picture of Brenda Barrett and himself when he was a young uniformed officer assigned to protect her. The Mayor comments on the irony that Dante is investigating another of his father's crimes. He warns him that he'd better conduct the investigation by the book. Clair tells Dante that Sonny broke up with her. Sonny overhears Claire telling Jason that if he doesn’t give her information that will lead to convicting Sonny, then she will have Michael sent back to Pentonville for breaking the terms of his probation. She admits that it was an empty threat. Sonny apologizes for hurting her. Carly threatens Claire. Brenda tells Suzanne that she and Sonny aren't getting back together but Suzanne already knew that because she asked Sonny not to get back with Brenda. Jason delivers a message to Sonny that Brenda wants him to stay away from her.

Brook Lynn looks into renting the room above Kelly's because she doesn’t want to be Nikolas's excuse to avoid dealing with Elizabeth and Emily. Elizabeth admits to Steve that she sometimes wishes Lucky was Aiden's father. Robin returns to work but asks Patrick to keep his distance. Lisa Niles comes to the hospital.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eli has kidnapped Dani and Tea and has them in separate rooms in an old abandoned warehouse whether neither is aware that he has taken the other. He calls Todd and Blair and can confirm that Dani is alive. But he has known how to prevent the cops from tracing the call to know where they are. And Dani tells them that she doesn't know where Starr and Hope are. She assumes that they've escaped. But everybody is worried that they are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, we see Starr awakening on the floor of an unfamiliar house and baby Hope with her. She hasn't a clue where she is but finds out it's Hannah's parents' home. She then recalls that the last thing she remembered before being knocked out was Hannah coming to find her and preventing her from leaving the hospital with her baby because Hannah resents the fact that people care about Starr and that Starr is with Cole. Hannah returns to Marty's home and neither Marty nor Cole suspect anything about her. Langston and Markko come by and both admit that they do not trust Hannah although they are not aware of what she did to Starr. Starr finds a heavy instrument and is ready to bust her way out of the place and escape. But Hannah appears with a gun to prevent her. Dani is stuck in the place where Eli has taken her. She knows that "somebody" is in the other room and assumes it's Starr and Hope. Tea still does not suspect Eli but is still too weak to escape and cannot reach Todd or Dani by phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Athletic Club, J.T. and Mackenzie try to call Lily, but don’t get an answer. At the cabin, Lily begins to panic for her life, as well as for the lives of her twins and Cane, who is somewhere out there in the storm. In the storm cellar, Blake and Cain argue. Blake reminds Cane that he is as much involved in this mess as he is. Cane wonders what it would take to get Blake out of his life once and for all. Blake tells Cane to give him 1 million dollars and he will be gone forever. At the Athletic Club, Abby and Daniel come in from a bike ride. Abby invites Daniel out, but he tells her that he already has a date. Abby is hurt, but Daniel lets her know that his date is with Summer and invites Abby to come along. Jack is surprised that Diane will be staying in Genoa City and that she has just accepted a job from Tucker. Nick and Sharon spend time with Faith at the coffeehouse. Nick leaves to take Summer to Phyllis’ while Sharon and Faith head home. Adam comes into the coffeehouse and spies Sharon. Adam asks her to take him home since his driver left him. Sharon reluctantly agrees. J.T. offers to drive to the cabin to check on Lily and the twins. Blake tells Cane his terms giving him the 1 million dollars and then hits him. Cane falls to the ground. Jack, Phyllis, Kyle, Abby, and Daniel arrive home to Jack’s.

Phyllis begins to question Kyle as to why Diane is staying in Genoa City. Diane and Tucker arrive back to his apartment/office. Tucker wonders why he is offering Diane a job as an architect when he could use her elsewhere. Tucker signs papers. When Diane starts to sign papers, the lights go out. Diane tells him that she cannot see to sign so they will have to kiss the seal the deal. Phyllis urges Nick to be careful as he goes to look for Sharon and Faith. In the car, Sharon and Adam hear a tornado warning. Adam orders Sharon out of the car for her own safety. Mackenzie sings a lullaby to Reed as she holds him on her lap. Nick comes to the coffeehouse looking for Sharon and finds out she has gone with Adam. Lily and Cane are reconciled when he concocts a story to tell her about what had happened. J.T. crashes and goes over a hill. When he wakes up and gets out of the car, he is electrocuted. Sharon and Adam seek refuge in a barn. The tornado hits the barn, trapping Adam and Faith underneath the roof. The tornado strikes Tucker’s office with him and Diane in bed.

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