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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie finds out that Natalia has never been in love because she has never had time for love in her life, so she advises her to take a chance on love. Brot wants to take the detective exam so that he can be Natalia’s equal at work. Natalia takes Angie’s advice and brings lunch to Brot at the police station where they share lunch together. Jesse and Angie enjoy lunch at home then get a call from her doctor saying it's time to schedule amniocenteses to check on the baby.

Jackson declares war on Liza telling her that he won’t let her railroad Greenlee into jail, and after he wins the case he is going after her job. Damon tries to encourage Colby to tell Liza what is going on in her life, but she tells Damon that her family is falling apart because JR and Annie slept together again. Scott admits to Caleb that he stole the nanotech idea from Palmer then calls the FBI who take him to jail where he waives his right to a lawyer and signs a confession without implicating JR and Annie for the sake of Emma and AJ. Caleb tells JR that he intends to take Chandler Enterprises from him as well as make sure that AJ stays with Marissa. JR is determined to do whatever it takes to save the company and not lose AJ. JR tells Annie that now that Scott has gone to jail there is no reason why they can’t be together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie knows she has the stocks to think of too since they have not amended it since R.J. was born. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks it is a good thing that Stephanie is concentrating more on her family now and not on the company. Brooke states to Ridge that she has been agreeable in not telling him Stephanie’s secret, but now she really feel he needs to know. She tells him about the day they spent at the Santa Monica Pier riding the roller coaster and eating junk food. He thinks it is hysterical and asks her to keep the secret and not to betray her trust. Eric keeps hearing Stephanie’s cough and tells her that she needs to have it attended to. She tells him about losing her scarf. He’s worried why she was even at the pier in the first place. Dr. Lewis drops in on them which shakes Stephanie a little since Eric is there. Whip tries to get Taylor to loosen up a little bit in the office. He doesn’t want to go back to work now that Amber is the new lead designer. Brooke stops by to see Taylor. She wants this to be confidential so she will sign up to be a patient if that makes it legal. Taylor is the only person she feels she can talk to.

Stephanie shocks Dr. Lewis when she says she is not going to be receiving any treatments. She appreciates her coming over and her warnings will be duly noted. She wants the time she has left with her family to be filled with joy. She’s made peace with her decision and she hopes Dr. Lewis can see this from her point of view. Ridge tells Eric that he thinks Stephanie has finally turned the corner and this might be the beginning of something very positive for their family. Brooke confides in Taylor that she has a friend who is keeping a secret and won’t listen to her. She has stage four cancer yet refuses treatment and doesn’t want Brooke to tell her family. Taylor is devastated when she realizes it is Stephanie. Stephanie senses something is different and accuses Brooke of telling Ridge. But Taylor emerges from the shadows and tells Stephanie that it was she that Brooke told, and she is so sorry she has cancer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo went to see Hope.  He wanted her help with Ciara.  EJ found out he would be going home soon.  He wasn't a happy camper about it because he doesn't have time to get his plans ready.  He called Sami and asked her to bring the kids to see him.  She didn't want to bring them to see him at first, but she changed her mind.  EJ enjoyed that he was driving Sami crazy.  Chloe told Nicole that Melanie knows she cheated on Daniel.  Chloe's afraid she could lose Daniel forever if Philip can't change Melanie's mind about telling Daniel the truth.  Carly wanted to know if Melanie was going to tell Daniel the truth.  Melanie said she was.  Carly begged her not to say anything because it would hurt Daniel.  Philip called Chloe to tell her that Melanie hasn't seen Daniel.  He also told her that he sent Daniel to her.  That upset her until Philip calmed her down.  Bo told Hope that Ciara is being bullied in school.  The bully twisted Ciara's arm and Theo stood up for her.  Theo ended up getting into trouble.  Bo wanted Hope to be there for Ciara.  Carly told Melanie that she wanted to tell the truth, but she thought of the baby.  Carly wanted Melanie to think of the baby too.  Daniel showed up at his apartment looking for Melanie.  Sami went to the hospital without the kids.  While she was talking to EJ, Rafe and Roman showed up.  Nicole wanted to know why Daniel wanted to see Melanie on his wedding day.  Daniel was frustrated with her.  Nicole lied to Daniel and said Melanie and Chloe got into a fight and Chloe wasn't sure if Melanie would go to the wedding.  Rafe and Roman told EJ that he is cured.  Sami told EJ the truth about them not being married.  Carly recapped what Vivian did to justify Chloe's affair, but Melanie didn't care.  Nicole lied and said Melanie overheard a conversation she and Chloe had and flew off the handle.  Daniel believed her.  Chloe wanted to know why Nicole lied to Daniel and debated on whether or not she should tell the truth.

Roman and Rafe recapped about EJ setting up Sydney's kidnapping.  Sami told EJ that she and Rafe are engaged.  She also ripped into him about how he made her feel when she made her think that Sydney was dead.  She even went so far as to tell him that he's worse than Stefano.  Bo was furious with Hope for not wanting to be there for Ciara.  He wants the two of them to be there for Ciara.  Nicole tried to get Chloe to believe that her world wouldn't be over even if Daniel finds out.  Philip found Melanie at Maggie's house.  She had a fit when she thought he was sticking up for Chloe.  EJ made Sami panic when he said he seems to remember everything that happened the night he was shot.  Bo wanted Hope to be "herself" with Ciara.  She advised him on how Bo should handle Ciara's bully.  She wanted Bo to tell Ciara how much she loves her.  Philip tried to talk Melanie out of telling Daniel anything that would hurt him.  EJ said he didn't remember everything that happened the night he was shot, but he's starting to get a picture of the things that happened.  The doctor made Sami, Rafe, and Roman leave the room.  Sami smugly bragged about not having to pretend to be his wife anymore.  When they left, EJ was furious that his plan unraveled.  Melanie wasn't convinced not to tell Daniel the truth about Chloe.  She thought he had a right to know the truth.  EJ was furious with the doctor for not telling him first that he was going to tell the police that he's better.  When the doctor left, he said he was going to make her pay.  Rafe told Sami that he resigned form the FBI.  He did that so there would be no conflict of interest.  Now Sami could tell him anything and he could keep it a secret.  Hope spoke to Lee about April.  Lee told her that April died.  Philip broke the news to Chloe that Melanie was telling Daniel the truth.  Melanie was at the mansion with Daniel.  EJ told Stefano that the doctor said he is better and Sami and Rafe know it.  He told him how he can't wait to get the proof to take them down.  Sami was relieved that she could tell the truth.  Rafe was convinced that Will was EJ's shooter.  He kept cutting her off when she tried to tell him that she shot EJ.  She finally got to tell him the truth without interruption.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky refuses to help the Balkan locate Brenda. Siobhan is grabbed by one of the Balkan’s goons. Lucky agrees to find Brenda in order for Siobhan to be released. Lucky tells the men that Siobhan is working with him. Lucky and Siobhan return to the hotel room. Lucky tells Siobhan that they need to go to Rome. Siobhan refuses to leave Ireland. Lucky points out that Siobhan got herself involved by eavesdropping. Siobhan finally agrees to accompany Lucky to Rome in the hopes of locating Brenda.

Robin wants Jax to stay away from Brenda. Jax is worried about Brenda. Robin defends Brenda’s choice to be with Sonny. Robin figures that Jax will get hurt if he pursues Brenda again. Jax maintains that he and Carly have a rock-solid marriage. Steven and Patrick speak briefly at work. Epiphany tells Patrick that he has a phone call from a jewelry shop owner. Patrick informs Steven that today is Robin’s birthday. Epiphany is unsuccessful in avoiding Patrick. Epiphany scolds Patrick about his treatment toward Robin. Steven advises Patrick to give Robin some space. Patrick wonders if he’s really the marrying kind. Later on, Patrick tells Steven that he is going to give the necklace to Robin. Patrick doesn’t want to give up on his marriage. Robin returns to Mac’s house; she is surprised to find Maxie, Mac and Emma waiting there to celebrate her birthday. They eat some birthday cake before Maxie and Mac leave. Robin wishes that Patrick was a part of the celebration. While opening her presents, there is a knock at the door. Patrick shows up with a gift for Robin. Robin is touched by the gesture but says that she can’t wear it yet. Patrick leaves, his face full of sadness. Jax is shocked to find a candlelight dinner waiting for him inside his office. Carly and Jax recall when he brought Michael and Morgan to Disneyworld.

Jason tells Carly that Brenda wants to get back with Sonny. Carly is convinced that Brenda has her eye on Jax. Carly asks Jason to help her with the Brenda situation. Carly wants Jason to find the Balkan so Brenda can go back to Rome. Dante remembers first meeting Brenda (he was hired to be her bodyguard at one time). Lulu asks Dante about Brenda. Lulu tells Dante that Brenda used to be business partners with Lois. Dante admits that it was strange meeting Brenda. Lulu recalls Sonny and Brenda’s love story. Dante can’t believe that Brenda is the woman who Sonny left at the altar. Dante feels conflicted about investigating Sonny for the car bombing. Dante and Lulu share a kiss. After making love, Lulu falls asleep. Dante thinks back to his first encounter with Brenda. Brenda and Sonny have a chat about their future. Sonny wants another chance with Brenda but she keeps thinking about Dante. Sonny reminds Brenda that Stone wanted them to be together. Brenda announces her plans to leave Port Charles as soon as possible. Brenda returns to the penthouse. Brenda is irritated that Suzanne told Jason about her feelings for Sonny. In fact, Brenda blames Jason for their return to Port Charles. Brenda is upset because she can’t get over Sonny. Brenda plans on telling Jason a secret. However, Brenda changes her mind and skirts around the issue. Jason is fed up. Brenda reminisces about Dante. Suzanne shows up at Sonny’s place. Suzanne warns Sonny to avoid Brenda because it is bad for her charity work. Sonny points out that Brenda makes her own decisions. Suzanne wishes that Sonny would let Brenda go once and for all.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr drives to the Cherryville hospital after convincing Eli that she and Dani can get him medical care without having him arrested. Starr manages to get up the stairs with baby Hope and gets on her phone to call Cole. He is staying at his mother's home to protect Hannah form Eli, but when he finds out that Eli has taken Starr and Hope, he rushes back to their apartment. He leaves without his cell phone and when Starr calls, Hannah picks up the phone. Cole returns home, distraught and blaming himself for leaving Starr and baby Hope alone. Cole tells his mom that if something happens to them, it will all be on him. At the same hospital, Tea manages to leave her hospital room and walk down the stairwell unseen by Starr and Dani, but she runs into Eli. Seeing him and knowing nothing about the revelation that he's a serial killer, she trusts him to get her out of there. In the end, we see her hospital gown hanging out of the trunk of the car in which Eli drives Dani away.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

At the ranch house, Meggie shows Victor a whole bucketful of empty liquor bottles. Nikki wakes up in a hotel room and notices an empty liquor bottle on the table. Deacon comes out of the bathroom. At Gloworm, Gloria shows a man to a table, who makes it clear that he wants to talk to Jeffrey. Jeffrey walks up and interrupts before the man can tell Gloria anything. The man is looking for Kevin to make the drop of the money at the designated place. Jeffrey calls Kevin who is too busy with his date. Jeffrey demands that Kevin make an appearance. Kevin goes back to his date. As Kevin and the girl kiss, they are interrupted by Chloe. At Gloworm, Diane and Tucker sit in a booth and discuss each other’s family. Tucker asks if Diane has a pic of her son. Tucker finds out that Diane is an architect. In the hotel room at the Yacht Club, Adam and Skye argue as usual until he walks out on her. Skye tells Adam to go to Sharon. Jack and Phyllis stage an argument to gain Adam’s attention, who is standing at the bar, listening to every word that they say. Ashley interrupts Diane and Tucker. Jack breaks into Adam’s room and tries to access the computer. Jack cannot manage to come up with the right password until Skye comes out of bathroom and whispers something in his ear. Skye demands to know what Jack is doing trying to break into her computer. At the bar in the Athletic Club, Phyllis tries to divert Adam’s attention to keep him from going back upstairs and catching Jack. Phyllis asks Adam about the argument that he had with Skye at the Fall Festival, but Adam refuses to give her any information to use in “Restless Style.” Phyllis alerts Jack. Phyllis rushes after Adam and comes on to him to keep him from going back upstairs. Adam suggests going upstairs, but Phyllis wants to go back to her condo. Jack apologizes to Skye for being on her computer. Skye asks Jack why he is really there. Skye senses that Jack is already tired of Phyllis. Skye kisses Jack and pushes him back onto the bed. Adam sees through Phyllis and hurries upstairs. Phyllis hurries after him and catches him at the door of his hotel room. Phyllis begins to kiss him as they go into the hotel room to find Jack and Skye lying on the bed.

Meggie lets Victor know that Nikki has been spending a lot of time at Gloworm. Victor tries to call Nikki with no luck. Deacon and Nikki make a pact to be there for each other and pour out booze. Victor goes to Gloworm to get info on Nikki. Chloe asks Kevin about his date, but he refuses to tell her anything. Chloe finds Kevin’s cell phone on the counter, dials the number of the last call, and finds that it is a man. At the ranch. Nikki is home when Victor comes in and asks her if she is drinking again. When Nikki lies about her drinking, Victor puts off eloping with her. Nikki spies liquor on the bar and fights the urge to take a drink. Diane lets Kyle know that they are staying in Genoa City.

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