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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie debates whether it's safe to have an amniocentesis for the baby. At first she doesn’t want to have the test because she can’t handle anymore bad news. Krystal talks to Angie and assures her that she is strong enough to handle anything, because she has Jesse and her family that love her very much. Angie tells Jesse to make the appointment for the test, and they decide that they are going to share in all the decisions for the baby even if they disagree. Jesse pleads with Jackson not to subpoena Angie to testify at Greenlee’s trial, but Angie assures Jesse that she can handle anything as long as he is with her.

Tad finds a witness named Nick Pearson who tells Ryan he almost knocked him down the night David died and that he heard him say that someone would die that night. Ryan persuades Nick to testify at Greenlee’s trial and asks Tad to hide Nick from Liza until the trial so that they will have the element of surprise on their side. Ryan assures Greenlee that she will soon be a free woman. Madison helps Greenlee avoid the press so she can go to Kendall’s house to have a party to cheer her up before the trial. Kendall calls Zach and leaves a message for him that she is moving back home with the boys and she asks him to come home too so that they can work on the problems in their marriage.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie reinforces to Taylor that she is not going to change her mind. She wants Taylor to help keep her secret. Taylor begs her to let her help her and receive treatments. She does not want to see her die a slow, miserable death. They will fight this and she will be right there by her side. Liam discusses with Hope his ten page spread of the magazine with Steffy. He claims she is not really coming on to him personally, that is just the way she is. Hope wishes him luck with the rest of the interviews. Bill is less than pleased with the interview. He declares that it is as bland as driving across Kansas. He needs s-e-x. Liam needs to give the readers something they can get excited about; don’t squander this opportunity. Liam takes his photographer along to Steffy’s and gets some hot pictures of her behind the desk and then in lingerie to show the contrast of sexy businesswoman.

Hope runs into Oliver on the rooftop as he is working out. He kids her about Liam being with Steffy and she can be pretty persuasive. Oliver says he will always love Hope and she is worth waiting for. He intends to get her back. Liam tells Steffy that his dad read him the riot act so he’s trying to do a turn-on piece with a lot more skin. She thinks she can comply with that and it will be good for Liam too. He feels like he is her project. Oliver overhears Steffy tells Liam and Hope that she is going to be out of her hair soon. She is taking the job at International and will leave for Paris tonight. Stephanie tells Taylor that a person has to know when to bow out gracefully. She is going to go take a ride with the angels, so Taylor and Brooke go with her. They ride the trolley and Stephanie feels closer to the angels with her memories.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Rafe the truth about shooting EJ. She told him that Will is covering for her.  Victor went to pick up Maggie so they could go to the wedding together.  She didn't want to go with him.  Philip let Chloe know that Melanie is determined to tell Daniel the truth about Chloe cheating.  When Chloe was going to call somebody, Philip stopped him.  Melanie told Daniel that he can't marry Chloe.  Daniel said he understood why she was upset.  Melanie thought Daniel knew about Chloe cheating.  Vivian tried to reach out to Gus to get him to help her.  Sami wanted to know what Rafe was going to do about her shooting EJ.  Rafe kissed Sami and declared his love for her.  Then he asked her why she's lying to him about shooting EJ.  Arianna walked up on Brady and Nicole kissing.  Chloe believed that Carly could change Melanie's mind, but Philip told her that it wouldn't work.  She was so upset that she wanted Philip to leave her alone.  When Philip let, Carly showed up.  Daniel told Melanie that Chloe didn't mean to hurt anyone.  Melanie couldn't believe he would feel that way about what she did.  Maggie didn't want to be around Victor because of Vivian and Mickey.  She feels like she's betraying Mickey by being with Victor.  He was surprisingly understanding about it and wanted to take her to the wedding.  Chloe apologized to Carly for selling her out to Melanie.  She felt bad for not telling the truth when he was at the apartment.  Daniel told Melanie that Nicole informed him about the conversation Melanie overheard.  She went along with what Daniel was saying.  Arianna wanted Brady to tell her what was going on between him and Nicole.  She found out they're together.  She noticed that something was different about him and questioned Nicole about it.  Rafe wanted Sami to prove that she shot EJ.  Sami showed Rafe her phone as proof that she shot EJ. 

Nicole and Arianna got into an argument over Brady.  Vivian promised that she would changed if he let her out of the coffin.  Brady wanted to check on Vivian while he was in her room.  Daniel wanted Melanie to forgive Chloe because it would mean everything to him if she were at the wedding.  She wanted to know how he could love Chloe and she wanted him to have a baby with someone else.  He told her about his life with Rebecca and how he fell for Chloe.  He told her how she and Chloe mean the most to him.  He wants her to stand by him.  She turned him down because she can't stand by him after what Chloe did. Sami told Rafe how Kate called her to tell her that EJ planned on taking the kids.  She recapped what she did after she got the call from Kate.  She told him what she did when she shot EJ.  Arianna was convinced that Brady would change his mind about Nicole.  Henderson interrupted when Melanie tried to tell Daniel about Chloe's affair.  Daniel wanted her to go to the park and get ready for the wedding.  She was determined to tell it even if she did it in public.  When Vivian was talking to Gus, Brady interrupted the conversation.  He wanted to know who she was talking to.  Gus was listening too.  Vivian lied and said she was talking to herself.  She told him why she hurts people.  Brady didn't want to hear anymore of what she was saying.  When Brady cut her off, she tried to get Gus to see the light about getting her out of the coffin.  Rafe reassured Sami that he was going to protect her.  Sami told Will that Rafe knows she shot EJ.  She let him know that Rafe is going to protect her.  Will was still worried.  Daniel finally showed up at the park, but he didn't want to get married without Melanie. She lied about her parents wanting to see the wedding and them leaving for New York right away, but he still didn't want to get married yet.  Chloe tried to get Daniel to marry her, but he wouldn't.  Gus decided to save Vivian.  Arianna overheard Will say that Sami shot EJ.  Daniel changed his mind and wanted to marry Chloe.  Melanie showed up to stop the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Tracy is so mad that Luke is back that she hits him in the head with a bottle. Luke wants to work things out with Tracy but she’s still bitter about the stolen money. Tracy brings up that Ethan almost died. Luke swears that he came back because he missed Tracy. Tracy offers up a suggestion – she’ll give Luke another chance if he repays her the ten-million-dollars. Luke refuses to talk about the money. Luke wants a clean slate with Tracy. Ethan walks in and hugs his father. Tracy makes it clear that Luke and Ethan will not con her again. In private, Luke tells Ethan that he’s got a plan. At the casino, some goons show up and ask Ethan about Luke. They beat up Ethan when he doesn’t cooperate. Milo and Max wrestle each other at Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli refuses to get involved. Diane shows up to speak to Brenda. Diane eyes Milo and Max curiously. Spinelli asks Diane to leave. Max worries that he separated his shoulder. Maxie shows up at the penthouse looking for Spinelli. Maxie is concerned that Spinelli is so fixated on Brenda. Maxie handcuffs herself to Spinelli. Spinelli begs Maxie to let him go. Maxie tells Spinelli that they are only trick handcuffs. Thankful to be free, Spinelli wishes that Maxie would leave. Maxie points out that Spinelli has no chance with Brenda. Spinelli brings up that Maxie betrayed him by turning to Matt. Elizabeth and Aiden return from California. Elizabeth tells Nikolas about her visit with Sarah while Nik holds Aiden in his arms. Nikolas wants to set up a schedule to see Aiden on a regular basis. Brook Lynn walks in unannounced. Brook Lynn and Elizabeth share an awkward conversation. Elizabeth is shocked when Brook Lynn says that Nikolas is paying her to be his escort. Nikolas explains that he needs a date for social events. Alone, Liz tells Nikolas that helping Brook Lynn is a mistake. Elizabeth is worried that Brook Lynn is taking advantage of Nik’s generosity. Nikolas admits that he and Elizabeth don’t have a shot at a relationship. Nikolas confides in Brook about his relationship with Aiden. Brook Lynn senses that Elizabeth doesn’t like her. Nikolas doesn’t want Brook Lynn to worry about Elizabeth’s opinion.

Patrick asks Maya to bring a file to Robin. Epiphany intervenes on Robin’s behalf. Epiphany scolds a nurse even though she’s really mad at Patrick. Maya doesn’t want to judge Patrick. Robin thanks Maxie for the surprise birthday celebration. Maxie hopes that Robin can convince Brenda to leave Port Charles. Maxie fears that Spinelli’s obsession with Brenda will leave him heartbroken. Robin believes that Maxie is jealous. Maya shows up at Mac’s house with the patient file for Robin. Robin asks what the hospital employees are saying about the Lisa situation. Maya admits that there is a negative opinion of Patrick. Maya speaks about her musician boyfriend that died. Maya implies that she’s seeing another bad boy (Ethan). Elizabeth goes back to work; she sees that Epiphany is not in a good mood. Robin brings Emma to daycare. Patrick informs Liz about the situation with Lisa. Elizabeth takes Patrick’s side because she has cheated in the past. Robin arrives at the hospital to talk to Patrick about the consult. Elizabeth and Steven listen as Robin and Patrick talk nearby. Matt is shocked to find Robin and Patrick talking like nothing is wrong. Robin says that she has an announcement to make.

Jason finds Claire and Michael arguing in Sonny’s office. Michael swears he came there looking for Jason, not Sonny. Claire points out that Michael is in violation of his parole. Jason wishes that Claire would give Michael a break. Jason reminds Claire that he helped her with the Franco mess. Claire maintains that she isn’t doing them anymore favors. Michael wonders if he is headed back to Pentonville. Alone, Michael speaks of his fears to Jason. Jason doesn’t want Michael to worry about what Claire said. Jason suggests finding a new meeting place to talk; Michael is uncomfortable around Sam because of the Candy situation. Jason tells Diane about Claire’s threat. Diane informs Jason that Sonny and Claire slept together. Diane is convinced that Claire is seeking revenge against Sonny. Ronnie and Claire discuss the car bombing investigation and having Dante removed from the case. Ronnie points out that Claire needs to find leverage to get Jason to talk. Ronnie figures if Michael is threatened then Jason will have to incriminate Sonny. Claire returns to Sonny’s office with the phony paperwork to send Michael back to Pentonville. Jason refuses to talk but Claire warns that Michael will be sent back to prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Echo DiSavoy shows up at Dorian's door. She says she is in town to visit her old boyfriend, Chuckles - Charlie Banks. She tells Dorian that Viki refused to hire her at the Banner and that that was a mistake. Clint and Viki separately hire PIs to follow Echo. Rex asks Kelly for her help because the Sun has information from years before when Clint and Echo had an affair. Rex goes back to Llanfair and tells Viki that Echo returned t o Llanview after her fling with Charlie and was there a little less than a year after she left.

Brody tells Ford not to ask about Jessica or the baby because he has no rights in the matter. Brody tells Jessica that he will love her baby even if Ford is the father. She tells him that she has decided to have the paternity test so she can know the truth. Jessica tells her parents that Brody might not be the baby's father. Clint demands to know who it is so she reluctantly names Robert Ford. Clint refuses to believe that Ford didnít take advantage of Jessica.

Bo holds a press conference at the police station about the kidnapping of Dani, Starr, and Hope by Elijah Clark. James and Nate worry about Starr and Dani. Cole blames James for Starr and Hope's kidnapping. They get into a fight and then Cole tells Bo that James had Dani locked up in his apartment. Markko goes to see if Langston is ok. She is surprised that he is being nice to her after everything she did to him. He tells her that their friends need their help and that nothing else matters. Ford also shows up to check on Langston but when he sees that Markko is there, he leaves. Marty wonders where Hannah was all night and how she got scratches on her neck. Hannah says she fell into bushes while handing out fliers about the missing girls. She thinks itís her fault that the girls were kidnapped. Hannah tells Cole that she has to tell him what happened to Starr and Hope. Someone on the telephone tells Bo that they found the girls.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Jack sits at the Athletic Club bar when Victor comes in. Jack gives Victor a list of the companies that Adam and Skye invested in. In their hotel room, Adam thinks that if is awfully funny that Jack broke into their hotel room. Adam wonders what Jack was looking for. Tucker visits Phyllis at “Restless StyleĒ and tells her that he had met Diane. Phyllis advises Tucker against getting too involved with Diane. Kyle asks Diane how long they will be in Genoa City. Diane tells him that they may move there permanently. J.T. and Reed arrive at the coffeehouse to take Mackenzie home from work. J.T. lets Mackenzie and Reed know that he has a surprise for them. Cane and Lily prepare to leave the cabin to go home to Genoa City. Cane suggests that she and the children stay with Neil while he goes back to Australia to straighten this mess out with the cattle rustlers. Lily is against splitting up the family. Tucker tells Phyllis that he may offer Diane a job. Phyllis advises him against it. Adam, Skye and Jack meet with investors. Jack gives Adam a hefty donation to invest. At Gloworm, Victor sits in a booth when Tucker walks in and asks how Murphy is. Diane walks in. Victor lets Tucker know that Victor and Diane were once married. A forest ranger stops by the cabin to inform Cane that a tornado is headed their way. Cane becomes suspicious of the other man, who visited them. Tucker offers Diane a job working for him. Victor confronts Diane and offers her a job himself in Japan. Diane turns him down. Victor tells Diane that if she accepts this position with Tucker, she will be sorry. Diane accepts the job from Tucker.

J.T. shows Reed the tickets to a Lakers game. J.T. also shows Mackenzie a diamond engagement ring and asks her to marry him. Mackenzie refuses. At the Athletic Club, Kyle tells Jack that he and Diane will be staying in Genoa City. Adam asks Phyllis if she is doing a story on him. Phyllis refuses to give him any info. A man looks in the window at Lily. Cane goes after the man and they fight. Cane gets the upper hand and ties him up. Jack finds out from Diane that she accepted a job from Tucker. The tornado begins to strike the cabin.

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